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"Dear Prayer partner, My name is Sheina, and I am writing this mail in context to my father, Maj General MP Singh, I come from an Army background, my father was officer in the Indian Army my mother was a house wife. My father was Sikh by faith and my mother a Christian, I have an elder sister. Tina. My parents had a bitter separation, my father treacherous and wicked plan left us like no ground to stand, he has transferred all the property on his name, emptied all the bank accounts that was under joint account with my mother, and stopped financially supporting us. Life was so rough that if I start writing everything in detail, this mail would never end. After my parents signed the divorce through mutual consent in 2002, my father disappeared in thin air, we have nowhere about him. The journey was so rocky for us that it took a toll on all of us, and my ended with severe health problems. She was later diagnosed with a heart condition and on 13th Feb 2013, she succumbed to her illness. Ever since its just me and my sister. In March this year, we were finally able to trace our father, after nearly 17 years. He is retired from the army as Major General, is settled in Gurgaon, and is currently working as GM in Punj Lyord. He is living there with his second wife, and 2 children from this marriage, 2 sons, there are now grown up. They seem happy, but what feels bad & hurts is that while we were struggling and barely surviving through life, someone else who stole our lives and rights got the best of life. We have yet not made any contacts with him, because me and my sister are not in the emotional phase to meet him, like re living those 25 years back. This has had a much deeper impact on my sister, as she has been emotionally destroyed beyond words ( she was always more closer to him ). The reason I am writing this mail is, we want to meet our father, but due to the bitterness and anger over the years will not end in amicable meeting. We are not sure what this will lead to and in future what else will be a repercussion for this. Hence I need your prayers on this matter, so that a) We are emotionally ready to meet him b) The entire reunion is amicable, there should be no ill feelings towards each other c) We are able to forgive him, and get closure to all the hurt, wounds, emotional baggages, pain and struggle etc we have gone through Please also pray for his second wife Sandhya Thappa as it believed she was very much involved in various occult practices. That any of her planning, plotting, schemes, negativity or any occult practices do any harm. Also for the 2 sons, We are now a believers family and want the Forgiveness & redemption of Christ over that family also. Your truly Sheina"

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 Sent by Sheina Singh on 01/14/2017

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