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  1. I need prayer for deliverance from a spirit of divination. I had to postpone my medical procedure due to lack of funds. I need complete healing of my womb and any problems with my internal organs. Thank you.

  2. Dear prayer team,

    This has been an attack on my finances. The bank has not released any funds as yet and my step mother hired a lawyer who wrote a letter to the bank. I am scheduled for a medical procedure next week, and I need to pay tuition for a discipleship training school and visa etc.

    I need a miracle.

    Thank you for praying,

  3. Dear prayer team,

    This has been an attack on my finances. The bank has not released any funds as yet and my step mother hired a lawyer who wrote a letter to the bank. I am scheduled for a medical procedure next week, and I need to pay tuition for a discipleship training school and visa etc.

    I need a miracle.

    Thank you for praying,

  4. Dear Prayer team, thank you. God gave me the courage to go to the bank, but I was unable to speak to the manager. I was told by an employee that my case went to the operations risk assessment department. I believe this is an attack on my finances. I need prayer because I have very low funds, and I been staying by a cousin temporarily. Thank you.

  5. Dear prayer team, I really need prayer that God would help me to trust him and that I would have the right attitude. I need to go to the bank to enquire about the hold they put on funds on my account, and I need the favour of God that they would release my funds tomorrow from my inheritance. I know with God nothing is impossible. Thank you.

  6. Dear Prayer team,
    Pray that God will give me His grace. Tomorrow I have to go to the bank to sort out a wire transfer and my account as my father died. I am asking God for favour that everything will be sorted out tomorrow and for favour and that I will forgive and be positive. And God to set me free from demonic bondage. Thank you.

  7. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Praise God, I was not accepted at a hospital in Germany, but was accepted at a facility innDover, USA. Kindly continue to pray that all will go well with arrangements as I need to book a place to stay, and buy bus and plane tickets and have the right appointment dates. Thank you.

  8. Dear prayer team,

    I know it may be a simple request to ask, but I need to do a lot of travelling, and I asked an Aunt to keep one suitcase of clothes for 3 months. She is a neat/ clean freak and when I asked her the first time she said no. It would be so much easier for me to only have to carry one suitcase instead of 2. I am asking God that she would change her mind and be willing to keep it, as I have to travel back through her city anyway. Thanks very much.

  9. Dear Prayer team, God has been so good to me, after my father’s death. Everything, God is just working out for me. I need specific prayer that God would deliver me from wicked and unreasonable and foolish people. I also need prayer to get the right treatment in Germany for fibroids. I know no one in Germany. I need the right person to come with me to Germany and the right place to stay to recuperate. I need God to connect me with the right people and to make all the arrangements. Thank you.

    Be blesse

  10. Hello JLM Team,

    Please pray for me I am under an attack. God has been preparing me to operate in deeper levels of deliverance and have been taking deliverance training through awakening house of prayer through JLM ministries. I started training 2 days ago and ever since I have been experiencing migraine headaches followed by nausea. I am taking excedrin but it still hasnt let up. I believe it is attacks from the spirit of witchcraft due to headaches and attcks on my mind but not sure. I dont want to pick trouble with a demon that is not attacking me so I asked God for discernment and wisdom on what demon to address. Please pray for these attacks on my mind and body to stop. Also God showed me that because he plans to use me heavily in deliverance I desperately need pray support at all times. I am considering joining the partner teM but not sure if that type of support is provided. Thanks for your support and prayers.


  11. Dear Prayer team,

    Please pray for Brian and myself. He would like to start over with me, but take it slow. I think we should do a discipleship training program together. I am asking God to speak to Brian and show him what to do, thank you.

    Ps. I got the right info about a student resident permit. Thanks.

  12. I would like to thank God for all His goodness, and faithfulness! The sun is shining again, and His joy and peace are with me! The staff at the Christian base in Finland are going to try to get the right information for me about doing a DTS and whether I need a visa or not. Kindly pray for me so I can get the correct information as this will impact other decisions I have to make. I would also like God to lead me to the right person to rent from in Kitchener, Ontario. Thank you very much, and thank you, Jesus!

  13. Please pray for the Elliot family that I am staying with. The three family members are getting over the flu. The other daughter who is married was diagnosed with citisis and her husband is overcoming stress and needs the right training, education or work. He is young and does not have tertiary level education. Thank you.

  14. Dear prayer team,
    My step mother contacted my brother who told me that she wanted an address for me in Trinidad so the Danish authorities can charge me inheritance tax. I am no longer living in Trinidad even though money was transferred there. Because of government restrictions, it is difficult to send foreign currency abroad even by wire. Please pray that my step mother would be willing to pay and I can pay her back when things get sorted out. Thank you.

  15. Please pray for me. I am grieving my father, and I have to make all these life changing decisions. I have decided to apply for the student resident permit in Finland, and I am asking God for favour and to make the way smooth. Emotionally, I am in a state, and I need somewhere I go and just be at peace and get some help with any things I need to do. I have to leave the Schengen area and I was thinking of going to England or returning to Canada or the USA, but I need a place to stay for minimal room and board, as I do not have a lot of extra money to spend. Thank you for your prayers, through one of the difficult periods of my life.

    God bless you,

  16. 1. Please pray for my debt cancellation.
    2. Please pray that Daniel will be released from police custody. They took his $5000 and refused to let him go.

  17. Dear Prayer team,
    Brian decided to break it off with me, and he changed his mind about the discipleship training school. I have been continuing to pray for him, and God keeps telling me through sermons, that Brian needs to recommit his life to God. The Holy Spirit keeps saying it is not over until I say it is over.

    I am asking for clarity in my own life so I know how to move forward. Thank you.
    God bless you.

  18. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Brian has to meet with his employment union worker on February 19. Normally he has to be looking for work to continue to receive unemployment benefits. I am asking God if is possible that Brian would be able to do the shipping training before the discipleship training program starts, then do the program and then start a job after the program is finished.

  19. Dear Prayer team,

    My friend Brian decided to call it quits where I am concerned. It seems like he does not want to do a discipleship training program with YWAM. I am asking God to help him make the right decisions because he has deepseated issues from the past that if he does not deal with them, they are going to continue to affect his life negatively. He is under a lot of pressure and does not always make the right decisions.

  20. Dear prayer team,

    I need God’s wisdom about what to do. I have decided to apply to a discipleship training program starting in April in Finland. I need to leave Denmark by March 10, and need to decide where to go before the program in April. I am thinking of going to England, but I need a place to stay and something to do for about one and a half months. I am asking God to show me what to do and connect me with the right people. Thank you.

  21. Dear prayer team, Thank you for the love you have shown for interceding for me, my family and Brian.

    My Dad passed away peacefully with my Step Mom by his side, and I believe he made peace with God and is with him in heaven.

    I need God to be with us and show us the pathway forward. Please continue to pray that God would be with us at this time.
    Thank you

  22. Dear Prayer team,

    Your prayers are really helping me a lot. God is answering each time I put a prayer request. My father is not in a good condition and has 24 hour nursing care. My step Mom is recovering from a stroke at home. I am planning to visit them next week, God willing. Brian is battling depression. I want to pay for him to start a discipleship training course as soon as possible, maybe April. I am asking God to help Brian accept my financial help. I am also asking God for favour that the social system will not force him to work as he is overwhelmed. He hurt his back and his father who is around 80 hurt his leg and he has to help him. He also needs help to keep away from marijuana because of his depression and he needs someone to help him free of charge to get free materials from a school so he can finish renovating his house. Thank you.

  23. Dear prayer team,

    My father made the decision to transfer money to me before he dies, but he did not discuss with me which account to send it to. I wanted him to transfer money to my Canadian account because in Trinidad we have an problem getting foreign exchange and I no longer live in Trinidad. My father sent it to my Trinidad account. I asked him if he would reverse the transfer and send it to my Canadian account instead as I am not in Trinidad. I need God to intervene in this situation and keep the peace.

  24. The Lord is promising me a new beginning with Brian. Please stand in agreement with me that this will manifest. Thank you.

  25. Dear prayer team, I was praying and listening to a message by Jennifer talking about starting a new beginning. She explained about getting rid of demonic connections. I am asking God to sever the demonic connections between me and my father. Thank you.

  26. Dear Prayer team, I am asking God to help Brian and myself to hold on to His promises. I know that God wants me to go to California for 4 months to volunteer, but it is one of my most difficult decisions leaving Brian behind. Please pray for God’s supernatural peace.

    There is a jointly owned family property that is being sold, and I need God to help this process to go smoothly and quickly and that we would get our money without problems. I want to use the money to pay for a discipleship training program. Thanks

  27. Dear Lord,

    I need you. You told me that it is not over until it is over, yet Brian asked for his passport back and he withdrew his visa application. Why did you allow all these challenges over the last few months. Why did you allow us to go through all this, if he were not going to get his visa. I feel disappointed. Lord, give an answer. Thank you.

  28. Dear prayer team, thank you for all your prayers. Please pray about the following.
    My step Mom Alice is sick in hospital.
    My Dad Ewart is in pain at home with cancer getting nursing care.
    I need to contact the right sozo healing centre to get the right care by skype as it is not offered in Denmark.
    I am staying with friends in Denmark, but I need some time for myself.

    My friend Brian needs a positive response for his visa application, and we both need sozo inner healing.

    Thank you.

  29. Hi,
    I need prayer to be able to hear clearly the Lords instructions for me. I’m all blocked up. I’ve been praying daily about my situation for over two years. It always seems like a breakthrough is on the way and then it closes up like it never was. I used to think this was God turning away from me but I’m not so sure about that. I have asked for a few confirmations on a couple things. I have heard nothing. If it’s truly nothing then I am totally crazy and delusional and in need of serious help anyway. Right now there is just nothing. I am in a very destructive situation – or so I perceive. It’s my fault but I need the Lord to help me. I need direction and instruction and to know I’m hearing from God.

  30. Dear Prayer team,

    I need God to set me free from evil spirits which affect my thinking and decision making. Thank you.

  31. Last night I had a dream about a serpent at the top of a mountain, I was up a tree and dropped a rock to sever its head from its body, then the tail which was forked came up to reach me, but it did not as I was up the tree. Eventually the snake died, and it was coiled up, then some scorpions came around it. I had to cover then with a piece of cloth, to move them out of the way, and then I was able to walk around. I think this dream is related to my father who is highly demonized, narcisistic and has a Jezebel spirit. He has cancer, and even though my brother and I do not want contact with him because of the evil spirits, he keeps trying to contact us. I listened to weapons in the floodgates. Please pray for me to have peace and that God would sever contact with my Dad, thanks.

  32. I am being evicted and I don’t want to be. I messed up financially and I need to change. Please ask the Lord to cancel the eviction and give me a fresh start.

  33. Please pray that my finances will be sorted out soon. There are people who owe me money and I need them to pay me back.

  34. Dear Intercessors,

    Please pray for John who’s family calls him cursed person because he is sick and unemployed for the past 5 years. He used to own his business and he is the only Christian in his family and others are making fun of him because what he believes this includes his wife. John is really downhearted and he feels the Lord Jesus Christ has forgotten him.
    John finds it very difficult to pray even though his prayers for others are evidently answered. Could we all pray for John as the Lord leads us through his Holy Spirit?

    Thank you.

    • I have been where John is and I ask that the Holy Spirit rise up within him and the glory light of Jesus shine upon him. I h ave asked the Lord to be an very present help in John’s time of trouble and God is mindful of hiim, John belongs to Jesus ad the wicked one touches him not.

  35. Zimbabwe Africa is in serious trouble. I have very dear friends that have been communicating with me about their current situation. A lot is going on over there that no one knows about which is why I am posting this on here.

    I am asking all others to please to join with myself and a few others from my church to pray for others over in Africa and other countries. At the moment the focus is on Zimbabwe, Africa. The reason being is that a Korean regime that is connected with China has come over into Africa as of September/October of last year. Every since then everything has taken a turn for the worst. The price of food skyrocketed and continues to every day, in one day alone it jumped from $4.99 to $26.99 for a drink. My dear friend Pastor Sindie wages were reduced by $1400 a month, he was being made to live off of $100 a month with gas prices and food being so expensive, still running a church and providing for his family. As of just this week teachers wont return to work because the government cannot pay them, they are being told come to work or lose their job although they wont have any income to provide for their families. As of late this morning the internet for their communication has been shut down. I spoke with my friend Pastor Sindie, right before the internet was shut down this morning and he reported that officers were breaking into homes and taking the youth.

    This Korean regime has come over to their country and is controlling the food, gas, businesses, livelihood of families. All the stores have been forced shut down. No one is out in the streets because people are being shot or taken to be sacrificed.

    I also have a dear friend in Uganda, Africa that is responsible for taking care of himself, his mother and 28 children. The children sleep in an abandoned building and share two mattresses. They barely eat one meal a day, Recently they have went weeks without food, When they are able to eat their daily meal consists of flour. This young man his name is Shafic, he is carrying the full load of all these children: food, clothing, shelter. The young man is working but his wages have been held back for several weeks. Although, he has an income it isn’t enough to provide for all the needs of the 28 children. Please pray that financial provision is made for him and these children needs.

    I’m am pleading for others to please join with us and pray for our friends over in Africa. Now is the time that we must act. We need to understand that there are others out there in the world hurting, if it was our family or loved one we would want others to be praying for them. Let’s not overlook that they need our prayers too.

    Thanks for your time. We need your support. Be blessed

  36. Dear Prayer team, I was going to write my prayer request, and the word came to me. Reconciliation. This is one of the most challenging decisions I have had to make, and I know the Lord wants me to make it based on biblical love. I want to go to England to volunteer at a base I was accepted to. Brian has been saying that he does not want to go there. I explained to him that he may miss an opportunity for divine connections. I am still enquiring from a base in California if he can get a volunteer letter to the US. Please pray for me that I will make the right decision even if it means that we do not travel together, and that God’s will be done in Brian’s life. Thank you.

  37. Praying for my only son Jack is prodigal. Something happening to him God knows because he refuses to text me. Pray brings him back to Lord and deliverances and breakthroughs. Pray that God opens his open eyes and spiritual eyes.
    Thank you.

  38. Wow, in the period of transition where all the waterspirits are being revealed on after another ! I have four adult children and the Lord has been growing me into this battlefield to slay the curses from my and my childrens familyline. I am reaching out and asking help to cover my daughter Ronnita in saving prayer. I had a dream of warning of a person who had come into her life and she knew right away who this person in the dream was. I did not. She did not resist and I am waking up every night now to pray for her. She is in danger and I am asking for prayer for her eyes to open wide and her mind to be delivered from the deception of the enemy that is trying to play her like a fiddle. This person is under the influence of the enemy . This relationship must be severed asap. Thank you!!

  39. Hello, Thank you for allowing me to be accountable, I need someone to be accountable to. I was listening to a video on Apostle Ryan Lestrange’s facebook page about exposing rebellion, and a spirit of rebellion started to manifest. I also apologized to my friend Brian for being in rebellion and not in submission. Thank you so much. This has been like a miracle, God allowing me to see things that I did not realize I had and to get free. God bless you all.

  40. Thank you prayer team, God is continuing to minister to me. I decided to take a step of faith and enquire about a Discipleship training program with YWAM Grimerud in Norway which starts in March. I am believing for the finances to pay for Brian and myself as I believe that God wants me to pay for him. I am believing God for the proceeds from the sale of a jointly owned family property in Trinidad which my Uncle is handling. I need a supernatural close to the sale and release of funds to my Canadian bank account as the government in Trinidad has put a restriction on foreign exchange. Thank you so much, and God bless you!

  41. I would appreciate prayers for my health. I’ve been battling anxiety for 4 years because of trauma and it’s affected my energy etc. I know God is my healer but would appreciate agreement that the wounds in my soul will be healed.

  42. I need prayer that these people will move outta my life thier in the spirit realme are watever spirit this is god will remove them all.

  43. I continued praying against a spirit of pride, and I think I need a place to go where I can get more in depth spiritual healing. I am asking God to open the right door for me and provide the finances where I can get help. Thank you.

  44. Dear Team,

    While praying and fasting today, I believe a spirit of pride started manifesting in me. Please agree with me that I would be completely delivered from this and related spirit, and instead receive a spirit of humility. Thank you.

  45. I am asking for prayer of agreement that God will direct me for guidance regarding my career. I have been with my employer for almost 2 years and things are not working out. I have been mistreated from my first day there and cannot quit because I am the sole provider as a single mother with a child in college. I have been interceding and believing God for some relief however, it’s not working out. Can you please touch and agree with me that a new door will open.

  46. I want to start using my gift of prophetic dance and flagging once more. I had attended a 3 month creative arts workshop at a church in California where I learned and developed basic skills in this areas, and then I returned to Trinidad. God has been delivering me from Jezebel and other demonic warfare I have experienced from almost the beginning of 2017 until now. I left Trinidad and I am currently in Denmark, Europe temporarily and believing God to volunteer with a YWAM in California and then God wiling do a Discipleship training program with YWAM possibly in Australia. Please pray for me that I would rise up from this deep pit and be set completely free. Thank you, Cindy

  47. I feel such peace, just logging in to this prayer site. I am asking God to set me completely free from demons. I want reconciliation between my friend Brian and myself. I want complete emotional healing for Brian and myself. I want a fresh start for both Brian and myself and that Brian would repent and turn back to the Lord wholeheartedly. Brian wants a fresh start in life and we were planning to go to California to volunteer with YWAM, but we had a big argument before Christmas and he has not apologized even though I apologized and tried to make peace. I need him to be filled with the Holy Spirit so he does not take out his anger and frustrations on me. I do not want to be afraid of being around him. Please pray that God would give us peace and that Brian will be successful with his US visa if God wants him to go to volunteer. Please pray for favour with the right YWAM base for us to volunteer with or for me to volunteer with if I have to go alone. Thank you very much, May God grant every request on this prayer site. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  48. I need deliverance from a python spirit that has plagued me my whole life but I have just now been made aware of. I realized it as I was watching a video of Jennifer LeClaire and Johnathan Stidham done sometime around Halloween. I am praying in the spirit and seeking the Lord diligently but I am smart enough to know that I need help to break free. Please pray for total complete deliverance and freedom as well as a wise and discerning heart to know how to live free after it is gone.

  49. Asking for agreement that everything will fall into place for my daughter as she returns to college. We are believing for a financial miracle and great favor. We are also believing for her to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  50. Hi, Im married with 2 children & my husband has been battling schizophrenia for the past 18 years, which is accompanied by wrongful thoughts, hearing voices, etc. He sees demons & angels also. He battled 3 suicide attempts in 2017. We moved to attend bible college & now he wants to quit & wants divorce. I know this is attack of the enemy. Please pray for divine connections/encounters on how to help my husband & wisdom for our marriage & family on proper steps to take. Thank you in advance.

  51. Praise the Lord, I am a born again christian , I have been living pure, but of late,after christmas ,i am struggling with pornography . I wonder whether i am constantly attacked by a jezebalic spirit , as i am always tempted to see porn of female domaination is quite a struggle , and I come clean 6 months then again slip get up and slip in after 3 or 4 months , like a pattern . Could you pray for me . please dont judge me . I might need deliverance , i will talk to a brother church elder the folowing week who has a gift of deliverance

  52. Denise Anitra Wilson

    Prayers for my baby sister for her to have a healthy heart. No sickness. No disease and for her to prosper in every area of her life and come to know Jesus in her everyday life

  53. My girlfriend and I recently broke up and there has been some peace within me but with that comes the feeling that she won’t let go easily even though we came to the decision to break up together. She doesn’t believe in God the way I do and only came to church occasionally to please me, we both want different things in the future and we decided it was not healthy for us to be together.

    I have also been suffering with this unnatural pain in my feet, calves and lower back. I’ve been to doctors and xrays show no problems. Two different doctors have given two different opinions about it. I have many sleepless nights due to the pain.
    Sometimes when I don’t have pain, I still can’t sleep, sleep seems so distant.

    Could you please pray for me.

    Bless you in Jesus name.


  54. Please agree with me in the restoration of my marriage to Shelly Marie Powell and restoration of our family., That every ungodly soul tie be uprooted and removed, Every power and principality removed, Every spirit separating and dividing our family and marriage is bound and cast out in Jesus name. Our hearts and love healed for one another as husband and wife. Our passion and desire for one another to be restored and repaid back 7 fold from what the devil has stolen. , Bring Shelly, Lord back to you, heal our broken hearts. heal our marriage and family and finances. Father quicken us and help us into the secret place, as we repent and worship you Father. restore us and use our marriage and family testimony for your glory Lord. use me I desire your perfect will Lord in every area of our lives and marriage and family and finances Father we are your vessels move in us and let the flesh be removed and the enemies scattered.
    any words of wisdom and knowledge. prophecy of our marriage and family and finances and what God has in store for us
    And a prophecy over our son Adexx. I know God has his hand on him.

  55. I need urgent prayer and prophetic direction. My marriage and family is under attack. My adult stepdaughter is causing problems and my husband is threatening to leave me if I don’t take the full blame. The torment is extending further daily and I don’t believe it will stop until the marriage is destroyed. There’s much more detail to the story but this is the best summary I can give. I am seeking wise counsel, praying, studying, listening to God. I don’t know what else to do!

  56. Please pray for healing for my husband Don. He was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017. His brain tumor continues to grow. Please pray for a supernatural healing for him. That all his tumors will disappear! I ask for this miracle in the mighty name of Jesus, amen!

  57. Please pray, I have been tormented by an evil and manipulative assistant at work for six years. Please pray for her to come to repentance. Pray that she will be removed from this job. Pray that others will have their eyes open to see her evil attacks against me. Pray that God will send me relief and double for my trouble. In Jesus powerful name, Amen.

  58. Please continue to pray for my son David and his wife Teresa and the healing of his marriage, the healing of their emotional state and freedom from addiction. Protection also. Also most importantly to come back to the Lord.

  59. Dear Jennifer LeClaire , please pray for my grand daughter Ariel Tan Ern Rui who has Autism. Ariel Tan Ern Rui is seven years old , who doesn’t know how to interact and communicates with people in sentences. Also doesn’t how to express. Give her the story book she will be able to read and she also how to spell the words when we ask her.
    Jennifer LeClaire, please kindly pray that God will redeem and heal Ariel Tan Ern Rui from Autism , and pray that God will completely heal her speech so that Ariel will be able to speak and communicates in sentences and express herself.

    We have apply for a special school this year for Primary One class. The School name is Chaoyang School .
    Jennifer LeClaire , please pray that she will be eligible to be admitted to Chaoyang Special School .
    Please pray that the Principal and teachers of Chaoyang School will help and favor Ariel Tan Ern Rui to be admitted to Chaoyang School this year .
    Please pray that God will give Ariel Tan Ern Rui The confidence, wisdom, peace, joy, boldness, courage, good health and renew her mind.
    Please Pray for protection and safety from all harm and danger and from all evil ones .

    Thank You Dear Jennifer LeClaire for ALL your prayers. May God’s Richest Blessings Surround you and your family . Happy New Year 2019 ! Have A Blessed, Wonderful And Fantastic Year Ahead ! Cheers !!!

  60. Please pray for my business, it’s a critical moment for us to survive, and actually God called me to serve in the business, but things going worse and worse. Please declare for the victory for us, and pray for the set free of finical needs, heartfelt thanks!

  61. Please pray for my Sons Gavin, Justin and Micah. Pray for salvation and for God to overwelm them with truth. It’s been a constant battle and I don’t know what to do.

  62. Please agree with me for divine healing of neurapathy. I have been dealing with this burning tingling pain in my feet and nothing seems to help. I have prayed and I am waiting for my healing to manifest.
    Thank you

  63. On 11/9/2018 I had a double mastectomy. I am believing that it is a done deal and there will be NO MORE cancer! I would love to have your prayer team agree with me and stand in the gap against ALL FEAR. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR FAITHFULNESS! Bless you all!

  64. Praying the prayers of 5779 of giving birth to the will of God. Been in the serpent warfare for a full time job with benefits and salvation for Willie Walker and household since 2000. Also for my Church , under the leadership of Isaac Pitre. He just start teaching this truth of 5779. And I was praying for God to show me that this teaching is from Him.And as I was on YouTube the spirit brought me to yours. I am truly grateful for the HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN

  65. Please pray for my daughter. She is 22 and a 27 year old woman has started a homosexual relationship with her. That I will not reject her as Satan wants but I will love her. God will bring her back to him,back to church. and that the lies will be silenced. Gods truth will be spoken over her, a holy spirit faith based community . the wounds from seeing destructive male relationships will be saturated with Gods healing and love. The lies the enemy is speaking to her or the gratification will be cursed at the root forever and God will intervene. Please pray , I am weak and don’t know how to pray anymore. Thank you.

