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"Greetings Prayer Warriors! Thank you for standing in the gap and in agreement for our prayer requests. We serve a mighty God and He delights in showing His love and power to His children who walk uprightly before Him. Even yet, He answer the cries for help on those who knows Him not but they acknowledge that there is God, a Supreme Being. Praise God. My prayer request is for one of my sons, James, who needs a job right now. It has been four weeks now that he has no prospect or offer. A group of them were led off due to lack of job projects in the engineering company that he was working for. Please pray that he not get discourage nor get depress and that for the Lord to guide him and direct him to the job that He has prepared for him at this time. He is trusting the Lord to help him get a good paying job that he can retain. Thank you so much for your prayers on his behalf. God bless you as you intercede for others."

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 Sent by Lurline on 06/30/2016

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