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"I have been married for a year. When I married my wife, I believed her prophetic, energetic in the Holy Spirit, and so firm in her faith. About six months ago it became very apparent that she had mental issues that compounded into a very religious spirit, and many false prophecies. I have told her that the Bible is the only thing I have to stand on as it is the Word of God, and if something is said that contradicts His, it is not of God and I cannot support it. Since I don't follow her, she declares I am Satan etc. and not in God's will. This doesn't make me angry, just sad really, as I know my faith. To compound things, I have a ministry of which she is very jealous of, and has declared that God has commanded me to give my ministry to her, and that she is my pastor and spiritual leader, as that is what God told her directly. Of course I am not doing this as my board would never accept her to start with, but the constant chaos, jealous rages and accusations are a constant drain. I am not sure of my duties as a Christian man in this case. She hid this condition from me, but as far as being unfaithful, maybe to a deceiving spirit, and not submitting to her husband, but physically she is not unfaithful. I never raise a hand to her or deride her, just try to reason calmly and firmly, and she remembers nothing except horrible and vile verbal abuse that never happened. I need some major prayer and intercession. And of course there is the side of her that desperately seeks God and prays and worships every morning for at least and hour, but then she talks about all of the glories that will be heaped upon her, and i am back to reality. I know God can heal her.He is the God of the broken after all. She was beaten so badly in her youth that she went into convulsions several times. There may be a physical aspect to this as well. But I just fervently pray that God can heal her broken mind, and reveal his true will and his true voice, and take away the spirit of anger, rebellion and rage, and infuse her with true Christ like reason and faith. Please pray for God's true will in my life and hers and that God reigns over our household and marriage, and all Glory to him. Thank you."

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 Sent by Stephen on 12/02/2015

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- HI Stephen, Just came across this website this evening, and your request caught my eye. I will lift this up in our prayer group. Our prayer group was thrust into a deliverance and healing ministry about 11 years ago. It seems to me quite evident that there is major spiritual warfare going on, and so for yourself, as head of the spiritual household and protector of the family, you have the authority to bind and cast out in Jesus' name. It seems to me that you understand about this, and perhaps this is redundant as to what I'll say, but just in case it isn't, I'll share what I would recommend you say: In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, and sealed in the Holy Spirit, I bind the spirits of: (pray before-hand and ask Jesus to reveal these spirits to you: also, for example, low level spirits are named as to their activity: if your wife flies into a rage, the entity responsible is the spirit of rage or anger, etc. If you draw a blank, you could refer to these spirits as " any and all evil spirits not of God surrounding my wife".) I command these spirits to be cast out and to go immediately and directly to the foot of the cross to be disposed of. In Jesus' name it is done. Come, Holy Spirit, and fill all the empty places vacated by satan. Heal and renew my wife with your love and the Precious Blood of Jesus, and give back 100-fold all that satan has stolen. Amen, Amen!! Thank-you Jesus!!

 By Luke W on 03/21/2016

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