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"On 7/15/13 I was removed from my service title of Team Leader from my job with the State Judiciary. No rhyme, no reason, no forewarning. I had been working/serving for 23.5 years. God reminded me when I left that I had been praying for Him to close every door that needed to be closed, He also had a conversation with me right before I left my job that morning and when I asked Him what was missing in my life, he audibly said, "Purpose". I said yes God, purpose and just like at work. A half hour later, I lost my job. 663 days later, I won my job back, all was returned to me, time, back pay, my title changed and I now make $25,000 less than what I was making. But that's not the focus of my prayer, you see the Holy Spirit told me that I had been 'sifted'. Yes, just like Job and in the time that I was out of work, I grew closer to God, began to hear Him more clear, my faith increased and He blessed me beyond blessing in ways I am still in awe of. Well, upon my return to work, the enemy was very upset at the victory, so the State has decided to take another negative job action against me, and I am going into hearings on 11/30/15 and December 2015. 11/30/15 is for a discipline they are trying to charge me with which is a violation of my union contract and the December 2015 hearing is for unfair labor practices we are charging them with. My work file does not contain anything in it that would warrant these actions and in fact when a coworker/friend, with her heart helped me out with a situation back in 2011 and I could not return the commitment in a timely manner, she decided to sue me, however, every thing has been satisfied to date. The state is trying to bring that up, but what they don't know is that the friend gave from her heart and I honestly, as she knew, did the best I could to satisfy my commitment at the time. I prayed for her bc she helped me, God's servant. I pray for the state bc it is the humanitarian things like that that take place in our system that often times gets overlooked. It was a random act of kindness and although it may not look great in their eyes, I will bless her for acting from the heart of God anyway. My prayer? That God will move this mountain and bless not only my house, but every state worker who falls in the same boat as myself. I pray for the win in this because God must get the glory.....again! I was told that my case is one of a kind, the first win was a major victory! He has used me in this circumstance, like He used Joseph, Job, Daniel, David and so many of our brothers and sisters in antiquity. He's using me and I need your prayers, your faith and God's hands to see me through this! To God Be The Glory. Thanks. Again!"

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 Sent by Elite965 on 11/11/2015

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