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  1. Please pray for my mom as she has had a stroke , shes making progress but I pray that her right side will start to move and be free and her speaking will come back to normal in Jesus name! Lord we need a miricle , Thank you Thank you let your glory shine thru this situation!!




    2. Complete healing of my mother’s mental illness of Paranoid Schizophrenia, Elizabeth P. Saucelo for almost 12yrs. She was been raped, abandoned by her father, abandoned my father, abandoned by my family and Relatives. She is also had been involved in witchcrafts and occult in the past that made her mental illness worst.

    3. Fresh anointing daily to overcome and destroy all witchcrafts, sorcerers and magicians that are oppressing us every night around 9pm-6am.

    I can feel their demonic powers oppressing us with overwhelming fear, lustful thoughts and sexual dreams, confusion, anger, hatred, sicknesses, depression and thoughts of death… Me and my family and relatives feel or experienced during those hours.

    All of us in the house had a cough, headaches and other body pains.

    5. Fresh hunger and thirst for God’s word and his presence Daily. GROWING DEEPER IN THE FEAR OF THE LORD, REPLACING ALL FEARS WITH THE FEAR OF THE LORD DAILY.

    6. Supernatural provision of my needs and my family daily, since I am not able to work always because of my undiagnosed sicknesses, and because of the road accident that happened to me this March 2021.

    7. Supernatural deliverance of my sister from witchcraft curse and her husband because of Fornication, anger, hatred, unforgiveness, rebellion to Authorities and alcoholism and being involved in occult practices. Ma. Angelica P. Saucelo and Jayson Arguilles. Salvation and conversion also of their souls.

    8. Fresh anointing to lead our family prayer meetings, we are already in our 255th night of Family Prayer Meeting, I am the only CHRISTIAN in our family, and all my family and Relatives are Roman Catholic, some of them join me in the family prayer meetings.

    Wendell Saucelo
    Loved in CHRIST
    Aka Paul
    Tacloban city, Leyte, Philippines 6500

  3. Im praying not only for reconciliation with my uncle but he gets salvation, i pray he gets delivered from his neorapathy, his mental health to be restored from his past, and he gets saved. I wish he can attend my church. I also need prayer to be delivered from failures.

  4. Prayer to be set free from these Lower abdomen cramps and flare up episodes of cramps and diarrhoea, and everyday gassiness and most days of sharp pains.. been praying and declaring for so long and still not yet healed. It’s got even to the point of blood transfusions due to heavy periods and lack of eating..and suicide and self harm ….this has been happening monthly for over a year.
    Also been dealing with acid reflux for 10 years.

    Need healing, freedom and breakthrough from the following:

    Lower abdomen cramps
    Lower sharp pains
    Everyday Gassiness
    These cramps could be possibly caused by undiagnosed: Ibs, Ibd, Endometriosis, Cyst
    Period cramps
    Self harm
    Aspergers (form of autism)
    Weight Loss

    Also tests are too invasive to go through due to trauma and I prayed for healing without a medical assist. But I feel I might have no choice. Lord have mercy on me. 😩

  5. Dear Father in heaven, please enable me by your grace to be a mom. Flood my son with your love that never fails. Heal him, set him free. Especially how to handle the time and content of using his cellphone. Break all bondages around it and bring back the joy of salvation. Give me wisdom how to help him growing and to accept rules around family matters. Thank you that you love him so much. Holy Spirit invade his heart and set him on fire for you again.

  6. I saw an angel throwing down swords in China, and China split and attacked each other. Until they kill each other.
    I saw the evil spirits were snatched, and no one escaped. The demons’ dwellings were all burned down and there was no place to live.
    I call on prayers from all over the world to gather and pray for the collapse of the Chinese Communist regime.
    China is to be like a stone in the hands of angels, Babylon will be violently thrown down and sink into the deep sea. See no more.
    This will happen quickly.
    Amen. Proclaim in the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen!

  7. I am Sathya from India.So many years onwards I am struggling with Unemployment and even tried Business also ,but nothing worked till now daily crying and Praying for God’s will should be done in my Career.So please Pray for my Job or Business according to God’s will .Thank you

    • OK dear, ask God what does he want you to do. God, have mercy, please lighten her path. Lord almighty, you know her, please lead her breaking through, let her see what is the reason blocked. In Jesus Christ name, amen.

  8. I am dealing with a lot of losses, not death yet but family that abused me and left me including my children who are not saved believing lies against me.

    My husband on a death bed still denying Jesus. 8 long years since I got saved, no improvement with my children. Now, I am totally surrendering them to the Lord and removing myself from their lives. I am lost and wounded. Rejected and alone. I need lift up. Therapist or some help. Lord please. I don’t know what to do with myself. Feeling alone and isolated. I know I should not be talking like that but I don’t’ have much left in me to fight.

  9. I have never requested prayer or sent a message on here before. I just really feel like the Lord put it on my heart to reach out for help. My name is Kristie. I am 39 years old and have struggled for years. I am deeply wounded and have a lot of past hurts. I have experienced abuse, trauma, loss, etc. I have been dealing with so much shame and guilt from the past, rejection, etc. About the time all these memories started to resurface and flood my mind, the Breakthrough series Jennifer is currently doing popped up on my Facebook. I have been following along every morning as much as possible. I know the Lord wants to deliver me and set me free from this prison and all the chains and demonic strongholds that have held me down and caused me to be unfruitful for so long, and give me a supernatural breakthrough. The resistance I’ve been facing is growing so much stronger—to the point I don’t know if I can continue to stand through the fire. I am so broken, weary, tired, and overwhelmed. I feel like I have no sense of purpose or reason to go on. I feel numb and paralyzed like I can’t breathe or move at times. It is very difficult for me to concentrate, pray, or get in the Word. I am dealing with deep depression, heaviness, oppression, and a lot of anxiety. I feel so worthless, rejected, unloved, hopeless, like such a failure. Sometimes I feel like giving up. I know I am in a spiritual battle. I am experiencing so much resistance I can barely even type this out. I am crying out for Jesus to help me and to give me some kind of sign that he loves me and has a plan for my life. I am so desperate right now for a word from Him. I live in Kentucky but would fly to Florida to meet with Jennifer, if that is what the Lord would have me to do. I desperately need healing and deliverance. I have been contemplating suicide at this very moment. I covet your prayers.

    “Why, O God, have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from saving me, so far from the words of my groaning? O my God I cry out by day but you do not answer, by night, and am silent.” Psalm 22:1-2

    • I pray that the Lord will deliver you from this torment soon enough….Lord please come quickly for this woman….I plead the blood of Jesus over her now for sudden breakthrough…..Amen🙏🙏🙏

  10. If you could please pray for me as I don’t know how to handle the issue of the unpardonable sin. I don’t know how to get revelation on it and from what a leader in the body of Christ who walks closely with the Lord said this sin is it sounds like I committed it. If you could pray this would be resolved asap as it’s a bit to hard to bear for obvious reasons. Thank you.

  11. my son is in jail and will send him to camp. he ask us to pray that they send him where they have Faith based program, He wants to grow and have relationship with the Lord. also protect him from any harm. Blood of Jesus cover him. Thank you, God bless you.

  12. Father I pray for every need that has been requested and I ask you Lord to bring breakthrough, healing and deliverance into their lives today. I pray that avenues of release will come into their lives today. Father may they experience peace and revelation today in every aspect of their lives. In Jesus name amen.

  13. Please pray for me as I have been tormented with demon spirits. I am hoping for a breakthrough. They have caused me much heartache and suffering.

  14. Hello. Please agree with me in prayer that my fiancé will be fully healed and protected against the schemes and wiles of the evil ones. Also for supernatural favor and protection. Thank you

  15. Dear Jennifer,

    I need your kind help to give me prophetic guidance and pray for me to become effective in serving God in Saudi Arabia.

    This is a brief summary of a pattern I have noticed in my life and I am seeking supernatural help and guidance to understand why it is so and how to overcome it and live life victoriously and not in fear and defeat.
    Just before my marriage I lost my job and was jobless and in sort of captivity not able to leave Saudi Arabia to get married for almost 8 months, which my wife never understood and has held it as an indication that I do not love her or care enough for her to keep my word on such an important occasion.
    3 years later, when my 1st daughter was born, my wife had complications and almost bled to death. I was on my knees the whole night as she was operated upon and while she was in coma for next 2 days in ICU. This complication for mother and daughter cost me a whole lot and to complicate matters I also lost my job and was jobless for around 4 months. I was forced to take loans on my credit card and paid 5% per month penalty interest during this time.
    We spent the next 8 years in a very small one room apartment on the rooftop, with exposure to extreme heat and cold, a very bad and sadistic boss, who did not give permission even to sponsor a telephone for emergencies.
    3 years later, just few days before the birth of my 2nd daughter I lost my job and remained jobless for another 6 months and incurred debts and crippling credit card interest once again.
    3 or 4 years later, when we were visiting India on holiday, my wife took my two daughters and disappeared, almost driving me mad. This is because I joined a Pentecostal church in Year 2001 and she just hated the church and my serving the church. Our services were long from 10 am to 6 pm on Friday, mid week prayer, fellowship and bible study. The most hurtful for her was the standing on faith for healing, sometimes which took long time and sometime which never bore fruit before the children were taken to hospital.
    She emerged one day before my leave expired for me to return to Saudi from my leave as our Visa has time limits, and forcibly remained in India with the children for 4 years.
    She returned in Sep 2007 and I got a good job in 2008 December, but in-spite of a lot of hard work and travelling and striving the company went bankrupt and we came to know only 8 months later, by which time I was without 8 months salary but working all the time.
    I was blessed with another job in May 2010 and remained employed and working very hard and my work was appreciated also a lot, but somehow it failed to produce the income and profits. I ruptured the cartilage inside my left knee and spent 5 years waiting on the Lord to heal me, until the crutches I was forced to use in the 5th year, gave me paralyzing pain in my upper back muscles and finally I was operated upon when the church gave up on me waiting to receive healing.
    When my 1st daughter went to College in USA, I accompanied her to settle her in, but fell ill with severe lower back pain and same upper back catch and was admitted to hospital twice, during this treatment I received news that my mother had expired and I had to travel in a very painful condition without completing treatment to attend her burial service in India, all the way from USA.
    When I took my 2nd daughter to USA for her admission, I lost my job in Sep 2019 and after 3 months notice period, I have been without a job now for the past 2 years.
    When I returned to Saudi my Old Church in which I served very faithfully for over 20 years, suddenly accused me of writing whatsapp messages to the Church group and praise my self and my preaching and dealing with believers over the Pastor. I don’t know who wrote the messages, but they concluded me as guilty and I left them with a heavy heart and sat at home for 3 months, before a family who left the church because of me repeatedly met me and encouraged me to start a small prayer and bible study in their home, and we began end of Jan 2020.
    I have not mentioned all the losses of savings and investments due to these break in my jobs and forfeiture of investment since I could not continue to pay the monthly contributions.
    I mention the following not to boast, rather to humbly submit my love for my Lord and his Body the Church to be generous in tithing and giving offerings to the Church as well as to Servants of God as and when our Lord enabled me. Hence I do not have any bank balance or investments to fall back on. All the past 2 years, I have continued to serve a small fellowship group that I teach in and tithe and make offerings and share with servants of God as per their need and request as the Lord enabled me, out of the gratuity and end of service payment that my past employer is paying slowly over this period.
    Now I have not received anything from them for 2 & ½ months, the house rent is overdue, my bank balance is not sufficient to meet the credit card billings for my daughters expenses and fees in USA. I do not have a job and my daughters small earnings from their summer job is also exhausted.
    I am firm in my belief and faith in God and His faithfulness, but the present situation over the last week has given me sleepless nights, even though I pray and worship, read spiritual books and hear worship and sermons and confess the Word of God, all of which helped me to survive this long period without a job and remain positive and encourage others and pray for them.
    I am seeking to understand why this is happening in my life and how to overcome it through the supernatural gifts operating through a servant of God, as I feel I could not get any answers from God on my own. Not one dream, nor vision nor inspiration in my spirit. I am really broken with the challenging and accusing voice of where is your faith, where is your God and am I not just a fake hypocrite seeking the adoration of some believers by playing Church or religion.
    I have been seeking to meet servants of God as much as I could and am open to any instruction or guidance to overcome my issues. I have always relied and leaned wholly on the Grace of God alone and his mercy and tender compassion, not any works to get anything from him. My salvation and everything else has been and will remain Wholly by His Grace and Mercy alone.
    My name is Rajeev Chowdhry, born to an alcoholic and abusive Hindu father and staunch catholic mother, who I believe was saved by the grace of God in 2011. My Saudi Mobile number is + 966 506830206 and I am available on all major VoIP internet apps such as WhatsApp, IMO, FaceTime on this mobile for convenience of talking and prayer.
    Now my younger daughter Grace, who was struggling with severe crippling migraines was forced to drop her Undergrad during 2nd year, resulting in extreme pain and heartbreak for her and she has become absolutely faithless as my prayers for her healing for past 3 years did not bear fruit and she is no longer able to study or concentrate due to a spirit of depression. She is taking psychiatric treatment and medication to no avail. This alone resulted in loss of around $ 40,000 this year and I am under huge debts now, no job and no source of income.
    Thanking you in advance for your kind and compassionate help. God bless you abundantly.

    kind regards,

    Rajeev Chowdhry
    Saudi Mobile + 966 506 830206

  16. Prayer request:

    For my healing after a cell group leader had outbursts of anger as I disagreed with her viewpoints. I am praying whether I should change into another cell group or to a safer church.



  17. Blessing,
    Can I have a prayer for Financial provision? My son can’t find a school loan for his University.

  18. Blessings, can you pray for salvation for my Daughter Pamela and my son Mario. Bought of them have depression, anxiety they can’t sleep at nigh.

