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"I have put myself under mental stress unbiblically placing myself out of line with scripture. I didn't even realize the harm I was doing to the degree I had. I thought I should try punishing myself into corrective measures and now I'm having a lot of difficulty stopping the cycles."

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 Sent by Herman McMichael III on 07/05/2017

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- Dear Herman. Please do not punish yourself. You belong to God. God lives in you. I pray in Jesus's name, that the deposit made in your soul that is causing you to do this is released. That God goes into your mind and cuts out everything that is causing you stress. Further he leads you to a place of STRENGTH and CLARITY. Jesus used these two words most in His Ministry. FEAR NOT. Fear not the past. It is already forgiven. Fear not the future because God is already in your future. He has already defeated your enemies.

 By Denise Mary D'Souza on 07/12/2017

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