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"a few days back, during morning with the holy spirit prayer, you felt the holy spirit prompted you to pray for someone that has been praying for a prodigal and that that person is growing weary and wants to give up I have been standing for my marriage for 15 months now and I am growing weary because I just don't see my husband making any changes However, since I walk by faith and not by sight I felt it in my spirit that God was talking to me when you spoke that morning. he is bringing my prodigal home. you said that if you were that person to email you so you can join me in prayer My husband's name is David Londono he left about 15 months ago, he abandoned my 3 children and I for another woman he is not in a good place and needs to be healed and to come home Thank you so much for your prayers and your ministry, In his name"

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 Sent by Marilyn Londono on 04/06/2017

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