  19. My husband and I have been commissioned by the Lord to pray for the state of California. We are launching a prayer walk on September 10th from Los Angeles on the coast of California. I asked that you will please be praying for us as we enter regions and territories taking them back because they ultimately belong to the Lord Satan has just camped out there. We are fully aware that we are going to come up against warfare but the victory is the Lord’s and he would never have us trample our feet on any land where we could be defeated. I say all that because it’s important to have people praying for you when you go to do the Lord’s work. So I asked that you will be interceding for my husband John and I thank you so much and may the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you all!

  20. Thank you for prayers for my complete restoration and healing wholeness. Post twisted bowel and hernia surgery. Family restoration and to become children of God. Also debt cancellations. Thanks and BLESSINGS.🙋🌝

  21. I have bothering spirits they mess with my breathing make me feel things I wouldn’t thought me all kinds of things need help getting them to go away

  22. Please pray for me to have a breakthrough to see God’s will clearly. Pray for me to have a breakthrough against spiritual warfare. Pray for me to have a breakthrough for my child’s education, my finances and for me to see what God wants me to do for his glory. I want to bring Glory to God in whatever way he wants to use me.

    • I’m asking for prayer please. I will be doing a Biopsy tomorrow on my breast.please help me pray for a good result in Jesus name. Amen .

  23. Please pray with me for my 87yr old mom. She suddenly got very sick. We don’t know what is wrong with her. At night she is in terrible pain. During the day there is no.pain.

  24. I need deliverance for my 33 yo son who has a severe alcoholic and prescription addiction issue .He has died at least 20 times due to overdoses and car ax. The enemy has been trying to kill him since he was 20. I have been standing in the gap but I just lost my son and husband COVID within the last 8 months and I am exhausted. I pray everyday, take communion, worship, speak affirmations and confessions, read my bible. I am not in sin. I need the body to undergird me as a widow and he now being fatherless. Please help me. The cursing me out , destroying my house, breaking things and even punctuating my tires on my Jaguar. I am unable to work because he can’t be left alone.

  25. I need prayers for my son’s upcoming trip to visit me in Miami, Florida. Thank you and God bless you

  26. Hi Prophet, Please pray for my Financial aspect in life. It’s been one year after i graduated and i cant find a job till to date. Pray for my deliverance from the spirit of lack.

  27. I’m asking that you pray for Khadijah Harden that she be separated and remove from Lawrence Lettley and Teresa Glivens forever because Lawrence and Teresa are demonic filled and they believe in witchcraft strongly. They got demonic strongholds and demonic influence over Khadijah life especially her mind and she need to be delivered from them for good.

  28. I have urgent prayer requests for my daughter please. She is young adult who needs the Lord to deliver her from depression and anxiety. Could you please agree with me today that her total healing and deliverance. I believe Jesus Christ took all our infirmities on the cross. In Jesus Christ name. I am thankful for your ministry.

  29. I have been suffering so many setbacks/delays/hinderance for more than two years, seems so difficult supernaturally, please pray for me and my husband. He has been stuck in a foreign country since 2019 and many unexpected issues occurred, bank account suspended, extra tax payment charged by local IRS, machine spoiled, one local worker deceased, himself was beaten by the deceased family and got his hand fracture…long story in short, we’ve been through a lot during past two years, we need a breakthrough to set us free from this situation ASAP. thanks.

  30. I pray that me and my uncle’s friendship gets restored. I pray that he gets delivered from his mental strongholds in his life and alcoholism.

  31. Please pray for Colossians 1:13,: “He has rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of the Son he loves” to be activated in my niece’s life please and that she should know Yeshua. She is seeing stuff in the spirit over her body. Please pray for her deliverance. Thank you.

  32. Please pray for Ms. T’s deliverance from influence of witchcraft or evil on her mind, body, and spirit right now in the Name of Jesus. Cleanse her with Blood of Jesus, make her whole, new and clean in the Name of Jesus and by the power of His precious blood. I declare she is a daughter of the King of Kings,, His Chosen and His Beloved, His Servant of the Most High God. Amen!

  33. Pray for me for healing, emotional and spiritual. My body delivered from witchcraft, rejection, being an unwanted child.

  34. christophersaint517

    My name is Christopher and I am a 33 year old quadriplegic of 14 years who believes that I was healed by Jesus stripes and that everyone around him is about to witness a extraordinary demonstration of the power of God through the Holy Spirit. I am called to be a kingdom financier as well as having a John G. Lake-like apostolic mantle and a Kathryn Kuhlman-like pastoral mantle upon my life. This is all for the Disciplining of nations in this new Era of Glory as God is implementing his brilliant plan after 2000 years to bring forth many sheep nations through the combination of the continuous outpourings of his Holy Spirit along with ecclesia army he has raised up. I wanted to tell you a little of who I am and what I know so you believe the rest of what I’m about to say. I was praying and in the spirit when the lord showed me the face of Aleister Crowley’s power demon (A.C. Is considered as the father of modern day Satanism). After seeking the Lord about what is meant He made me to know that I was about to face a high level occult witchcraft attack. I am sorry to say I did nothing like anything I should have done for what I was about to face, two weeks later my Mother was given a God given dream that caused her to fly the next morning from Anchorage to the Nursing home I’m living at to tell me that it was time for me to get up and walk. After this, all hell broke out in my life. First I was attack by what Jesus refers to as a “tormenting spirit” that I believe was empowered by witchcraft and if wasn’t for the Divine intervention of the Holy Spirit I wouldn’t gone into madness from the visions from this demonic being. Then 2 mornings later Jesus told me that fire angels were on their way and I was going to another level. The next day it was brought to my remembrance that PROFIT ALBERT MILTON prophesied I was going to another level. I can tell you that I learned a lot that glorious day of spiritual warfare. After that day, I fell into 30 days of the most frightening witchcraft induced hallucinations were I was constantly being tortured physically, mentally, and emotionally (often my tortured would end in death or near death, at one point I was convinced that I had been sent to hell, another time I was convinced and error in my judgment and allowing someone to live led to my entire family being murdered and then I had a being that was pretending to be an angel come and heap up condemnation upon me for causing this to happened). I believe that main goal of this hallucinations was my death because I believed that my food, water, and medication had witchcraft on them that made them deadly and so in reality I was also refusing them. Because of this, I had to receive supports by IV and lost weight. The last day of these hallucinations, my heavenly Father showed up and told me to use the blood of Jesus day in and day out to break witchcraft off of myself (this encounters and others during this 30 days period was because of the prayers of friends and family) and to apply it over myself for protection. He made me aware in the following days that the battle was half over at that time. Please understand that God has given me an invention that is going to bring the quality of life up for people all around the globe and he transformed my heart into the heart of Christ and I plan on giving my billions away to flood this earth with love, light, and life. I plan in giving half my business away with the deal that who I gave it away to will run of the day to day operations so I can spend all my time with the Lord, whoever my wife is, and our children, and doing the work of ministry. I felt led by the spirit to ask all of you for a prayer and I was given a knowing that it’s the wise thing to do “since I’ve donated money to you all.” My prayer request is for breakthrough on every front for me and my future wife. I believe that my wife to be is near and she is known by the kingdom of darkness and that they know who she is to me and that she has really been going through it in regards to spiritual warfare. Whatever you pray for me please include her.

  35. My prayer is for God to forgive me and protect me I feel like I am not appreciating enough. Jennifer spoke of a young lady that was being used to create spirits that are not of God.. that lady was me. I am still running away from these people and their very scary intimidating demons. I hear voices and screams almost everywhere I go and these screams are not good. please pray to God to protect my family and I AND TO GIVE A SOLUTION TO THIS. AMEN

  36. I need prayer for my marriage and my husband. For him to be saved and for full healing and restoration of my marriage. My husband wants a divorce and I am desperate to see the move of God as I wait on His promises to be fulfilled that my daughter and husband be saved and he and I love the Lord together

  37. Prophet LeClaire,
    Please pray with me in prayer for my loved one Darryls right ear to be healed. Thank you so much. I appreciate you

  38. Please pray for complete healing from covid 19 that the sequelae will be gone in Jesus name. That I shall continue to find employment in my prior field of work. That God have mercy on me

  39. Plz🙏🙏🙏🙏plz help and pray for me..I’m needy..I already submitted my request regarding two cysts in my ovaries..and tumor in center of stomach and I’m a sufferer of witchcraft also..plz help me I don’t know why this happening kindly guide me also

  40. Plz pray for me..I’m needy..I already submitted my request regarding two cysts in my ovaries..and tumor in center of stomach and I’m a sufferer of witchcraft also..plz help me

  41. God has blessed me with an affordable home. I have neighbors that play loud music, fight, have loud parties, and allow their children to play in the street all times of the night. Please pray for peace on my block. Pray for my neighbors (I don’t know how). I am very concerned about the shooting and the children.

  42. Please pray me and my marriage. I am married to a south African of Indian origin. We had lot of problems in the first year of marriage only. My mother in law and sister’s in law interfered a lot. I had an argument with my mom in law, after that she made everyone stand against me n made my husband send me back to India. It was more like a spiritual battle for me cause my mom in law seems like influenced by jezebelic spirit, my sister in law was very revengeful. Bfr the I God had shown me that He is going to use me in south Africa. My husband now says we are separated and has blocked all contacts with me. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage and that God will change my husband and he will come and take me back to Durban. Thank you.

  43. I would really appreciate it if you could please pray for me, I do not usually bother or worry anyone to pray for me, I have been listening to the morning broadcast for approx over a month now, the past week has been a complete nightmare, attack from the enemy has been the worse ever, he has stuck out his ugly head a couple of times in my life to the extent of taking my life twice but this time the attack is on my marriage, some very serious accusations have been made against my marriage, from someone very very close to me (relative) has made these accusations and is quite determined,I have no idea why to destroy us, destroy my husbands reputation, I know the enemy is angry because I have been praying for this particular person because I care and love them very much, right now I am fighting a battle that is bigger than me, to make it worse there is so much of gossip that I am also hearing from people that are close to me (family that I have sacrificed for and take of)

    I am really trying to not be filled with bitterness and unforgiveness, the message today was so right on point and for me, ‘immunity from the enemy’s venom”

    I feel so alone right now, my husband is my best friend, I don’t have anyone to talk to or pray with

    Can I also ask that if you could please pray for doors of employment to open up for me I need to work

  44. I live in a home with mostly unbelievers. I own the home with my husband. My 93 year old aunt says she loves Jesus and my husband as well, but they have no desire the chase God or be immersed in The Word. My son isn’t interested in knowing God and neither is the Jewish man who helps me with my aged aunt. I would love to change the atmosphere here. Is there any way for me to do that without loud praise? My heart feels so heavy at times because I feel so squelched and guilty for allowing this in my home. Please pray for me to overcome and be more bold. Also, any suggestions from you will be appreciated. HELP!

  45. Hi my name is christy Patterson I have two beautiful daughters kaliyah zemira parker and jasmine nichole parker. I need all prayers going out to me and my children because I am fighting a bad curse from my aunt which is a witch and I believe she has the Jezebel spirit because she swears she is a good witch a Christian witch. Anyways I burnt a bible that she had of the women of the bible and I think it cursed me I lost my home and my car. She tried to curse me and make me get into a wreck well instead my fiance got in a wreck I lost my car my relationship and my home and I believe its cause shes got a evil soul ties against me. I need extra prayers to help me because I’m getting tired. Thank you Lord and thank you all and may God bless you all have a great day.

  46. I had Covid for 10 weeks and since then I have been wrestling with crushing chest inflammation for 14 months. There is constant painful pressure on my chest, and heart, where it feels like a truck rolled over me and crushed several ribs. I’ve been to the ER for all kinds of tests, been to two lung specialists, have seen 6 doctors altogether so far and tried various prescription meds. None of which have really helped much.

    Also… I am the only care giver for my wife, who suffered a stroke two years ago. Our lives were difficult before, and now are ten times more difficult.

    Additionally I suffer from lupus / fibromyalgia, which causes muscle pain, and extreme light sensitivity. Being under the newer LED light bulbs causes me to get headaches, nausea, and migraines. Too much sun exposure causes the same symptoms.

    We are trusting in the Lord to one day soon intervene and grant our petition for a full and complete healing. Please pray for us.

    Thank you!

    Blessings in Jesus,

  47. Asking God to intercede on my son Thaddeus’ behalf as he is currently battling depression and feeling as if he is a failure. He told me he longer believes in God. He refuses to speak to a therapist or to seek any type of help. I am asking God to break the chains of depression, mental instability and the feeling of not belonging. He is 22 and has always been happy, healthy and whole. His girlfriend told him that she slept with someone else during a break and that is what initially started the downward spiral. For i know i serve a good and mighty God and he has given me authority over this battle but i cant fight alone.

  48. My 23 yr. old cousin informed me that she is in a relationship with a man that befriended her when she was 17 yrs old and he was 30 yrs. My cousin has a bright future and this man is too old for her. I am concerned that he will manipulate and control her. I expressed my disdain for this relationship and now she has stopped speaking to me.

    Please pray for her salvation and obedience unto God. Also, pray to repair our relationship. Thank you and God Bless.

  49. I am calling on powerful intercessory prayer: to shift the demonic hold over our daughter who has listened to the lies that she thinks she is gay. She was molested in 9th grade then raped in college…both times calling out to God…she had been sharing her faith, leading friends to Christ and doing missions trips. Her heart is wounded and hardened against God and me. Please join me in calling out the demonic lies and strongholds over her to be replaced with her eyes and ears opened to who she is in Christ: pure, beloved, whole…thank you!!

