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"Please pray for my family. Especially my wife Renee and daughter Rose who are always at odds with each other which brings division and frustration into the whole house hold. Also pray for our finances, I was told my pay would be reduced by 1/3 . Pray the Lord release money that has been held up for several years in the system so we can care for the needs of our 5 children. And i can continue grow in my ministry as a Chaplain / Pastor"

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 Sent by Christopher on 05/08/2016

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- I'll keep you and the family in prayer. I know what it is to have a child at odds with a parent ...I go through it too but I have faith that the Lord is fighting this battle for me. You may not see the results today, tomorrow or for a while but we both must be encouraged by Psalm 34:17 "When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles." God bless you and the family. Brenda

 By Brenda Diaz on 05/15/2016

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