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"Please pray God will provide all needed for me & my grandson. I told my Landlord Laura that I had mold/mildew/leak in my closet over a week ago...and last night, it turned into huge leaking problem. My grandson & I have been very sick for months on end. She has yet to offer us another place to stay. It has ruined my things. Praying she will pay for everything & if God wants us to move, or we have to stay somewhere temporarily, that it will be close to my grandsons daycare so i can go to work. I can't afford to move, or I already would have. Also, I'm down to one toilet in house ...which handle is broken off. The other won't flush rt. She claims that her plumber is out of town for two weeks & the 3 other plumbers she called are out of town. I told her about the plumbing issue well over a week ago & she was avoiding me. I live on her property in a guest house. Please pray for my godly mate & that God will restore what was stolen. Bless you!"

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 Sent by "Anonymous" on 11/27/2015

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