  50. Dear Sister In Christ Our LORD Jesus ,Sister Claire My Father is In His ill Bed He have been ill(B.P.Stroke)since 26th of March, 2021 he was one Of among the Church Deacon in our Church.
    My Earnest Prayer Request for my father:Right Side Of his Hand and Foot can no longer move and he can’t speak too, And Sometimes he has fever too.
    Sister Please Remember Our Family in your Prayer my father real name is Songtinreng @Achon. We Are from India, Manipur, Khoirentak Khuman village
    And If it’s our Heavenly Father’s Will, He Will Surely Answer us With Heavenly Words.




    (Psalm 46:10, Zephaniah 3:17-19, Isaiah 41:10, Habukkuk 2:14, Joel 2:28-29, and Jeremiah 33:3)

  52. Hi, I married a woman and for 8 years she has refused to contribute to the marriage, she hides her money, will not buy food or even pay for the smallest things in the marriage. When i ask her to help, many excuses and counter accusations on every topic possible. I helped her fix and she sold 4 houses, she didn’t offer me not one penny; I Asked the Lord for permission to divorce, I have heard many times I think by Him, saying wait. I’m confused. Praying for her and if she will not change, i pray the Lord to help me leave. She says she is a chrstiian, but will not follow anything in the bible. She will try to make me homeless if she can, she is very greedy keeps my kids from my first marriage from me. I pray the lord will wake her up to the truth, that she loves money more than even the Lord. I feel like an enabler that is trapped.

  53. I’m asking for prayer for Khadijah Harden; pray for her salvation. Pray that she’ll accept and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  54. Please pray for me, my mind is under demonic attack since Dec. 2018. I’ve being cursing, swearing, cursing God, using explicits, drowning in sorrows, feeling suicidal very often, can’t pray well, depressed and life becomes meaningless to me. I’m very weak in spirit and feeling some hate towards God for my miserable unhappy broken life. My families witchcraft attack has taken a hold on me and it seems I’m overcome by evil. I need desperate prayer and help please…

  55. 911, my name is Tamika, and I need you to please start praying right now for supernatural healing, grace, mercy, peace, deliverance, favor, and protection for myself. From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I don’t have COVID-19, but I have been severely coughing for over a month now and I’m frustrated because it will not go away. I don’t want nor need any type of cancer, blood clots, tumors, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, mold, nor any other problems with my respiratory and immune systems. I ready for this on going deadly cough to be gone and never come back; I’m sick of it. I don’t want to die, not ready to die. I just want and need to be heal on earth. I want this cough to be gone already. I just don’t want God to tell me through His Word that He will heal me. I need God to show me through action that He will heal me. I want the manifestation of my healing to begin. I’m praying for an open heaven on earth. I’m not going to die to receive my healing. I want it while I’m alive. Lord, you know that I have tried everything possible and now it’s in your hands ( I’m truly frustrated because I have tried everything). I’m trusting you, Lord to heal me. I don’t want nor need this cough another day. I can barely drink, I’m scared to eat, and I can’t sleep at night without coughing. I don’t want to cough another day (I’m coughing so much that it’s starting to hurt my chest). Heal me, Jesus!

  56. I recently found out that a large portion of my moms side of the family is buying and dealing drugs (cartel) business. For 32 years they have been lying to me about who they are. I have discovered that I’ve been under surveillance all my life because they were afraid of getting caught. This all happened right under my nose. These are people I trusted since I was an infant. Up until now I have been speaking to one of them all about my life, and giving her personal information. I found out through revelation of the Holy Spirit that she was just trying to get information about me. I am a teacher and a follower of God. The worst part of it all is they claim Christianity. I’m not sure if they are or if it is just a false identity, which is what these people often do. I am appalled and traumatized right now. I cut off the relationship, and briefly communicated why. They know I know who they are now. I am feeling concerned about my safety and the tracking they do. Even worse, I have discovered my apartment complex is full of these people. I currently live in California and am seeking a new residence. Please pray for guidance, wisdom, and protection.

  57. Hi.
    I need help.

    My Apostle has just told my mother and I to leave the ministry, which means hell to them. I was under ‘spiritual parents’ who said they have the power to send me to hell. Well, now they’ve kicked us out. Yet I have diagnosed PTSD from the treatment from the spiritual parents… from being put on many fasts, lied to, gaslighted, my psychologist says I have the signs of a psychological terrorised war victim, was isolated from my whole family and friends, they lied and threatened my fiancé and I and forcibly broke us up to never speak to each other again. Because of the ptsd I have refused to take their calls (cuz I have continued to go into hysterics and severe panic attacks which have been so extreme they have caused me to go to hospital too) and because of this they’ve kicked us out. We watched Jennifer LeClaires 7signs of a cult video and this ministry has 6 of those signs.

    I don’t know how to cope with being told to leave and the threat of hell. They’ve drilled this into me / us for years. I’m beside myself in fear, I’m a first year law student (they finally gave me permission to go) and yet I haven’t been able to focus, have extreme levels of anxiety, breaking down at every moment and now I’m kicked out. I don’t know what’s true and I don’t know how to cope with this. Please may I have prayer for myself my mother and my partner.

  58. I need deliverance and want to come to you in person for prayer but I am thousands of dollars in debt and don’t have the money.I can’t even afford your online deliverance services.I am really desperate for help.I am called to the 5 fold ministry office of a prophet as confirmed by Rick Joyner who was a personal friend when I went to a church called Grace here in Jackson MS and another Prophet named Clay McClean.But I can’t operate fully in this calling with the demonic oppression in my life.Recently I have wanted to throw in the towel and even considered suicide but God’s grace saw me through and I am a real fighter at heart but I am weary of this struggle so any prayer would be greatly appreciated

  59. I married a woman names Mozghan Elikaie two years ago. My wife has two daughters. She is 21, and the other is 29. It has been about three months since I found out that my wife is in a relationship with a young man. I request for you please pray that My wife’s daughters find out. Please pray that this relationship is revealed to my wife’s daughters and that the connection is broken.

  60. Please pray for me I feel so stagnated and am not sure what to pray for anymore I have prayed and believed God for a breakthrough and I feel like have come to my end I need a miracle a tangible sign of God’s love and goodness…am desperately in need of His manifestation.

  61. I enter the presence of the Lord in the name of Jesus Christ, for who He is and for what He did, does and will do.

    And I pray that the Lord will accept me on this path to the prayer room. May His will be done and may His Holy Spirit guide me in learning from Him and covering in prayer according to His Holy Will.

    In the name and for the love of Jesus Christ


    Rachel Rodrigues
    Ilhabela – São Paulo – Brasil

  62. Praying right now and in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to touch His saints in the earth, Amen.

  63. I’m standing in the gap for my brother James A. Coleman II here in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. I’m truly and sincerely asking for your prayers and intercession for my brother. My heart is truly hurting right now for my brother but i can’t and I won’t give up on my brother James A. Coleman II. I truly ask for your prayers and urgent intercession for my brother James A. Coleman II. Father God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by your Holy Spirit, please touch and move upon the heart of my brother James A. Coleman II. I decree and declare
    Ezekiel 36:26, I’m decreeing a NEW HEART within my brother James A. Coleman II, I’m declaring a NEW SPIRIT within my brother James A. Coleman II. Lord Jesus, I ask this for your eternal glory Amen.

    John Devin Bates
    Indianapolis, Indiana USA

    • John i stand with you and will pray for your brother James A. Coleman II for God did not give him a spirit of fear but of power and a sound mind

  64. Hi, 6 years there’s been a entity trying to take me over, and under. Spirits attacking and attaching. There’s been a battle between forces a war between God and Satan. It is discusting and disturbing. I don’t know why all this here or came to me. This whole time I’ve cried out to God and still it is other entity’s here

  65. Hello, I am praying for breakthrough in my career, business, finances, relationships and for God to cover my children and draw them closer to His heart. Also to increase my spiritual discernment and understanding. God Bless you all!

  66. Hello! I am a student from Jamaica, and I wanted to ask for prayer and Gods blessing over my upcoming exams. I pray that He would be with me throughout my time in school, and use my career ultimately for His glory!! ☺

    Thank you sooo much! I pray that you will be blessed!

  67. I’m one intercessor to my senior pastor. I need to see and know good and evil in assisting my senior pastor in taking the harvest and expanding the Kingdom of God. But, God is silent, not much in the way of dreams, visions, spiritual gifts.

  68. I want to request prayer, for my dear friend, Makenzie. that she and (Marte) work things out. pray he will forget the past and they will move forward. and he will let go of everything. Pray for restoration of their relationship. And pray he gives her a place to stay or she will be on the streets.. this is very urgent request
    pray for a miracle. and pray that they will still get to get married . believing in a miracle to happen before January 16th


  70. Hi, Apostle Jennifer and Team. I am blessed to be a member of the Ignite network and I am in need of some prayer warriors. On Nov 9th I had to have a total hysterectomy and now having to go through radiation and chemo. Can you all please pray for me over these next 5 weeks. I’m believing for complete healing. Thank you!

  71. I’m having abdominal/colon problems. Pain most of the time. Please agree with someone in prayer for me that healing will be manifested in my body that the Lord Jesus already paid for. Thank you and God bless you.

    Lois Lewis

  72. Greetings, please pray for me and the business, the whole year the business couldn’t generate steady revenue and it is now currently in debts, it is really affecting me also as a person.

  73. Total Restoration in Christ Jesus over me and my kids and outpouring ofGod’s holy spirit the mantle to preach teach heal the sick prophesy ,encouraging edifying and evangelizing and casting out of the devils in the lost souls and in the body of Christ. 74 spirit of discernment like never before the spirit of bonus and might meekness and humbleness to fulfill the calling that has been placed on my life dreams vision signs and wonders financial increase to have mass revivals all over the world teaching people about Jesus in his love and how he died on the cross for I said health and well ness centers all around the world. And lastly the connection to my destiny helpers to help fulfill this calling in Jesus name Amen

  74. Please pray that God brings an end to the Warfare in my life, The warfare is caused by Household enemies. My own family members have been working witchcraft against me for over 30 years and I am crushed and disheartened concerning all of the hurt, both physical and emotional, and all of the adversity and losses that I have suffered at the hands of very very close family members. Thank You.

  75. Please pray for my husband Levi Lewis. 2 and a half months ago he had a massive heart attack and a bypass. Heart beat has increased up to a 100+ and skipping beats. Please find someone to agree with you and pray in faith believing. All this trouble makes me feel like it’s killing me physically, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually. Cause seems like I pray all the time, and nothing seems to get better. I also am not doing well(Strokes, heart, and intestinal problems). Thank you and God bless you.

    Lois Lewis

    • While praying, I saw a pair of divine hands reaching out and beside it there was an object which looks like a machine. I sense the Lord will releases His supernatural healing to your husband. Also, I received the word ‘Peace’ for you. Do do not let your heart be troubled, and know that the Lord Jesus is with you. Rest and trust in Him. He will give you the peace for your situations. Amen!

  76. Greetings Prayer Warriors,
    I am requesting prayer for my son who is having Bariatric Surgery next month outside of the US. Please join me that there will be no complications and that the surgery will be a great success. Please also prayer for traveling mercies to and from.
    THANK YOU and Blessings to you all. 🙏

  77. Please pray for my family to not get covid 19 my dad came out positive I’m worried Ima lose him please pray for him thank you

  78. I believe that Jesus Christ led me to you because I prayed for clarity and confirmation.

    10 years ago, after living as a born-again Christian for 8 months, I departed from the faith because of crippling OCD that resurfaced after reading the verse about the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I realized that I couldn’t live righteous and holy because my intrusive thoughts were unclean. I then fled from God’s face and hid in a mental fantasy world to numb the pain of sin, judgement and Hell.

    2.5 years ago, I began to experience symptoms of psychosis. I thought it was maladaptive escapism (imagination) as a result of watching anime, consuming kpop and playing video games. I became ”entranced” upon seeing the pictures of 2 male asian artists (Samuel Kim and Cai Xukun). When I looked at them, it’s as if I was told a story and I became aware of a conflict (spiritual warfare) between two opposing sides. Whenever I was entranced, I would see 11 around me, as if the Universe was telling me that my thoughts were not my imagination but prophetic visions.
    As my imagination or prophetic intuition or vision… began to unpack, I learned that one side would fall and perish in torment. I asked God to tell me if the ”actors” in my head are real people because I wanted to intercede. However, I was too far away from God to receive a clear answer because I wasn’t in a position to receive properly due to living in willful sin, but I told God that I would repent and change if He gave me the answer. I asked people to pray for me for clarity and even asked pastors. None of them could do anything for me.
    Recently, I repented and this profound and immense regret, guilt and fear fell upon me. I realized that I didn’t act accordingly. I should have prayed and sought Jesus diligently for answers, but I went to see a psychiatrist instead. I didn’t believe that the content could be prophetic. I was torn and stuck in a daily vicious cycle of mania (trance) during which I channeled the spirits of the people in my head, spiritual attacks in the form of accusations and delusions of persecution* and depression.
    Upon seeing your interview about the seer dimension, I panicked. Can you please help me make sense of what happened? Can you tell me if I was seeing the past, present or future? Can you tell me if the people I was supposed to pray for died? As of yesterday, I still prayed for them as if they were alive.
    I’m willing to come to your events if need be.

    *I originally thought that I was caught in a psychic network, relay network. Maybe I got in contact with dark seers. That’s why I was subjected to spiritual warfare. Because I didn’t know what was happening, I used Bible verses to protect myself and rebuke the anticipated attacks coming from one of the side.

    Thank you.