  66. Thank you. Please pray for my niece, Rosemary and my boss, Jim, both have cancer and niece, Samantha and 4 children. I’ve been praying daily but I need the power of continuous prayer. May God pour out all of his blessings upon each and everyone prayers. Thank you.

  67. Frank and Veronica

    Please lift us up in prayer that the Lord Almighty may have mercy upon us and bless us abundantly, also for healing, protection, and his unfailing guidance and love. God bless you, for your prayers.

  68. Prayer for prAyer fasting and healing have twisted my knee and has swollen up, am hoping my cruciate ligament isn’t broken as can not afford to take time off work really need healing

  69. Father, Their are so MANY of Your children that are in need of a Breakthrough, Resolutions, Renewing, Recharging, Restoring, Restructuring, Opening, Closing, Making, Healing and MORE! That can ONLY come from You! Supernatural, SPIRITUAL, and Heavenly Encounter! That will Alter, Change, and Exceed any thing that man can do, so that YOU and only YOU, Heavenly Father will receive ALL GLORY in these circumstances!
    Let the deception of satan become a Conception of New Birth within the people!
    Let the HOLY SPIRIT go into ALL NATIONS and be Received into the hearts that have been bruised and damaged by Your and our enemy!
    In all that we ask, we ask In The Mighty Name Jesus! Amen Amen Amen

  70. I was on Bell Ave and I was outside with family and friends. It appeared as if were just getting together and having a good time. I was in the backyard lying down. It was as if it was a nice summer day. As I was looking in the sky I seen what I initially thought was birds being shout at. I said wow look everyone. There shooting. Then I noticed there were several Bald Eagles in the sky being shot out of the sky! Tons of them! There was this one Bald Eagle. It had its wings sprawled out in the sky. It was massive. It was shot right out of the sky. It was as if the shots were long range: the targets were hitting right on. I began to get nervous because the shots took on a missile like appearance. I could hear planes in the sky. I said whoever is shooting. They should stop right now because these planes are going to get caught in the crossfire. I began to panic. Then all of a sudden this big plane is shot and split and half. I could see it being caught on fire but then i noticed it was falling from the sky in our backyard. I was telling everyone to please run. Get up ! The plane fell in out backyard inches from killing us. But we were badly damaged. I got burns on my Right back leg. I was limping. Some people lost limbs. There were massive casualties. There was so many casualties there was not enough Ems to take care of the patients. They had to triage them. I wasn’t badly damaged. I also notice Ems people were asking for money prior to taking them. I also noticed there were survivors in which were badly hurt. I couldn’t believe a plane had literally got shot down and fell in our backyard.

    I woke up in a shock! And immediately the Holy Spirit showed me the Eagles represented America’ Please pray for our country and our President! We must pray!

  71. Please pray for my family. My husband, who’s a pastor has encountered a jezebel spirit in the church. He has allowed her to lead the praise team; this woman has caused chaos in my marriage and family. My husband keep saying she’s my best friend and she will always be my friend whether we stay together or not. I feel like he’s had an affair with this woman. Please pray he be delivered from the spirit of Ahab and Leviathan. We have been in spiritual warfare for over 20 months. Please pray, we been married 28 years; Please pray, my husband doesn’t see the destruction this woman is causing in the church as well as our family. The only thing he says is he going to live his life. He’s in bondage in our marriage for 27 years. Please pray.

  72. Hi we are under severe attack, falsely accused, my babies taken by CPS, husband arrested, it’s been 16 months and huge court battles, finances depleted and credit card debt to pay the almost $100K in Lawyer fees so far! There is medical proof of one triplet having a birth injury. My husbands trial is coming up in February and my children are being raised by foster people that they call mama and dada. I went through 15 infertility treatments and 9 yrs of trying to conceive. Please give me some advice and prayers on what to do, I need insight from God and strong people behind us. Thank you Luisa and Justin

  73. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewski

    Please pray for my family & I got just Christmas blessings and for the Lords, peace & protection & the Lords hand over our lives. Thank you.

  74. Hi. I’m hoping you’ll pray for
    my family and I…especially my adult children. We have had tremendous destruction over the past few years, so there is def something coming against us. I’ve had information coming up on my social media account about Jezebel, and believe this spirit has a big part to play in the mess my family is in. Please pray for our protection and deliverance from the work of the enemy. Thank you and God Bless.

  75. Hello,

    I am writing for prayer. The LORD has promised me a Husband and the hour is quickly approaching in which He promised we would be wed. I am in need of a supernatural healing from the result of sexual sins in my youth. I contracted HPV in my teens as I was careless and uneducated. Now as a woman of God, called to prophesy at 33 years of age and about to be married, I long for a fresh start. I know God can heal me. I know it’s not impossible. I have seen the Power of The Holy Spirit heal other parts of me. I really want to be “new” for my husband and not have this situation on me anymore.

    Please pray in agreement for my healing and I will write in with my praise report to glorify our Father. Thank you so much!



  76. That the marriage would have better communication and teamwork between my spouse/wife/her and I. That the marriage could bond on every level and connect on every level. That the armor of these people would shield guard protected and watch over this area also this page. The wife/her/spouse and the kids would be back in my arms within 12hrs. And/or asap. Better days and good luck would come into this area. My wife/spouse/her would feel only relax and comfortable around me and me only. Be able to get and find a job also be able to keep a job at a stable company. Get a raise and a promotion at the job place. No weapon shape or shall not prosper slso enemies would become foostools and bow down. Stay out of trouble and jail. Be able to find a spouse or wife asap

  77. Please pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga,My mother is in pain everyday, her entire body is in pain,Everything starts with heaviness ontop of her head,than the bones in her body starts to pain and her legs become numb,docters don’t really know what’s wrong with my mother. They’ve diagnose her with all sorts of stuff.Please pray that gods blood cover my mother,father God please touch,strengthen & restore my mothers body,restore my mothers health in the name of Jesus,father God please cover and shield my mother with the Armour of God.please pray to break the curse of death and infinity curse in the name of Jesus

  78. I’m really in need of prayer for my self. I married a men about two yrs and we have been separated after 3months. He heavy into witchcraft i didn’t know it at the time. Not shorty after we married i began too be thing that happened was i had a small pimple over my left eye bow becomes very inflamed. Till my face was distorted and i was hospitalized. This men contacted me for a divorce reasonly and the pimple is appearing again in the same place. Asking the true men and women of God to pray. And ad you Pray the enery will scatter in the name of JESUS. Thank you…..

  79. I have a written exam tomorrow n I get headaches constantly which disturbs in my studies. please please pray for me to get selected in the written exam. God bless u!!

  80. Please pray for a dear friend of mine, his name is Robert. He’s Been in a coma a year now. He has a infected cancerous tumor on the side of his throat as big as a basketball. Thankyou!

  81. Hello I need a prayer for my fiancé and I against the demonic spirits delaying our marriage. I need God to get him a dignified and overwhelming job offer so we can get married. Again I have been having constant dreams of being in my childhood school days. I need prayers against demonic spirits of setbacks in my life. Again I need prayers for to vindicate me against something that happened and caused me public humiliation at my work place and in my church. Lastly I need God to give me promotion in my career: I need a new job.

  82. Prayer request for spiritual strength ,faith and the Godly confidence restored . Strength to let go hurts an forgive myself an move forward. Also divine financial increase.

  83. I need prayer against these spirits jazube, python,Leviathan, black magic, succubus, husband and wife, spirit of jealous, mind bottling spirits and the blood of Jesus in my life from deoms that my come in through this situation, that spirit that kill my son.

  84. Please pray for patty and William Wedding to be paid in full. New house paid in full and to be blessed with Jesus kids

  85. I despretly need an angel to be sent into my life ASAP who shine me some light and be my miricle I’ve so longed for all my life. I’ve always even as child have struggled with a feeling of emptiness until then I met my husband and had my two kids. Yet I still felts this space that was empty that needs to be filled and I try to void the fact it isn’t filled with things I assume will fill it when that isn’t the case. I had such a loving grandma and grandfather that always opened their arms and heart to me. Sadly I have grown up discovering I have a greedy uncle and also mother who has only their best interest placed before me. I know my uncle being the ring leader of it all. My grandma home she opened to us to live in last three years will no longer be ours since my uncle despretly wants money so no longer wants to wait to sell us the house. Me and my husband being first time home buyers it’s a difficult process and we cleared all credit problems up and was working on saving the down payment which is pretty large. My uncle decided no longer to wait and since my grandmother passed away a month ago he has the advantage now to evict so he can hurry and sell. He hired a crooked cheap lawyer knowing we can’t afford one and we never was properly served any papers so didn’t know the court date and time so he was granted whatever he wanted by default. He requested eviction date 12/18 days before Christmas knowing he was putting me and my kids 9 and 4 on the street and had arranged for all our stuff be moved out and locked in a storage unit he will let us get into once we pay thousands of dollars for made up rent and bills he claimed we were to pay as “tenants at will” knowing we lived last three years as family and helping family is right we have utilities and all in our name and pay so lights etc not like we had my grandma or him have them in his name and never paid. My grandma owned the home and had feed so no mortgage payment was paid a month. The insurance homeowners was mainly one which I always offered to pay and grandma would either deny no it’s okay save money or if needed extra one month say ok it helps thanks! Papers was filed the day my grandma was buried. My uncle had went to court house to put in any paper work day after she passed to make sure the papers of eviction summons and complaint was served day we had been at funeral and all he had to do was mail a copy which he knew I never get mail like that here and wouldn’t see it so I wouldn’t show on court day. Worse is they my mom and uncle had been speaking to me and we seen each other multiple times and they never mentioned a word to me. They let me go on having no idea and yet it kills knowing they either well my mom assumed I cared less or whatever because I know my uncle was one who always contacted lawyer and brought any papers he wanted sign for eviction by my grandma before she passed or my mom he wouldn’t fully explain what they were signing for. I do pray grandma that it’s seen how he can be and has no love for family and his hunger for money is stronger than it is for family and love and care. I was able to get until two weeks to be evicted versus today since I just found out yesterday. Any papers that was “served fell out infront the sheriff that was weirdly put in the front door that is never used and had no clue was there. And never once did anyone attempt to ring bell or knock because I would’ve loved to accept and sign I recieved papers and to know of the date court was. I had all my angles and the lord beside me today for sure because my uncle told his lawyer to go in and do whatever needed to make sure me and my kids was put out today and leave us with nothing. I was in a car accident on December 2 so have had no car at all. My kids love this home we been in three years and I pray I will have a place lined up to go when it’s time. I pray more that a miricle will happen and it will be answer on being able to keep my kids in this home and not have to move three years of memories forced into storage and locked up and given away since we will have to pay almost $400 for storage we forced to put our whole life in and only will be able to access once until after we pay whatever amount my uncle decided he wants and what he claimed to court we owed. We never as family have had any type of written or even oral agreement and he went behind my back and used the tenant at will advatage and was able to claim whatever amount he wanted was owed and past due and then make possible to evict us along with making it a point we will never get someplace to also move into due to having the stamp of claims we was evicted by landlord when he was never a landlord he’s my uncle. We always paid out our pockets to fix or repair anything or make any upgrades, we upkept maintnce never assumed family was landlord and that all this time we should’ve called him to take care of things versus us doing so. I was told that I will have a person a man especially enter my life in the next few days who I will cross paths with for reasons due to he is supposed to be there for me and will be a great help for me and my family. Me and him have much in common and he’ll share much of his wisdom with me. I pray he is still on and I am still on right and same path so we will cross and meet in coming days. It’s a true heartbreaker when you knowingly have family especially a mom and uncle that will cold heartily kick you and your kids and husband to the street in winter when 10 degrees or colder at night and knowing all events I’ve dealt with latterly loosing grandma and car accident, and not have a second thought or feeling of what’s being done is wrong. I do admit and can agree I haven’t always been the perfect ideal person and done my fair share of sins, but one thing I would never do ever is let my
    Mom or sister or uncle and aunt and cousins be placed and forced to live in cold streets and sit back and watch not doing one thing to try and help them and do anything needed to not see them have to be forced into that. And I in my heart being so upset and hurt by them if they came to me tonight saying they will be in a position that isn’t one you want anyone you love be seen in I would still do anything in my power to assure I can help to try to prevent it or help it in any way I can. Even knowing they wouldn’t do same for me. I need guidance and courage to find a miricle for me my kids and husband fast so we won’t be in the cold and face loosing kids to the state and plus my husband so hardworking don’t deserve this. I agree a portion actually a lot is resulted due to me and terrible actions I took at times being selfish, but my kids and husband don’t deserve to suffer for my sins. I need a sign on what I must do to eliminate myself from them and so I won’t clntinue to ruin their lives and place them in these situations I choose to put myself in not thinking then I’m doing it to all them. Dear lord please forgive me for it all and guided me to fixing this in time so my kids and husband aren’t also placed in the hands of having to suffer when I am the only one that is deserved to be placed in a position of punishment. I just please beg my kids and husband will be put on path they might not enjoy at first being I am not with them there but they will grow to it and slowly move on and to begin to enjoy again and grow to be as happy as they are meant to be. The same is for my lovely and beautiful husband too. And last request is they will never, ever forget of me and who I am deeply. They I feel though will have a hard time remembering whenever there’s maybe moments in future when they see me but hopefully they’ll never let that feeling of once loving me unconditionally ever go away. I feel so lonely and afraid right now and more so knowing this is just the start of it and I will remain this feeling forever. I will continue to pray and I was and will be forgives for my sins and maybe hopefully that the small chance of a miricle or angle entering in with in next few days will turn all around for the best will happen and I will not feel I need to remove myself from my children and husband or the fact I will always feel that I am a burden to them and make their lives difficult. All I want is just to be loved fully by all the ones I love so deeply much. If it was there I wouldn’t have grown up always having this feeling of it being missing and at times still do and that I feel I tend to give out much more love sometimes than I actually get back but need to realize today that isn’t how it works. I should feel more love on the fact that I am able to give off so much love from myself to others and don’t let things get in the way of that. I make one promis though that I will be attending a church service for Christmas next week and I will not let it fall through or make excuses on why I am not able to go. Thank you god for all the help and answers you made sure to give me today and on such a short notice.

  86. Please pray for me, I am prophetic intercessor I ask permission to start a prayer line and it was approved and granted by the pastor. However, the pastor does NOT support the mission nor she call in to support, including the ministers. I am gift with many spiritual gifts and used to make the ministry look good. God gave me Ezekiel chapters one the four as my commission. Pray the bondage of jealousy and condemnation against me stops and the manifestation of God glory…prevails. Amen! And, I retired and on fixed income, I was in an several auto accidents and now having financial shortfall. Also, none of the accidents were my fault. Please pray my continued strength in the Lord…Amen


  87. Hello, long story short, I have PTSD, severe anxiety, OCD, depression, and I hate jesus and God but I’m terrified of hell, and I try to obey God so I can get my prayers answered so I won’t go to hell, but it is extremely difficult because I hate Jesus and God’s commands. and I don’t feel remorse for my sins so I can’t get saved. So do I have to obey God so he will answer my prayers for a new heart, remorse, godly sorrow, etc so I can get saved?

  88. Hello Jennifer, I need your prayers over my family, my husband Anoop is very abusive and critical and he is always depressed. I seek your prayers to break this pattern of demonic oppression on his life. He blames God for anything that goes wrong in his life. Please help.


  90. FOR SON, MMDT-

  91. Pls pray for miraculous healing of my grandmas body post a stroke that occurred during a minor surgery she had. She’s been in ICU for a month. Her name is Olive and has blood clots and brain injury due to complications a doctor incurred by pushing past evident complications during surgery. Please. Thank you

  92. Please pray for my Husband, Jose. He has left our marriage and has filed for divorce. He is with another woman attempting to make a life with her. A Counterfeit. Also, this woman possesses a dominating Jezebel Spirit that GOD has showed me. So please pray for her too. I pray for my husband safety because he told me she can get violent. She is also a Domestic Violence Advocate. Also, please pray that my husband finds GOD and he has a Damascus Road experience to get him to surrender to the Father. Thank you so much.

  93. Praise the Lord Pastor I am Rahul my prayer Request is For My wife Deevena & My Son Matthew Jaden Come this week I am waiting for them past 2years Happened they didn’t came Please pray Christ Jesus will do Some Miracle this week let them come. Thank you God bless you Pastor .
    Thank you

  94. I would like prayer for my daughter Gabby for healing she has been diagnose with selective mutism and anxiety she has being angry, rebellious, confuse, and destructive spent a month in the hospital and we have been experiencing this since August since her starting the 6th grade before that she was a very smart girl who loves God and going to church and reading the bible please pray that the enemy will take his hands off her that she will be complete restore to who God called her to be.

  95. Please pray for me to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I want to see signs and miracles in my church, and community. Please pray my strength in the Lord. I am dealing with a very toxic pastor. Thank you. God bless.

  96. Please pray for supernatural healing over my hands and fingers. I injured them at work. Please also pray for a fresh anointing and in filling of the Hy Spirit. Thank you.

  97. Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor for our relationship to grow stronger and better. Help us draw closer together than ever before. Pray that we won’t break apart for our love to be better than ever and her behavior and choices also a miracle our relationship more intimate. Pray for how my neighbor treated me and how to love me more than before. Pray that nothing and no one will tear us apart. Stop all the wrongful and hurtful things that have been destroying our relationship. Set my neighbor free from the enemy and the world. Pray that my neighbor won’t leave me and to bring us together each day. Pray for restoration of what we had together. Pray for my neighbor’s and her whole family for deliverance from wickedness and rebellion, salvation also draws closer together to do things the right way. Pray for my neighbor’s brother, cousins, and others. Pray for the children and teenagers at the school and in community that come from a dysfunctional for deliverance from wickedness and rebellion. Pray for salvation family members for deliverance for addiction and to turn their life around

  98. I pray for Gods perfect will for my life and for me to know in clarity so I know that it is him for sure this way I wll know if I am fighting he is with me. Pray for my husband salvation and deliverance from bondage and insecurities and any bipolar or mental demons stealing from him. formost that he find you Lord but for my marriage and direction in Jesus name it is under great attack I aks for warring angels to come and fight for me.
    I believe that with all in agreement that this will be done I been married over 25 yrs and I have seen glimpses and went thru years of good in my marriage now it been worse that ever.
    I just say stop devil and demons in this fighting and chaos in him and for me to love unconditionally

  99. For my son’s longtime tutor, Rachel Hansson, to be saved and healed of all gall stones in kidneys. All stones and disease disappear and dissolve completely in Jesus Name!!!

  100. Short Prayer Request


    Please join me in prayer for the following…..









    Thankfully in Christ!


  102. The U.S. Army Green Berets – 10th group- SFOD-A 0224, asked to be prayed for as they are currently experiencing intense demonic attacks. Thank you

  103. GM! i am seeking prayers on behalf of a dear sister who has backslidden. I believe the description of what was seen around her head was the squid tentacle or a python. Your prayers are greatly appreciated since I’m only a little familar with it and I’m one of a few who are warring for her. She was used greatly in prophetic intercession and healing. Thank you again.









    SON MM



  105. I need prayer but mainly for my husband. I believe he has some demonic spirits attached to him namely levithan, jezebel and others i do not know the names. He is what therapits would call a covert narssisit. My two little girls and I are leaving our home this monday and I am absolutely heartbroken. I cannot stay here with finding out what he has been doing when he is not a round me. I am disappointed and quite frankly devastated. I love him dearly and I do forgive him. I have repented for myself having anything in common with these nasty demons I did what katie souza spoke about concerning these matters. So if you could would you pray for my husband that G-d will break these demons things off of him and give him a heart of flesh removing that stone he has in his heart. I want my marriage but we are not equally yolked, I believe i was lied to and presented one man but his mask came off and I cannot ignore these things and make excuses. I have been seeking G-d and pouring out my heart and trying so hard to hear the voice of G-d asking his will not my own…

    • Yuans,
      Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His night!
      You are guided by Holy Spirit and are in His hands of protection, provision and love!!! God is not a man that he should lie. Follow the lead of Gods wisdom and continue calling on Him, for He will Answer you Ana show you great and mighty things!!!
      With Jesus, we have victory. He is our intercesesor. And remember when God closed one door, He will open another for freedom, peace, love and Joy!!!
      Be hopeful, be strong in Him…our savior and redeemer Jesus…our true husband, our true father…our provider….our protector!!!
      Praying for you! You are not alone for God’s will never leave you nor forsake you!!!
      As a child of God you are free now, in jesus Name!!!!
      Lovingly in Christ!









    SON MM



  107. Please pray for my husband Roosevelt to return back to God. Please pray for reconcillation in our marriage before end of the year. we have been separated since June of this year. We lost everything and have to start over. Were living in different states. He is a truck driver and lives on his truck. I live with my sister in Christ. . We need a place to live this year. I need a job and transportation. Please pray that my husband will call me more often to check on me and also send me finances to support myself until were back together again. Please pray that my husband will stop living in the hurt and pain of our separation so that we can move on from here. Pray for Godly counsels to enter his life. Please pray that his mother will be healed in her body of dialysis.
    Thank you








    SON MM

  109. Please pray for my work week to go by smoothly. Please also pray for supernatural & divine blessings in all of my affairs. Specifically my friendships & relationships, job/career, education at bible college and my love life. Thank you so much.

  110. Please agree with me for favour and visa breakthrough to be able to continue ministry for children with severe disabilities in Middle East

  111. Hello family.
    Since joining Jennifer LeClaire prayer calls and TeamJennifer LeClaire Ignite’s Spiritual Warfare Battalion, my home has been under attack, as well as my marriage, my health and my husband’s health. This is all new to me, and I need a covering of prayer during this time. Please intercede on our behalf. I have been continuing to press in and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and direction, and there has been many breakthroughs, in Jesus name. I am barely learning how to fight, pressing in and spending hours of my day in the shadow of the Most High. He keeps showing me that He is fighting for me and is VICTORIOUS, I need only to abide in Him. Please pray for strength, for perseverance, and for all powers of darkness to be bound, in Jesus name. Thank you! ❤️

  112. Thank you for your service, I love your ministry. You are a fantastic educational and spiritual backbone in our our NATION and our WORLD today for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the equipping of the saints/prophetic/apostles. I want to be the same in the arts/entertainment/media. I am involved in the Atlanta AHOP and excited to see miracles to come in our city as we unite under Jesus.
    I need prayer for financial miracles. I have been under extreme attack for a long time. The enemy keeps stealing my breakthroughs just as they begin to happen when I give thanks. After a horrific divorce, losing my home, business, kids, etc. I ended up in debt and have a disabled mother to help support. Was out of work for a long time, living on credit cards, etc. and need debt cancellation and career to take off. I need to get my mother settled in a safe, caring, affordable environment/home and her healing in mobility issues (and more). I need a new place to live myself, but need for my salary to be doubled in order to pay bills (not including debt I quit paying for because of funds).
    I am needing prayer for and thanking Father for:
    Miracle in debt cancellation, double salary, home for mother, home for me, awesome vehicle.
    Thank you so much and may God bless your socks off! I love you all!

  113. Please pray for my best friend, Jerry, who is an extremely talented church music director, pipe organist, pianist, choir director, etc. who loves the Lord and has always offered his life first and foremost to the service of God and His church. Jerry is under the authority of a pastor who lacks the ability of being pastoral. The pastor gives good sermons and portrays herself as loving the Lord, but admits that she is uncomfortable around parishioners and “isn’t in the business of being a host to newcomers.” Jerry has ADD and the pastor has no sense of compassion or understanding. She belittles him for running 10 minutes overtime with choir rehearsal and not putting all of his music away in an orderly fashion, yet she reaps the grandeur of attention resulting from the magnificent choral numbers he directs and church concerts he produces. The pastor, who served many years in the Navy, views the church as a ship that in her words, ‘I must have total control over and responsible for every aspect of how it functions” and she is quick to anger if things do not go her way. Jerry feels as though he has no pastor and would like to leave the church, yet the parishioners love him and he loves them. Please pray that God either heals the pastor’s heart and that she shows true fruits of the Spirit, or that Jerry is provided a new congregation and pastor who is loving and pastoral and where he can grow.

