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"Love, love, love Jennifer LeClaire ministry! It was a gift from above that i happen to find the Podcast that i now listen to everyday! My prayer request is for a life of stability...that i would not need to wander around anymore. I pray that the Lord would direct my steps to the place where i can find a stable life for me and my daughter. I need protection for us so that the enemy does not have access to my mind and control my thoughts and actions. I need prayer to be able to make the right decisions, because the enemy seems to be messing with my life, somehow everything i do seems to be the wrong way, i make wrong decisions in almost everything. I discern that the enemy and his evil workers are doing witchcraft and setting up mountains and stumbling blocks in my way. I pray that the Lord would demolish the witchcraft, move those mountains and stumbling blocks out of my way so that i can prosper in my endeovors."

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 Sent by Isabelle Nicolas on 03/11/2016

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- God I pray over Isabelle Nicholas. I pray over her daughter that you will keep her and guide her and help her to be raised in Your ways. I pray over Isabelle that you will grant her stability in her walk with you, in the provision of her needs and in her search for where you are calling her to. I pray that you protect her from the plans to steal, kill, and destroy, that you will fulfill your promise to give us life and life more abundantly. I pray for healing over wounds that her been given to Isabelle over the years, that you will restore faith and trust in you and what you have said to her. That you will recall things to her memory that you have promised her and that she will be able to look back and see your hand of provision and love and guidance throughout her life and that she will be able to use this past filled with You to help propel her forward through her future despite the oppositions she sees in her path. For David did not need to the know the strength of Goliath because he knew the strength of his God. You have called us to walk boldly in your faith and I pray that You will teach all of us to take hold of that bold, fearless faith and step into it. To fear nothing because you ordain or steps and light the path before us. Above all I pray that you will make yourself known to Isabelle throughout this whole process. Despite whatever adversities she feels like are coming her way that she will fear not because Your perfect love for her has cast out all fear she could have. To God be the glory and our full trust. Amen.

 By Your Brother in Christ on 05/09/2016

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