  79. Hi have you opened your deliverance ministry to the public? I saw on the website that it says you were only having this service for people who are members of your church. I just wanted to see if this has changed? I have been battling for 5 months now, I would appreciate any help. I have done, renouncing, repentance, forgiveness, consecration, fasting and prayer, I have casted out many out of myself, but this last one or last few just won’t leave no matter how much I torment it with prayers, the fire of God, the sword of the Lord, anointing oil. Please help sadly many ministries don’t believe in learning deliverance, I am desperate to serve the Lord, he has trained me to be an intercessory prayer, how to fast and stay consecrated. For a little while I was only going up with the Lord, But when I made major breakthrough, by allowing the Holy Spirit to push me through to pray 8 hours a day, 4 in the morning and 4 at night, while fasting, and dedicating myself the to the Word of God (and I say all this so you know I’m serious about serving Jesus, and I plan to completely stay delivered, zero comprise if I am given the opportunity for someone to help) but that night while I’m praying and driving around my city a Spirit that I believe was already there in me seemed to lock my body while I was driving to where I couldn’t move as I’m going 60 miles per hour, and I could hear just death threats whispering in my ears and then my eyes were rolling back. I Called on the name of Jesus as loud as I could and I could feel that grip on my body slack and I took back a hold of the wheel. Similar things to this nature has happened but this was the worst as I could have actually died, it was the grace of God. But ever since then this Spirit won’t stop it hinders everything I try to do for God, times where I’m praying and all of a sudden its like I’m having paralysis but I’m awake, hearing ringing in my ears when I pray, feeling something close to my face when I’m reading the Word, the only safety I have is worship the other day I worshipped from morning to evening to escape being bothered by that devil but of course it was still there afterwards and would not be cast out. Though it was very reactive, so I know it is ready to get out but I need help. I’m trying to keep strong in my prayer life and reading life, I’m trying not to be discouraged, but I’m becoming very discouraged, I don’t want to give up because I’m sold out completely to the blood of Jesus, any other option or path doesn’t look like an option to me. I would appreciate anything, if you guys can’t do it please please direct me to a ministry you recommend. I would appreciate it tremendously.

  80. Please pray for my granddaughter Destiny Nicole Kaplan, her husband Zackary, and their 2 babies Aliyah and Gwyn.. Her husbands boss just found out today he has covid.. Zack started running a fever/getting sick yesterday.. Please pray.

    Also a knot/lump in my upper right side and back.. Hurts almost all the time.. Feels like my colon.. And my husband Levi, his back and legs hurt him so bad he can’t rest.
    Also need a financial miracle; medical bills.. Thank you and God bless you.

    Lois Lewis

  81. Please stand with me in prayer against local witches here in FL,, I know I’ve been under witchcraft attack for the last 9 months, have learned how to fight thru prayer and God’s word but need others to come into agreement with me

  82. Father God I come now to repent and cleanse my heart. Forgive me for any ungodly emotions I’ve had towards anyone. I repent and ask for you Holy Spirit to show me where I need to change and grow. I pray for protection for my family from anything attacking me through my husband and his church. I pray you reveal what’s not of you. I pray the church is cleansed fro anything that has been hurting women. I pray protection from all lies and vicious intentions for myself and anyone at that church. May the fire of the Holy Spirit come and move hearts to repent. In Jesus name, amen

  83. My name is Mustafa Jones, I normally evangelize locally but I been fighting symptoms of multiple sclerosis in my walking mobility and my extremities. Please pray for me.

  84. my request from south sudan i need prophelic masssge about my life and activit my gift of seer, i start seeing in spirit same things when i pray i need to develop my gift plsae need help

  85. Gracious God. We love you. You are the center of our joy and the strength of our lives. We pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism,idolatry, sexual immorality,sorcery,leviathan,jezebel,witchcraft,hatred,wars, pestilences, famine,divination and violence. We pray that the spirit of darkness be lifted from America and the scales would be lifted from peoples eyes that they may see the truth and be set free. Your word says in I Corinthians 6:9-11Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. We pray for a return of your people to the fear of the lord and that the ancient foundations of American be not removed and that you would bring men and women to a place of repentance and forgive our sins. We ask that you give President Trump,his family and administration the mind of Jesus Christ and fill them with your holy spirit. Protect them from the coronavirus and surround him with Godly council and that all elected officials and world leaders will have wise counsel and have a heart for God. We ask that you will forgive the sins of our land and heal our land. We pray that your will be done in the Presidential Election of the USA. Have mercy on us all. Grant us your peace and direction. We pray for revival in our hearts and churches. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and healing for all of those affected by the coronavirus. Lord in your loving kindness and tender mercies hear our prayers and let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We give you glory for moving by your spirit and answering our prayers. In Jesus name Amen.

  86. Please pray for my mother Edna suffering from mental illness has been in and out of mental hospitals. She has her own apartment now please pray that she is totally healed and gets the help she needs for daily living she says something is inside of her that needs to be cast out.

  87. Praying for my family. We are in the middle of a transition. My Wife Lourdes Maria, my son Daniel , my son Ken, and my grand daughter Zoe. The enemy has stolen much praying that breakthrough encounter and restoration would come. Deep and deeper connection with God in Jesus in the Holy Spirit. God’s purposes in all all of us restored and lived unto our God.

  88. Please pray for total healing of my eyes, skin, hairs and back. Please pray for deliverance from financial crisis and poverty. Please pray for protection against the attack of the enemy and cancellation of all curses and negative words ever spoken over my life.

  89. Requesting prayer for my son who left home over a month ago. He hasn’t called, texted, or been in touch with me. He’s communicated very minimally with his younger siblings. He’s 20 years old. I want God to intercept the devil’s plans and deliver him from them, and bring him back home to us. I’m afraid he may have fallen prey to bad associations.

  90. 2 months ago the Lord led us out of the church we had been in for 16 years. I was the asst to the sr pastor-a woman.
    We had several confirmations from outside sources including 2 other ministries. They did not contact us but confirmed the leaving when we spoke to them. I’m struggling with the loss and the separation from my church family and more specifically from no direction. God gave us a wonderful covering 8 hours after we left, but they live 4 hours away so regular church attendance is not possible.
    I need vision to hang my faith on.

    • I received the word ‘perseverance’ for you. Sense that the Holy Spirit wants you persevere in your faith. New door will be open for you. Continue to put your trust in the Lord🙏

  91. Please pray for my deliverance from addictions and heart healing from trauma in the past, that the Lord would give me the strength to complete a fast to to be free.

  92. Please pray for President Donald Trump and his family in Jesus name. Pray for the upcoming 2020 United States Election in Jesus name.

  93. The Lord has put a prayer assignment upon me to prayer for the polling places and voter precincts. He said, “Build a prayer wall around them.” I am sharing this with you and inviting others to pray as you are led. Thank you.

    Father God, I praise You for Your mighty and all powerful ways and for Your love for me and for my country. I thank You for Your son, Jesus Christ, who paid the ultimate and complete price for all sin by the shedding of His blood on the cross. By the all powerful name of Jesus Christ, I pray for a hedge of protection, a wall, around my voting precinct/location (name it if you can) and ask for full integrity and honesty in the voting process. May Your hedge protect those who enter and leave and may no violence or hateful attack come upon the workers or volunteers at the polling place. May the votes be processed completely and accurately and be received in their proper location. May the workers and volunteers be honest and full of Your protection. May Your angel armies be released to hold the line in the entire voting process. Wherever needed, Lord push back the enemy, even satan and his dominion, from any form of sabotage or destruction upon our voting process and especially our nation. May the whirlwinds of the Holy Spirit prevail in all things in the Mighty and All Victorious name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

  94. Please pray for a miracle for my husband. He is seriously ill. Pray for God to lift him up and turn his life around. Pray for our Lord to bless him many more years. God have mercy. Work your mighty power and make him complete. I am asking for a miracle. Amen.

  95. Please pray for my mother, she is sturggling with bad dreams that turns into physical attacks on her body. She has two surgeries and don’t seem to be getting any better. I ask that she be prayed for, to break the attack and have consistant climb of good health and she makes a full recovery in Jesus name. I ask ask that while you pray you ask God to break the spritual warefare that is an assult on her life.

    Thank you

  96. Finally it was not easy trying to post a prayer. lol. i need prayer for my small church group, i am the cause of everyones pain and grief, they believe i have a spirit, maybe Jezebel, how knows

  97. Finally it was not easy trying to post a prayer. lol. i need prayer for my small church group, i am the cause of everyones pain and grief, they believe i have a spirit maybe Jezebel. not sure but my name is Rita thank you. i feel really alone here. for real. everything comes out wrong

  98. I NEED A SERIOUS financial breakthrough, money/checks /grants released that have been held up for months in Jesus’ name. God, please help me. Be my ever-present help in the time of trouble.

  99. Good day, I ve been suffering from migraines since the age of 15 (I am 50 now). A few years back the vertebra in my lower back collapsed to the right side – it is extremely painful (I had 2 facet block procedures done on my back to try and minimize the pain). The pain goes from my lower back collapsed vertebra, into my right hip and then into my pelvic floor muscles. I also suffer from a hiatal hernia (it causes gastroesophageal reflux), arthritis and infections. Please will you pray for my healing? Thanking you kindly,

  100. First of all, I am thankful that there is a website like this. My daughter is in an unhealthy relationship with a young man she knows at the university she attends. Please pray that all bonds between her and this man are broken. Please pray that she return to her rightful place as a child of God.
    Thank You

  101. Our apartment complex is in need of a cleaning crew. All previous help has quit because of the property manager. Now we as tenants have to put up with uncleanliness in our building. Please pray that God will miraculously send a cleaning crew to our apartment building to keep it clean in Jesus name I pray Amen.

  102. I resigned as an intercessor for a ministry, because the Lord said to, and have been slandered since then, for doing so. …I also need God’s direction and provision concerning my job situation.

    • to smcgriff – I am praying for you. I understand completely I had a foretelling dream that my prayer group would break up. I did not understand it until a few weeks later and then so grateful to the Lord about it all. My new prayer partner was in the dream and now we lead one of Jennifer’s prayer hub groups. Sending you love and praying you can endure any fiery darts the enemy throws. You know what the Lord told you and you will stand strong. I’m also praying about work too. You are welcome to our meet and greet this Friday for our hub – North Pole Awakening Prayer Hub. God bless you.

  103. Recently I surrendered my life to the Lord. I am a full pledged Believer in Christ Jesus and attending a Full Penetecostal Church and filled with the Holy Spirit. I speak in Diversity of Tongues.

    I am currently in SELF DELIVERANCE ……I am trusting God for TOTAL DELIVERANCE……

    I went out and invested in materials resources/books on self deliverance and spiritual warfare.. I have over 25 texts on John Eckhardt and many more others.

    I am in prayer and warfare and in his Word daily, fasting and believing GOD for Miracle.

    I was Bewitched by my neighbours. Some White witches placed a death spell on me. Motivated by Envy and Jealousy.

    Its Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Black Magic, along with Evil Spirits.

    I am dealing with Marine witchcraft, Spousal Marriage, Evil Monitoring Spirits, Bloodline curses.
    I am dealing with Mind Control Demonic Spells, Manipulation and Domination.
    and emotional abuse; Torment; I am experiencing sharp pains in my body; Face ance; Sleep paralysis;
    I hear these Witches talking in my head all day long non stop. I also see them in my dreams,

    They follow me around and shout in my head. One day I was sleeping and worked up with a loud bell noise in my ears .. For a moment I thought my ear bell burst; They attacked my finances. I am losing money by the day. I can’t seem to get my savings out my account and the bank is deducting interest by the day … I lost a lot since they moved into my building and placed this spell on me. I lost over $100 000 CAD dollars trying to get it off of me. Lost my job promotion three consecutive times and finally lost my job.Can’t seem to locate a good job in my field despite I have the experience but not qualified because I dropped out of college. Today I could have had my masters degree in Social Work…. Feel stuck sometimes.

    Can’t seem to get a real Breakthrough… if I do the devil comes right back and attacks me. Most people think I am crazy. It’s quite difficult to pretend I don’t hear them shouting in my head. They seem to be very interested in my destiny and how Rich I will be in the future. I don’t know what divination they are doing. My prayer is that GOD will place a spirit of confusion among them and make fool of their dark knowledge.

    I find myself having to fight hard for every little thing. I feel as though my Divine helpers are all abandoning me or come under severe attacks.

    Daily I find myself having to fight them day and night. It’s as though they purposely came to KILL AND SLOWLY DAILY TORTURE me. These Demons and Human personalities and prinicipalities , that precipitate Retaliation, Rage, Frustration, MURDER, shame, embrassment, Torment, Pain, Sabotage and harrasment, Delay and Major set back and Anger. I am 39 years and still single. No Peace. I had to drop out of College three times and still haven’t finished school. It’s been the most tormenting experienced in my exams rooms with these witches. It’s been seven years trying to finish a two year diploma despite the truth that I made the dean list.I hate to bring it up but it’s also has to do with my background. I am Black and was on my way up out of poverty. And this is just the TIP of the Iceberg of what type of suffering I have been under. … There are some situations that I can’t mention. This WITCH thinks that she could walk in someone’s life and for no reason place a spell on anyone she does like.I never had any dealing with them…. It’s way too long … It’s been five to four years. Since these PIGS DEMONS WITCHES moved into my building and their witchcraft I started suffering and experiencing HELL here on earth. One night my cat was choking on her food. I immediately held her in my hands and aggressively started praying in tongues and to my surprise she coughed up a big stone. I was shocked. I personally HATE WITCHES and Yes I am crying out to God to have mercy on me at the same time I ask God to Blot their names out of the book of life and condemn to the everlasting lake of fire where demons were created to go In Jesus Name.. I declare and Decree that ALL EVIL UNREPENTANT WITCH WILL DIE BY THUNDER AND FIRE …. IN THE NIGHT NAME OF JESUS CHRIST ( Exodus 22:18 / Isaiah 47, Act 13.

    They attack me in my dreams however I always WIN.
    I lol at them through the power of the Holy Spirit.
    I know God will deliver me Totally from the hands of these human demons/Witches in Jesus Name .

    Please remember me in prayer.
    Best regards,

    Atiba Lopez

    God Bless:

    I can do All things through Christ who Strengthens me (Phil 4:13).