  114. Thank you so much for this prayer opportunity. I am need of revelation about the spiritual war I have been in for 4 years. I quit smoking about 4 years ago, and since then, there has been a massive spiritual attack to the point, where its torment and I dont know peace. The thoughts are all over the place and often its conversations of things that hasnt happened. I have repented over and over and I dont know what else to do. I did have some revelation recently from Holy Spirit and that was when we repent, any healing or future revelations given my God to us, about a specific need, is not sin. For instance, I have forgiven my ex over and over but I am still hurt so I need healing but my healing isnt about sin, its about going from glory to glory, its learning. This brought some freedom but its still hard. I have a passion to help others who have been through torment and I have heard prophecy about me sharing my testimony. God has put on my heart to get buildings donated for people to get private and confidential prayer. I know what I have been through will help me in ministry but I am still in need of revelation and deliverance. Bless you and thank you, Raven

  115. I am asking for the intercessors to pray for my gifts to be stirred even more. I feel the call to go deeper. Prayer for clarity, next level and answers to the many questions that I have concerning things of the spirit realm. My seers anointing, the sound/songs of the spirit and the deliverance ministry within. I sense a pull spiritually and searching to not miss it.

    Thank You!

  116. Please don’t post anywhere, I just want prayer, a few people are praying for me already. thanks! Curses Wrap Around My Head Pressuring It, Right Side of Goopy Waist & Neck, (75% of “Strings” is on Back of Head) intertwine to My Wrists, Fingers, Hands, Triceps into Penis & Butt, in Corner of Eyes, Heavy Chest, Gripped Bottoms of Feet & Heels, Blindness.

    “Weighted” Face, Back, & Arms, Stiff Legs & Calves, Inflammed Ears, Pinched Cocula. Midnight Wakeup & Nightmares. Painful Lungs/Chest/Throat. Obsessive Thoughts. I’m Covered in Death, Darkness. Oppressive, Gripping, Stiffening.

    Hard Poop, Flu, Headaches, Forehead Disorientation. From the Right Side of my head-Shoulder, and Arm – Strings go into my Mouth & Eyes. Strings go into Muscles; Heavy “Death” Legs. My knee muscles twitch, and these strings are in all my muscles; they need to be pulled out, by the blood of Jesus. These witches send “Possessing” demons;
    I use holy water, oil, insence to defeat this. Since repenting over generational sins, it’s improved, please pray for more revelation.

  117. Please Pray for me as I accepted the calling of serving God in my life and I’m willing to go where he sends me. I have been running away from God’s Calling for a long time but the holy spirit asked me”will you accept the calling of the Lord?” and I said to the spirit, its an honor to serve you Lord. I will be starting to study Religion at Liberty University in January 2019 and I’m already been attacked by the enemy. Also please pray for my wife Dawn, she is harboring a Jezebel spirit and is doing everything in her power to destroy me but to God be the Glory, Thank you.

  118. Hello I need a prayer for my healing of eplipsey and brain issues after brain surgery . I need God and Jesus in my life.

  119. I am married to a very evil and abusive man. We have a little baby. I want a way out. I want a good husband and a good father for my little child. I have no finances and no family. I’m an orphan.

    • Praying for your deliverance of slavery and bondage. Ask Jesus to come into your heart and free you as he did the Israelites in Egypt. He hears your cry and will
      Answer. Yiua re not alone, for Yeh Holy Spirit is your consoler, counselor, friend and guide. Jesus is your older brother, as you are a conheir with Jesus, a childnof God, the apple of His eye. You have been adopted by your Heavenly Father therefore you are a child of the Most High and a
      Daughter, sister and bride of Jesus!
      There is hope, He is called the King of Glory and he is sending legions of Ángels to war I on yiur behalf and set you free from all captivity and into the Promised Land of milk and honey. For you and your baby, in jesus Mighty Name. Jesus is your way, your life, your truth and He has heard your cry. Give your life to Him, repent and call on Him…he will answer and set you free in jesus night Name! BELIEVE!!!

  120. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Thank you for all the prayers. Please continue to pray for healing over my heart, soul, spirit & mind. Please also pray for my relationship with God, spiritual growth and maturity. Thank you.

    • Matthew, praying for a new revelation in your heart and for the complete fulfillment of God’s will ama plans for your life. You are a man of God and as you continue to seek Him, He will show you His plans for your life, his strategies to accomplish them and give you grace and obedience for His will to be accomplished in your life. In your weakness His strength will be shown and His glory will
      Shine through you!!!! Believe and you shall receive the desires of your heart, in jesus Mighty Name!!!!


  122. Praying that Courtney is protected from witchcraft and is delivered from generational curses. Praying that she is able to surrender herself fully to Jesus and uses her spiritual gifts to heal God’s people. Amen

  123. Please help me pray for…Stepping out in faith..Leaving the old and entering the new… I truly trust God but for some reason Im in limbo about the decision…I just want to make sure its God telling me to move

  124. I am a prophet I need healing for my teeth, the bone in my mouth needs reconstructing and the gums need restoration in short my mouth needs healing, would you pray for my healing
    Thank you

  125. Salvation, Healing, Restoration-Harold Vance family, Lucas healed of Autism and talking, hearing restored for Linda, Becky, Jeanie Vance. I’m not sure what I’ve been fighting but like a slumbering spirit, falling to sleep while trying to read the Bible, weight gain and laziness and unorganized, trouble at times remembering things. My husband Bob has had 3 surgeries for skin cancer removed and it’s been a battle for about 2 yrs now. Keep praying for revival and awakening to our region of Lewis County Kentucky, start with me Lord. Thanks

  126. Can I ask for prayer? I need healing, I am suppose to go in next week to have a port put in and start treatment for C. I’ve been praying and seeking God, praying to hear from him and I’m not hearing anything. Trying to believe in my healing but my fear is so strong I don’t know how to let go and let God. I don’t want to go through treatment again(did it 5 years ago as well). I’ve repented I’ve gone into the courts, I feel like I’m doing something wrong or not good enough. I need to know I’m healed so I can cancel this drs appointment and live my life. Please pray for me. Thank you.

  127. Please pray for me for financial breakthrough and to get a great job (and that job will be in location where God wants me to be). Thank-you.

  128. Please pray for me! I need God’s intervention mercy and grace on my life and future!
    My desire is to see in the spirit – what is on God’s heart.

  129. Please pray for my daughter who has had a concussion 3 months ago. She still has constant headaches and is challenged in her work situation. She is 21, born again and serving the Lord.

  130. Please pray for my 4 kids and I to be delivered from the bondage we are in. Pray for deliverance from addiction, rebellion, depression, and all the satanic plots that have been set up. The past plots have already ruined a lot and I need GOD to step in. My kids are in danger and no one will listen. I’m dealing with evil all around me and it’s trying to consume me whole. I need my kids back and justice for all that has happened. Clarity, wisdom, victory. Thank you.

  131. I am writing to you to ask if you would be willing to pray for my sister, her two little girls – now 4 and 2, and the rest of my family? My sister came to my mom’s house a little over a year ago, having left an abusive marriage. She tried to work things out with her husband, but he wasn’t really willing to work on things. He just wanted her to go home and trust that things would be different. When he couldn’t bully my sister into going back, he went and filed for emergency custody of the girls to get them taken away from her completely just like he had been threatening he would. Back then the judge only gave him every other weekend and Wednesday.

    During all of this I felt God was telling me to pay attention because my niece was being sexually abused by her father. At first, I didn’t believe it, but when I started paying attention, I saw the signs. When the girls started going overnight with him, after the first two weekends the older one came back really red and inflamed in her genitalia. The third weekend they went with him, she had blood in her underwear. My sister brought her to the ER and they put in a report with children and youth. The hospital didn’t take the underwear into evidence and children and youth never did the requisite forensic exam. They met with my niece over a week later but she wouldn’t disclose to them so they told my sister nothing happened.

    My sister was able to get a PFA for the girls so that they had no contact with him for a few weeks. When the custody hearings started the judge ordered him to have supervised visits. After that he just kept getting more and more time with them and finally the judge gave him overnights again because the CYS investigation came back unfounded after my niece wouldn’t disclose to them. For the past three months it has been almost 50/50 custody and he has been psychologically abusing the girls and obviously the sexual abuse is continuing and we continue to see more and more indicators.

    The older girl is experiencing increased anxiety. She doesn’t want to go to pre-school, church or his house. Her play therapist thinks he is unsafe and has told him he can’t go to appointments. He keeps sending abusive emails to my sister. We are going back to court on Monday the 26th and the judge said this is the last hearing even though my sister hasn’t gotten a turn on the stand yet to present her case. We are trusting that God will step in and provide for the ultimate safety of the girls. I’ve been following the Floodgate prophesy and find it encouraging. I just wanted to ask if you could pray with and for us?

  132. I believe that the Lord is putting me on notice about a type of flood coming my way on 11/29. I have been praying and fasting over some difficult issues. If anyone would feel led to pray for me that I might receive a confirmation to the messages the Lord is giving me in my dreams and during the day as well. No one I know would believe me if I told them. They believe in the physical world only and rely on our own actions only. I am relying on God and what He says he can do if we trust in His strength and His way. Thank you.

  133. Fernanda Gomes de Melo

    I would like prayers to free Lukas Flucht (born on 11 of December of 1988) from a black magic, demonic oppression and curse. I ask you will all my heart to please pray as much as you can, this situation is out of control now. I believe in the power of prayers to help him. You may share this request.
    Thank you
    Fernanda Gomes de Melo

  134. I’m requesting prayer for myself and my husband. We love each other very much and have been going through communication issues within our marriage and it’s gotten to the point he filed for divorced. He keeps telling me that he loves me very much and don’t want to end our marriage, but it’s his mind. He said that don’t feel like himself and don’t have anything else to give. The situation is very strange and in my heart I feel like evil spirits are attacking my husband and marriage. Our divorce is set to be finalized on November 27th. I’m asking for prayer for the both us, because it’s a very difficult time and nothing makes sense.

  135. Touching in spirit against – the Spiritual warfare, knowing I have the victory. I was asked to leave my apartment by 10/31 by my landlord. I am still in my apartment but am trying to find someplace else to live. I found out they put an eviction on my past rental history when I was applying for a new place. Causing a delay, losing the apartment and more money needed for moving. The current management is not helping me to leave as they asked. They are hindering me leaving and all because of repairs they need to make in my apt. I am believing God open the door wide when he shows me where to move and favor with new management. The place I original put in an app with is helping but they are causing delays now also and asking for more money to move there. As well as not to have to pay more than I can afford for the new place. I will also not have to put down a more than 1/2 a months deposit for the new place because of the wrongful eviction history and everything will run smoothly and expedited because of the holidays so I can move in. Also, my car needs major work possibly entire transmission. All of this at the same time causing the moving process to be challenging. I know he is able and will answer prayers, standing on his word Deut 8:7-10, Deut 28:2, James 1:2-4, Matt 6:25-26, Matt 18:18-20, Ps 116:1-2:5, Ps 84:11-12, Ps 107:7, Ps 18:19, Ps 5:12, Ps 110:1, Jere 29:11, Ex. 3:20, Is. 65:24, Is. 54:17, Is. 32:18, Prov. 14:1, Prov 6:31, Prov 21:1, Prov 3:5-6, 2 Sam 7:10, Eph 3:20, Mark 10:27, 2 Cor. 10:4, John 10:10, Rom 8:28, 1 Cor 2:9 and Dan. 10:12-13

  136. I have been struggling operating in this miserable planet. Learning that Disneyworld, Marvel Avengers, Justice Leagues, animated cartoon characters are all satanic. Even more nerve racking, Martial Arts is also Idolatry! I didn’t want to believe all this. I went through my problems of dealing with unusual depression, anxieties, fits of anger, and unhappiness. Eventually I learned that demons have capacities to enter into cables, coming out of TV screens and attack everybody in the apartments and houses. When I disconnect the cables from the TV, I felt a sudden relief. Like a 50 pound sand bag is finally off my head. Satan’s devices is beyond reckoning and Modern Technology these days is becoming his best friend. I’ve been experiencing one too many strange things in my life so I ask for prayers big time.
    Thank you

  137. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please pray prayers for deliverance from depression & anxiety. Please pray for deliverance from any works of the devil or darkness. Please also say powerful prayers for protection. Thank you…

  138. Please pray for family member with schizophrenia, drug addiction and demonic attacks/oppression, can be violent, has been in and out of mental hospitals, suffered teenage sexual abuse and trauma.
    Please pray for church member in final stages of lung cancer has been given a few weeks to leave.
    Many thanks for standing with us.

  139. there are people harassing me one person even harassed me from 646-904-2152 number. they delight in the fact that i dont know who they are in order to continue harassing me. Can you please pray that God will reveal their names or the people? i am willing to bless. God knows the truth and He said what they did to me was not fair so the battle is not over. I dont know exactly who they are. please if you cant pray, please share it with a seer who can hear from God. it is an emergency. I need to be released from these people. if you see the truth please call 1-855-697-3275. thank you.

  140. I have been ill for five years
    Longer answer me she’s like insomnia fibromyalgia
    But I received it and impartation from James Malone which is a neat guy but the next month after the importation I almost died, in two hours I’ would bean dead I have a Had Prayer since that hospitalization and I have been almost totally homebound due to the pain in my back , would love to have prayer ,I know that I’m healed according to the word , I feel like I have no doubt in anything according to the word and I would love your prayers.
    Thank you

  141. I’m seeking prayer for God’s direction, marriage issues, stepchild, grown children to come back to the Lord, and just God to open and close doors that need to be either.

  142. Prayer Request – I have been wrongly accused, I believe my one of my team members. this has resulted in a meeting with the person concerned and my immediate manager tomorrow – 19/11. Pray that I will be covered by the Holy Spirit and that the enemy will not triumph.

  143. I pray for my daughter Amanda I pray that holy spirit would guide her and protect her , I pray that the fire in her will be greater than the fire outside of her, Lord Jesus guide Amanda home

  144. Please pray for Boulder City, NV. That city is desolate and the voice of the Lord is dried up in all of its corners. This small city is under the rule of Jezebel and its leaders and inhabitants in her grip. Although a small percentage of Mormons inhabit the town, yet they control most of its political and city operational seats.
    Covetousness and immorality in the marriages and lives of the families that chose that city as their home is more than evident. The spirits of suicide, pride and homosexuality are more rampant than ever before. You can walk the streets and feel the bondage, some under demonic influence and others under demonic oppression. There are no places of refuge for those seeking life and the truth only found in Christ. Although the city is home to more than a dozen churches, only but one believes int he power and working of the holy spirit, and i do not know how active they are in the community, it is an Assemblies of God church, i attempted to email them to encourage them to go out but i never heard back from them. The fear that the Mormon control and influence have cast over, may have them in bondage and reluctant to speak the truth or roam the street. If you drove through that city, in the natural you see a small, beautiful clean town, but if you dig deeper, you would see the throne Jezebel has built and the works of those under her influence. Worthy of noting, that some that have left the Mormon church, did so to take part in divination, pranic healing, transcendental meditations, psychedelic drugs and others types of haughty works of darkness.

  145. I need employment.I’m. Constantly fought with not having enough money and not having employment. The cycle must be broken. I have $5 in my savings account and That is all I have. I have no support system and I’m a single parent.I’m convinced that someone is causing trouble but I don’t know who it is.I need a good paying job that can work around my classes in school. I need to make 180 on my test and be accepted into school and I will need to borrow finances to go to school.I need some decent breaks in my life for a change. Pray I make good grades, graduate, and will be able to get employment immediately.

    Melody Howes

  146. I need employment.I need a job that will work around me going back to school.I have no support system and I’m a single parent.Ineed to hear from God. I need more than $9/hr.
    Melody Howes

  147. Hello 24/7 Prayer room,

    I am providing a cover-up name.
    My husband has divorced me because he believed that we are in adultery according to Matthew 19.
    We both have been married and divorced years prior to meeting each other.
    He is out on his own with no accountability to challenge him with what he believed he is hearing from God.
    There was peace and joy when we got married and all throughout our life together seeking the Lord and felt led.
    I was confused when he said we have to divorce and leave our marriage.
    Confusion was not from the Lord.

    I agreed despite what I felt strongly inside of me.
    We were married 2 months, together 4 months.
    The last time I talked to him was in Sept. I have been back home to my family and friends now rebuilding.
    We both gave up everything. He has been living a lifestyle of total abandonment, not just material things but family and friends for over 6 years. I am new to it and at first, didn’t agree but I was trusting God and honoring the man He blessed me with. He genuinely loves Christ and wants to obey him no matter the cost.
    But I believed without accountability to leaders and the body of believers, He is walking in deception.
    Therefore, he is looking the scripture in a different light.

    I need prayer for our marriage to be restored.
    That God will bring him home so that healing and deliverance can begin.

    I believed that it has to begin at home with his parents and to his ex-wife.
    He said he forgave her, but I was noticing bitterness, rejection and pride when we minister to others.
    He also has a son with her who he has not seen in over 2 years.

    If I am the one seeing this wrong, please pray for God’s will to be fulfilled in both of our lives.

    thank you!

  148. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please pray for love, laughter, joy and peace to come back into my life. Please also pray healing over my heart, soul & spirit. Thank you

  149. Please pray for my husband. I am standing for the restoration of our marriage. He has filed for divorce but I am believing God for restoration and for my husband to come back home to me and our son. Please pray for his walk with God.

  150. Please pray Salvation, Deliverance & protection prayers for my friend Jennifer Benson, please also pray for her Mom Lisa & Lisa’s Mom who is battling Cancer. Thank you so much.

  151. Dear Sister,
    I am being attacked by witchcraft done by Muslims and other enemies against me. Now they are trying to spoil my working life by causing me to become foggy-minded, tired, exhausted and feeling like giving up. Ever since I became a Christian, (38.75) years, they have been doing it. Why can’t God deliver me from it? Please pray for my total and final deliverance. Thank you.

  152. Please pray to have my brand new European Toilet Closet in South Africa repaired properly because a local illiterate Plumber destroyed it while installing it. So that it will flush and remove the dirt completely when the toilet is flushed once and not twice or thrice or fall apart when used more than a few times.

  153. I pray for my family for a total liberation in all areas for the salvation of their souls from those who have not believed by healing in their bodies physical and emotional health by provision for an awakening of the spirit of prayer and intercession for my city and my country Venezuela that may have the burden for the souls

  154. Please pray that all the plans of the enemy are canceled over my family and my husband will repent and come to Jesus. Pray he will see the truth to a;; this.
    please pray also that all plans of the enemy are canceled over the sale of our family home.

    in Jesus Name Amen
    thank you so much my the Lord continue to Bless you !

  155. Hello family,
    I desperately need prayer against spiritual attack, direction for deliverance maybe?
    I was led to Jennifer’s periscope, and jumped in right in time for the Floodgates Prophecy. I have been accelerated in my growth, my relationship with Christ, and the calling on my life. I feel like a wobbly baby giraffe, but God has been moving in MIGHTY ways.
    Last week, I cut off a toxic friendship with someone who was, now that I am seeing more clearly, operating in the demonic. I cut these ties. The next day, during my prayer time, I was kneeling, and literally felt something try to molest me and penetrate me from behind me. I rebuked it, in Jesus’ name. However, since then, I’ve been VERY tired and worn down, almost unable to move and to speak properly. I engaged in warfare with another sister yesterday, and was able to break free.. this mornings prayer (11/13) was confirmation that I am in the right place, God is refining me and showing me His authority and power. I am reminded that I walk in Victory.
    Backstory is that, long story short, I suffered sexual abuse multiple times and was stuck in perversion that twisted my soul. Also, in my youth I was involved with witchcraft and I was always attracted to the things of the dark, the power they held. I used to cry myself to sleep in high school, praying that God would take me home. I just wanted to be free.
    I slipped further and further into darkness, addictions, and at 21, invited the Jezebel spirit in and was operating out of that spirit. I went through deliverance in 2005, but have now been recognizing the evil things that have attached themselves and follow me.. I have been pressing into the Lord, pressing into battle and I’m wanting to be free from fear and anxiety of these dark things that seem to follow, to WALK FREE IN VICTORY.
    Please pray for me. Also, I am really desiring direction with this. Do I need more deliverance? I am willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to walk in complete freedom.
    Thank you.. much love to you and blessings in our Lord Jesus Christ!

  156. Please pray that I find true love. I love my Jesus but my heart also desires companionship and marriage. Thank you.

  157. I need prayer. I have reason to feel that witchcraft has been placed on my husband. Please pray that we overcome the works and the devil and my marriage and household is 100% restored. In Jesus mighty name.

  158. My nephew, Eric has had relapse in cancer attacking his body. He is 43 years old. He is a veteran of Desert Storm. My sister, Deborah, his mother, is very upset. Eric called her last week to let her know about his health condition and that he was considering seeking a new oncologist. She has not been able to reach him by telephone for a couple of days. Today we found out in the hospital again by calling around. Deborah’s ex-husband refused to tell her anything. What happens, when Eric is in the hospital, his step-mother and sister fill out the telephone information release list and purposefully DO NOT include my sister, his natural mother. My niece, her 48 year-old daughter, Minda, hates her mother for past drug issue problems the two of them had together. Deb is since clean; Minda turned to her father and step-mother for sympathy years ago. She has been vicious to her mother now for close to 20 years.
    So, my ill nephew is in need of prayer. But, also my sister, Deborah, and her family dynamics and situation. They ALL need Jesus.


  159. I lost my husband to another woman, om april found out desember last year, that he was cheating on me. Er bougth have been christians for mang years, and married for almost 10 years. He left more and more God about 3 years ago. But i belive God for miracles. I want my husband back to God, and then back to me. God bless you!

  160. i suffer from the python spirit literally killing me. i think i received in berlin when i was a edm singer by madonna -or her assaulting fallen angels. i had dreams and visitations in the night from madonna and then later i was led to her club in london and since then i am having this lethal problem, like a python entered me. and it is killing me. also i believe madonna is still harassing me. not her personal but her murder demons. she did also harrass some of my music colleagues in their sleep. very shocking real. i dont know what spirit it is but it seems to be dangerous and destructive. please help me to pray against madonnas demons i think she is sending them in the name of azazael. but i am not sure. but i think the madonna mambo spirit is targeting female singers or musicians to destroy them.

  161. Good Day Pastor.

    Prayer Request: I need Job & a good & right fearing future Husband for Marriage [ pray for me to progress]

    Kindly pray for me every person/evil behind my pain.

    I Ms. Hendrina Natangwe Newaka [Nickname Maggiey[ I am a Mother of 6 years old daughter & pray for me to get job, i am Single and never married before, i need and ready to get a good, reliable, responsible, kind man a responsible man who will love me the way i am and for what i am, I am ready to take a relationship & accept a [International/Foreigner] man of my life who is ready for marriage and not fake & i am a hardworking lady and like catering for weddings, Birthday, Engagements, Bridal & Bachelor party, Funeral and Memorial Services and events, pray for my Catering Business to Grow. pray for me to get blessing. pray for me so that God can take me to another high level.

    I need totally deliverance, family breakthrough, Family healing, Financial Breakthrough. Thank you and have a good day!

    Do not hesitate to contact me at +264816121765 or via my email address:

  162. Please pray that I can be delivered from wanting to satisfy my flesh and that I can understand what God is wanting me to do not to fall victim to things that were not meant for me to do to leave my past in the past and trust in God to lead my life and quit seeing myself as a lost cause. Thank you and God bless

  163. God, I ask you wisdom to make the right decisions, that I can hear your voice telling me what to do. Financial miracle for our family. That we can sign the documents of our house. In the name of Jesus.

  164. It’s all good. No weapons formed against me shall prosper! Please pray for Yolanda and family. She received a notice via foreclosure for her home pf 30 plus years. Seek a financial miracle. Please pray for Michael Jr. Hpmeless, suffering from mental ill. God’s compassion, mercy, grace,protection,and provisions. Thank you in Jesus holy name amen

  165. Monique Ballesteros Garza

    Healing and direction from being a victim of sex trafficking. 2013 I was taken from my apartment complex , doped up, beaten raped dumped and left for dead they went even as far to burning off my fingertips. Only by the grace of God and a praying mother I showed up back home with no memory of how I returned. Spent months recovering learning how to do everything since my whole body and mind shut down. My mother had to take care of all my basic needs. Wanting to forget and also throughfear I never spoke a word about it till 2016 when I almost died once again …everything I hid in my past blew up in my face…severe ptsd and anxiety had it not been for the Lord I would had gone crazy. I returned back to church at Abundant Life in LaMarque tx to get under Pastors anointing and teaching. It has helped but I am still in the same very apartment complex where I was taken and the men who are from out of state Louisanna are back and been harassing me and making threats. I haven’t moved because I have no other place to go due to mebeing a single mother. Since this incident my husband has been asking for a divorce and claims that he doesn’t want anything to do with me. Please keep both my daughter in prayer for our safety and a place to live. Thank you so much. God Bless

  166. God, I ask for a blessing to receive the company of good friends, support and family joy. May our family delight in you and flourish positively. In the Jesus name.Psalm 37: 4

  167. Please pray for me in the Holy Spirit. I am in need of many answers from God for many questions and situations I have. Please pray for “Answered Prayers” for me Now in Jesus Name. Thank you, God Bless You & the Ministries!

