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"I would like to start on my new job on this coming August 1st. In my interview I was told that only 60 people will start on that day and then they will wait until business picks up to hire more employees. I would like to be one of the first to start soon. I don't have enough money left in my bank account, it will last exactly until mid august. then I don't have any left and don't have ANY one to help me out. Please pray for God to soften my son Serge's heart, for any wall of anger, bitterness, pride, or anything that is around his heart to break down. So God be the one to tell him to get rid of any Satanic things he has in his room. I pray and pray and finally realized why there is so much I'm constant fighting with and it's because of what he has around him. Please pray for God's will for my son Nick to be qualified for the EMT program. God's working in his life and now my son has so many plans he wants to achieve. One i is this certification program but his GPA is low and he's sad that the program will not accept him.. Please for me so I won't overwhelmed of ALL the things I have to pray and keep on praying for. I have been doing this thing with no support from anyone for 20 something years and it has gotten to me.....too much to do alone..... Thank you"

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 Sent by Nan on 07/01/2016

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