  104. Praise the Lord!

    Please pray for me for total deliverance from witchcraft oppression and total healing to my body from pains.

    Thank you

  105. God deliverme very fast of torment.
    God deliver my mom from cancer.
    God take peace for me.
    God please give me my job.
    God bless Israel.
    God bless my prayer friends.
    God rescue aquiles Azar and friends.
    God save my family and genealogic
    God relased my life.

  106. I’m in my PhD program, I’m making A’s. I recently got hired by an insurance company, and have to pass my insurance test on October the 9th 2020 Life/Accident & Health or Sickness Exam Time: 12:30 central time zone.

  107. Please pray for Jerry he has been delivered from drug addiction and the devil keeps plus him back to the drug. He doesn’t want to go back to that life style

  108. Please pray for for William he is being bewitched by a woman. please pray for Damion he is being bewitched by his friend who is into witchcraft.

  109. Intercessors of the most HIGH…
    I am in need of some additional prayer for many areas of my life that seems to be stagnant and hitting some spiritual barriers.

    Asking for prayer for my God ordained spouse. I have been praying for 3 years. I have an 8 years old daughter. Also, ministry/calling/increase in spiritual gifts, along with financial /business increase.

    Gods Kingdom must come and HIS will must be done on earth as in heaven.

    thank you in advance.

  110. Please pray and be in agreement with me for alll hindrances to be removed asap concerning my new house application & that I shall receive my keys soon without further delay in Jesus’ name.
    Pray also for grants and donations to be released so that our award ceremony can go forth for children who are authors. Please pray for the children who will be receiving the awards as well. Praying Ephesians 3:20, Psalm 5:12 and even souls to be saved, hearts on fire for Jesus & God be glorified through the work done for these precious souls in Jesus name.

  111. Please stand in agreement with me to pray for my Husband and my Marriage: I pray that my husband, Ben, will be touched by God so he can repent for his salvation, sinful behavior and for the restoration of our marriage. I pray that you will remove the craving, desire and sin of alcohol out of Ben’s life and that you will soften his heart toward me. I pray that the ungodly relationships will be removed from his life. I pray Ben learns how to forgive and that you will open the lines of communication between us. I pray that whatever plans the enemy has to destroy my home, my family and my marriage, it is CANCELLED in Jesus’ name! I pray Lord that Ben will move home so we can start a family and that he will NOT file for divorce, in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen!

  112. Please pray for me I have been under attack by false prophets speaking word curses on my family and me, stalking, harassing, vandalizing, breaking in my home. Goole Jerome Cornell Fox in Tulsa Oklahoma his church is Love & Deliverance Family Church on 14th Street in Tulsa he’s on Facebook it’s been horrible I got out of that church he put me out because I wouldn’t agree with him.

  113. My brethren i need urgent prayers for my daughter who is under demonic attack in her mind. I have been using your prayer points but I need cooperate help. It’s an attack on her mind for her to be paranoid. She has been under the attack for over a month and in the name of Jesus it shall be broken today
    Thanks. Her name is Alic

  114. Dear Sister ,
    please pray for my younger son Akshay Shalom, he lives in Minneapolis and is married to a beautiful American girl Rachel. They have 2 gorgeous sins Elijah Avi Singh and Milo William Singh.
    They have not been doing well as Christians not with their marriage.
    God supernaturally provided for me last year and I was able to visit them for 3 week where I only spoke in tongues before the Lord day and night.
    That itself was a huge miracle .
    This morning I spoke with my son who informed me they are living seperately now and want to file for divorce.
    Both live their own lives; I am pleading with you and your intercessors to please ask God to change and encounter their hearts and save this marriage and family.
    I know nothing is to difficult for the Lord ; need you and your intercessors to help me dear sister for a miracle.
    Will be speaking with my DIL Rachel on Friday please pray for hearts to soften.
    From a heart broken mother 💔
    Thanks and deepest regards 🙏🏽
    My phone number is +91 9819990158

  115. I have something stuck on my back and need help to get it off . I live in the UK and this thing is pulling me down and I keep reading your book and it goes for a few mins but then comes back. I need your help. Please pray for me. Or advise me. God bless

  116. I am trusting in the Lord to suddenly deliver me from a toxic living environment. I am expecting provision to start the businesses the Lord has placed on my heart. I am also expecting a seven-fold payback season for the plagiarism and thievery I have experienced in the entertainment industry. Please join me in prayer and agree with me for a double-portion, provision, prosperity, restitution, and recompense in JESUS name. Thank you in advance for your prayers and agreement. I am praying for continued grace and favor upon Jennifer LeClaire and Jennifer LeClaire Ministries in JESUS name. 

  117. Please pray that i will find a safe clean affordable place thru section 8 right now. Buy a home after i get stable. Healing In my body my mind Soul Sprit Favor God Blessing on my children and grandchildren protection. Protection from my neighbors and management. Who keeps there camera on me she and her associate has done everything to push my button breaking into my car egg it flats broke steering column bottles of beer behind my wheels eggs rub into my car broke into my gas tank, lied on me management told me I just need to move. Instead of telling her she will have to move I have been here for years, she just moved here i have never been in trouble. She called the police on me for nothing to pretend that i was harassing her they believe her. Please pray for me she is she had been following me to work. calling the police on me and my family by getting there license the police will pull us over for know reason. Spoof calls she is getting very dangerous. I need to find a place soon.. Protect children and grandchildren .From her the police have to have help. She has 5 cameras on me. That is why she can do things and get away with it. Please pray that her and her friends will be EXPOSE people in management be EXPOSE for not protecting me from these people but telling me to move. I know that she is going to try something tonight Please pray the police will catch them soon. She is at the point that she will soon hire a hit man ..She is Desperate she is showing Desperate moves.. Please pray for me i Need help. She I literally stay up at night Still miss her doing things to my car. My neighbor upstairs smoking cigarettes and strong drugs has me shaking headaches Please pray

  118. Praying for the release of finances, checks held up and important paperwork expedited in Jesus name. Praying for God to deliver and heal my daughter from a toxic relationship and God to give her the strength to never return back to that person or type of persons again in Jesus name. Praying for a spirit of discernment to fall upon my adult children in Jesus name. Praying for Holy Spirit wisdom to raise my youngest son and that he grow into the man God has destined him to be in Jesus name.

  119. Hello my name is Marjorie, and I am asking if possible to keep my daughter in prayer, she is in medical School in Jamaica and has some very serious exams coming up. Please pray the Lord will be with her throughout her exams and that He will use her schooling for His Purpose! ☺

    Thank you so much in advance and I pray that you will be blessed!

  120. I am a medical student, and I wanted to ask for prayer and Gods blessing over my upcoming exams, and that He would bless and use my career ultimately for His Glory! 😀

  121. I am currently going through a divorce from a youth pastor. There have been multiple attacks to my health as a result of the spirit of jezebel. Please pray for divine insight and deliverance.

  122. I’m requesting prayer for a group of men who need salvation deliverance and a spiritual awakening. Please stand with me in prayer for them .

    Tom Boyd, Patrick Washington, robert knight, Fernando, Bo, AJ, carl, alfredo Washington, todd Jenkins. Thank you!

  123. Jesus we lift up to you those disruptors, those who seek to increase hate in our world. Today I lift up the City of Evans Colorado. I pray that Antifa does not show up. I pray that all people will come to know you. We do not pray for them to be harmed or sick but that they would be surrounded on all sides with living and breathing Jesus with skin on people. People who will walk in mercy, and kindness and with firm boundaries that say. I love you but do not harm me. I forgive you what makes you so rebellious so hurt to destroy others, property and livelihood.
    When Jesus heals us of covid and shows the solution it will be a clear moment of the miracle. AMEN

  124. My name is Helen. Jennifer LeClaire mentioned something on the week of July 11, 2020, during the mid-year prophetic update. She said that “God is going to call some people to leave their geographical location and go somewhere else either temporarily or permanently.” I pray that I am one of those people that God is going to call to leave their city or town, state, and geographical region within the decade of 2020. I want to leave my residence and geographical location. I pray that I am one of those individuals that God spoke to Jennifer LeClaire about in that particular prophecy. Amen.

  125. Please pray for me. It is very clear that my pastor is toxic and spiritually abusive and manipulative. My fiance and I need to have a hard conversation with him. We also need to leave the church, but we are both in charge of ministries. We need God’s healing and I need God to help me forgive the pastor and give us a way out.

  126. Please pray for me for strength and peace of this heartache. I know I have to end my relationship with my boyfriend. My engagement. I need courage to do it, strength so I won’t take him back. I have to cut him off so I can be free. His words do not match his actions.

  127. I have beeen saved for more than 20 years. However i find myself constantly going through my day repenting. I am wanting to hear more clearly from the Lord but do really know or understand how. I have a fear of being deceived and going to Hell. I feel like i am going to make a mistake or sin. Then die and go straight to Hell. Pray that i can get some clarity and security in my salvation.

  128. Crucial time for me right now as my job contract ends 30th of this month and with the covid situation I have not managed to get a job. I have big bills including a mortgage and am not sure what the next month has in store.
    Please join me in prayers as I ask for divine help from above.
    Thank you

  129. Please pray for my sister Tina Mendonsa, she has been possessed by a demon. She recently hit her husband with a baseball bat and is threatening to kill her children who are 6 and 11 years both girls. She got naked last evening and stood in the balcony and starting throwing food all over the house. PLEASE HELP PRAYER FOR HER, I BEG YOU.


  130. Pray to stop plans of George Soros and those involved with NWO to destroy America. Also, please pray for my son Austin to have an encounter with Jesus Christ and be saved and delivered.

  131. My Prayer request is for my 19 year old son Brandon. He is smoking weed. I do not recognize him. He has no direction for his life. The brightness in his eyes has grown dim. Depression, Rejection, Rebellion, Insecurities, and Leviathan are some at work in his life. Prayer for an overhaul deliverance and a renewal of a right spirit and a clean heart within him. He was once with the Lord and is now in a backslidden state due to not having a strong foundation and life’s disappointments and some ungodly soul ties. Lord I dedicated him to you as an infant and rededicate him to you now as a young man. I can do nothing. With God all things are possible. Thank you all for standing in the gap and touching and agreeing for my son’s to surrender to the Spirit of the Living God. His mom, Denise

  132. Please Pray for Carly-destroying her family, demanding Matt not have a life other than taking care of kids, no golf,exercise, friends,no family etc.. Can work, stay home and do whats she says. Has a controlling spirit, Jezebel daily argumentative and now the kids 9,4,1 have come to a place of no respect, telling him to leave and they want to talk to him like he is garbage as she does.Its all what they hear from her mouth.He is a good father but he cant take them out. He cant discipline, correct them because she butts in always She has a controlling spirit,divisive and hateful.As grandma cant see them.needs salvation. Please agree with me that the Lord will intervene and open his eyes . He does not leave because of the children which he loves more than himself. She wont leave her mothers house and move into their own. He has provided two houses but never stays in them and returns to her mothers house.


  133. I am asking for praying for favor to return back to my old job as an educator or to the sister school of my old job. Favor for my son to receive a scholarship again at his school and tuition to be paid in full. Favor for the new home being built and the loan to be a success. My marriage to get strong and it’s worth the fight. Also, to pass the praxis 1 and 2 test to become a certified education. I was most recently laid off due to COVID-19 at a another employment. I had stepped out on faith to begin a new career! Yet, I now know education is where I need to return. I have been in education for 12 year! In Jesus Name! Thanks for prayer of agreement..

  134. Hi, hope you are all doing well. Please help me pray about a house I am trying to get to rent for me and my son. It is a really nice house, new and clean. The Lord told me to leave where I am now living as our neighbour is working witchcraft against us and we are experiencing vicious attacks every day. Please pray that we will be favoured to get the house as there are many persons vying for it as well as that the Holy Spirit will confirm this is the house He wants us to get. It’s been a challenge to find the right place the Lord has ordained for us. Our notice ends the end of May. Also, please pray for my finances to be released the spirit of poverty has been unleashed against me affecting my finances in every way. I need a new and better job with much much better salary that I am currently getting. I am a single mother and I grave your prayers and support to get through this witchcraft attack against our lives. Thanks in advance.