  168. Lord, I ask that prayers for my husband Sergio can have bigger and newer incomes. That the doors open supernaturally and we receive miracles in this area. In Jesus Amen

  169. Praying earnestly for my father who was diagnosed with ALS 6 months ago…he is rapidly going downhill when they realized it’s actually neurological lyme disease but you can die from it when it is so advanced. He is not responding to any of the treatments. I pray in the name of Jesus that he would be healed and go on to have many years serving the Lord! My whole family is dealing with other ailments ts as well as tho it is demonic…please come along side and pray for us!

  170. My oldest son has a strong call on his life for these times. Six years ago he turned away from the Lord. Our entire family is under strong spiritual attack from marine spirits such as Leviathon and squid spirits. My oldest is experiencing deja vu to such an extant that he has withdrawn from college, quit his job and retreated from his friends. God is good and he has allowed me to pray over him for the first time in years. Please pray that a God would draw him back and redeem these years of rebellion against him. Please lift my entire family up for release from these marine spirits. Dyslexia, vertigo, constant chaos, migraines, multiple concussions have plagued all of my sons and my husband. Much thanks for standing with me. I strongly desire prayer from fellow Christians.

  171. Please pray for me as the Lord has called me to the prophetic ministry. I have been having heart palpitations that do not come from God. It started the moment I accepted the call. My diet is clean but unusual attacks have surfaced and so I would like prayers of agreement that the enemy is bound in every area of my life!

  172. Touch in agree that I receive a fresh baptism of the Holy Ghost, and that the love, power, wisdom and prosperity of God is manifested through me continually.

    Pray for the salvation and deliverance of Wayman an Kia Garnett and Jeffery Green. Pray for the success of my marriage. Pray that our nephew Joshuwa will be shown great mercy in the eyes of the judge.

  173. Gods Perfect Will in my Life,for my Life, In my Wife, Shelly, in our son, Adexx, in our finances

    Gods calling on my life, To impart upon me and my family the gifts he has for us.

    My marriage to Shelly Powell my wife restored family and finances restored holy angels removing everything that is influencing my wife to stay separated from me Every enemy completely removed from our marriage and family hearts and spirit souls healed marriage restored.
    We have a 4 year old son who of course wants his mommy and daddy back together and living in the same house. As you can imagine I however believe that it is Gods will for our marriage and family to be restored and reconciled. Please lift us up in prayer for restoration and reconciliation. I am standing for our marriage and family because I know it is worth fighting for.

  174. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Thank you in advance for your prayers. Please pray protection from the enemy and his forces for me. Please pray for my finances and for me to find a Godly proverbs 31 virtuous woman of God that I can one day call my wife. Finally, please pray for Gods will in my destiny, purpose and calling as well as my Theological studies at SoCalU School Of Ministry. I am studying to become a Pastor. Thank you.

  175. Elizabeth Semenoff

    Please pray for me I have recently been verbally abused by a senior Pastor.After he brought someone else with more influence ie a son of a high ranking Apostle to replace my job. He ignores me now and has said that I’m to be quiet take instruction and not give it anymore.As well as giving this new person authority who has no experience.I have been there for 4 years. He only acknowledges me when he needs something done or when I can be of use to him .Please pray for me.

  176. Please pray for my 28 yo son Austin Kelly – declare he is a new creation in Christ Jesus and declare his relationship with his mother is restored 7 fold. Pray that his father Rick is repentant, saved, and stops alienating Austin from his mother. Bind Jezebel spirit. Thank you!

  177. Hello Prayer Team,

    I need an advice how to pray for my half brother and his wife and family. It has been a long family struggle or fight for over 40 years since my half brother married with his wife. My mom did not want them to get married first. But they married. They have 3 children together. But his wife often give us problem with little thing causing arguments and hatred in the family. Especially when I and my mom became Christians , the attack from his wife is unbearable. She calls my mom an old witch, also humiliating me with abusive language. Also she tries to involve my brother in her arguments and I don’t have a good relationship with my half brother and lately with their children. I am just tired of this and I realized in the past I didn’t take it serious and pray. She often would tell us she went to witchcraft or shamanist or buddhist lama to find out what to do to improve their life. Yesterday she called me on the phone and said my mom needs to change her address because one of the shamanist said so, and because of us , their life is not improving. I was angry for what she was saying to me. I was hurt thinking why she is treating us like this.
    Please advice me on this. I am just confused with all the things happening with me and my family.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    From Urnaa

  178. Please pray for Jose he is having surgery today. also keep Jerry in pray for deliverance from drugs and that he surrender to the lord. also for William for healing.

  179. I am coming into a agreement in pray for direction in every area of my life. I am seeking wisdom and knowledge from God for directing the season I am in and putting me into position for what he’s appointing me too. I also ask for prayer over my family that we all become saved and have Gods favor and mercy upon their lives in Jesus name. I thank you for the prayers and intercessors coming into agreement with me.
    God bless, thanks you

  180. I could really use prayer for the spiritual warfare against myself, my son and my family the Packer family. I believe God was trying to warn me to be watchful over my son, and I could greatly use prayer for him and protection over him. I know I have done so and know the Lord will do so, so I just ask for booster prayers.

  181. My mother married my step-dad who has tried to point out any flaw in me that he sees. I have been going through a time of intense spiritual attack for several years (since they were married), and the Lord revealed to me that this was a result of the spirit of Jezebel. I believe that my step-dad has a Jezebel spirit and that my mother is deceived by it. They both cut me out of their lives on Saturday. I am believing for deliverance for my step-dad as well as my mother’s eyes to be opened immediately.

  182. I need a financial breakthrough. I have had open positions at my place of employment for several moths and need those positions to be filled.

  183. I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy 17 days ago for the left side of my face. I am believing for complete and total restoration of the left side of my face.

    Also, I had a disagreement with some family members who have now disowned me. I would like swift restoration of that relationship and forgiveness for my words and to be able to forgive them for theirs.

    I am believing for better employment and a husband.

  184. Please lift my friend Jennifer Benson up in prayer. She is my ex. We are friends now though and still very much in love. She loves God so much. She recently started coming back to church. But the enemy has a hold on her right now. She has something spiritual going on. I think she is oppressed. She is struggling with addiction to marijuana and alcohol. She is struggling with anxiety and depression and insomnia. She was a good girl raised in a good family and she’s an amazing girl but right now she needs Jesus. Please pray for her. Thank you so much.

  185. My 7 year old son, Bryce, needs immediate prayer to fight the spiritual warfare that rages against him. Recently, when he is angry, he is saying he wants to die or wished he never lived. Also, when he is angry, he says he wants to hurt people. Bryce has been diagnosed with severe ADHD that come with aggression when angry. Ever since he was young, he struggled to follow rules at preschool and now school. He is angry with himself because he fails to do what is right and follow rules. Therefore, I ask for an immediate deliverance and transformation of my son’s evil thought patterns into new thought patterns that reflect the love of God towards himself and other people. I ask for the immediate calming of his hyper activity and he reflects a peace in his body and mind and not the wound up chaos of his actions. I pray that my son be completely healed from ADHD and he is fully a reflection of God’s grace, mercy, and love.

  186. Please pray for finances. I have no money in the bank and a friend is taking my car back on Monday and i’ll Be left without a way to my money. I’m at school at BSSM in Redding and I have not made the first payment for missions. I currently can not pay bills or buy food. I don’t know where help will come from but I pray it comes quickly. Thank you and God Bless

  187. I am hosting a women’s retreat on November 17th. God put it on my heart to share, equip, and release women to receive a fresh revelation of Jesus through my personal testimony and a chosen few. I am a dreamer and my dreams have disturbed me lately. I dreamed that airplanes were falling from the sky and it was due to a terrorist attack on air traffic controllers and the computer systems that run it. People were dying and sadness everywhere. Police officers were in the streets crying. Prayer for our nation and unity.

  188. Pray that my husband be healed of three failed back surgeries, delivered of pain and unexplained pain in jaw. Pray for the salvation of my son and daughter (sexual immorality & living with mate before marriage). Pray to break satan’s hold for their mind, body and spirit.

  189. I have realized that I am revisiting an abrupt kicked out of home situation every few years. The cycle has to STOP in the name of Jesus. Touch and agree with me I will not only find someplace to live but be completely able to pack, move in and afford the new home(preferably my own house no longer renting). My daughter and I were given less than 30 days to find someplace to live. I have several jobs to make ends meet, yet it still is not enough to live comfortably or afford the expensive rent in my neighborhood, and my car has decided it needs major work (transmission). I know God is able to change my situation and my make everything work for my good full of breakthroughs that will elevate us into prosperity. Which I am believing for according to Deut 8:18, 2Corin 9:8, Jer29:11, 2 Sam 7:10, Mark 10:27, Ep 3:20, and several others.

  190. Please pray for my sister Sherri. I am concerned about my sister Sherri and would really appreciate all prayers for her walk with The Lord to be steady and strong.

    Also, please pray for a man named Daniel who needs salvation. He has been caught up in a mental institution and is believing the lies of reincarnation. His Mother is a very dedicated Sister in The Lord. Her name is Nezakat.

    Please remember Brother Cecil as well for deliverance from anxiety and depression and for The LORD to bless his marriage to Sherry and family relationships.
    Thank you. God bless.

  191. I Praise The LORD for Ignite Network, AHOP, and the amazing prophetic messages that Jennifer LeClaire has blessed me with. She gave a prophetic word about identity in October of last year that was spot on for me in my life. I thank God for blessings like Ignite Network during one of the most difficult seasons of my life!

    God called me and anointed me in my prayer closet to prophesy among the nations, He said back in March of this year. He gave me the general game plan for my life, some things to hope for, then He sent me along the way in this season of wilderness. I am learning to trust Him with everything and for everything.

    One of the prophecies The Holy Spirit gave me was that I was to marry this man named Jeff this year. He is amazing. I followed the leading of The Lord and Jeff and I are so in love, we have ye to meet eye to eye. Jeff has a very high calling on his life. I just wanted to ask if you all would keep Jeff in prayer regularly for protection with spiritual warfare and such? He has been dealing with depression. I bind it daily. I plan on helping him with deliverance in the future.

    Jeff is my literal soul mate and I just wanted to reach out for prayer covering for my man, and also, if you don’t mind, please keep both Jeff and I in prayer that we do well as The Lord leads us into this New Covenant with Him.

    Thank you 🙂



    Praise The LORD for your faithfulness and LOVE!

  192. David Omoniyi- DEF RESOLUTIONZ

    Please pray for me concerning the Opening of Flood Gates of Financial Vindication concerning every business contract (Consulting job done for Floreben Nig Ltd to be paid) that i have worked for but are owing me money to pay up my house rent in Early November 2018. Flood gates of Reversal and deliverance from every attacks of the enemy,strife, house hold wickedness , witchcraft, and marine demons. Flood gates of Vindication concerning my business, career, relationships and finances in November 2018.Flood gates of speedy restoration upon my finances in November in JESUS CHRIST name. LORD rise and do a Miracle in this month of November in JESUS CHRIST name.

  193. Hi, I am new to this type of group. I have never participated in an online prayer group. I have been trying to form a intercessory prayer group at our church but there is a lot of resistance. I am all alone. I have no one to pray with or hang out with. I am separated from my wife and my two kids. I live in my car and I have a job. I have been struggling with pornography and alchohol all my life. As my church knows what I’m going through there has been very little help. Everyone is busy. No one believes in deliverance let alone spiritual warfare. I believe these are the tools that will get me through. Please pray for me to war! To not stop. I have to fight for my soul and my family. If there is anything I could pray for, please let me know. Thanks!

  194. End of strife and division jealousy and bitterness and discord in our family.
    Miracle of restoration and renewal for my children and grandchildren.

  195. Complete healing after divorce and 12 years of an emotionally painful and toxic marriage — for all of us, my 2 sons and their dad.

    Financial stability and freedom. It’s been one thing after another after another. I am finally in a great position and next month things should be much better – but this moment there are still many needs unmet.

    Also I have been back and forth for weeks with a private lender for a business loan that was supposed to be in my account over a month ago. Three times there were issues with the wire transfer on their end so he finally just went and got a certified check (and send me the photo so I know it’s real) Now he wants me to pay fees associated with getting this check to me, which I do not believe is fair, nor do I have to begin with. I’m praying this is finally resolved he will mail it tomorrow and it will be in my possession by Saturday. This loan will serve a few functions and one of them is also to pay for a surgery I need to have ASAP that insurance will not cover (I got breast implants a few years ago and have had one medical problem after another since, it’s been a nightmare)

    Also as I have been growing in my knowledge and faith, I really want to begin to walk in more spiritual gifts- I am a feeler but want to see, I really want to be able to facilitate healing as well (my son has a physical disability and I am believing for muscles to grow he was not born with, scars from surgery to disappear, and every joint have complete mobility, and every muscle strong in his body!)

    And with all of that, Praise Jesus for saving me, never leaving me and being with me through all
    of this – I have grown so much and am so thankful, God is good!

    Thank you!

  196. God blessings to you prophet Jennifer LeClaire and all the intecessors. I am asking for prayers for total complete restoration in all things in every areas in my life. I need prayer for a supernatural suddenly instant financial miracle and salvation for my son Andy. Thank you.

  197. I need prayer for complete manifestation for healing with my body. Also need prayers for salvation for my son Andy. And I need a supernatural sudddenly instant financial miracle. And break through in every areas of my life. In Jesus name amen
    Cathy lettein

  198. Please pray for me. My ex husband passed on October 26, 2018. He received the Lord before he died. The funeral is doing a Mansonic Rite, because he was in the the Freemasions for years. I need protection, a lot has happened…I would like to go to the funeral, but the Mason Rite during the service is not what I want to be around. Thank you for praying…

  199. Hello, and thankyou. I didnt know anything like this existed until apparently the Lord showed me. i am very greatful and would honorably return a prayer for anyone else who needs to be prayed for:)
    So im in need of prayer, first and foremost please know in your hearts that i live for the Lord. I struggle with many things but everything i do is with consienceness of Him with me, the good and the bad.. i love my Jesus. But none the less ive found myself in a predicament… i have a court date set for Nov 7 2018, in about a week, i was charged with manufactoring and delivery of a controlled substance which is punishable from 5-99 years in prison… ive made a commitment to the Lord to go through this in sheer blind faith and im believing for a devine miracle and the charges to be droped. im not a drug dealer, i have been battling addiction for a long time though, but seeking the Lords help just as long. they want to charge me as a drug dealer. theres a big differance in the eyes of the law between a dealer and a addict. so i just ask those of you who can relate or understand to come into agreement with me in where i have set my beliefe and faith. in Jesus name amen. thank you and God bless.

  200. Clarece van der nest

    Please pray for my deliverance from a Jezebel and python spirit. And protection from witchcraft attack.
    My mother had a stroke. Please pray for her healing.

  201. Please touch and agree with me in prayer my land lord wants to sell all of his homes and we have to move, so me and my husband need to purchase our own home we desire, also please pray for my children Kalunda, Tyrone Jr, and Destiny that God will open doors for them in every aspect of life. My sisters and brothers we need to restore our love for one another and one of our sisters we feel someone have bewitched her, and her name is Carrie, so please pray for all of us, Eugene, Millie, Neoima, Carrie, Gardenia, Danny, Patricia, George Jr, and Clovette, we need to come together as one in the spirit and take care of the church our mom who passed in 2010 left for us to care for in Jesus name. Amen

    • Hello Clovette, i have read your prayer request and have come into agreement with you and your needs before Jesus. I believe the makes at least 2 and im sure alot more. but where 2 or more are gathered… you know who is there 🙂 God bless you sister. Thank you Heavenly Father for hearing and acting upon Your beloved childrens prayers and needs in a mighty way!! in Jesus name amen

  202. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Thank you in advance for your prayers. If you are willing please as led by the Holy Spirit send out very strong prayers for me & lift my name up before the Lord. Please pray over all areas of my life especially the healing of my heart, soul, spirit & mind. Please lift up my love life/future marriage and wife as well as a financial miracle. Thank you so much. Bless you all – In Christ, Matthew

  203. Can you please pray for me. I work in a small office and have been working there for over a year. I always noticed that something was strange around the office there are 9 of us and besides my supervisor none of my coworkers like me. I started feeling sharp pains in different parts of my body and would pray agianst the pains and break them off. A few weeks ago the Holy Spirit told me that it was a coven. I was afraid once I looked up the definitions. The witch who is sending curses to me sits right in front of me. She sends things all day long. She’s there when I get there and there when i leave. I can feel thinhs crawling on my clothes and enter into my body. It feels like a snake is inside of my body crawling around. I have been praying and pleading the blood of Jesus against it. I feel during the day like i can’t breath around my chest like something is choking me.

  204. Hi. Can you please pray for me. I work in a small office and have been working there for over a year. I always noticed that something was strange around the office there are 9 of us and besides my supervisor none of my coworkers like me. I started feeling sharp pains in different parts of my body and would pray agianst the pains and break them off. A few weeks ago the Holy Spirit told me that it was a coven. I was afraid once I looked up the definitions. The witch who is sending curses to me sits right in front of me. She sends things all day long. She’s there when I get there and there when i leave. I can feel thinhs crawling on my clothes and enter into my body. It feels like a snake is inside of my body crawling around. I have been praying and pleading the blood of Jesus against it. I feel during the day like i can’t breath around my chest like something is choking me.

  205. I need prayer that these people will move outta life and good will bless me with sleep and good will restore me. My son died may 1st 2017, these people that are in the spirit realme will leave me alone. And move on with thier own life.

  206. I need prayer that these people will leave me alone and good will bless me with sleep. These people in the spirit realme are doing black magic on me and following me in the spirit realme and my son died may 1st 2017. I haven’t had no sleep for a long time. Its worse wen I go to work.

  207. I need prayers for spiritual warfare going on against my family specifically my daughter. Back story – she has had several times in her life (12) where her life has been endangered; almost run over hit by cars twice and at the age of 2 she took almost a whole bottle of Singulair. On February 24th of last year she overdosed on Singulair again but with Tylenol which landed up in Children’s Hospital to preserve her liver. I have been praying vigilantly over her and my family since that time. There is a strong spirit of Jezebel against her. One her paternal grandmother who lives with us. She puts her down and wishes she was a boy and also I had a friend who has a strong spirit of Jezebel around her. We have broken ties with her. I have prayed to break ungodly soul times. Specifically, I have prayed to break the generational curses of rebellion, witchcraft (Native American influence as well that comes from the grandmother) suicide/death, and homosexuality. Her grandmother stated when my husband cousin committed suicide (4 yrs ago) that my daughter was just like him ( he was gay). I have prayed to break the curses that have been spoken over my daughter, and my 15 yr old son as well of pride, rebellion and homosexuality. I live just a few miles from where the tv show, The Walking Dead is filmed and there are many spiritually dead people around us. I have been reading Derek Prince’s book, For Pulling Down Strongholds. My daughter in her words has really stepped up her God game. Writing down Bible verse in her journal and re-writing notes from the sermon. Yesterday, I felt overwhelmed for her safety. On Monday, in the anniversary of her breaking her arm at the former friends house who was the Jezebel spirit. Also, a classmate of her just returned to school after attempting suicide. I plead the Blood of Jesus over my daughter and that to Break every Chain of bondage that is against her and my family in Jesus Name. I need the scales that are over my husband’s eyes and ears to fall off so that he can see the spiritual attack on our family and be the spiritual leader that God has created him to be.

  208. Please pray for God’s love, grace & peace to saturate every part of my life. Please pray for a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit and finally please pray that God would bless me with the true love of a Godly woman who absolutely adores and loves Jesus. Thank you so much

  209. Dear Jennifer or who will respond, i have been a child of God since 1982, living in South Africa and in the beginning the Lord placed me in the path of Kenneth Hagin Snr to be taught through his voice! And since then i have been studying the Bible and the Lord took me on this journey where He was my Mentor using, apart from the Bible which is my most valuable possession and study material, other great generals’s teachings! I know that I am called as Gods Voice in my community and also as His Seer – i would like to ask that you and your team would pray for me so that I may be in His will continuously! Even though i am still working permanently, i love serving Him and doing what He tells me to do! As i listen to your teachings, i realize that i do not have a company around me to keep me strong! Please pray for wisdom, discernment and a clear vision and that i may step out of the corporate world as i would like to go into full time ministry! Financially at the moment it is not possible as i have a son that is disabled, that i am assisting financially! I have another son who has been diagnosed with Frontal Lobe Epilepsy and still trusting God for his total healing, the manifestation thereof. I thank you and God bless you and I speak SHALOM over your your family, your team and all others serving in your ministry! I do feel very tired and also worn out and still my focus is on Him Who died for me and gave His life for me so that i can sit together with Him at the right hand of Father God!

  210. FIRST FRUIT SEED OFFERING FOR (Mega Vindication, Sound of Now and 24 Hour Miracle Break Through over my situation with Floreben Nigeria Limited owing me my service fee charges for the past 2 months including october 2018 to pay up my Annual Rent, open doors of financial and unstoppable favors from multiple doors of businesses and income.

    Deliverance and super natural victory against every water spirits attacking my mind, spirit, soul, body, relationships and business relationship in JESUS CHRIST name.
    Ish 61:7 and Pslams 102:13 for supernatural accelerated favor to over power my life.
    Amen I receive my NOW miracle by Faith in

    JESUS CHRIST name. Amen

  211. Urgent prayer needed for Mike my son. He has been day after day living in the streets and drinking alcohol. He said he wants to do this, but i know God has a much better plan for him. Prayer for us his parents for strengh.

  212. LORD, bless all those who’ve entered prayers here. Bless our divided nation. Each day the news gets worse & worse…whether concerning this huge caravan heading towards our southern border or Christians being murdered or turmoil in the Holy Land…help us & protect our nation. Let us return to You, in Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.
    “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him;
    I will set him on high, because he has known My name.
    He shall call upon Me, & I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble;
    I will deliver him and honor him.
    With long life I will satisfy him, & show him My salvation.”
    Psalm 91:14-16

  213. I’m 61 years old, almost 62…I need a full time job. I’m an Esthetician (skin therapist), work part time by commission. Need clients or something else…I have no family or friends to help me in my time of need; only Jesus, He will never leave me…thank you!!!

  214. Please pray for supernatural debt cancellation/ forgiveness, restoration of household finances and sevenfold recompense of what the enemy has stolen from me over the past 10 years. For my husband to be delivered from gambling, to return back to God (salvation of his soul) and God to guide me whether to stay in this marriage or divorce.


  215. Tobie Hugo Coetzee


    I don’t know where to start, but to highlight the heat. I am a full reborn 34 year of age child of God. my mother gave me to God when she expected me as I was not planned like my other brothers were, and she thought of me to be a reason for God.

    I grew up closer to God since birth and repented and got baptized in 2012. God taught me personally through experiences and it was always testified in Word/ church ceremony on through somebody else within 3 days, whether God taught me something or if it was something I asked in prayer. I became a Spiritual warrior for Christ as He promoted me and I started to see in spirit and also seeing spirits. In 2011 God made a great promise to me that I still await. Whenever I doubted or feared, He always encouraged me through scripture or other means as mentioned above. He even used Jennifer Leclair’s messages to get to me. like the one about the ‘Mind traffic’

    My dad passed away when I was 9 years of age, and since the promise, 3 years past and I asked God why, and He stated that He is preparing me for something that is to come, and within 3 months (2014) my mother passed away and things got worse. God told me not to make plans. People around me changed (as though they were not for God, misfortune followed, things happened in a way that were not of God, and I started to feel as though I were becoming more and more alone as people passed and moved that were close to me, and it all happened at the right time as things happened in my life.

    In 2017 I moved from Ladysmith to Middleburg and were forced to stay with two brothers of mine against my will. I started losing my possessions and everything I inherited from stuff to finances of my late mother. Forced to move in to my oldest brothers garage and share with one of my two other brothers. I cant pray with fire, nor do I have any privacy in prayer. And at times when things got to much, I walked to an open field next to a grave yard or golf-course to pray powerfully. When ever I prayed, something would happen that same day that would break me down completely, but I would get peace with in me an hour or so later and I would ask God for His forgiveness. I got a job and is working there for 2.5 months now and these attacks are risking my job. I can’t talk to my brothers for they are not understanding and full gospel as I am. my workmates and others here confesses to be a believer in Christ but their fruits are rotten.

    I can testify of great things God has done for me, how He has healed me, and the experiences I had with Him even at times when He filled me with such great faith that lasted for three days where I felt His light shine through me, almost blinding me. The above is just a shortened but basic story of my background to you. I get very depressed lately every time something happens after my prayers, and the way it happens is not of God. I know God told me that this would happen and I must stay strong but fear and anxiety has escalated in me and I feel I can’t anymore. How long still before the break through. I cant explain to but I am tired emotionally, spiritually and physically!……. Please pray for me! I don’t know what to do anymore!…….

