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""please pray for my finances.I am believing God for a financial breakthrough,for debt cancellation,a debt free home,a Good Godly wife,new clothes,new car,and please pray for my brother delroy for his immigration papers his supposed to get the final decision today please pray for Gods favor in his situation and also pray for me to get a green card and a job.pray for my families health my mother is not feeling well she has high blood pressure and her leg is swollen and my big brothers have high blood pressure its hereditary my dad passed away from high blood pressure,and for selfishness to be broken in my family,there is a jezebel spirit operating in my family.pray for me for deliverance from alcohol,pornography and lust.please pray for me for divine favor,divine wisdom,and for God to open business opportunities for me and for me to be a billionaire so that i can finance the Gospel and be influential in the society for Gods Kingdom."

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 Sent by MAXWELL on 06/07/2017

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