  135. I need urgent prayer for my job. It is on the line. I would like to remain anonymous. I recently received a warning letter at my job for not fact-checking news content on April 6, 2020, at Newsy, which is a secular cable news network and streaming service whose main audience are millennials. Ever since this incident, everything has gone downhill. My editor was permanently reassigned suddenly. I have trouble writing health news and tech news every working day. Some news stories I do not understand them and I have trouble writing them, writing short sentences, and making my facts accurate and providing attribution. Since April 2020 and most recently on April 24, 2020, an editor has cautioned me twice about plagiarism. I have been having trouble putting things in my words when it comes to news articles. Other people like my supervisor and the news anchor will look at my work before I send it to an editor. I still make errors on all sides before my work is reviewed, during review along with others reviewing it, and afterwards. I rejected April 24th’s video call with the news anchor because I did not want them to see or hear me cry. I am crying at home when everything is wrong. I told my boss that I don’t feel like I am doing well and he offered to speak with me on a Monday, April 27th. I just want to tell him what is going on. I don’t know how long I can do this anymore. I feel the company is watching me, that I am a troubled person, and everything. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  136. I would like to remain anonymous. I recently received a warning letter at my job for not fact-checking news content on April 6, 2020, at Newsy, which is a secular cable news network and streaming service whose main audience are millennials. Ever since this incident, everything has gone downhill. My editor was permanently reassigned suddenly. I have trouble writing health news and tech news every working day. Some news stories I do not understand them and I have trouble writing them, writing short sentences, and making my facts accurate and providing attribution. Since April 2020 and most recently on April 24, 2020, an editor has cautioned me twice about plagiarism. I have been having trouble putting things in my words when it comes to news articles. Other people like my supervisor and the news anchor will look at my work before I send it to an editor. I still make errors on all sides before my work is reviewed, during review along with others reviewing it, and afterwards. I rejected April 24th’s video call with the news anchor because I did not want them to see or hear me cry. I am crying at home when everything is wrong. I told my boss that I don’t feel like I am doing well and he offered to speak with me on a Monday, April 27th. I just want to tell him what is going on. I don’t know how long I can do this anymore. I feel the company is watching me, that I am a troubled person, and everything. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  137. I have a prayer request. Please pray for Mr. Afolayan. He attends Winners Chapel International Maryland Church in Lanham, Maryland, and weekly home cell. My family and I were informed recently on the week of April 20, 2020, that Mr. Afolayan tested positive for coronavirus and became very sick. He has been in the hospital in the ICU unit. Mr. Afolayan’s wife, Felicia asked for a convalescent plasma treatment for him to have a better outcome since the plasma is safer, but the hospital doesn’t have that option and hasn’t found a donor that matches his blood type. The hospital is still looking for a match. She has consulted the residential pastor and other medical providers who said she must make a decision to save his life. They have individually told her that they cannot make that decision. The pastor told her she must talk to God about this as the pastor is teaching this to everyone who has called about coronavirus and other matters. She was saying to someone that she doesn’t hear from God. She also did not take all her children (teenage and adult children and one small child) and other family members to testing locations to screen them for the coronavirus. She may have been the only one tested for COVID-19. No word on her test results. The hospital’s only option is to use experimental drugs like Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, and other antimalarial (antiviral) drugs that are not FDA approved in the United States and are very dangerous. It is a trial and error method where its 50-50 chance of probability.
    The medical doctors told Mr. Afolayan’s wife, Felicia, that the longer she waits to make a decision, the outcome might not be favorable or could worsen.
    My family and I have been praying for Mr. Afolayan. We do not know him and his family entirely well or like them. We are praying for them and other people affected by COVID-19 daily in prayer. We have been following up with the Afolayan family daily for updates and to pray with them. Pray for Jesus Christ to save Mr. Afolayan’s life. Pray for Mr. Afolayan to heal from coronavirus (COVID-19) and to make a full recovery. His life is on the line. Pray that he will be saved. Amen

  138. pray for wife Chana Swan and daughter Charity Swan to be delivered from jezebel and husband john swan to be delivered from Ahab week spirit. Also pray for satan power to be broken off the Swan family

  139. Please pray for me, my name is Targol. I have been engaged for a very long time coming to 4 years. I am not sure if I will ever get married. Something is unsettling about him. I would like to get married and have a family but I don’t want to make mistakes. Please pray for me. Thank you and God bless you

  140. I need prayer for a spirit of perversion. I’m being attacked through my fiance, and I’ve been praying, rebuking, binding and casting out these things. If anything, they seem like they’ve become stronger in their presence.

  141. Please pray for Divine Healing for me and deliverance from Spirit of fear. Emotional healing too for me and children and Gods protection for us especially in this current climate. I need symptoms of flu to disappear from my body

  142. Can you pray for God’s heart to be accomplished through me in this season?!
    I have a Children’s Assignment that God has given me. Two ER Dr.’s and my Respitoray Therapist Friend is pretty sure I have COVID-19. I’m waiting on my swab test results.
    Prayer for healing, strength, God’s sweet rest and supernatural creativity to accomplish His plans!

  143. Please pray for my mother Damaris, my sister Diana and my brother kevin and my mothers boyfriend jose. They are not saved and need to get to know the Lord i have told them about Jesus and how he came into my life but their hearts are so hardened. Its extremely difficult to visit them because the demons inside them confuse them and twist and distort every word i say its impossible to have a conversation with them i feel like i lost my family when i got saved i cant even talk to them i don’t know how to explain it. They start arguing and bickering and fighting and its just getting worse the more i pray for them i dont have anyone in my area that believes like i do.

    God bless you all that pray and touch and agree with me thank you.

  144. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for spirit of adultery to leave Benny and come back to God. He doesn’t care about his wife and children anymore

  145. daughter of the King

    Please pray for my son and his family. He is working in one of the Emergency Departments in New York City with COVID-19 patients. They do not have enough ventilators or N-95 masks and other equipment. He has his wife and three small children at home (8mos, 2 yrs and a 4 yr old). Please pray protection for him from this virus and for the necessary equipment to treat the patients. Thank you.

    • I am praying for your son, his family and his situation. Let us agree in prayer they are and will be covered by the blood of Jesus. God has told us that He is our Provider and our Protector. ‘He is not a man that He should lie’. Amen

  146. Lord God: Please touch each and every post here. Send us warring angels to surround and protect us from every evil work of the enemy. Bring deliverance and healing to all in need, thru your mercy and love. We are your precious children and a sick army can not fight. We need You now, more than ever! Bind every evil strategy of the enemy and reveal his strategy to us! Send chaos into the enemy camp and free every prodigal from the grasp of the enemy. Reunite our families, Dear Lord and bring peace to each and every child, like they’ve never known! You are our only hope in this world. We thank you Father, in the precious name of your dear son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  147. My oldest Daughter, Nova Lee, (affectionately known as Nonie,) has gotten to the point of being bed-fast in the last 15 years. What she has gone thru, most people would have committed suicide. It is truly a “Trial by Fire.” Her youngest daughter has had triplet girls that are 2 now and right after their birthday, gave birth in February, to their little brother. Because of her illness’ she cannot hold or be around the kids and it is tearing her apart, breaking her heart. Her list of diseases is too long to list. The devil is relentless in trying to kill her, literally! Please, pray for her release from all the torment she is going thru and get her healing. I have quoted scripture to the Lord: you gave an unsaved Phonetician woman the answer to her pleading and delivered her daughter. Matt 15:21. My daughter does not need deliverance: she is saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. I also quote Him His word: “Withhold nothing that is within your hand to give it.” Prov 3:27 I ask you to pray that God hears my plea’s and answers my prayers, and hers, for total healing and deliverance from whatever has overtaken her. God Bless you all.

    • God, we lift up Barbra and her marriage up to your heart! Remember, that you are a Covenant God! Remember your promises to this marriage and family! Remember Barbra’s faithfulness to you! Remember the call upon her husbands life.
      I decree, “No weapon formed against this marriage will prosper…” I stand with Barbra and bind and rebuke any demonic oppression and dividing spirits. We command you to GO!

      I speak Psalm 23 and Psalm 91 over this household. God, you promise us in your Word that “you WILL prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies!”
      Our husbands are not the enemy.
      We remove the blinders blocking the truth!
      I pray unity and a uniting of hearts to the Fathers heart and to each other!

      May Shalom, Joy in Praise, and Grit flood your Spirit right now!

      God is doing something within the families in this hour! Rejoice that He is surrounding your hearts and saving your ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD for His Glory! God have your way in all our families!

  148. My first husband, Ervin c Jackson, has a terrible developmental brain disorder (NPD/RAD)from his early childhood in a family with a mentally ill father and emotionally cold mother. Yes, he was verbally abusive and he cheated on me, but even adulterers with NPD need Jesus’ healing Blood and cleansing and deliverance to come to truly need and know they need Jesus and repentance, and this is what I pray for him and have prayed for the past ten years. He had pneumonia in 1972 and both of his parents were smokers, so I have concern for his lungs during this time of virus. I do pray this crisis brings him to recognize his need for Jesus at last, for God’s Victory over the demons w3ho’ve plagued him with lies since his childhood. The Lord told me last fall “Run silent, run deep,” so I am! God, be Victorious, by your Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ Name, amen!

  149. protection overy family daughter & oldest granddaughter has low immunity youngest granddaughter three months old.

  150. God bless each and every individual on this prayer board! For the past week and half I have noticed an all time high spiritual attacks ever over my life and I am asking if the prayer team could keep me in prayer as I continue to pray for others in need. Thank you and God bless!

  151. The enemy is right now as we speak attacking me because I am getting closer to God , through my husband I’m separated from him right now and he’s trying to control things with our son who lives with me because my husband is on couch to couch , Im asking for prayers for a place of my own im on my brothers couch but it’s only one place, he’s unsaved and I am standing for my marriage so he says mean things to hurt but I still praise God no matter what yes it’s hard at times but I choose God before anything else and I trust God in the midst Im a chosen vessel of God and as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. I pray for favor of God for a door to open for a place to live I can call my own in the name of Jesus , for my job to stay open through all the covid 19 mess.

  152. Please pray for my brain I’ve had a cat scan MRI they say nothing’s wrong my brain and has been attacked it’s literally physical please pray that it’s healed And the enemies keeps trying to tell me I’m going to die but I don’t believe it God is in control and has a awesome plan for my life Please pray for me thank you so much this has been going on for 8 years

  153. Please pray for my prodigal son H.
    He had a very tight walk with the Lord and was active in prophetic ministry/ arts. And has had some bad influences and has walked away. Please pray for deliverance, breakthrough, healing, restoration to his heart and to our family . And his return to the Lord.

  154. I would love for you to pray that my husband Gideon would find the Lord again and serve Him with great passion and eagerness, also my two sons David and Danté.
    David is an intellectual and says the Bible contradicts itself, He is into Dungeons and Dragons games.
    Danté does not have a work and is lazy, believes he is a loser, and says he does not want to be like Christians. He is also into weird games. David is 32 and Danté is 22. They are all great artists and great musicians, can you imagine how God can use them for His service?
    Please pray for their souls and for David to bypass his intellect and let the Holy Spirit take control in his life. David needs the Lord in his life! Please pray for Danté’s soul and also for him to find his purpose in life and an urgency for responsibility. Danté would be such a great helper in the Lord’s army!
    Please pray for Gideon to not be so earthly minded but to find God in each and every corner in his life. Let the lip service cease, but the heart service start.
    I thank you!

  155. Please pray for me so that I may receive the fire of God, whenever I pray there are always evil spirits that block what the Lord is doing in my life. The Holy Spirit of God has blessed me with all the spiritual gifts but I cannot use any, there is this demon that’s blocking me from praying in tounges, seeing open vision(during the day) and remembering dreams and visions. There would just be a fog or something that would block me from reading a message(vision), even dreams, I would forgot instantly without remembering a message, or I would see someone speaking but there wouldn’t be any noise. Thanks

  156. I have been hearing demonic voices for about a year now, talking around me constantly. Please pray for me to get delivered of these voices and any other spirits that are holding me bound.

  157. Please pray that my cough will go away forever as of right now, also that I will be keeping my job and will not be let go, also that my boss will allow me to work from home as soon as possible, as well as that my knee pain will go away permanently right now,as well as that I will be financially stable.

  158. Please pray for my guidance in the seer anointing. I do not desire to be outside of the will of God. I’m not able to join the school of seers yet but I will. I am just seeking clarity on how the Lord wants me to move forward concerning my gifts. In Jesus’s name amen.

  159. To whom it may concern,

    In this trouble times I would like to ask if you could pray for me. I am looking for a job as political adviser, or scholar at university or public relations or as a project-management. It is a challenge because just my wife is taking care of financial situation. May God bless y all and thank in advance for your pray.

    Rui Marques Pinto

  160. I’d like to pray over the world because right now we need it so God can heal our lands . I’d also like to pray so that God reveals to me my calling and himself to me. I’m ready for a change and to surrender ❤️

  161. I have been dealing with anxiety issues from a traumatic past job experience. I am a teacher and went through some really difficult persecution at a school. After all has been said and done, I am working through anxiety, self hatred, and I unforgiveness. I am really needing some breakthrough… especially in the area of anxiety and unforgiveness.

  162. Complete healing from kidney disease and that God would give me new kidneys. Complete healing from fibroids and thyroids disorders. Thank you.

    • I went to a healing school in March and received prayer and I am feeling a lot better. I no longer have stomach digestive issues. I am waiting for the results of a pelvic ultrasound that I did and I also have to do blood tests. Thank you, God for healing me!

  163. Please pray that God will heal my fatigue and that God will heal my paranoia and social anxiety disorder. God bless. 🙏

  164. Please pray with me for my husband, our 4 daughters, our finances, and me. My husband is working in Mass. and needs prayers. He is a forklift driver and works long hours. He also needs to know Jesus personally. He needs to be a doer of the word. He needs a personal relationship. People grow up hearing of God but truly do not know him. I pray for our daughters: Ane’ is a NC State student wanting to become a Math teacher, Taiya is stationed in Tx and will possibly deploy soon, Atlantis lives in Charlotte, and Akera . They all need a personal relationship with Jesus. They need to know him as their personal Savior. Please pray with me.

  165. Dealing with ministry burnout and need prayer for protection from bullying spirits and spiritual abuse, verbal abuse. Pray that I can consistently seek The Lord and stay in His Word and read with understanding and revelation, Behind on a few projects and unmotivated, trying not to be weary in well doing but seriously need a break and balance. Prayer for salvation of our households, friends and enemies and financial breakthrough.

  166. Pray against lethargy. Pray that I get motivated and the unction to get things done in a timely manner. Pray against evil that tries to come against me. Thank you and God Bless you.

  167. Prayer for complete physical healing and vision healed asap in left eye in Jesus Name
    Prayer for back pay in child support to be deposited into my account asap

  168. Prayer Team, please pray for my deliverance for the spirit of poverty and my finances will be loosed. Favor with God and man.

    Grace to operate effective in the Supernatural, Wisdom, knowledge, understanding, revelation, discernment and interpretation of dreams to serve God’s people in Jesus name. I need rest and strong to move forward in the new territory and assignment. I need a team of people who love the Lord that will obey and summit to the Fathers will and live holy in body and spirit. Strategies, clarity, direction from the Holy Spirit. Fire from on high. Power to destroy the works of Satan.
    Thank you Father for answering my prayers in Jesus name. Amen.