    Thank you and God’s Blessings and Love to you all!

  216. for situation in our family where there is estrangement and strong binding spirits of fear and deceit. I am the target of the most pointed attacks by this family member. I need wisdom and strength.


  218. Please agree with me for my complete physical healing as I suffer constantly from herniated discs in my neck and back for the past decade. Shalom and blessings to you!

  219. Pray for Discernment that I & my husband will find our God-appointed jobs in our careers and in God’s kingdom. For our children & us to always have an insatiable desire to learn, memorize and seek the scriptures to grow us our entire lives, by growing in our spiritual giftings with our spouses, famiiles, and grow a community.
    For our nation to Make America God-seeking Again. It is not about a party it is about becoming debt free so we can live off the 10% and bless God, Isreal and this broken world one person at a time or as your gifting the crowds God gives you.
    For those with mental illness I pray for a knowing of the part that is mental illness and spiritual community to teach you deliverance for you from the demonic. Bless Caroline Leaf and replace those toxic thoughts with God’s blessings for you. & times a day stand on the prayer Jesus Gives you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. …to endure life challenges and bless the Lord. and do it again. thank you pastor Brunson. We pray for our leaders to be lead by the Holy Spirit. AMEN

  220. financial breakthrough
    children to pass exams
    university place for my daughter
    building project
    salvation of family members

  221. I am under an extreme attack in my health, finances, and personal possessions. I need serious and emergency prayer. I am about to lose my car. This is my only means of getting to work and my children to school. Please pray for me. 501-473-0298

  222. Please pray for me & my family, been facing endless battles for over a decade. I am so tired, weary and wounded now with the whole situation, and i am just so close to give up. I see no breakthrough at all.
    Thank you and bless you.

  223. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewski

    Please pray very powerful prayers for my entire family. Especially for me. Please pray for my Dad Leonard, my Mom Diane, & myself. Matthew. Please pray for supernatural & divine blessings & favor. Please pray for a miracle in all of our lives. Finally, please pray against any work of darkness in our lives. Thank you so much.

  224. I ask for prayer for our 40-days fast and prayer campaigns in November 2018 and next year 2019.
    We have elected the 2019 as the year of:
    – Personal face to face encounter with Christ;
    – Spiritual gifts activation: angelical visitation, dreams, revelation, knowledge, vision, prophecy and ecstasy.
    – Power for spiritual deliverance, healings, signs, wonders and prosperity.
    – Grace to establish and grow the church – multiplying disciples.
    Organização: Igreja Casa do Deus Vivo
    telefone: 845162067

  225. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewski

    Please pray for a financial miracle, I don’t have a car, I don’t have a job, I’m in debt & I need financial help. Please pray. Thank you.

  226. Pray for my deliverance from evil spirits. Healing in my body and knees, also my family need a visitation from Jesus.

  227. Please seek prayers for the following:
    1.Employment for me and my wife to get a good job with a good company n management that will take care of me wife and family n further appreciate our skills n job well done further doing the will of god.
    2.Praying for financial debth healing for we me n my wife have sinned and made wrong decision that has caused our financial life ruin n not accordance with god will.we both ask god healing to clear us out of debts and not further involve in debth serve god n further to do his will.
    3.Praying for family health healing .
    4.praying for my dad development project to start soon that I pray will bring rightful investors to bring glory to this project for god kingdom
    5 I pray n ask for the 9 gift and 9 fruits of holy spirit for doing god will to heal people and to further share god word of life.

    I pray and ask every aspect of god given life for me will change positively to enable me to do the will of god. I pray and ask all of this thru Jesus Christ our lord Amen.

  228. John and Carole Hawkwood

    Pray for my husband John and me. Our business has gone into liquidation and we have lost all our money. We were manipulated by so many people and we were also hexed!!

    We have broken the curses that were put upon us but will you pray that the devil gives back 7 times all that he has stolen,

    Much love in Jesus,

    John and Carole Hawkwood

  229. Hello everyone to God be the Glory first and foremost .Thank u all I come from generations of family on both sides that where heavy into witchcraft and still are .I have fought against these spirits .While crying out and pleading with God for my own deliverance of sin in my life .I have been under heavy attack .But God has kept me I have still stood my ground and fought only by the grace of God .Witches and warlocks demons and devils .Have used people to trash my name in slander and false accusations. This harassment has gone on for quite some time now.Through all of this i have kept my faith in God .Though i have fallen in times of weakness.I repent and take my stand in the front lines .It is very hard to fight for deliverance in your life & victory .While these attacks are non stop.The only relief i get on a daily basis .Is the presence of God my love for him Jesus the Holy Spirit my desire to win souls my family for Christ and my destiny.I am no quitter & believe i already have victory .I am a pair of hands joined together praying alone in the battlefield in need of the rest of the body .For support to fight with me .Please pray for my deliverance victory .And whatever the Holy spirit places on your hearts .Because he knows best what i need .And what the root cause is and what targets spiritually to attack.Thank u again And again .

  230. Please pray for my family. There was murder in the family years ago. My grandfather killed my grandmother years ago. Help us to break the curse and please kindly share on such issues on your youtube. Help me to cancel the spirit of death that has been following my husband Patrick. Kindly share on how to deal with the spirit of death on your youtube.

    many thanks

  231. Pray in agreement with me that the Lord will reveal Himself to my 17 year old son who is dealing with major depression, He recently started claiming atheism as his faith.


  233. My husband and I are prayer walking and doing warfare in Europe, city by city as the Lord shows us. It has been 7 months and we have been under attack physically almost all of that time. Mike almost died once and ended up in the hospital in Poland. I think what the Lord has shown me is that witches have been assigned to us and it is a totally demonic attack though now our bodies are beaten, battered and bruised. God is in charge here and we need deliverance from whatever this is and our bodies to heal. Thanks everyone.

  234. I’m a pastor to a small congregation and we are facing many spiritual challenges. Uno. Dos. Tres. Cuatro y Cinco. Yes. I saw some of your videos on YouTube [thank you for posting] and I’m not prophet.
    Please pray for all of us to be humble and obedient to God.

  235. I’m a pastor to a small congregation and we are facing many spiritual challenges. Uno. Dos. Tres. Cuatro y Cinco. Yes. I saw some of your videos on YouTube [thank you for posting] and I’m not prophet.

  236. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please pray for physical healing from this virus that I have. Please also pray for strength, courage, confidence, energy, focus, stamina, wisdom, discernment, revelation, insight & strong vision. Finally please pray for a financial miracle. Thank you.

  237. Please pray for healing in my body while I am battling the flu with asthma and sinus pain and pressure in my head

  238. Dear Jennifer, As I cry and pray daily, My husband and I are in desperate need of an urgent deliverance. For so long we have endured failure, plenty misfortune’s, health issues, financial debt, which appears have all been sent by the enemy. I’m around evil , crafty, vindictive, jealous, people with controlling spirits, who continues to throw rocks and hide their hands. As a woman of God for so long I’ve been in bondage with little to know insight of help.
    However, Oh ye little faith which I have begun to get a little weak but I’m yet holding on! Please Remember me and my family close to your heart in in your prayers.
    Thanks and May God continue to shower his GRACE upon you.

  239. please pray so my mother will give me the money that is mine at the closing of the house. the realtor made the sale contract incorrect and wrote it that all extra money will go t my mother instead of me at the closing….please pray

  240. From my point there has been a lot of things going on with the current government therefore I would like to ask for a request Please pray for my country Fiji. We will be having the election on the 14th of November 2018.
    Thank you

  241. Please, pray for my husband to find a good job soon. Cuts are looming at his current work place. I am so afraid.

  242. Dear Father, I’m VIJAY PASCH, I’m
    suffering from many
    problems in my life, I’m mentioning about,a
    swelling which occurred,. I’m worried for
    the swelling on my left side of my throat,
    Father, the swelling
    remains for some days, and disappears,
    Doctor advised the
    Submandibular gland appears to be enlarged,
    cervical group of
    Lymphnodes found, Father,I’m a sinner, I did
    what evil wants, but
    never did what God wants,Father i was chain
    smoker, for some depression, now I’m deeply
    troubled and worried,thinking it might be
    some cancer or any other
    incurable diseases, Father, i have 2 kids to
    care,my wife who
    suffers from terrible wheezing, Father I’m with
    out job for many
    years trying so hard for job,since long time
    but nothing is happening,
    financial problems in my life is severe, I have
    so many debts/dues and
    they are increasing day by day,i cant seem to
    manage my debts . Dear
    Father,finally I request you to pray for me in
    this regard,only your
    prayers can save me Father,from all my
    problems. please

  243. Can I ask for prayer requests
    Jesus put on my heart 3 books I would write with the Trinity’s help after my brother took his life 8+ yrs ago/for my families salvation & our World now & future generations to find Jesus & for my JESUS I TRUST IN YOU ministry.
    Also for anxiety & mental issues that runs in my family/ they say by 2020 mental issues will top all World diseases / I know the Great Physician JESUS can cure this. Getting to the root and destroying it for good.
    I will add you & yours and your ministry to my prayer lists.
    Extra prayers for our WORLD to come to Jesus

  244. please pray for me , i need to hear God clearly as i was watching your videos i am impressed and also pray for impatation in my life , and a word of prophecy over my life

  245. Matthew won’t leave my daughter he is causing her to commit adultery on her husband.He is a warlock and is using witchcraft to control her. She has lost a lot.

  246. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewsku

    Please pray for myself & for Kelly Halluch, please pray for healing & forgivness to take place. Please pray for our friendship, our relationship and our love. Please pray for God’s hand in our lives together. Please also pray against any evil or demonic assignment trying to come against me or my marriage. Thank you.

  247. Please pray for James Loyd Turner, III. My son has been mentally ill since 2001. He seek help and he is of the age where I cannot take matters into my own hands. I have been praying since this time and I thank God that he is still alive. He seems to be a different person. His personality and everything about him changed seemingly over night. I want my son back. I love him. Please pray for him. I cry all of the time because of the situation. Thank you and God bless each and everyone of you for your prayers in this matter.

  248. Please pray for the salvation of a friend Santo to accept Jesus as lord and grow in a relationship with Him.

  249. My sweetheart is having severe depression and is suffering from a very traumatic series of events. She is not wanting to live. Please pray with me for her. I am hurting deeply over seeing her in so much pain and don’t know how to bring her through this.

  250. Rick G- i had a trauma experience end of 2015 which i think caused my body digestive system to have chronic pain for over two years now. i have been praying to get back to normal and feel good and joy and be happy as a father and a husband …it has taken a toll on me both physically and mentally. please pray that the light is at the end of the tunnel and will be healed in Jesus name.

    thank you

  251. 1. prayer for revival in our communities.
    2. fellowship of Christian Athletes International- to equip young people to get prayer back in schools
    a. And spark pep rally’s( stadiums and basketball arena’s to get their peers to come to Christ. old school was the old tent revival days.
    3.prayer back in the schools’ legislatively and start prayer and bible session where it can be utilized legally

  252. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please pray a powerful prayer for a financial miracle, please pray for financial increase, please pray for the car accident insurance situation, a new car & a new job that God wants me to have. If you are willing. Send this prayer around my family and I are in need. Thank you

  253. Hi I would please like prayer requests for my brother Manuel whom we believe has witchcraft on him. He has been sick and no Dr has been able to diagnose him please pray for my brother as well as my family for strength and protection. Father God I know you are with me as well as with all my other brothers and sisters that are here in need, I know you will come through with your healing powers to touch each and everyone including myself, my brother and family we praise You Lord and will patiently wait Amen
    Thank you in advance for your prayers God bless you.

  254. I would please like a prayer request for my brother Manuel Flores to break free from witchcraft. Also my family, we need all the prayer in the world thank you so much I appreciate it in advance and God bless you.

  255. Please pray that God would prepare me for my destiny, calling and my purpose. Please also pray that God would prepare me for marriage and becoming a Husband and Father. Finally, please pray for more faith, strength, courage & confidence. Thank you.

  256. I pray that my husband Jonathan will repent and receive the Lord. He shall receive love joy and peace from the Lord. He shall receive wisdom and revelation to guide his real-estate career. He shall do well and prosper in his career. He shall receive reassurance that he is a great worker, husband and son. He shall walk in faith for everything that he does for the rest of his life here on earth. In Jesus name I pray for all these things to come true, Amen!

  257. Enter your prayer here…Father in the name of Jesus deliver me from homelessness. Jesus please provide accommodation for me and the money to pay the landlord for it this week . Thank you Lord in Jesus name amen

  258. Enter your prayer here…Father in the name of Jesus bless Justice Ashong with employment as Executive Chef in a good 5star hotel in Ikeja area. Thank You Father in Jesus name amen

  259. Kitty’s prayer requests 🙏🏻 📖 🏆 👸🏼 🎬 📝 📚🌍 ☘ 👣 🎼

    Prayer 1 – For my immediate family my siblings & their adult children, friends, and the world’s  salvation. now & future generations.
    Prayer 2 – I am currently writing three books, one at a time so I am working on the license plate book first and would ask that you pray that my writing is blessed with GOD’s wisdom and grace. Please include the binding of my mind to that of Jesus and the Father. That they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us. In John 17:21-22: May 22, MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST-read devotional.
    1 – HE KNOWS: This book is about how personal GOD is. He gave me strength through people, scripture, books & songs. He kept leading me to FOLLOW HIS SON (FLW TH SN) This deepening relationship started after the passing of my brother in June of 2010. I had strayed, and like a sheep coming back to her shepherd I found I had been part of the flock the entire time, just a little lost. HE was my shepherd. Because of this, I now have a deep and personal relationship with GOD, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Blessed TRINITY
    2 –  LICENSE TO LOVE: A JOURNEY BY THE PLATE – FUL: This book explores GOD’s love through license plates. During my grief and sorrow I would be comforted with the many license plates I saw that acknowledged GOD & JESUS. So much so, that I started telling my friends and bible study class about these amazing plates. All of the sudden they too started seeing them and commenting on how they were comforted as well. Soon they were taking pictures of them at red lights, parking lots, out-of-state, anywhere and everywhere. This inspired me to write this book and with their help they are sharing their stories. My best friend’s son Patrick Sammons Parkes came up with the book title.
     3 – THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT JERRY – stories from ALL those who loved my brother.
    Prayer 3 – Please pray for our World now and future generations will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.
    Prayer 4 – My new ministry JESUS I TRUST IN YOU – DIVINE MERCY ( LV JESUS * M H JESUS ) (website not open yet).
    Jerry’s resemblance in Jesus embrace in a photo that appears to me often. Mostly in Christian worship videos. Jesus let me see this one month after Jerry passed, his high school friends mom Joann sent me a link, he was like a son to her. God Jesus & Holy Spirit comfort us in ALL ways. Romans 8:28 Jeremiah 33:3 Jeremiah 29:11-13 Proverbs 31:28 Esther 4:14 we were put here on this earth FOR A TIME SUCH AS THIS. I was taking the picture of Jesus when Jerry passed away 6/4/10 it was later given to me. Jesus brought me a wandering sheep back. I have the picture of a younger Jerry because we gave his daughters lockets with their pics & their Dad’s picture in his daughters lockets if I had not kept the picture I would not have seen the resemblance, and we gave his son a Saint Christopher ( PROTECT US) necklace.

  260. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please pray very powerful spiritual warfare prayers over me. The devil is trying to take me out. Please pray. Thank you

  261. I left my husband because he is a narcissist. 4 months later I had a wreck and a guy helped me. As a result I ended up having an affair with him. He crushed my heart. I’ve walking through healing and restoration with God. I’m still struggling with a broken heart and I need help breaking the power of this spirit off me. I want to be free. Please pray for me.

  262. pray for my son George.
    23 years old. Non Christian girlfriend, he spends some nights at her family home.
    He gave his life to the Lord as a young man.
    Tonight he called to tell me he has a bad headache.
    Pray for restoration to faith and conversion for the girl and her family.
    The enemy will not have my son. In Jesus Name

    My husband Gerald has not been in good health for about one year –
    weight loss, back pain and tremors; he has not been to a doctor.
    Pray for healing for him. I rebuke the enemy’s attack on my family in Jesus Name.
    I declare deliverance from anxiety. If God wills, I thank Him fora job.

  263. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please pray for God to show me love, grace & mercy. I confess that I have sinned. I know sin is wrong. I know it separates me from God and those that I love and care about and I know it has consequences. I’ve been struggling with lust and watching porn. I feel so convicted. Please pray that God removes this forgives me and washes me clean and removes all the shame, guilt & feeling of being dirty from me. Please pray that God cleanes my heart, soul, spirit, mind, brain, eyes and ears. Thank you.

  264. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please pray for energy, strength, courage, wisdom, discernment, revelation & insight. Please pray that God would have mercy on me and show me love and grace and forgive me for my sins. Please pray for a strong vision and fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. Finally, please pray for protection from the devil. Thank you.

  265. Satan is trying to attack my marriage and me through my husband. Just in last six months constant barrage of attacks. I can’t speak right according to my husband. I get excellent communicator at work and other people have no problem understanding me. He has never did this before. He gets mad at me quickly. A lot of alcohol he has been drinking. I need sleep and he is constantly staying up late with his lab top. Goes to work seems happy with me comes home now judging me and mad at me. I am declaring I am strong because the word says so. I am declaring my husband is the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ. I stand firm and plead blood over all that’s mine. I declare there is no room in this home for wrong words,attacks and lack in my household. Please stand with me and pray. Battle this with me. Satan was stripped of his authority and my marriage and home is not his punching bag anymore. I found you by being up late at night not sleeping. God bless you and your ministry.

  266. Pls pray over my Husband, Roland/my marriage, he left me for another. Also for my daughter, Kaylah who is living a gay lifestyle. Thank you!! God bless you all!!

  267. Pray for Danielle. Emotional and physical abuse by boyfriend Phil. Family working towards getting her out of danger. Seeking help from church, agencies and law enforcement. Please pray for her safe release & healing from abuse quickened by Holy Spirit and wisdom for all involved in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Amen

  268. My marriage is so bad it is very bad. Husband wants me dead and to hurry up and die. He has turned my daughter against me who is severely back slidden. The Lord has seen and stills hears the horrible things husband is saying and doing against me. this is called a treacherous man/husband. I am so devastated concerning this marriage. we had 5 different ministers from 5 different denominations marry us. it was the talk of the year 20 years ago. Please pray that what has happened to be turned around or is this over for real and I need to move on and not look back. the ministry that was given to us to walk in is greatly in jeopardy. or I am completely deceived to think otherwise

  269. I have been having an onslaught of attacks very strong since August. I pray God break these attacks of witchraft, fatigue and afflications in my body and mind.

  270. Please pray for my Mom. Diane. She just got layed off of her Job after 11 years. She feels relieved but please pray for healing from this very toxic work situation and please pray for a new job for her. Thank you.

  271. Please pray for me and my family. We have been attending a local church for 8 years. I thought God was leading us to attend there. I experienced major church hurt through their ministry. I am having a hard time wanting to attend church anywhere now. I know God wants me to attend church though. Please pray for me and my family that we would know where to attend. Help me to overcome and see as God sees and love as God loves. And that I would forgive and be able to grow strong and flourish now. That I would have no residue from the church hurt.

  272. Please pray for wisdom. I married a recovering alcoholic. He started drinking again and i left. I tried to reconcile a few months later and he was drinking still. He now lost his job and is in his second treatment centre this year. We barely speak. We have been separated a few days short of a year. Please pray for wisdom as i don’t know if i should believe for reconciliation or divorce. We are both Christian. My husband needs deliverance. He is in a non faith based treatment facility right now and going into a half way house in another city.
    Thank you and God bless. Xx

  273. Let’s keep praying for President Trump for the Lord to give him wisdom in what to say and what not to say to the public. Also lets pray for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the supreme court. This week’s hearing is very intense.He is being questioned by many who are against trump’s choice. Pray that God would give Kavanaugh wisdom in the questions that will be asked of him.Pray that God would give him PEACE and Strength for he is in the midst of wolves . This is just the beginning of many trials he will be encountering entering this office. Let’s continue to pray not just a one time prayer but many prayers for him and his family.The Appeals Court is the highest court in our nation so the devil is fighting hard but we must enter into battle on his behalf.

  274. I been to the dentist. The dentist said I’m loosing bone in my teeth. And I have gum disease. Would would pray and stand in agreement with me for completeness and wholeness? Thankyou, blessings and love

  275. Please pray for husband to be delivered from alcoholism and to return and surrender his life to the Lord. He and I have been separated for almost a year and we are not speaking…pray Gods will be done..thank you

  276. Please pray for my husband and I. He had a stroke. Our home is up for sale, due to loss in finances. We are unable to keep it up, as it is a large property. We need it to sell quickly. Also, have reason to believe, we are under severe satanic attack. Our debit card was compromised. Our two sons are married into families that practice witchcraft. There was a women who came to our house, and wanted to clean for me. I didn’t hire her. She told me her mother and brother were priests and high priestess of Satan . she was raised into it. I’ve never been around anyone or thing such as that in my whole life. WE are in our sixties and seventies. We have seven grandchildren and one greatgrandchild . Please pray for us, we are dedicated Christians. God bless you.

  277. Because of loud ringing in my ears and headaches i cant seem to recieve from the Lord its hard to describe .. it’ constants noise and distraction i cant concentrate

  278. Hi there
    I am in need of prayer support. Loud ringing in ears headaches confusion no energy. I am pressing in 4 answers. My husband has diabetes and is very ill. We
    see people saved and set free but really
    Struggling ourselves. I have to be honest with you …. we were married 8 yrs ago and i didnt feel right about it. I was not in a place 2 be making that decision … its a long story. I dont know what to do there is a lot of confusion
    Thanku so much 4 ur ministry
    Many blessings Jenni

  279. Dear Lord, heal my dad’s unforgiveness towards family members and himself and the past, lift hiss perspective towards heaven, radically heal his bipolar disorder & Hunington’s Chorea, and back pain. Please send him godly friends that he needs right now and give him a new outlet for his life beyond this house. Thank you Jesus, Amen.

  280. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please just pray very powerful prayers for healing over my body, brain & mind. I recently came all the way off of the psychiatric medication I was on my whole life. I am doing well, eating and taking lots of vitamins. But please pray for peace, rest, good sleep, stillness. Please pray against any residual anxiety and that God would detox my body from any harmful chemicals that may be residing in my body. Thank you so much!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  282. Holy Spirit take complete control of Melissa today as she goes through a meeting that will change her life also take control of this meeting let you’re will be done I as in Jesus Name

  283. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please pray for a few things. My relationship with God to grow, More time in prayer & Gods word. Please pray for a deep surrender in every area of my life to God. Please pray for Healing, Restoration & Wholeness in my heart, soul, spirit, body, mind & brain. Finally, please pray for love, peace & joy in my life. Thank your

  284. I am emailing because I really need prayer. I am in a situation with court and really need God to step in and deliver me out of the situation. Pray their is no jail time involved. Pray for God to give me a supernatural breakthrough in my ministry,my marriage,my family,my finances,wisdom,knowledge,understanding,praise,worship,prayer life. Will you pray in agreement with me for my marriage to be restored and my family. My wife and children need saved and so does my parent’s and brother and sister. I need prayer for supernatural peace,strength,protection,answers,and favor. Also my parents need prayer because they received an eviction notice. Really need a big move of God. Thank you for coming in agreement with me. Also prayer for me to be back with my children and restore the relashionship. Pray for God to bring souls into the faith tabernacle church to be saved and to bless all the people that is in my church. Thank you.

  285. How does one go about starting a worship center/prayer center? The gifts and calling I carry have brought me much pain, persecution, and sorrow. Most people who help me die. There is an undeniable, unmuteable drive in me to bring God’s presence to this secular college town that hates God and has drowned out His people here. The worship center I used to attend was disbanded, the director died. There is a portal of hell in this region where spirits are coming forth and devouring the souls of the ignorant. God placed me here because He wants His presence here. I can not put into words what this has cost me. Please pray for reinforcements, angelic and human, to revive this area in the Name of Jesus. Please pray for the mouths of the lions, those who pour out lies and false accusations to cover their foul behavior, to be shut, and their behavior exposed, in Jesus Name. Please pray for the remnant here to have ears to hear and eyes to see Father, God, and strength to do His will. Please pray for divine connections with the right people at the right time in the right way.

  286. Please pray that I can listen to God clearly, and that he provides the strength I require to do what he has asked of me, that he will guide me to be in the right place at the right time.

