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"Hello, last year I met a man I really like. He is cute and has everything a women could wish. The only problem is his faith. He has not much to do with God yet. So I'm asking you to pray for him, that he may find God and become a true believer. Please pray also that God tells me what to do with him. Thank you. God bless!"

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 Sent by Patricia D. on 05/03/2016

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- The bible warns do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers... Do NOT do missionary dating. I encourage you to get stronger in your faith because these are truly the last days. God has someone for you but you must be patient. I wasnt patient and I am paying very hirrible consequences. God bless you Keep praying for the mate God has for you and you will not be displeased

 By m on 05/10/2016

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