  169. Hi Everyb9dy: The Lord has fulfilled h8s promises in my marriage. I. Learned early that when the Lord speaks something he means what he says. As the Lord was fulfilling to ne i fell into depression so msny timez which seemed sinful and wrong to me. God has done so much for me It’s time drpressikn never showed up again

  170. Hi,
    My name is Lauren. I need prayer for a divine direction on where to go for church and be planted. There was a church I went to a couple years ago but I am torn as I am currently going to a smaller church and not sure if God really wants me there. I want to grow spiritually and be more connected with people my age where I can grow and learn with others around me. The church I am in now is good but I there are not many people my age that I can connect with. I want to learn to be myself, and reach out with other women who are like minded in Christ who love the Lord and are submitted to Him. I ask you to please help me in the direction of where to go. I ask all this in Jesus name. Amen

  171. Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to submit a prayer request for breakthrough in my job search as I am currently unemployed and also breakthrough in my finances. Thank you and God bless you.

  172. I am a Christian (follower of Christ) and my real struggle is FINANCES .. even my one & only son seems to have inherited the same problem. It looks like it is a Generational Curse. Whatever I do (or we do my son and I) we always fail to break this pattern. I am asking for a PRAYER for “FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH” to be BLESSED and also BE A BLESSINGS to others. 😇🙏

  173. I am requesting a prayer for protection for myself and my son, a prayer to support and encourage my son whilst revising for his exams, I am also requesting a prayer for myself at work for protection against harmful people, harmful words, and wicked ways. Lord I am asking for things to change greatly and in abundance for myself and my son. I am asking for help to learn how to communicate with you and restoring back my faith

  174. My daughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia and has not taken her medication for the last 1/-1/2 months. Her boyfriend brought her to my home in distress. He shared with me that after their 5-year relationship in which they have been cohabiting, he can no longer deal with her. She cannot live with me because of her threats and marijuana use. Pray that the ending of this relationship is handled with grace in her mental state.
    Pray with me that my daughter will agree to counseling and all treatment she needs to get free and she will be compliant with her medication regimen and will have a place to lay her head. She cannot live with her boyfriend or me. Open a door so she can have a place to stay that is safe and receive deliverance and will think clearly and move forward as a delivered woman free of strongholds and full of God’s Holy Spirit.

  175. Hello, I would really need some prayer. I just learned that my family and myself are being held bound by marine spirits, witchcraft and backwardness. It’s seems as if we are stuck in a hole and I keep hearing something in my mind say none of us will ever make it. The more I try to fight and figure things out the more confusion I experience. I know the year 2020 is suposed to be all about vision but I can’t see myself doing anything or completing anything. I have no dreams and no desire to do anything and Im not sure where I’m going eather. I desperately want to know what my calling in life is. I hear people say 2020 will be a great year but something keeps saying inside of me that it is just not for us…I keep feeling like I’m being left bihind while the world moves forward. All of my family members are dealing whit the same infirmities, my dad passed away a year ago and my sister keeps saying she feels like she’s next. I am desperate. I do nothing but read the Bible and study all day and I’m trying to pray as much as I can but I feel so bound sometimes I just want to quit but God won’t let me.

    Would someone pleas pray for me and my family?


  176. Please pray for me. In June 2019, I was laid off. Since this time I’ve been searching for a job. I’ve submitted over 115 resumes, 10 interviews and no offers. Please stand in agreement with me that an opportunity will come really soon because right now I am in a financial nightmare.

  177. Please pray for my eyes to heal. I have strabismus or double vision of the eyes. I am returning to college and need my eyesight to do my work successfully.

  178. Please help pray for my brother namely Lance Dae and his family for God to save them and protect them from satanic agents and deliver us from curses .. for God Jesus Christ to restore more financial, health, career,.. blessings in our lives.

    I like to make a serious vow to Apostle John Eckhart; I like to become your financial partner as and when God bless me with more financial miracles.. hence I’m expecting God to hit my bank account with$1million.Thus I will pay you $900,000 as my tithes and seed offerings..all for God’s glory and end times Kingdom purposes.

    Thank you for your prayerful help.May God Jesus Christ richly bless you in every aspect of your life and ministry.In Jesus Christ Most Powerful Name.Amen.

  179. Hello, how are you? My name is Dawn Beaver l’m a believer just needed some prayer l have been experiencing some physical symptoms in my legs, for the past couple of weeks l also wanted to mention that my Mother in law when she gave my son a pair of sweat pants she had hair all over the pants it’s as if this was intentional l have been targeted by a spirit l’m not sure of it’s nature, l know when my husband is present l feel such a spirit that l’m not able to identify, will you please pray for me.

  180. Please pray for me. I am struggling with reentering the church scene and trusting the leadership and pastors. I had a very difficult time earlier in my life and a church that really hurt me deeply. I’m trying to follow Gods direction, but I’m afraid and it paralyzes me from stepping out into what God wants me to do. I’m terrified I’m going to be rejected or kicked out of my new church if I make a wrong move because it has happened before. I feel like telling anyone the details will make them judge me or blame me or likely share what I’ve said and then I’ll be a social outcast. I’m taking a chance sharing some general info about this here because I saw someones YouTube video that directed me here. I hope my request is okay to put on this page. Please don’t misinterpret my request for hatred of other Christian’s or judgement of them. I just am really struggling and I dont feel like I have anywhere to turn to.

    • Hello truth snd love. Please know that you are God’s child and he lives you. Let the Lord guide you to s church. I believe He eill help you make the right choice

  181. I know that I am supposed to be there, however since I got my passport in late March 2019, I have had nothing but financial setbacks and problems.
    So I have decided to sell my small suv, and there is a blockage and resistance from the enemy so it doesn’t sell and keep me stuck here when I need to be there.
    So would you please pray in agreement with me that my suv would sell, so I may get there as I am supposed to be.
    In The Name of Jesus I bind and rebuke every foul lying deceiving spirits of blockage and resistance and delay concerning selling my suv and financial miracles that belong to me, I command you to be thou removed and cast into the sea In Jesus Name and By The Blood of The Holy Lamb. Take your hands off of my finances Now — let go of the person that has been ordained to buy the suv, for it is written, My God Shall Supply All My Needs According To His Riches In Glory by Christ Jesus, and The Lord Is My Shepard I shall not want. In Jesus Name.

    I am also asking the Lord this, How do I get from here Penticton — to there Fort Lauderdale In Jesus Name.

    Many Blessings to you all
    Merry Christmas

  182. Hey, I want to be used by God as a vessel for his kingdom. I want wisdom and knowledge and understanding in all that I am and all that I do. I want to be able to o speak the oracles of God and impart grace to the hearers

  183. Please pray to stop foreclosure on my inheritance, approval for disabilityeverything owed to me financially

  184. I am a former Pastor. We are behind on rent because O have no job. Given ultimatum by landlord. Pay or get out. Pray FOR us. Pray AGAINST the unfairness of our ten-year landlords who are merciless and leave us in squalor. They do few repairs and bully us. We’re stuck.

    But especially pray AGAINST those at my last job that disliked Christians.
    I believe that they are defaming me with bad references.
    I had my lawyer send a Cease *& Desist Letter.
    Pray that I can get a job and return to being a good witness before the Lord.
    Feels like we’re cursed for many years!!
    If we are, we have NO idea what is blocking the blessing that we can fix ourselves!
    Intercede for us and bind the devil through the power of His Holy Spirit. I beg in prayer that we may be delivered.

  185. Hello intercessors and fellow people standing on the word of God for prayer. I am currently in the fight of my life with a generational curse that has taken a hold of my husband in the form of adultery and addiction. We have 3 special needs kids and I am chronically ill also. I am praying for his salvation and him to come home as well as for any ungodly soul ties made outside of this marriage,any word curses,hex,witchcraft and any other things keeping him from us and from moving back home to be gone in Jesus’ name

  186. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer about three years ago and based on Gods Word we have stood on the promise of healing in his body. I need also agreement in prayer that the bleeding from his rectum caused by radiation will stop. He had surgery recently to stop this but he still bleeds and needs transfusions occasionally. I believe that his rectum is normal with no bleeding and all lying symptoms will stop including any lies about returning cancer. I saw a vision of an octopus as I was praying for him when this started. There was no trace of it after treatments and we already believed that healing was manifesting. However, I saw the octopus trying to return and I resisted and rebuked it. When they looked at recent scan they saw some activity in the area again. I am standing on truth. We walk by faith and not by our feelings.
    Thank-you for standing with me and my husband. His name is Adeniyi Ojutiku
    God bless you all, protect and strengthen you all as you pray.

  187. The 70th anniversary of the commencement of the Korean war will be June 25th, 2020. North Korea is the most religious country on Earth. It’s people, around 25 million, of whom an estimated 200,000-300,000 are Christian, are required each week to go to a government designated building to worship the supreme leader. This is known as their juche ideology and closely resembles Christianity, in that there are even hymn / psalm books for praise to the supreme leader instead of God.

    I’m specifically requesting prayer for Kim Jong Un and his family. Over 200 years ago the first Christian missionary traveled to Korea. North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, used to be known as the “Jerusalem of the East”. Less than 200 years later, Korea now exports the second most missionaries in the world, second to the U.S. Some of Chairman Un’s family used to be Christians so he has that in his spiritual lineage. Sadly, many in the South Korean church do not pray for him. We can liken this to “conservative Christians” refusing to pray for former President Obama or “liberal Christians” refusing to pray for President Trump.

    The Behemoth spirit hovering over North Korea, which manifests itself as communism, can only be pulled down through corporate prayer / fasting as well as martyrdom, where the testimony of the blood makes its case in the courtrooms of Heaven.

    Please, pray for the salvation of the Kim Jong Un family and the reunification of the Korean peninsula.

  188. I recently traveled to listen to Apostle Che Ahn preach. A woman, part of the leadership team at the church, said that during worship see saw I’m being oppressed by the spirit of death. I was referred to this church’s deliverance team to meet with them later this month to break free from this demonic oppression. I’m requesting prayer for this deliverance so I can grow and move in the things of God.


  189. Dear Friends in the Lord,

    I humbly request prayer because I am severely oppressed by the devil. I can feel a demon lodged in my skull. Earlier, this year I was a missionary to Korea for nine months. Over time my spiritual walls fell, and demons literally entered into me.

    I have family in Korea. My mother was a Buddhist but now is saved. I know there’s ancestor worship and idolatry in that nation and that probably gave demons access to me.

    Requesting prayer / intercession for freedom. for Holy Spirit to remind me of people I need to forgive according to Matthew 18 or whatever else must be done legally in the courts of Heaven to kick this or these things out.


  190. Hello. Thank you for addressing this urgent matter. The man who needs a miracle is my girlfriend Victoria’s father. They are afraid he has very very little time left. Days …. maybe weeks.
    His name is Mr Kratova. He lives in Togliatti, Russia.
    He has been battling COPD for a long time and it has progressed to the point it is critical. I met Victoria 2 months ago so this is a recent situation for me.
    I am choosing to believe for a miracle. However Mr Kratova and his wife are Orthodox. So they don’t have proper teaching regarding faith for healing.
    So I need intersessors. I desire to see a miracle. I desire to see the Lord glorified and this family rejoicing.
    I desire to see this man delivered from this horrible condition that robs him of his ability to breathe.
    Thank you for joining with me. I will update you regarding this situation.
    God bless you.
    My name is Kerry.

  191. God,please help for my mother in any ways she need your help. Oh God please let my mother to live many years and let her be happy again.
    Thank You Lord.

  192. Please I need a miracle by Friday. Financial breakthrough and supernatural favour. Matthew 19:26 “ with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible”

  193. Dear Prayer team,

    Thank you for praying. I have been praying Prophet ess Jenccnifer LeClaire’s self-deliverance prayers and a lot of stuff has been coming out. The bank is releasing some of my money so I will be able to pay for the procedure for my womb in November, God willing. Now I need prayer for healing and supernatural healing of my kidneys.

    I also believe God wants Brian and I to get married and move to Bornholm. Thank you for praying about this. C

  194. Hi.. Will you please pray with me because I really need answers. In 2003 my husband and I got divorced after an adulterous relationship. My son was 7 years and my daughter 4 at that stage. After 4 months God restored our marriage and we remarry. I did not wanted to take him back but God spoke to me and various people and I decided to obey. It was so difficult because we`re living in a small town and I wanted to move back to my city 4 hours drive away. Everything went well or so I thought. My children serves the Lord and have a youth ministry at our house. They`re 23 and 19 years old. I`m so proud of them because they bless my family. My husband has never really committed his life to God. We`re having challenges right now and one night at 3 am God showed me this dark figure standing my by his bedside. When I turn my head to his side the figure stepped away. I immediately started praying in tongues. Today I am so confused. He says he loves me but I am too spiritual and he wants to come and go as he wish, and he wants his peace. He wants to move out. On 27 Nov 2018 I heard God`s voice very loud when I awoke. He said: I shall preserve you. The enemy shall not come in or near your tent. I was so overwhelmed, cried and thanked God. Today that is the Word that I stands on. I don`t want to be married to someone who don`t want to be in a marriage, so as before I am willing to let him go. Please pray for me. I don`t know what to do..
    Thank you and God bless!

  195. I have just watched your video on youtube on The Two Spirits that Block Your Financial Breakthrough and I almost have a similar experience to what you went through when you were on food stamps. I am currently financially overwhelmed and people look and wonder what sort of Christian I am. My wife’s family asks the same question because each school term I have to struggle to put my kids in school as they are locked out of school due to school fees. They are opening school next week and i still have no idea where I shall get the fee from. How do I minister to people on the beauty of Christ when my life is full of lack and suffering? I am requesting you to prey for me over this even though I am far away here in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Jennifer, I have gone through a very tough time in the last 18 months and it is overwhelming.