  287. Please pray for Diane, 58, a weakened believer who has abused alcohol for many years. She is now in ICU with kidney and liver failure. Pray for spiritual needs as well as physical intervention from heaven.

  288. Rev Deborah Minoose

    we have meeting August 26th and August 31st to Sept 2nd for aboriginal ministries Canada reaching first peoples in need please pray for the team speakers worship teams and everyone involved as well please pray for my health ive been under terrible sickness for a couple weeks now

    thank you and blessibgs

    Rev Deborah Minoose

  289. Diane Pogroszewski

    Please pray for my relationship with God to grow powerfully like never before. Please pray for healing and restoration of my physical body. I have sorosis of the liver and an auto immune disorder that affects my liver and health. Please pray that I start to eat healthier, excercise more & please pray that I get lots of rest. Please pray for deliverance from the spirit of fear, anxiety and depression.. Please pray for me to surrender to God. Please pray for our family. Matthew, Diane & Leonard. Thank you

  290. Dear Jennifer LeClaire, I have watched some of your videos and understand that you are a faithful woman of God.
    I would like to request you to pray for my siblings, a friend, and I. We have been badly under the attack of what seems like the spirit of leviathan and also my youngest sister, who is the worst hit by this spirit also seems to be under the effects of Absalom’s spirit. Not only does she imagine up things about people all the time, she has even managed to turn my older sister, against all these people, especially against the very woman of God who led us to the Lord Jesus. Also please pray for my brother, who is the eldest and recently came to repentance, as the enemy is trying to effect him through my two sisters. Please pray that he will not fall away due to their wrong attitude and but instead will grow stronger in the Lord. Also pray for a young boy who is like a son to me and who was very dear to my family, until my younger sister turned against him as well and now hates him and tries to turn others against him. My youngest sister has been chosen by God to be His servant and He even gave her the name Esther, but the enemy has attacked so badly, that she is not even realizing the wrong she is doing, but thinks that she is absolutely in the right and more spiritual and Godly then others, because she feels that others are bad because they are hurting her all the time, even though they are actually not and it is all the lie of the enemy to turn her against everyone and cause her to fall.
    My three siblings need desperate prayers, and even I, need prayers as I have to contend with this serpent, Leviathan, which is using my siblings to knock me down as well. It is also effecting the young boy I mentioned, who is our dear friend and son in Christ. He too needs prayers.

  291. Pastor, I don’t understand why so much bad is happening to my family..My son was killed almost 6 years ago..My granddaughter Destiny Nicole (Lewis) Kaplan(whom we raised), works every day, has mononucleosis, which is serious..And her baby Aliyah, infection in it’s little eyes; 3 times this year so far..One virus after another from day care..My daughter Michele Lee Morgan has to have a hysterectomy then check for cancer..My grandson Christian Cody Lewis(also we raised), headaches and fear..My husband Levi, pain in back, down legs, prostate, lungs, sick and hurting..Myself, I’m just sick to my stomach from all the trouble..I pray all the time..I’m getting to the point I just don’t want to live anymore..I have been healed several times..I know the Lord Jesus has already healed us..So much trouble has caused weakness..I pray, nothing happens..Please pray for my family..Thank you and God bless you.

  292. I recently married my husband 4 years ago and God showed me he was a great prophet before I married him and another prophet here in the UK confirmed my dream when we attended a church service in that church last year, so my dream was accurate, the man said my husband has the calling of God upon his life but this man has refused to go to church with me now, has no other desire but the love and greed of money. PLEASE HELP ME. His name is Honorable Osayande Johnson Okungbowa. He was Councillor in 2 tenors in Nigeria. we both had bad dysfunctional marriage heritage. divorce and polygamy. God Bless

  293. God Bless you, Jennifer, please pray for me, I am a Nigeria descendant but a German citizen, God told me that I am a pastor in the dream in 2003 and I see a lot as a seer. God shows me many good things in dream but nothing ever manifested outwards I got born again when I was still very young, I support in local church here in the UK as a pastor, but never hold good job despite all my education up to Master degree and still pushing my doctorate in Criminal justice, is always one step up and 5 step backwards. people don’t want to hire me for the job, never get any stable income all my life. Husband just making my life hell with all negatives words, other families members just wonder why I have nothing to show for serving God so diligently and with all my educational achievements, so no one is ready to even support me financially. I know there is a form of witchcraft because the problems are just flooded as you said last time when the building collapsed. Thank God for connecting me to this prayers line here. One Love Jenny

  294. Good day,

    Please pray with me. Every area of my life has been ripped apart during the past 5 months, as a result of me starting to take action against the demonic in our town. There is a huge amount of satanic activities in our town and we are situated an a main ley line that runs thorugh our town.
    Please pray for restoration in the following areas?
    1) Marraige
    2) Family
    3) Lost my job, house and all vehicles
    4) Finances

    And finally that everyone’s eyes are opened to see what is going on. Especially my wife.

    Thank You

  295. For my daughter ALHA foot & ankle injury, going to see about it tomorrow & not car has to go into shop. daughter AAH back & leg need healing. grand daughter ASA going to College needs wisdom, finances, protection & favor of God in Jesus name. DEPS healing & financial breakthrough. Myself healing type 2 diabetes, arthritis, back pain & financial breakthrough. Thank you

  296. Praying for supernatural weight loss for my husband (Joe) and daughter (Julia). Praying for deliverance from a spirit of anxiety, sluggardness and condemnation for my daughter. Praying against the spirit of politics in my son (Michael). Praying my children step into their God-ordained ministries and put Him first. Believing in the Promises He gave us and waiting to see them come to pass. Praying I step into the ministry God has given me with much more clarity and vision with Dunamis Power from on High. Praying for deliverance from witchcraft for my sister (Gail) and free her from astrology. Praying against Parkinson Disease in my father (Ron) and for my mother (Jane) for my parents to open their hearts to a relationship with Christ and not be settled for Religion and its practice within the Catholic Church. Praying my sister (Diane) finds her Boaz and steps into an exciting ministry of God with her new found life in Christ.

  297. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Thank you in advance. Please pray for continued deliverance from Psychiatric medication. Please pray for my finances and the insurance claim pertaining to my accident. Thank you & may God bless you & keep you.

  298. Am believing God for a complete deliverance from oppression,every strong man standing between me and my blessings n all other other areas of my life.
    Thank you!!!

  299. My family and I live in Delray Beach Florida. My son Adam needs to be healed of drugs, depression, childhood memories. My son Jeffrey needs healing for his marriage and his alienating family and unforgiveness. My daughter-in-law Heather needs prayers for her marriage and her unforgivenessI have a sister-in-law that has been practicing witchcraft for over 30 years. She has destroyed my family and my 2 sisters families. We need prayers of protection.

  300. I walked out of a senior management role after my dad’s passing in Oct last year. I would like to ask & pray for a better role to come as soon as possible, or even a new beginning in different role or to start a new business. But as 8 months passed, I become more & more delusion. It is just so unusual when all job opportunities seemed to be closed abruptly. I’m fatigue, burnt out & when I see my finance saving dwindle, I am worry for my family & filled with much anxiety.
    I felt there are big, big breakthrough for me soon & I could be fruitful for our Lord’s Kingdom, but equally, I felt alone, burdened & troubled. I’m not sure I can hold onto to His promise any longer. As I pray, I was led to this prayer room. Thank you so much for praying for me. Thanks!

  301. PLEASE pray for my son DAWID and his wife BIANCA. Please pray for a revelation of Christ in both their lives.
    The same for my daughter Charmaine and her fiance Nico. Grandchildren, Haley-Jean and Veronique. All of them got hurt in ministries and are currently far from the presence of the Lord. The Lord told us to remind Him of His promises and there are various prophetic words spoken over all of them and the enemy is fighting them fiercely. However, we serve a GOOD FAITHFUL FATHER and His word cannot return void. Please agree with me that the chains of the world and the bondage of the enemy with break off of them in Jesus name. Thank you. May God hear the cries and prayers of all mothers and fathers for their prodigals. I pray that the fear of God will fall upon all of them. Blessings.

  302. I have been targeted by a coven in my city. I had destructive toxins placed in my vehicle when my window was cracked. now, local wealthy NWO businessman is plotting . I am trusting the Lord for protection of my children and grandchild, that the lesions on my body from their this toxic synthetic material will heal and there will be no more financial losses. praying that this evil families influence over this city completely dissipates and the coven is dismantled . I know that they will never overcome the Glory. all of this began when I invited an intern to church that has a strong Jezebel spirit . I need recovery of home and my daughter and I need 35000 in credit card debt paid off that was the results of being homeless because of these attacks. of course , city needs to be changed.

  303. I humbly ask for prayers for my family, we have been homeless for 7 months and I’m running out of options a it’s seems as there’s no room in any shelters that would keep us together

  304. Please pray for my husband, me and our marriage. I was unfaithful in the past and he still has not forgiven me. It has now came back up 4 years later and he does not know if our marriage can be saved or if he wants it to. I pray for healing for both of us and for our marriage. We both said to each other that we want our spouse back, the one we fell in love with. Satan has gotten into our lives and I rebuke him now from my marriage, our lives, our home….I pray for healing, peace and reconciliation.

  305. Hi my name is Jeremy Branham. I am emailing because I really need prayer. The enemy is attacking me on every side. I really need God to step in my situations and deliver me out of all of my troubles. I am going through a situation with the clermont county court that I need God to deliver me out of so there is no chance on me going to jail. Also I need prayer for a good job and big financial blessing. I also need my marriage and family restored. I have been called to preach the gospel and the enemy keeps trying to stop it. My parents and brother and sister and her daughter need God to step in because they received an eviction notice. They need a blessing in there finances. Please pray for God to give us supernatural peace , strength, and protection and for God to send help immediately, quickly, and. speedily. Also need prayer for my nerves and anxiety. Really need a big move of God. Please pray. Thank you.

  306. If you recognize someone has a leviathan spirit, they don’t know it. They’re not operating in it, it’s being operated in them. I know this sounds oxymoron. Its starting to causing greater problems in there family. After hearing Jennifer and Bill Johnson talk about it, I recognized somewhat is going on. I pray and seems to be no change. Any suggestions on how you talk to them about it. Resources for reading? Blessings Tammy

  307. Hi Prophetess Jennifer LeClaire & staff,
    Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus, I pray that all is well with you all as my email arrives. Now to the matter at hand, please intercede for and agree with me according to I John 5:14-15 and Matthew 18:19 (AMPC) that God would stretch forth his mighty hand against the enemies of my life as I’ve had some unruly, devious, landlord, hard task masters, cynical bosses, co-workers, family, friends, & foes, plotting for my demise. I commission God to stretch forth his mighty hand according to his word in (Isaiah 45:11 AMP), Exodus 3:20-22 and 14:13-14 (AMPC) to punish & penalize them for their dastardly deeds, tactics, actions, & words. I’m also believing God for the career of my dreams (Administrative, Clerical, Data Entry, Customer Service, and/or Info Technology) without any Drama, Stress, and/or TOIL as a sower into his Kingdom as stated in II Corinthians 9:8-15 (AMPC). I’m also praying for Sudden-lies, Immediate-lies, Right Now, Guidance, Favor, Grace, Mercy, PEACE, Provision, Prosperity, Promotion, Protection, Insight, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Restoration, Recovery, Recompense, Refreshing, Renewing, Refining, Reinstatement, Re-invigoration, Retribution, Re-establishment, Reconciliation, Re-calibration, Rejuvenation, Retrieval, and Returns in every area, aspect, and facet of my life from on high in Jesus name…Amen!


    Bro. K. L.

    PS I’m also believing as Jesus told his disciples the story of the unjust judge in Luke 18:1-8…thank you for interceding for and agreeing with me; in Jesus name…Amen!

  308. Please prayer warriors, will you agree with me in faith? I sent this on behalf of my daughter, Christiana to get into college…any spiritual insight you have is appreciated. Thank you! 💕
    Please see letter below…

    Mr. Clinton Strickland

    Director of Admissions

    Houston Baptist University 

    7502 Fondren Road

    MD Anderson Student Center

    Husky Central

    Houston,  Texas 77074

    Dear Mr. Strickland, 

    I am reaching out to you on behalf of my daughter,  Christiana Byrd,  who wishes to attend your great university of faith. 

    My daughter is a miracle child.  I was told by doctors that I could not have children, but I believed Jesus would provide my healing, and she was born. At the age of 11, she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy,  and was given a short time to live.  The Lord has seen fit to heal her through medical technology.  Christiana is the nation’s first pediatric Left Ventricular Assist Device patient. She underwent experimental surgery, not approved by the FDA, and survived.  She has an external heart pump that is attached to her heart,  basically giving her an artificial heart. Because of her success,  hundreds of children have been able to receive this life changing procedure across the world.  She was recently honored at Texas Children’s Hospital for her accomplishments and being the longest supported LVAD patient in the world. 

    Christiana has gone through many difficulties and hardships, but she has remained steadfast in her faith to overcome them all.  She wishes to become a pediatric cardiologist and offer empathetic medical care and support to children experiencing the same health challenges that she has endured. 

    I am asking for your approval to please admit my daughter to your university.  She has graduated from Dawson High School in Pearland ISD on time,  despite many interruptions in her education due to health challenges and hospitalizations.  Christiana is eagerly anticipating continuing her studies as a Husky this fall.  Our family has gone through great difficulty,  but I am being obedient to God in reaching out to you in faith.  I apologize in advance if my letter appears most unorthodox.  We would love to meet with you and your staff in person. 

    Please help us. 

    Many blessings to you, 

    Verlia Reed-Byrd 

  309. Please pray for my husband Andrew he needs deliverance from jezebel, leviathan, ahab, adultery, lust, separation, divorce, depression and unforgiveness, etc Please pray as God leads you.

    We have been married for almost ten years and have two small daughters.

    Thank you and God bless

  310. Pray that God cover me and protect me, refill me with the Holy Ghost ,I need a miracle in the past I stay to move after ,next week, deliverance from ,all evil, practices ,to walk in love no matter what…….

  311. Please pray for my born-again husband Todd to be set free from alcoholism he always goes back to it he was raised in a Christian home he rededicated his life in 2014 has been to three treatment centers I don’t know how to pray I don’t know specifically what demon spirits to pray off or how to pray for this please somebody help me…thanks and God bless

  312. Please pray for my marriage and my husband and I. He is in sin. I need wisdom about what to do, how to interact with him at this time, and how to speak the truth in love. Please pray for courage for me to step out and do what the Lord shows me, and please pray for my husband to fully repent and come back to the Lord and make Jesus the Lord of his entire life, including relationships! Pray for a miracle and great restoration, and for wisdom about how to get there step by step. Please also pray for other Christians who know how to help to surround both of us to guide us back to Him.

  313. In the name of Jesus pray for to receive the strong anointing of deliverance and breakthrough to be released from the tormenting and pushing of the enemy to control my will giving ideas of self destruction , suicidal thoughts.pray for me to be released from unforgiveness and that I accept Jesus christ as my saviour and my lord.That his graces shower on me and give me protection.Amen

  314. My name is Tad Wooten; 39 years old, married to a wonderful woman with two beautiful kids that are a blessing. I am writing you because I would like to ask for a prayer request. I am battling bladder cancer and lost my brother Todd two years ago. I am the youngest of 5 brothers. Our parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this month. Todd is two years older than me which meant we were and are not only brothers but best friends. We did everything together and are very close.
    Todd left behind 4 precious kids when he passed unexpectedly and I ask please, that you pray for his 4 babies. Their names are: Alexis 18, Annie 15, Ava 11 and Weldon who is 10 years old.
    Thank you for doing what Our Father in Heaven has asked of you to do.
    Love Most,

  315. I’ve had experience this year with prophetic words for others and for me.. as well as some kind of visions, but the battles have been too much. The Lord has put me on a place where I have given up everything in my life, except my children. I just need to be guided and someone to pray for me, I’ve been asking God if he wants me to take actions on some important decisions in my life in order to follow Him, but I feel I’m not getting any answer. Please pray for me and tell me the next steps for getting some guide on how to understand the gift(s) I’m getting. Is it possible that God is asking me to take tough decisions like getting away from people that don’t understand this? My kids are with me, but my marriage is ending, the strange thing is that I have such peace, but I find hard to understand the situation.

  316. Dear team,

    This is Sabita Saleem from Pakistan. I’m a member of ignite and a leader of Awakening blaze Pakistan.

    I’m seeking prayers on a continuous basis as I’m praying for the unsaved family members, for my country and also seeking God so we can fulfill our destiny individually, as a family and as a nation. A number of people have prophesied for me that God is raising me up as an Esther and I speak declarations for the same.

    The enemy of course is real mad but I know God will fight for me. Please keep me in prayers that I can fight the good fight of faith. I’m feeling very weak physically and unable to focus like I used to.

    A few notable things:

    1. I’m hearing voices calling my name (in my mother’s voice) and waking me up while she is sleeping
    2. I’m seeing demons attacking me in dreams (wild buffalo/ox and a wild goat). The wild buffalo/ox was stuck on my chest and I wasn’t able to pull it off. It also kept releasing a pungent smell like that of a sulfur directly on my face for a significant amount of time.
    3. I’m facing constant pain in my body due to increased stress, anxiety and worry.

    I’m continuously playing Holy Ghost fire songs by Misty Edwards. 24/7 they keep playing in the house.

    I seek prayers for me and my family so we can fulfill our destiny in Jesus name.

    Shalom to you all!


  317. Please pray for my mom Latoya Clark to not have any mental illness and for our living situation to get better. Because my mom needs a Job to take care of me and my family. I know God supplies all needs so please come into agreement with us so my mom can be healed and have a great paying job so she can take care of me and my baby sisters. Please pray for my mind and body to be healed and that the demonic attacks would stop when I am asleep and awake. Thank you so much in advance, God bless you all.

  318. Please pray for Angelic protection, direction and deliverance from people trying to take my life. Thank you kindly.

  319. Heading to Nigeria on Wednesday to minister to some widows and children at a couple schools and clinics. Would love some prayer!

  320. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please pray for complete and total deliverance from prescription Psychiatric medication. I am starting the slow one day at a time decent off these harmful medications. Please pray for deliverance, healing & restoration and wholeness. Thank you

  321. I need a good paying job that can pay my bills, gainful employment. Shanies Douglas, and Matt get out of my daughters marriage. Shamar and Laroya grow closer together their marriage will be healed and restored. My Pastor will ordain me as an Evangelist he keep over looking me. God has called me to preach the gospel and he only want me to be a missionary.

  322. God to break of the bondage of poverty and underemployment. For God to provide fulltime employment utilizing Jeff’s God given talents and skills in a job that provides him with God’s financial favor and joy That each day brings Jeff and our family opportunities to bring Glory to God.

  323. Please pray for a covering of protection over my household! I may have inadvertently left my house vulnerable taking in someone who needed help not knowing what spirits are attached to them. Just woke up from 3 back to back horrible nightmares of being trapped in my room with my daughter, not able to get to my son. The light that I usually leave on in the hallway started flickering and the light cover pretty much fell out and was overheated. The light in my son’s room started flickering. But my guest’s room door is closed and all is silent. My spirit man is not afraid but uneasy.

  324. I’m asking for prayer support for myself, church and my family.

    God gave me a vision to start a non profit organization but for the past two years everything has come against my finances to keep me from moving forward. Basically I had very little but the little I had I lost it all including house, vehicle, bed, furniture etc.

    My mother and stepfather co pastor the church. God showed me that leviathan forces are responsible for the delay of the vision and it’s tearing me, the church and my family apart.

    I am no longer attending church with my family. I kept trying to pray against everything coming against the church and so many times God has moved and provided Liberty but my step-father, the pastor of the church is being manipulated and controlled by the leviathan forces. God showed me that my stepfather is giving the spirit place in his life due to seeds of not forgiving and other issues.

    I am praying but I know that I need other in agreement with me. I want to see God move and these forces to be broken off of my life and Gods vision, church and my family. Thanks for the prayers! 🙂

  325. Please pray for me and my family. I have been very depressed and suffering from anxiety. My family needs salvation. Especially pray for my Grandchildren especially Lauryn who has suffered from rejection from her mother all of her life. Her mom will tell her she loves her but her actions say otherwise which is confusing for Lauryn. Her moms name is Holly. Her father is in jail. My older daughter Heather is confused about God and religion and therefore so are her children. Their grandfather is in the hindu religion. Grandson Adrien is now turning to alcohol. They need God and salvation and of course deliverance, and so do I.

  326. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please just pray for my relationship with God to grow, my faith to be strengthened & please pray for my destiny & calling. I am studying Theology with an emphasis in Pastoral leadership this fall quarter. Finally, please pray that God releases the necessary provision I need to attain these goals. Thank you

  327. Prayer for my family, especially my son who needs total deliverance from smoking, drinking. salvation etc My mother who is 90 yrs old,, keep her mind, and healing for her body .My Daughter who suffers with lupus, salvation and healing. My son’s father who is on dialysis, Promotion on my job, direction…

  328. Please pray for the settlement of my 3 year old workers’ compensation case against Liberty Mutual insurance. I suffered a brain injury in 2015 and have not been compensated for it. The insurer wants to settle but my attorney is fearful to ask for what it is worth.

  329. Please pray for Healing in my left arm from the neck, shoulder down my arm. Excrusiated pain sometimes down to my hip area. I’m also experiencing it on my right side from time to time. I’m praying complete Healing in the name of JESUS I rebuke any surgery and believe for complete Healing. Thank you

  330. Dear Mam.

    Greetings in name.
    This is Kailash Dawer from Madhya Pradesh India. First of all thanks for your prophesi about me and my ministry which is i am waiting and going to do in my state India.

    Here is my prayer request to you.

    Pray for the land for building the School.
    Pray for the Church ministry.
    Pray for the resources to start the ministry.

    Pray for the people who can work with me as the faithful servant’s.

    These are the very and immediately need to start the ministry.

    With regards
    Kailash Dawer
    MP India.

  331. Pray that I will draw closer to God through prayer, the Bible, fasting, silence, & solitude. Pray that God will deliver me from the poverty mindset/broke thinking & that God will guide me out of debt financially. Pray that I will see Jesus, Christianity, & the Bible through Jewish/Hebrew eyes. Pray that God will continually show me that the Bible is a Middle eastern book. Pray that I will see, know, understand, & experience God as Father. Pray that I will see how the cross of Christ is connected to everything I need. Pray that I will have an intimate, passionate, personal oneness with the God the Father, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit. Pray that God will open the door for me to go to Israel. Pray that God will heal my enlarged prostate,the hemmorhoid, & my eyesight. Pray that God will send me a prayer warrior who will pray for my life and ministry daily. Pray that God will give me a vision for the campus ministry I work with. Pray that God will use me like Joseph in Genesis so I can help my family & those he has called me to minister to. Pray that God will guide me to a publisher for my autobiography. Pray that I will receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Pray that God will open the door for me to go to New Beginnings Church-Dallas, to get prayed for & prayed over. Pray that God will break every generational sin, curse, sickness, affliction, & disease off of myself & my family & guide the unsaved family members to salvation. Pray that God will open a ministry door for me on Sundays & beyond. Thanks & God bless you.

  332. Please pray for my son , Jason, He is sailing up the coast of British Columbia to Haida Gawai. He has a deep self loathing for himself. Every time he tries to think positive thoughts he starts to have negative thoughts of violent ways of killing himself. I would like prayer for him and also for myself as to what to pray against and what to pray for, Thank you so much

  333. I am a pastor and my son, who is 22, has decided he doesn’t need Jesus. His name is Acaelus. He says he agrees with all the tenants of Christianity but doesn’t feel the need to know what lies ahead in eternity – he’s happy and not worried about it at all. Please pray for him and declare with me that he will come back to Christ, that the enemy’s voice in this world will be muted that is influencing my son to believe the lies of this world rather than the Truth in Christ. Please stand on Deuteronomy 30:6 with me, “6 And the Lord your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your descendants, to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, that you may live.”
    Bless you and thank you.

  334. Rostislav Malaťák

    Hello, please pray for house where iam living. There are demons everyday and I can see them attacking me. Its only in this house. I live with parents so I cant throw some stuffs which maybe open some doors. Please pray that demons leave and any connection between the objects in house and evil power will be broken. Thank you. GOD bless you.

  335. Prayer for my son and his fiance. Prayer that the marrige will happen soon. Also prayer for the both of to come to Christ and accept Him as lord and savior. Also prayer that they both will get baptized in the holy spirit and speak with other tongues.

  336. David Omoniyi Oladele

    Dear Sir/Ma

    Please Kindly pray for me concerning my house rent as i will be renewing it by August 1st 2018 for GOD to bring and open the doors of finances of the right alignments and doors in these season.

