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"Prayer For Tim Wilson, he is my son Noah's girlfriends father. He has cancer and is still alive. Tim is alive because God wants to use him for God's glory but Tim doesn't have faith in God and has always been a man who disliked people of color because his father did. My son Noah is African American and Hispanic, Ellie, his girlfriend is Caucasian, they are 15 and pure before God, but God is using Noah, interestingly to break the cycle of prejudice. God is using me to stir up prayer in Ellie's mom, who believes, but who does not walk yet in the faith. I am believing by faith, and coupled with the dunamis power that flows through God and your faith, that we can help Tim beat the enemy who has been over his life for too long. Also, Tim walks in un-forgiveness, he witnessed his brother being intimate with his ex-wife, I am believing that God WILL heal Tim in that place. Thank you and to God Be The Glory!!"

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 Sent by Angelina Rivera on 11/11/2015

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