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"Pray that I can hear the Holy Spirit clearly and with no doubt. I want knowledge, wisdom, revelation, direction whenever the Holy Spirit talks to me. I would like for the Holy spirit to show me how to battle my spiritual warfare. I don't want to see all of the problems issues around me instead I want to start seeing the victories for every single issue problem. I want to have back the courage and fearless whenever the enemy attacks me. I used to just stared at whatever the enemy was doing to me and just whisper softly with this authority powerful words for Satan to flee. I have been discouraged crushed fear deep sadness for too long. I want to be totally free of all of these things holding me back. I want to serve God, to see the victories on this area, to do what he wants me to do and help others. I want to prosper in my career. Right now I don't have a job and been unemployed for 3 years. I want an employer to give me an opportunity so I can learn. I want to pursue my next college degree or education/ training to help me in my career."

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 Sent by nan on 03/26/2017

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