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"I am a 60 years old man. I entered a new spiritual seasion in 2008, switched to a more Christ-centered church, and became involved in street evangelism and short term missions. I have been doing street evangelism weekly since 2008, and have led the ministry since 2012. I have taken short term missions each year since 2009, the last four years to India. And, I am seeking to serve a church-planting partner there through my skills in technology and bringing teams from our church. I have been battling spiritual decline and spiritual depression since around 2010. There may be a number of factors; steady spiritual attack, ministry discouragement, missions dissappointments, struggles with sin (not major, but some patterns that have been persistant and hard to break). So, I am requesting prayer. I am tired and want to crawl away somewhere and do nothing. But, I do NOT want to do that! Yet, my spiritual energy levels seem to ebbing lower and lower. My heart is so cold and distant compared to where it was when I was stunned by grace in 2008. I do NOT want to settle for a nominal or unengaged faith. I want growing delight in Christ, and to be fruitfully employed in his work. I don't want to waste my life! I am seeing a Christian Biblical Counselor. But I am requesting a prayer breakthrough. Thanks so much!"

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 Sent by Dave on 11/17/2015

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- Ive been thru very similar situation. Im in volved in two large mens groups we pray read the word and hold each other accountable and this is helping me to get victory. I encourage you to get involved in a group that helps deal w your issues. Praying for u.

 By m on 05/10/2016

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