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"Hello. May everybody please pray for god to peacefully remove all devils out of my body, from off me, and out of my home. I also would like people to pray to god to heal of all sicknesses and diseases devils have given me. I want God to heal me of all sicknesses He gave me. Also I would like God to forgive all devils that he sent on me that I want him to forgive. I'm not a satanist. It's just that I feel bad for them because they are alienated from their creator and are living in sin. I can tell they are hurting. One devil stopped picking on me when he saw I was suffering. I can just tell he really did feel sorry for me, after I talked about how both human and devil should not be judged (in a criticizing way). It would just hurt me to see them go to hell. Please pray for me because the great tribulation is coming soon. And I don't want to die because I have to be there for my family so they don't take the mark of the beast and so I can be there for them during the great tribulation."

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 Sent by Anonymous on 11/03/2016

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- Demons are not to fill sorry. May the Lord deliver you from seducing spirits. And may the Good Lord touch you with his power to heal and restore you.I bind deceiving Jesus Name. Amen

 By Anonymous on 11/08/2016

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