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"I've written before asking for prayer for my wife. My wife feels like she's having sex when there is no stimulus. she can be doing everyday things and the condition starts for no reason. The doctors we've talked to say the sexual dysfunction is caused by PTSD. They say the PTSD is due to sexual abuse she suffered as a child and young adult. I dont think it's demonic at it's root, although there may be demonic agitation that goes along with it. I appreciate your prayers. It seems to me that she is becoming more desperate. She is becoming angry at God. I am concerned that she may become suicidal. I am standing in faith and trusting God to deliver her of this, whatever it is. We need a miracle to manifest that will completely take it away. I have prayed for her healing from this ailment and ask that you please agree with me in prayer for God's healing upon her mind, heart and body. Thanks!"

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 Sent by ken on 09/12/2016

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- There are many wonderful Spirit filled ministries that deal with these types of issues. One of them being, Cleansing Stream. If she was sexually abused as a child, there is definitely a demonic spirit involved. These demons enter through trauma,whether it be sexual, physical, emotional etc...She will need to go get this type of ministry to be set free from the demonic torment that she is suffering with. I had to do this for myself, because I too suffered trauma from abuse aas a child and young adult by both of my parents. Cleansing Stream is a very reputable ministry and I know if she is willing, God will definitely set her free. I wouldn't receive anything that Dr's are speaking over her about this issue, you need to only hear what the Lord and His Holy Spirit reveals. Dr's only have book knowledge and they go by what they have learned. I hope this helps you with this issue, God Bless

 By Maria on 09/15/2016

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