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"It has been a year,when my unbelieving husband of 7 years of marriage, told me he was attracted to men. WHAT? I have stood in forgiveness ( most of the time) for the emotion affair he had at work with a young man.God has given me promises hat this marriage is HIS, & I have been standing in prayer and obedients, I have had to totally submitt to Gods ways and have been told to be a living sacrifice.My husband left the home for about 3 weeks, is back home because I needed a total shoulder replacement on 9-23-15, I have had to be completely dependent on a man that betrayed me. Don't get me wrong this has the most intimate time with my Papa God. Surrender, keep my mouth shut, trust and obedience time for me. Pray for my husband to be washed, renewed, sanctified , justified.....for a new foundation of a Godly marriage. I am committed and will never give up on this marriage until my death. I see in my husband who God created. Plus prayer for my other total should replacement on Dec. 2,2015. Thank You In His Love Arlene Straight"

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 Sent by Arlene Straight on 11/10/2015

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