    Prayer to break every assignments of character assasinations, spells, witchcraft, enchantment, hexes and vexes over my mind, body, soul, heart, emaotions, business, career, finances, calling and relationships in this season in JESUS CHRIST name.

    Prayer for GOD to send the right alignment HE has ordained for me in this season and to destroy every wrong relationships and covenants over my life in JESUS CHRIST name.

    Prayer for a New and Fesh anointing, strength, the 9 gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT and the 7 SPIRITS of GOD in this season in JESUS CHRIST name.

    Prayer for GOD to destroy every evil expectations, hearts desires of men against my life,health, business, finances, career and the works of my hand in this season of acceleartion in JESUS CHRIST name.

    Prayer for that supernatural rescue of financial abundance to settle my House rent expiring by July 31st in JESUS CHRIST name.

    Prayer for GOD to give me double for all that i have lost and all the doors of job, business, finances, career and relationships in JESUS CHRIST name.

    Prayer for supernatural wisdom and protection from evil people, places, environment and atmospheres in JESUS CHRIST name.

    Prayer or GOD to frustrate every agenda of the enemy concerning my life, career, business, destiny, finances and all my business projects in this season in JESUS CHRIST name.

    Prayer for Spiritual strength and stamina against every attack and mind battle of the enemy in JESUS CHRIST name.

    I receive the answers Now and declare Now, it is done in JESUS CHRIST name. Amen

  337. Please inspire Christians to remove the graven images/idols of fish from their cars and horseshoe crosses from their yards.

  338. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Please pray for my girlfriend Aubrey as she takes my friend Sarah through deliverance. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would just be all around them right now. Thank you..

  339. Shirley Ligon Norfleet

    I am a 69 year old believer who just had a ct scan that shows hydrosalpinx (suspected) and fluid within the endometrium. Now they want to do an ultrasound to find further answer to what this is. After learning about dream contamination and pollution I am asking you if you have any insight from a spiritual perspective.
    I went to the doctor because I was experiencing severe upper stomach pain. I believe God’s providence allowed something that was well hidden in my body to be discovered, because had I not had the stomach pain they would not have done the ct scan.

    I joined you and the Collins twins on Tuesday, July 10 and I took notes and became aware a lot about the assassination agenda; cancer being one of them. I believe I am one in the Jehu company.Many in my family including my mom and dad died from cancer. I have declared for many years I was not going out like that. I believe God and I am trusting Him in this situation.

    I know I have written a lot and you have many people who have many questions, I”m sure. Please, any insight and prayers are greatly appreciated. Thanking you and blessing you in Jesus’s name.

  340. Dear Pastor,

    I need prayers for deliverance and healing for my body,soul and mind.I need complete restoration and for my marriage.

    In Christ,

  341. Makayla – my 20 yr old daughter with POTS – Post Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome since 6th grade – She came home from 2nd year of college with an Eating Disorder weighing 90 lbs and starving herself. She was a MESS! She aligned with the wrong young women at all girl college and she had walked away from God. She is angry / bitter and a sexual trauma happened in September 2017 (??? I still unclear on all of the details). She did some drugs which was not her normal. She is in treatment now for the eating disorder. I am expecting a miracle. THANK YOU FOR PRAYER!!!!

  342. Believing for this to come to pass. Things have been financially better up until the last month or so. We desire to be His Kingdom Benefactors!!!

    2 Corinthians 9:10

    Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your store of seed and will increase the harvest of your righteousness.

  343. Please pray for my daughter . She is going around people and now working around some people I don’t trust and I don’t think they mean her good. Please pray that the enemy stay away from my children they cannot even touch one hair on her head in Jesus name. Open her eyes Lord.

  344. I don’t drop a leave a response, however I browsed a few of the remarks here. I do have 2 questions for you if you don’t mind. Is it simply me or does it seem like a few of the comments appear like they are coming from brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are writing at additional sites, I’d like to keep up with you. Could you make a list of all of your shared pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  345. I want to start birthing my entreprenial ministry for women. I have a $3300 mortgage and I need a steady stream of income where Im not in an office working 8-5 everyday. Asking for wisdom and guidance pluse finances.

  346. Dear Sister
    Please PRÀY for me for a financial blessing
    I need a financial breakthrough at the very earliest
    Please pray for a supernatural miracle
    Jesus is Lord i believe and have faith in HIM

  347. My wife and I are in ministry together as a team. She left me a couple of weeks ago saying, “God told me I cannot be married to you any more, nor can I ever be married again.” As we all know, God would NEVER say anything like that, as there has been no adultery, at least on my part. There are two evil spirits operating here, Leviathian, and Jezebel. Even if she has fallen into adultery, (and I have no physical proof she has) I want her back !!! She is truly THE love of my life, and I know, that I know, that I know Yahweh joined us together as one. Intercessors, I EARNESTLY, GREATLY, need and desire your prayers for this miracle !!! Join me, Operating In The Courts of Heaven (a powerful teaching on prayer by Robert Henderson, can be ordered from Sid Roth) and help me win this case, and battle !!!

  348. Please pray for my relationship with Jesus to grow. Please also pray for my destiny, purpose and calling and continued growth and elevation for that. Finally, Please pray that God would break any spirit of poverty off of me as anything having to do with poverty. Thank you

  349. Please pray that I will have wisdom and discernment regarding any open doors that are allowing an evil spirit to torment me periodically, and that those doors will be closed. Please pray that I will be strengthened with mighty power in my inner self so that Christ may dwell in my heart by faith, so that I being rooted and grounded deep in Christ’s love, may know and experience for myself, with all the saints, what is the height and width and depth and breadth and of the love of Christ that passes all understanding and be filled to all the fullness of God. Thank you for your prayers.

  350. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewski

    Please pray that my relationship with Jesus would grow. That my time in prayer and Gods word would increase. Please also pray for fresh fire and oil in my life and that my faith would grow and be strengthened as a result of that. Please play that my heart soul and spirit would be igniting powerfully and passionately for jesus. Thank you and God bless you

  351. We were fixed by our enemies through our NGO,Education Supplements International.A major ruling will be made in court on 13th July(Friday) next week.Please pray with us.

    Nicholas & Edith Ng’ang’a

  352. Hi Pastor LeClaire & staff,
    Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus, I pray that all is well with you all as my email arrives. Now to the matter at hand, please intercede for and agree with me according to I John 5:14-15 and Matthew 18:19 (AMPC) that God would stretch forth his mighty hand against the enemies of my life as I’ve had some unruly, devious, landlord, hard task masters, cynical bosses, co-workers, family, friends, & foes, plotting for my demise. I commission God to stretch forth his mighty hand according to his word in (Isaiah 45:11 AMP), Exodus 3:20-22 and 14:13-14 (AMPC) to punish & penalize them for their dastardly deeds, tactics, actions, & words. I’m also believing God for the career of my dreams (Administrative, Clerical, Data Entry, Customer Service, and/or Info Technology) without any Drama, Stress, and/or TOIL as a sower into his Kingdom as stated in II Corinthians 9:8-15 (AMPC). I’m also praying for Guidance, Favor, Grace, Mercy, PEACE, Provision, Prosperity, Promotion, Protection, Insight, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Restoration, Recovery, Recompense, Refreshing, Renewing, Refining, Reinstatement, Re-invigoration, Retribution, Re-establishment, Reconciliation, Re-calibration, Rejuvenation, Redemption, Retrieval, and Returns in every area, aspect, and facet of my life from on high in Jesus name…Amen!


    Bro. KL

    PS I’m also believing as Jesus told his disciples the story of the unjust judge in Luke 18:1-8…thank you for interceding for and agreeing with me; in Jesus name…Amen!

  353. Please pray for Janelle Marquez for deliverance from heroin and crystal meth marijuana cigarettes she’s out of control she has a three year old daughter and doesn’t know how to take care of her and she’s living with the drug dealer please pray for a miracle to deliver her from all this and for her salvation

  354. I have a specific prayer request.
    I have a dear friend that has someone close to them that is under the influence a Jezebel /Narcisstic Spirit and the enemy has magnified an offense to the person under the influence of this Spirt and they continue to shift the blame to the other person.
    The person who is under this Demonic Influence is scheduled to go on a Missions Trip Next month overseas ministering to young girls who were abused that were involved with the sex trade operation and rescued.
    The Lord had given me a vision of this person under the influence of these demons and these young girls would come to her and embrace her and she would hug them and her nails would turn into claws and she would embed these claws straight through from the stomach to the back and these girls would fall to the floor dying and say why?

    Please pray and agree that the Holy Spirit would bring everything to the surface… and these spirits will be dealt with and for the Lords intervention in the entire situation .

  355. Pray for Gods wisdom for self to deal with witchcraft spirits and abuse regarding family members and many family friends. Pray for breaking of old demonic root systems and evil soul ties from self from family and old friends, etc. thx u

  356. Hello,

    I live in Arizona so can’t attend this important workshop, but I certainly would like to send for intercession and deliverance the name of my first husband (of 37 years) Ervin Christian Jackson, who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder from his dysfunctional early childhood home (Dad was schizophrenic and paranoid,mom emotionally distant, and Free Masonry in her family line) and the guy never stood a chance of truly being able to feel empathy or conviction for what his actions and words do to others, so how can he ever come to repentance unless Jesus delivers him mightily? I know Jesus didn’t have to be present in the room to heal Jairus’ daughter; all the LORD needed to do was command the demons to leave, and they did, and still must! That’s what I’ve prayed for the last nine years, and though I know a Jezebel is in Ervin’s life now reinforcing the evil strongholds in him, yet I know God is greater than all the wiles and intentions of Satan,and I know that no plan of God’s can be thwarted, an that God foils the plans of nations and thwarts the purposes of the people and HIS plans are established forever,the purposes of HIS heart through all generations. Out of the unconditional love God gave me for this man, I send you Ervin Christian Jackson’s name for that same long-distance deliverance that I KNOW my King and LORD and Savior and God Yeshua Adonai is still able to do!

    In Christ,


  357. I need release. I need rest and to be filled with The Holly Spirit. I need a breakthrough in my life in all the levels. Break all soul ties with my ex in Jesus name.I want to know you more Lord. I need a stable job and to have mi license as an RN. Thank you

  358. Good day, Im Mr. Algin Lida, im a filipino and a expatriate here in the Saudi, kindly help me pray for a new job, my boss emailed me last 4 weeks and told that i will not be renewed from my work due to saudization program of there governtment, my end of contract will be on Sept 2018 and i will be going home to the Philippines. Pray for his guidance, discernment, wisdom and the right people who will help and connect me in looking the right job fitted for me. Thank you very much and Godbless….

  359. Hello Intercessor,

    I need the finance and a editor for my book. I believe this book is ordain by God. I put my book in several people hands to be edit and they fail short and haven’t return my book. Right now I’m unemployed and this book need to go forth.


  360. Pray that Mr my little babies light don’t get cut off today. We live in TN and it’s hot here I don’t have the 297 to pay. please pray I paid my tithes an I serve at my church but I just didn’t have it. my husband left us a year ago and I have to pay all these bills. Please pray

  361. Please pray for the healing of my mother. Stiff body , sore throat , and fever. Please pray for total healing and restoration and that medication from doctor will be blessed by God. In Jesus name Amen Thank You.

  362. Please pray that God would completely break the chains of anxiety, depression, and desire to self medicate with alcohol, food, etc. Please pray that He would give me the desires of His heart and take away any desires that are not in line with His will – that He would show me for what and whom He wants me to pray! Thank you, and may God bless you all abundantly!

  363. James Arthur white

    I am requesting prayer. I have been praying for six years for a wife. I believe this lady named Jen could be the one. Problem is she does not know I am alive. I pray about this a lot. Wondering if she is the one. Pray for me in this area that if she is she shows and takes interest and I can recognize and not shy away. Pray also we get married if she is the one. Pray I find the one. Pray I pay off student loands. Pray for my elder brothers to get saved. Pray we get along with landlords and never homeelss again. Pray for sunni to get her financial ssi transferred as she is badly disabled. Pray for protection from evil and for financial restoration for me and family twenty fold.

  364. We are facing an impossible situation in our relationship and are running out of time, and desperately in need of a miracle for V and me. Please pray that God gives us another chance and does the impossible for us, so that all the glory can go to His name alone. Also that the Lord wipes away our tears, and makes a way for us. The Lord knows every single thing that has happened, all that has been unjustly done to us. We need the Lord like never before. Please pray for us

  365. Please pray for direction for me and my son Liam that God brings born again spirit filled believers into his path he
    is a performing artist and He is very creative he writes poetry and performs across Europe and globe I pray for protection for him but that He can use His gift for the king of Kings and be born again need household salvation
    my mum Gill to be saved bind unbelief spirit heavy on family needs to be broken Amen.
    Also pray for our church finances growth and pastor Florence’s son’s to come into alignment with God and for unity we are a very small church we are called Overflowing life I pray for growth and Revival in Sheffield and UK in general . Thank you much love in Jesus xxx

  366. Prayer for Jesus to help me with my acne for healing and prayer for Jesus to help me with reuniting with a good friend of mine her name is Rocio Macias for Jesus to make a miracle happen. IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  367. Please pray with me and for my husband to find a home. We are currently homeless and he is disabled. I really need direction from God on where to go and what to do at this time. I believe him for a house or apartment that we can afford. I also need deliverance from nicotine and deep hurt. My husband is tormented by schizophrenia and not on any kind of medication. I know that God is working on my behalf and just need someone to agree and intercede for us at this time. Thank you and God bless you in advance.

  368. My Son is losing his job after 8 years here in Alaska. Please agree for a job for Adam B he working in the marine field working on boats,DRIVES SHIP. JUNE 27 2018

  369. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewski

    Please just pray for me tonight. Please just pray powerful prayers for rest, for peace & for joy. I’m just going through it and need a covering. Thank you

  370. For a troubled marriage thoresten husband needs salvation and deliverance from pornography , his wife ask for guidance from the Lord and strength thank you God bless you

  371. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewski

    Would you please say a pray for God’s favor in the situation pertaining to the car accident I was in and the insurance situation. Please and thank you. Please pray for my friendship with Kelly and our love. Finally please pray for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. Thank you

  372. Dear Man of God,

    Please pray over me and Prophesier as i am jobless in Dubai for over 10 months now and am going through lots of financial difficulties and find it hard to take care of my family. Lots of unpaid bills etc.

    Few interviews I have attended but got rejected, one more interview i attended last week and the HR has still not come back inspite of continuous follow up. How much of suffering , my faith is strong but i have reached a point where i cant take it any more and i am drowning because i have lots to do and plan for my family in need of visas, school fees, house rents, sons education, daily expenses. My life is full of misery although i still try to be strong, even my tears have dried out. Lord where are you and why so much of suffering for me.

    Sorrowful Child


  373. Please pray for my son, who has schizophrenie and Paranoia through an early trauma and drugs and alkohol.
    He ist retard, but I know God sees him as an prayer Warrior for the Lord!
    Please pray with me for healing and release for this young man.
    Thank you and be blessed

    • I agree with you in prayer for Jesus’ deliverance of your son! Lord Jesus, in your Name we bind and cast every demonic spirit and entangling cord of the enemy out of her son and speak into him the cleansing Blood of Jesus and healing Living Water and Word of God, to restore God’s original intention and creation in him, for God’s Glory. Amen!

    • Going through a difficult time in my marriage of 26yrs.

      We are non-communicative for the last 6yrs, but by the Grace of God living separately in the same house. The enemy has been successfully and systematically sabotaging both our lives over the years.

      My husband has filed for an annulment and I am struggling to loosen the chains of injustice and untie the cords of yoke in the conclusion of the case . His passive behavior and constant threats of walking out.

      Requesting intercessory prayer for;
      A change in my husband’s heart / mind and that he recognizes the enemy/evil practices/forces in our relationship/marriage over the years that has kept us disconnected and unhappy.
      For myself, relief & an end to the isolation, hurt, pain, anger, disappointments, loneliness that I have struggled throughout my marriage.

      For our marriage, a life of love, peace and harmony together and to uphold our vows and that we are purged of anything, person or force working towards breaking this union of love relationship/marriage.

      In Grace of the Holy Spirit.
      Thank you.
      God Bless!

    • Nasti,

      I touch and agree for your son for healing and deliverance.
      In the name of Jesus Christ, I take authority and command schizophrenia and paranoia to leave and be cast out.
      I break off trauma from childhood.
      I command rejection to go in Jesus name.
      I lose him from retardation in the name of Jesus Christ.

      I decree and declare he is heald, restored, made new, and whole for the Glory of Jesus.

    • Please pray that what ever is trying to hinder me is broken, that I can truly surrender my worries and anxieties to God, that I can hear Him and know that I know that I know His will. I need patience and understanding with relationships around me, especially one to know if this is truly God’s will (I have had confirmations, but there are some things that don’t seem right yet, but believing for his breakthrough).

      The church I’m part of is under spiritual attack. God said not much longer. The battle has been long and hard, many are falling. There are many, many spirits in operation. I’ve seen Jezebel tatics, which means Ahab is there, there is a Cain spirit, a spirit of python – divination, Spirit of Leviathan – strong pride, spirit of Hagar, a mocking spirits, etc. We need Deliverance, and Restoration.

  374. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewski

    Please pray for healing for my grandfather Murray Goldsmith. He just got out of surgery. He had some extensive damage to his shoulder. Please pray for him. Please also pray for his salvation. Please finally pray that God would continue to ignite a bold and passionate flame in my heart for The Lord & that I’m best equipped and empowered to advance Gods Kingdom here on earth & spread the gospels throughout the world. Thank you

    • Please pray for me to find a husband and have children. I have been single way too long I always attract the wrong man ones who don’t want children or marriage. Please pray that I find a job and get my career on track. I have struggled with everything, and live in debt I can not seem to get out of. I need a financial breakthrough.
      Please pray for all witchcraft to be broken against me. My life has been in limbo for years I keep on going around the same problems never being able to get anything that I want. Please I want to get married and have children.

  375. I’ve been a Christian for 15 years and still unable to speak in tongues. I know I am spirit filled but don’t have the evidence of tongues. I’m a seer, I have visions, dreams, ect. but I hunger for this gift. I need breakthrough please.

    • Lord, I thank you for Brenda’s life and for her willingness to be your instrument, I pray that you comfort her hearth, help her understand that you give her what is best for her, you love her and do not need her to be like anyone else, I ask that you give her confirmation that she is in the right path and that you love her enough to do what is best even if this means some disappointment for her.In Jesus name I declare that she is content and thankful, Amen

    • Ask the Holy spirit if anything is hindering you from receiving the gift of tongues. Repent for any sins or generational curses if it is brought to mind. Thank God that you have the gift of tonuges and for its manifestionin your life.

  376. The enemy has been fighting strongly against God’s will in my life. God has started to open a huge door of opportunity but the devil has been fighting hard to delay, abort and defeat these promises of God in my life. He does not want me to go through this door. I have had so much opposition trying to delay and stop God’s assignment in my life. Please pray for God’s will to prevail. To God be the glory! Thank you!

    • I pray what the devil meant for evil Gid would turn around for your good. Your season of frustration and deal is over. God will give you springs of refreshing in the wilderness.

    • Carol,
      In response, no that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit hear our / your prayers. When the Trinity have their hands on you and your heart and mind, the enemy does not want you to accomplish the task. But we / you will… God promised us, when He puts something on our hearts and minds that will bring God Glory the e wants to swash it.. stop it / Jesus is going to carry us and help us finish the task, finish the race set before us.

      Romans 8:28 …

  377. Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that each of these people, Shirley, Ben, Kai, receive a revelation from you, today, of a step in your plan for them. Let each one receive the joy and peace that you are fighting the battle for them, and they can receive their victory in the blood of Jesus. To give glory to you, Father, I ask in the name of Jesus, that they are able to share this revelation from you. No revelation from you is too small to share. One step changes a direction. Praise you, Father. Praise you, Jesus. Let me also, receive the revelation of what to do or where to go from this point in my life, today.

    Bless the people that have been obedient to you, in this ministry. Help me to receive if You are hiding me, or if you leading me to come out of hiding. You know that I do not trust the churches that I have known or see listed, and that I have experienced many of the things which this woman has experienced, and many other have experienced these things, unaware. You go before us.

    Thank you, Father. Thank you, Jesus.

  378. Chaz Gilliam to surrender to the Lord and experience the glorious power of the holy spirit. Angel of protection over Chaz’s life. Jesus to say, Great is your faith, Chaz is whole.

  379. Asking for prayer for full spiritual break-though in my finances and family. Prayer for my mother to be delivered from any spirits of horoscopes and astrology. Prayer for protection from the enemy and his plot against my life through generational curses and witchcraft. Prayer against sexual sins, lust, and Jezebel. Prayer for increased discernment to be on the offensive against the wiles of the enemy. Asking for prayer for Radical In Christ Ministries. Asking for prayer against slavery and other spirits that bound me.

    • Please ask God to forgive your family for their idolatry, practicing witchrcaft, astrology and any other generational curses. As you do this you will be standing in the gap and ask God to forgive your family for their sins. Ask him to cover your family in the blood and to cleanse them. Fill them with Holy spirit. Robert Henderson about the Courts of Heaven is good to read. Books by John Eckhardt.

  380. Hi

    I feel the spiritual warfare is going on again at a new level at all areas of my life. Especially at my work and my first born daughter who have not seen for 2 years. Please pray God will perform a miracle at my work to bless my job and break the demons’s stronghold so I can see my daughter again very soon! Thanks for your prayers!

  381. My son has a life long battle with medical issues and is tired of fighting it. He currenr[toy has an ongoing infection oin his mouth and he/we don’t have the thousands of dollars to have all the work done he needs. He says he’s tired, doesn’t have the wil to fight anymore and does not see an end to it. We have stood for 18 years believing for his healing. God has preserved his life but he still lives with the medical issues everyday. Please pray for a breakthrough. I’m afraid I’m going to lose him

    • Ask Holy spirit to reveal if there are any generational curses. Then repent when they are brought to your mind. Watch Robert Henderson video and read book on Courts of Heaven.

  382. I’ve been suffering fm depression & anxiety for the past 11 yrs. To be specific I’m battling a condition called OCD mainly to do with cleaning. Please pray for my complete healing & deliverance. Ive been a believer for the past 23 yours.

    • God please be with me and those who would be involved in my treatment. Please open their hearts to offer help. Please let me find a cure.

  383. Please prophesie over my life as I am jobless for 8 months in dubai. So many financial difficulties because of no income. Please pray over me. I have got 2 interviews recently but i got rejected at the last minute and the job given to someone else. Another interview I gave there is no response from the company HR.

    Name: Xavier Dsouza
    Location: Dubai – UAE

  384. Pray for my liver to be healed, I have cirrosis and cancer on my liver, this places me on a transplant list.
    However A TOTAL HEALING FROM GOD is perfect

  385. Piease pray for purpose knowing my gift and being the pillar of my family ,things are rough in family right now need breakthrough so family will believe there faith is crumbling please pray for wisdom and understanding and send word of knowledge be blessed Michael

  386. Richard P Rawald

    I appreciate all you do and have read a article by you and believe you are truly committed to the word and doing what is right.
    I am just hoping for prayer.
    I am going through a horrible divorce I do not want and I realized it hurt my faith a little.
    As soon as I realized this I prayed more.
    I need a miracle and the strength to continue.
    I hope God works in my wife’s heart and not only saves our marriage but most importantly he saves her soul

    Thank you,
    Richard Prescott Rawald
    Phone: 8133519197

    • Dear Richard,
      I am praying for you in this situation. I understand how difficult a divorce is as I went through a very high litigious divorce that lasted more than 10 years!
      There is hope for Victory with Jesus, if we truly give our lives to him, repent of all our sins and wrongdoing and forgive our spouses and pray for them.
      Also, seeking the Holy Spirit every day for extreme wisdom and discernment is the only way to make wise choices throughout this ordeal.
      Declaring and decreeing the word of God every day, especially the psalms such as Psalms 91.
      I pray you will find peace, be kept safe and be delivered of all evil and receive great victory in everything, in Jesus Mighty Name!!!

      Yours in Christ,

      BB D

  387. Anonymous (But In Love with Jesus)

    Dear Family In Christ,
    Please pray that I have a hunger for God’s Word and that I trust & obey The Lord as He speaks to me. Thank you for praying…I desire to be closer to The Lord

  388. MAtthew Pogroszewski

    Please also pray for my friendship with Kelly. I believe this woman to be my God ordained spouse. Thank you

  389. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewski

    Good morning family & Friends of this Ministry. Please send out a powerful request for grace for financial freedom & liberation from poverty. God has a calling on my life and has put a Dream in my heart to serve Him eternally. But I need some financial help & provision in order for these dreams to come to pass. Please pray. Thank you & Godbless you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord & Messiah.

