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"Please pray my landlords dog zeek would stop barking. He barks nonstop when she's out & she doesn't come home until late. Me & my 3 yr old grandson live on her property in a guest house & he keeps us up & gives us anxiety. Please pray we will find the rt home. there's a big hole on our roof from water damage & it has created black mold in closet & we have 30 days to find a new she says she can't afford her deductible. This has been making us sick non stop with asthma & infections. My car is on it's last leg & has a leak in 3 windows. All of my clothes in my closet are now in Landlords garage in bags with mold on them & I don't know what to do. I'm praying my mom will get a life now too. Now that I have my grandson full time, she feels the need to see us every's exhausting. My daughter & I meet at least every other weekend. My mom plays with Tarot cards, has skeletons all over her house, and mermaids with boobs...I don't even like my grandson to go over there...I love her but don't like what she entertains & tries to get my grandson to entertain. I feel like I'm being smothered. Please pray for my godly mate. I need a vacation! Thank you."

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 Sent by " on 12/11/2015

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