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"I was told that my wife's healing would come soon and that I needed to praise God and be positive. tonight my wife is threatening suicide and is very angry at God. she has told me she doesnt love me anymore. I need to stand strong and believe that a manifestation of healing/deliverance will come soon."

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 Sent by ken on 11/20/2016

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- Father, I ask that you would surround this wife with the blood of Jesus, that Satan would be bound in Jesus name and that you would give Ken encouragement and confirmation that his wife will be delivered, give me an extra measure of faith to believe and I stand with Ken, we all do as we wait for you to move...if Ken is to do something, show him, but grant him discernment and cover this whole situation under the blood of the Jesus name. Amen.

 By Barbie on 11/23/2016

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