  390. Please pray for deliverance for my sister from the Jezebel spirit. She has divided our family and has tried to get to people in the church. She hasnt talked to or seen my parents in months and has even tried to have my children taken away ( with no prevail) with lies she has made up. I also believe it’s due to jealousy. I’m scared for the road she is traveling down, but very sad for my parents too.

  391. I need prayer to be delivered and set free from witchcraft, word curses, and all sickness and disease. I’ve constantly had headaches, as painful as migraines, over two months. There have been many speaking against me and trying to curse me. I’ve been i two accidents in the last two months. The doctors can’t figure out where the pain is coming from. The headaches are so severe and just seem not to go away. I can’t think ,focus, read the word of God or even pray like I need to. I need a serious breakthrough, healing, and deliverance and a fresh touch of God’s presence and his Holy Spirit. Thanks, God bless.

  392. Thank you for your time. My request is that I find the church that God wants me in.i need to get exactly where I belong

    • I come to you right now father in the name of Jesus and I pray for Karin by the holy spirit of the living God would guide her into all truth oh God in the name of Jesus to the correct church the Holy Ghost spirit filled tongue talking church in the name of Jesus where she can serve you well God and she can hear the Rhema word of God speaking to her each day I thank you father God that she will hear your voice and no other voice will she follow in the name of Jesus it is done amen amen amen

  393. I got a couple of people, including myself who need prayer. First off, my aunt Estella just suffered a stroke and is recovering in an ICU zone at St. PAULS hospital in Iloilo, philippines. Next, I got another aunt Nilda who is recovering in ICU too at LGH in Vancouver. She underwent thyroid surgery to remove cancerous nodules. Please lift up these two ladies in prayer as Jesus loves on them and helps them walk out the healing process. I, myself, am fighting these odd abdominal rib pains and tenderness on my left side. While Im not really in an emergency situation, I do ask for God’s healing power to energize me and set me free from whatver ailments that Satan is trying to nail me with. In Jesus name, I proclaim victory for my bloodline now and praise God for His deliverance in this hour!

  394. Hi my name is Rachel, I am 25 years old. I am planning to go to Israel in September. I have been under intense spiritual warfare and I need prayer covering. I am struggling. Pls pray for me as the Holy Spirit leads. I need help.

  395. Thank you for praying for me.

    I have recently came back from Egypt where I was praying and fasting and asking God to reveal my calling and destiny.

    One day when I prayed specifically about what do you want me to do, Lord later on in the evening I heard a question in my heart: “What would you say if I give you this place? (town: Marsa Alam)” I was a bit surprised , then I paused, thought about it and said, ok, I would say “yes”, but I will need your divine download of Arabic language because this language is very difficult for me and with my own strength I can’t learn it, it does not stay in my brain.

    Then I returned home (to Poland) and the burden for Muslim people, Egypt and Marsa Alam stayed in me. I am now in the process of discerning whether it was God talking to me, whether He wants me to go to Marsa Alam and start serving there.

    Last Sunday I heard in the church that action speaks louder than words, that we need to do something, even something very small, but start doing something and God will direct us, will add to what we are already doing.

    On the contrary, some people say that we need to hear from God first clearly before we make any steps. Through the Bible God was sending people, people never sent themselves. God was giving clear instructions.

    I’m aware that Egypt is a Muslim country, I’m a single woman. Egyptian culture has specific dynamics when it comes to males and females and it’s mainly dominated by man. So logically speaking it is not wise for a single woman to go and serve there.

    However, the Bible says that “God’s ways are not our ways and our ways and not God’s ways”.

    Egypt is experiencing a spiritual revival right now as a result of fervent prayers of the nation for last several years.

    There are Christian churches in Cairo and Alexandria but it is only a Coptic church in Marsa Alam.

    I would like you to pray for wisdom and discernment in that matter.

    I feel strong pull to go there but I don’t want to make a mistake and waste time only finding out later that it was never God’s plan for my life.

    I want God to clearly close the door or open them wide so I can see what He is doing.

    I want God to remove my passion for Muslim people or ignite it even more so this will be an indication for His will.

    If God wants me to go there I think it is wise to go with someone, a friend or group of people who has the same desire so if this is God’s plan I want Him to connect me with such people.

    Thank you once again for your prayer.

  396. Hi. I am a teacher for kindergarten/First Grade. My husband and I just moved to a new house. We have been going through a lot of transition. This is our last transitional phase. It’s been a very fast year to say the least. I just finished the school year teaching kindergarten/first grade at a private facility. I was able to provide a years worth of curriculum for those late birthday precious little to succeed in their transition to big school. After planning and organizing all the necessary elements for every subject area for all four quarters I was told the day after the last day of school they were discontinuing the program. So, my contract ended and I have no other prospects at the moment. I am finding myself feeling lost as I am in a new area. It is important to me to be able to root somewhere and just teach, nurture, love, pray, and encourage my class. I don’t want to be in the wrong place where there is drama, deception, abuse, and a lack of support. I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt. It’s time for a proper place to be. I sense this needs a group effort in prayer. Thank you so much for joining with me in prayer over this matter as it is really important to me. I love teaching! especially little ones.

    Debbie Langston

  397. Please pray for Kaycee, who is in her late 20’s but suffering from yet undiagnosed and increasingly worse nerve-disfunction throughout her body. Treated earlier this year for Lyme disease, but now has confusion, lesions on her body, depression, atrophy in her left side and her right side feels like rock. She says she is a believer.

    • Father I come to you right now in the name of Jesus and I pray for Kaycee oh God in the name of Jesus that her body would line up with the word of the living God according to Isaiah chapter 53 verse five that by your stripes she is healed though God in the name of Jesus and I feel like I’m getting something about a parasite parasite in the name of Jesus parasites so I don’t know if it has anything to do with parasites oh God in the name of Jesus but she might want to get that checked oh God in Jesus name I curse all of the symptoms God that are caused by Lyme disease in the name of Jesus I thank you God that she would have a healthy diet oh God during this time in the name of Jesus Amen and amen

  398. I am asking for healing prayers that my lungs be healed. I have endured stage 4 cancer which I have now been clear of for almost 3 years, but now I have serious issues with my lungs.
    May God bless us all. Thank you.

  399. Family,
    My 45 year old nephew was taken yesterday to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton Ohio for two masses on his brain. He has been fighting cancer of the lymph nodes. My father died of lymphoma. His name is Eric Rolston and he is not a professing Christian.
    Thank you,
    Robin Sonstegard

  400. Please come into agreement with myself and husband that God continues to confirm our move to Lawrenceville Georgia My husband has a transfer ready to go and I will be applying for a job in January 2019 to go in faith in Jun9, 2019. As a intercessor I know how important more than one praying make a difference in the spiritual realm. Thank you and God Bless !

  401. Dear whoever sees this i am a bipolar depressive substance/prostitute while in addiction which God knows which i despise yet was easy for money .. smoker stuck in sin for years..with guilt of knowing Gods word but always seems stuck// i have prayed for clean heart wisdom and to be like Jesus believers …i am 52 and so disgusted how i have failed miserably all i can do is ask for help in prayer…i pray God can help me like he did sampson, hezikiah, and even unfaithful gomer…my sins of omission commission and besetting sins…sins in satans world sure has brought spirits i dont need in my life with the their influence…never fasted like book in Isaiah and too afraid with the sins; my past. regret i dont know where i stand or if God in Christ would take me…i ask for clean heart His ways …i am living with ex husband that is horrible but its my family with my son (he has his own) pets etc…i am so lost so i pray for healing of the mind for HIM!! and walk and produce fruit yes i wish i would be healed..but i hate not being married oh and i have ssi disablility and now dont tithe cuz i think that is wrong money to tithe with or its for my bills sigh….i need a new begiining and just love for God first …


  403. My name is Christopher Fontenot. I work at a place called Fresh Start in Winnsboro, LA. This is a seven month faith-based rehab. There are people from all walks of life here. The place is like Satan’s haven or either I am so deep in the spiritual realm my spiritual insight is extremely keen. I am experiencing some heightened heavy spiritual warfare. I am 47 years old and have never been closer to God as I am now. Closer and more dependent than ever and the enemy is coming after me like never before or I am more aware of his schemes. This is causing me a lot of anxiety and fear! Please pray for my continued endurance and faith in order to continue to stand my ground in this battle.

    Thank You

  404. I always have this spirit in me that i had a God given gift. i struggle with words to say when i pray openly with people. I speak in tongues most of the time, and i have most of the earmarks of a prophetic intercessor which i know found out when i happened to watch and heart the message of Jennifer Leclaire. Please pray for me for the release of this God given gift to me completely. I always acknowledge the Holy Spirit and i love being in the presence of the Lord. There are times i have sudden urge to pray when am doing something..
    I dreamed almost every night, and i see things that amazes me. Thank you for your prayers, i anticipate and received it in Jesus mighty name..
    More power to the ministry. God bless you all.


  405. In the name of Jesus in his blood and in his body pray for forgiveness and repentance and to be delivered of suicide which is pushing on me day and night tormenting me .pray that I may be released and receive a breakthrough and deliverance and that my get stronger and stronger day by day to reach the throne of God.That’s my heart grow in faith and has a strong desire to know the gospel day by day.In the name of Jesus .Amen

  406. Thanks , I have recently been searching for info about this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve found out till now. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure about the source?

  407. Please pray for healing for my back/legs also the same for Rhonda, pray for healing for Amber and the babe in the womb to be healthy.Also pray for Rhonda’s disability claim to go through and for her property to sell at a good price so she can get out of debt and buy cheaper place. Pleas pray for all 3 of our memories to be restored. Pray for my 96 yr old Mother to be healed of bedsores.Pray for salvation for Josh and Amber.

  408. I had been dealing with a stalking/harassment situation for some time. This has included a demented man who believes that he is some type of rescuer for me and has persuaded people to follow, watch and film me with cell phones. He has gone to people from my past (church affiliates, school) and places that I frequent currently, persuading people to go along with this. More interestingly, is that when confronted people lie for him about knowledge of what is transpiring. PEOPLE THAT I USED TO GO TO CHURCH WITH OR AM NOW PART OF THE SAME UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY WITH! He is operating in control (obviously) but also divination, lust and psychopathic manipulation. This is very demonic and takes place daily.

    Because of this distraction and others I am needing to catch up on school work to complete my degree

    I also want prayer for me and my son for deliverance from all witchcraft and transference from relatives and associates. In addition to healing from all familial/ hurt, trauma, dysfunction and chaos.

    Lastly, for both my son and I to be delivered from strong holds, for him to get enrolled in school where and as GOD would have and for GOD’s will with my next step (be it more schooling or work).

    All According to GOD’s will in Christ.

  409. I need some real prayer.. we (me and a relative) have a very evil hateful neighbor.. its making it uncomfortable at times being in our own house… I have a mental disability, and im needing prayer that i would be able to hear the spirit of God..

  410. Please pray for my son, Jeremiah. He has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and bipolar. Today, he is in a manic phase. Has not slept in over 24 hours. He has not been taking his medication for a while. After drinking a few beers this afternoon, he became confrontational with me. I have had to call the police twice due to him threatening me. I clearly see a Jezebel spirit trying to control and tonight Ahab showed up. I felt that I had to agree with him just to keep the peace. I am afraid. He has a prophetic call on his life. As a child, he prophesied before kids church what the pastor was going to preach. I am believing that God will set him free and he will prophesy again. Also, please pray that I have wisdom to know how to handle this. I left his father, because he (my ex-husband) had similar behavior/control issues.

  411. Please pray for a needed healing miracle in my total whole body, several very serious healing needs, please pray for a miracle breakthrough in this situation, many body systems need healing miracles, prayer for supernatural Peace and Comfort and the lords glory and presence to come also prayer for needed help and financial miracle to happen

  412. Hello there! This article couldn’t be written any better!
    Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He continually kept preaching about this. I will send this post to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a great read. Thank you for sharing!

  413. Hi, GBY

    We need prayer against the spirit of witchcraft. Also against the spirit of adultery. My neighbor keep trying everything to get my husband. Pray also for my husband’s salvation.

    Thank you, GBY

  414. Jemima sutherland

    Please pray for the Lord to bless me with a job soon.i am currently without a job. Please pray for me as I need a breakthrough. Thank you.

  415. Dear Prophetic Intercessors:

    I really need ONGOING, INTENSIVE, prayer or intercession. I am a man who just lost both of my parents within the last 6 months. However, the matter for which I am asking for prayer is not with regards to the grief and issues of loss, although it would not hurt to pray for that too. What I am asking for prayer for is for deep spiritual, emotional, and relational abuse from my family for the last 40 years. I need God to really heal my heart, and even my mind and spirit.

    My family has been one of the deepest issues in my life, I have suffered intensive rejection, mockery, gaslighting, and character assassination from my family. The deep abuses created extremely difficult issues for me in my life as a whole. There have been deep challenges to my relationships over the years because of this stuff, and there have also been deeply rooted self-esteem issues as well. The abuses even cost me my marriage, as my mother manipulated matters after I had been laid off and was having financial problems, as she was helping us. my wife could not take the abuse any longer and she abandoned our marriage 3 years ago.

    It is a horrible thing to feel that your own family hates you because you decided to walk with Jesus and they did not agree. They were Catholic, I made the choice to become a Born Again Spirit Filled man of God, this is something that they could not live with, so they treated me with utter contempt and hatred. Not only did they abuse me and my wife when I got married, they also abused each other and tried many many times to drag me into the middle of their strife and hatred when they disagreed with one another.

    I also suffered from years of CHURCH abuse during this time as well and through it, all Jesus has been there for me. I feel that He has been the only one who truly understood me and my desires to know Him, to Love Him, to Serve Him, and Worship Him. Other than Jesus, I have a very hard time trusting, even trusting Him sometimes.

    I have felt really alone during the last 40 years, and during this time God has poured out a strong powerful Prophetic Anointing, as well as the Anointing of Barnabas the Apostle of Encouragement, Love, and Grace. He who served and worked with Paul the Apostle during the first half of his ministry.

    When I gave my life to the Lord 40 years ago things got very interesting after I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, things got beyond interesting and became very very difficult, to say the least. I never really was able to settle down in a Church for periods longer than 4 or 5 years. When I did either people would act out really bad and the abuse cycle would start with both my family and people in the Church.
    This, in turn, would cause a cycle of deep pain, and backsliding off and on. Which led to shame, more rejection, horrible self-esteem issues, and incredible sadness, sorrow, and grief, as well as self-loathing.
    I felt orphaned like I did not belong anywhere, like I could not relate to anyone, sometimes even God.

    Now after the passing of both my parents, I still feel alone, like I cannot relate to most people in the body of Christ or the world. Sometimes there are those relationships that God gives me that come along at certain times and seasons and through them, God does a work that brings me to the next level. But over the last 40 years, those relationships do not last very long. As they either move on or I do, things happen in life and separation comes. It seems the only constant in my life is God, The Father, The Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Everything else seems fleeting and only for a short time and season.

    At this time in my life, I am literally resetting my life. I am praying and hoping for the restoration of my marriage, I am working at relaunching the business idea God gave to me, and relocating back to Los Angeles to reclaim what the enemy stole from me. I am very tired, I do hurt deeply over the loss of my parents though I have a hard time really expressing it. I am also very lonely, and needful of God to move in my life in the following areas.

    * Relationally with God Himself.
    * Relationally in Business.
    * Relationally on a deep personal level with others.
    * Deep Inner healing, and restoration.
    * Relationally with God’s People The Church.
    * On a deep personal level with myself, my own person.
    * For God to pour out His anointing of Deliverance, Healing, Restoration, Love, Grace, And DEEP calls unto DEEP engagement with God

    Thank you all for your time and consideration and your Love in Christ Jesus.

    Please submit this to Jennifer LeClaire for her to also pray over and intercede over if she so feels that it is God prompting her to do so.

    Your Servant In Christ Jesus

  416. Please pray in agreement for total healing for my husband Raymond he was hurt on the job and requires hip surgery. We are asking that his workers compensation claim will be approved for the surgery, physical therapy and pay/back paychecks. Please pay that the Holy Spirit will overflow us and dwell in us n every area of our lives and every financial need is provided for as he goes through his recovery time. Please pray that our ears will be open to hear the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  417. Please pray for us for a financial breakthrough and the the Lords leading for this hobby farm. Need His wisdom , healing in my body from arthritis, heal Spurs back problem, neck . Some problems come from a car accident that my husband , my daughter and I were in involved in 7 years ago. We not been able to work since.
    My daughter ( Casandra) does not seem to have anything from this, but please pray for her she is back into the world living with a young man that is on drug and is by-polar . She has plan to get married next year, she cries that something is wrong, we give her a way out and she turns around and covers for him and continue to stay there.
    Also please pray that Roger who is living with us right will be out before July. He needs a major breakthrough form abuse from his mom and from churches. We had him for a while so he could find his own apartment, he has a major problem with repeating the same hurt from way back. We have tried to help him , but he just does not listen or change. Pastors have tried and got no where with him also. He is starting to cause a problem in my marriage. Thank you for your prayers and God bless

  418. Please pray for a young man named Ben.He suffers with depression and is unemployed but would like work.Has trouble finishing courses and is in debt and trouble managing money.Also has tried to take his life. He has ADHD.Also a families son called Reece went missing before Christmas was on ice and had a Avo out on him .Police found his wallet ,clothes and motorcycle but no body the family would love closure and feel responsible because of the AVO .Also I would love to have forgiveness and move in my anointing and have a marriage in name only because of an verbal abusive husband but stay because of our live in son doing his apprenticeship.Would love to have more of a relationship with the lord and start dreaming dreams as prophecies and revelation from the bible ,understanding,knowledge and wisdom when studying the bible. Also my brother Peter hasn’t had contact with his son Ricky in years. Thankyou

    • Need a financial breakthrough and change of employment for Steve low self esteem and low income .Glen apprentice carpenter of Bud needs more local work and if has to travel to Melbourne in July from nth Qld for work for 3weeks let our son Glen be prepared with warm clothes etc and let it go well .Help Nigel through his marriage breakup and two children.Help me have house decluttered and cleaned before relatives come end of June I need to forgive. I would like to speak fluently in tongues and teach me to study the bible .Debbie to come off drugs (ice)and come back to the lord .Help me overcome anxiety ,shyness and panic attacks.Need healing in my body Help me regularly spend time with our lord. Thankyou

  419. Pray for Kai, 21, on meth and heroin, to submit to a rehab offering her free help. Pray for her mom to be strong and not make a way for her to sustain her habit. Pray for Holy Spirit to draw Kai to Christ. Many demons in her life.

  420. Will you please come in agament with me for healing of my 4 year old grandson
    Samuel (T1)
    I was with him yesterday when he took a low, not nice to see, when I prayed with him & said your healed in Jesus name he said yes !
    I’ve been in tiers ever since
    Thank you
    God bless x

  421. Freedom from rebellion. Inner healing. Fear/obedience to God to fulfill my calling to help other women.

  422. -please pray for my Health/deliverance> full recovery from Chronic Fatigue, Depression, and Anxiety
    – finances- to become financially independent
    – bless my business (my Mom and I) business and/or another job
    – pray for the salvation of unsaved loved ones and family members, salvation for my Dad
    – God’s protection from harm, injury, deception from the enemy, car accidents, etc.
    – for God to lead me in my destiny and in my ministry
    – to find good, healthy friends
    – to bless my parents marriage
    – help to write my book
    – health and freedom (deliverance) for my immediate family and extended family members whatever they need
    – God and his angels help lead and guide my family and friends in the way they should go, purpose, destiny, knowledge, wisdom, etc.
    -pray for my ‘home’ church to be alive in the Holy ghost! extra protection and blessing and Gods help, wisdom, etc for the pastor and his family. The church has a measure of Gods spirit but but there is a resistance to move forward. Please pray for breakthrough! Deliverance, blessing,peace, spirit of truth, unity, etc. for the church so they can reach the next level God has for them.
    thank you for all your prayers! God bless you also!

  423. Praise God….Request prayers for God’s deliverance of my family in the destiny the lord has for us in ministries, debts, house and spiritual grow.

  424. I know that I’m called to be a intercessor/ prayer warrior. I get prophetic words about being a mighty prayer warrior all the time, but when it comes time to pray at church or on the prayer line, my mind goes blank. Please, please pray for me that I will walk boldly in the will of God.
    Thank you!!

  425. praying for deliverance for all forms of sexual and all other forms of as·cet·i·cism from all forms of childhood victimization in every area in Jesus Christ name for me Dustin/Joshua

  426. Me and my wife are enduring a life’s worth of devils attacks and I am holding on as she is not present spiritually and giving into temptation to keep me in the doghouse and see others. We are still married and our lives affect many many people. I need to be delivered from this immediately. Please Jesus

  427. Please pray for me so that I don’t lose my job. I have a meeting with my managers coming up soon and i hope that all goes well and I get to keep my job intact and license intact. Pray for a finicial breakthrough and resolvement of pending legal issues. Also pray for my salvation and overall wellbeing. In Jesus name amen.

  428. Please pray for me & my family. I have been in ministry with a woman who the Lord used to bring me out of a cultish church. I love this woman however I have seen many signs of control/Jezebel influence operating in her life. It’s very seductive & sneaky but the Lord has shown her true colours more recently. I have talked to her in love but it’s only brought more attack against me. Shunning, harsh, angry responses. I’ve been here before with many other leaders in ministry. The saddest part is that I’m leaving in 2 days on a mission trip with her as she has been doing missionary work in Cuba 🇨🇺. She said her pastor spoke that she is to be a Heidi Baker to the people of Cuba. My heart grieves as it’s only those who are closest to her that get abused. She’s never wrong & everything she says is said so sweetly. I sometimes feel like vomiting as I see the hypocrisy. I’ve experienced on many occasions the fruit of what happens when you don’t do what she wants but doesn’t communicate, as if people are to read her mind. I’m trying so hard to not judge or take offence. My heart feels like it’s going to explode, so much hurt & anger. I believe I am to go still on this mission but have put it on the alter as I want to stay in Fathers will. I’ve tried to get together with her for 3 weeks to talk & pray as I don’t want to go in enemy territory with such disunity but she ignores my request. Please HELP Daddy!!!!!🙏

  429. Please pray for my brother Orlando needing an encounter with God having drug addiction battles.
    My sister Evelyn also needing deliverance from alcohol.
    Please keep my husband and I in prayer to find a place of worship.

  430. Please pray for my son Matthew and family relocated to another state to start a new business . We pray for God’s favor over this business and a hedge of protection over it. We pray its success so Matt and family can do what they intended to do is missions and eventually open an orphanage. Matt is overwhelmed because he needs more staff. I pray for customers…Matthew needs to hire capable, honest, trustworthy, reliable, passionate, quick learners, fast at their job, good workers, get along with everyone, friendly employees.He needs them asap. I pray for everything to fall into place. I pray in Jesus name…

  431. I was widowed last October, after being nearly abandoned by my husband for several years. I am now close to a Pastor who has been divorced for about a year and a half. He has four lovely kids, while I have a son. We are looking for direction from God to guide us into the future. I’m Indian, he is an Australian, and both of us work in Africa in different fields. He plans to meet up with his kids (in Australia) this May and talk to them about us. The last 2 kids are 15 and 13, whose opinion he values a lot, because he does not want them to go away from God, thanks to this relationship. Both of us are believers, abandoned by our spouses. Hope and pray that the Holy Spirit guides us in the right direction….Yours in Christ..

  432. My husband recently resigned his teaching job because he felt led to. We are seeking the Lord as to where to go because we sense we will be moving. So, we need direction and wisdom where to move, to have a new job, and to sell our home all before our money runs out in August. 🙂 Also, it is our desire to find a church in the area that we are led to that is a safe church and strong in missions. We long to be loved instead of rejected or persecuted for the desire to stay true to the Word of God. No hyper-grace, no seeker friendly, etc., simply true to the Word of God and first love for Jesus. For a church whose leaders are stewards and not owners. So important to us. We need godly accountability and godly discipleship. We sense the NW area of Arkansas is where we are being led but are not yet 100% sure. Right now we are in the Des Moines, Iowa area. Also, would appreciate prayer for our children, their spouses and our grandchildren spiritually and also concerning this move. Thank you! So much appreciated. Am reading Jennifer’s book right now “The Making of a Prophet”. Wish I would have read it many years ago. It explains so much. Take care.

  433. Please pray for me to be able to hear God clearly and to humble myself and be obedient to all that He speaks. I desire to hear Him more and I’m seeking Him for more. Thank you and bless each and every one of you.