    Thank you and God bless you

  196. Pls pray for my mummy laxmi chhabra that she breathes normally her heart rate and oxygen and respiratory rate is normal.Pray that her brain and central nervous system is healed by gods grace she walks and sits on her own.pls pray that she eats and drinks though her mouth and her food pipe is removed ….and she starts talking normally…pls pray my mom gets her discharge and we treat her at home home. And that god gives us and doctors a way out to treat my mother and show us a path to find finances

  197. Hi my name is Todd. I would greatly appreciate prayer for my wife (Jean) who leads a ministry geared toward women who have lost a baby. The ministry is called “Angels In Waiting 91:4” & can be found on Facebook. Anyway, my wife has a rare autoimmune disorder called Vasculitis.. she has a version of this disease known as Polyarteritis Nodosa (PAN for short). She is struggling with this disease and is in desperate need of prayer. To complicate matters she had her annual mammogram last week and a mass was found. The doctors strongly suspect this mass to be breast cancer. We are in desperate need of a supernatural intervention! At this point we are concerned that a curse has been spoken over her health. Please pray with us!

  198. Praying for God to completely Pour Out His Spirit soon Upon all flesh, asking for Divine Visitation/Habitation, a new career to come forth, Divine Love and Kingdom Union Partnership, Supernatural Giftings activated and wisdom to operate in them for His Glory, Dreams desires amd Goals to be resurrected supernaturally and for Highest Hearts desires and greatest Dreams be fullfilled. For financial freedom and complete freedom from all debt and bondage of every form. To be able to get Married possibly have children and visit Israel and Travel. To be used by God Mightily to pray and heal and deliver people for His Glory through His Spirit in His Name by the Blood of Yeshua Kodesh amen and amen

  199. Please pray deliverance for me from Laviathen and Python and familiar spirits. As I was praying I saw a vision of a big fish, and my neck heart and emotions feel tight and stuck, no matter what I do I have trouble moving forward ot getting a job. My next door neighbor does divination, drugs, and astro projection. Pls pray for me I am very very concerned about my well being and livelyhood and have no one to help me. God Bless

  200. I have been laid off by the company in December 2017 which was paying a very good salary. After 10 months, I got a job which is paying very less salary. Now I am in the process of loosing the job as the company is not doing good. Please pray for me to get a good job with good salary. Would like to know GOD’s plan for me.

  201. I received an insurance check for $10,000 for the flooding of my basement that the apparently the septic tank caused. The money isn’t for the septic tank just for the flooding. The mortgage company BOA is trying to hold it because the house is in foreclosure. However we agreed on a short sale that it seems they’re trying to go back on so they’re saying it’s in foreclosure. I need the house to sell ASAP and the funds released without jumping through all these hoops they want me to and a new residence by August 3, 2019 and a vehicle…and a marriage proposal to the man God has for me. Thank you 🙏

  202. Dear Prayer Team,

    Need prayers for my State – Karnataka, India, which is undergoing political crisis and unstable governance. Today 13/14 Members of Legislative Assemblies resigned.

    Our prayer teams have been praying over this. Need someone to agree that GOD’s Kingdom governance, righteousness, justice will rule over this State and Nation. The righteous will rule and take position for this state, no matter what the outward looks like, but we know that Karnataka will see the hands of GOD miraculously and the right Leadership will take over that which will bless and benefit the people, land and the nationwide in Yahoshuah’s name, Amen and AMen.

    There is also water scarcity or famine in many parts of India. So we are interceding for the curses to be lifted up and sins forgiven. Would like some to get in agreement with our prayers that GOD in His Mercy and Grace will forgive the lands and people and their wrongdoings of the past and will lift up the curses over the lands and Karnataka and other dry lands shall once again witness the rain showers of blessings from the Heavens. Also the farmers to be blessed with their farming due to water crisis till now, but NOW they will witness Heavenly farming like never before. May their cultivation, agriculture be blessed in Yahoshuah’s name, Amen and Amen.

    Thanks dear Prayer Team for praying and agreeing with me in releasing faith over our Karnataka State and India. Stay blessed and protected always.

  203. Also please prayer I receive a new job. My husband has cut me off financially so I took a job over an hour away. After I was there a month the company changed my contract to make my benefits less and removed my Pto. They said they were never supposed to offer that to me. It was the only reason I accepted the job. It’s too far from my kids. It’s too hard to keep up this pace. I recently applied for a part time position closer to home please pray that if it’s god’s will, that door will be opened soon. I want god’s will and to hear from him clearly. I really thought this last position was from him. I can’t keep driving so far and being away from my kids.

  204. My marriage is being attacked. My husbands words and actions hurt so much. He twists reality to protect himself. He does not take responsibility for his actions and tells me the most vile things. Please prayer I hear from god exactly what to do. I want my family healed. It’s definitely demonic. I need clear direction.

  205. I need prayer for deliverance from a spirit of divination. I had to postpone my medical procedure due to lack of funds. I need complete healing of my womb and any problems with my internal organs. Thank you.

  206. Dear prayer team,

    This has been an attack on my finances. The bank has not released any funds as yet and my step mother hired a lawyer who wrote a letter to the bank. I am scheduled for a medical procedure next week, and I need to pay tuition for a discipleship training school and visa etc.

    I need a miracle.

    Thank you for praying,

  207. Dear prayer team,

    This has been an attack on my finances. The bank has not released any funds as yet and my step mother hired a lawyer who wrote a letter to the bank. I am scheduled for a medical procedure next week, and I need to pay tuition for a discipleship training school and visa etc.

    I need a miracle.

    Thank you for praying,

  208. Dear prayer team, please pray for my spiritual eyes to be opened and for me to understand the dreams I experience. Thank you.

  209. I need prayers i just came back from hospital up till now all the syptoms are there and i have ran series of test nothing was discoverd now know that this is from pit of hell so please join me in prayer for total healling thank you

  210. Please pray for my son Scott age 41. He loved Jesus as a child but the enemy has taken advantage of him since a young teenager. He says now he doesn’t believe in God but is very lost and confused. He has been diagnosed with a mild form of bi’polar and depression. He married a woman who is into new age and occult. She has ulterior motives in marrying him and treats him horribly! She told me a couple weeks ago she was planning to divorce him and move to another state.
    They have a 3yr old daughter. The wife’s sister is coming to “visit” for a month. I believe they have evil plans. Please agree with me as I pray for my son’s safety in every way! Also my granddaughters safety. Please pray for my son and grand D. ps. 21:11 they will devise an evil plan, but they will not succeed Is 54:17 No weapon formed against (Scott) will prosper prov 5:22 the iniquities of the wicked will entrap him. ps 9:15 the wicked have fallen into the pits they have dug (for the innocent) and their feet have become entangled in to nets they have hidden…. among many other verses against evil plans and safety for my son & grand D.
    Please pray strong prayers against the evil one and Gods righteousness and plans to prevail and come to pass in Jesus Name!!!

  211. Dear Prayer team, thank you. God gave me the courage to go to the bank, but I was unable to speak to the manager. I was told by an employee that my case went to the operations risk assessment department. I believe this is an attack on my finances. I need prayer because I have very low funds, and I been staying by a cousin temporarily. Thank you.

  212. Dear Jennifer

    My name is Maureen I attended the conference yesterday I learned a lot and gained a great deal of insight into your teachings

    I had wanted to ask for support concerning a medical issue regarding my renal function which has been compromised at an alarming rate the medics want me to consider dialysis which I am reluctant to embark on I feel that the root of ill health is spiritual in origin but of course you cannot present this to the medical world

    I dream a lot and has even shown how the energy is planning to deal with me!
    You mentioned how London is a place that is not favourable to prophetic people I can attest to that

    Thank you for your prayers

  213. Dear prayer team, I really need prayer that God would help me to trust him and that I would have the right attitude. I need to go to the bank to enquire about the hold they put on funds on my account, and I need the favour of God that they would release my funds tomorrow from my inheritance. I know with God nothing is impossible. Thank you.

  214. I have been having some health issues and am asking for healing.

    I was chasing the Lord and serving as best I knew how. I served with a prophet close to 20 years. I have some seer gifting I believe as well. I went through a long season of pain and loss. Afterwards I back slid into a lot of sin. I legalized a lot of poor choices.

    I have repented and am casting off all addictions and struggles. I am asking for prayer for my life. Restoration of my health and purpose for my life from here on.

    If I need to confess more, I am glad to repent and confess. Please, I need the authority and covering. Please pray for me.

  215. Dear Prayer team,
    Pray that God will give me His grace. Tomorrow I have to go to the bank to sort out a wire transfer and my account as my father died. I am asking God for favour that everything will be sorted out tomorrow and for favour and that I will forgive and be positive. And God to set me free from demonic bondage. Thank you.


    Greetings of Grace,
    I am asking for prayers for financial breakthrough so i can attend the Israel 2020 Tour with Jennifer.Please agree with me in prayers over this.God bless you.

  217. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Praise God, I was not accepted at a hospital in Germany, but was accepted at a facility innDover, USA. Kindly continue to pray that all will go well with arrangements as I need to book a place to stay, and buy bus and plane tickets and have the right appointment dates. Thank you.

  218. Please be in agreement with me for healing of my shoulder/rotator cuff. I am scheduled for surgery but I am struggling with having the surgery. I am seeking God for wisdom if I should have the surgery or try physical therapy first to see if it will help. I believe God is my healer and He will heal my shoulder/rotator cuff and I will have 100% use of my shoulder

  219. Dear prayer team,

    I know it may be a simple request to ask, but I need to do a lot of travelling, and I asked an Aunt to keep one suitcase of clothes for 3 months. She is a neat/ clean freak and when I asked her the first time she said no. It would be so much easier for me to only have to carry one suitcase instead of 2. I am asking God that she would change her mind and be willing to keep it, as I have to travel back through her city anyway. Thanks very much.

  220. Hello
    I was going to ask for prayer but ill submit this instead.
    Thank you all for standing and praying for means alot..I cant explain the gratitude that I feel. Its a overwhelming joy that just came over me..Keep pushing, what you all are doing is not invain..I know you might hear this alot but God sees you and hear your petitions its about to be a manifestation of his Glory right before your eyes. I decree and declare that God will bless you all beyond measures.
    Again THANK YOU

  221. Praise the Almighty God. My humble prayer request is that am in need of a job and I need to go through a fanacial break through cause right now am just seated with out a job and yet I need to survive by all means any prayer or financial assistance rendered to me will be of good help .
    Stay blessed in Jesus”name

  222. Dear Prayer team, God has been so good to me, after my father’s death. Everything, God is just working out for me. I need specific prayer that God would deliver me from wicked and unreasonable and foolish people. I also need prayer to get the right treatment in Germany for fibroids. I know no one in Germany. I need the right person to come with me to Germany and the right place to stay to recuperate. I need God to connect me with the right people and to make all the arrangements. Thank you.

    Be blesse

  223. Please pray for my finances and my familiy and my health Please intercede with Lord to reveal Him unto me and give me spiritual eyes and hears to hear his voice.

  224. Please pray for my job situation and finances. Thank you and God Bless everyone reading this!

  225. I am reaching out to you for prayer in regard to a current situation I am facing. I was divorced from my ex-husband, and father of my daughter, Kelvin E. Johnson, in January, 2006. During our 12 year marriage, he was a controlling, mean spirited, and selfish person, whose primary concern was putting on facades to people, trying to keep up appearances, and isolating me and our daughter from friends and family. I was the primary breadwinner in the family as I was a practicing attorney, mediator, judge, and college instructor. After I got pregnant with twins, I continued to work in order to maintain our livelihood. He was not supportive during the pregnancy and when we lost our son, he never spoke about it or offered any consolation. My daughter has been a true blessing. Unfortunately, he has not shown a genuine interest in being an active parent in her life, so she grew up knowing that Mommy is her biggest cheerleader, and understanding that she could count on me and her maternal grandparents to be there. Her father, as well as his family, have not played much of a role or been very present in her life. After the divorce, I attempted to encourage the relationship, doing my part in continuing the visitation schedule, much to my daughter’s dismay. Often times, he would cancel or would spend time working while she was with him, or would have his girlfriend along during those visitations, rather than spending one on one time with Erika. Fast forward, in 2016 (10 years after the divorce), he took me back to court, seeking to hold me in contempt for “not allowing him to visit with her (she was 18 years old at the time) and to collect money from the house that he moved into with me when we married. I purchased and owned the house before meeting and marrying him. My mother co-signed with me. When we married, I continued to pay all of the mortgages, utilities, and maintenance. He grumbled and complained so much about my parents’ role in my life, (my dad would assist in landscaping as he has a landscaping business) that I eventually, in refinancing to reduce the 30 year to a 15 year mortgage, put his name on the deed to the property. MISTAKE # 2. As a result of the stress and health issues I experienced prior to our separation, I almost suffered a breakdown. I lost my law license, moved from the marital home, and became emotionally deficient. My saving grace was that I knew God carried me and Erika during those dark and horrible times. When he took me back to court in 2016 , the judge awarded him $20,000 for the past taxes he had paid ( I had agreed that I was liable for that $4000) and gave him the remainder of the money for “his share” in the house I owned when we married, but was eventually lost in foreclosure. I never got any money from the sale of that home.

    Present day- he had me served at work yesterday, seeking to hold me in contempt to pay the money or have me incarcerated. I was angry! Throughout the marriage, he relied upon me to pay everything – mortgage, utilities, maintenance, Erika’s school expenses, clothing, groceries, and his car notes. He got three new cars during the marriage (based upon my co-signing) while I never got a new car, and had to continue to repair the car I was driving, which he did nothing to assist with. I have been, needless to say, quiet throughout the time Erika was growing up, trying to protect her, as he is an angry person, and he has been quite manipulative and mean spirited towards her and me. I have now realized that that is NOT who God created me to be, and that what he did was not what God designed for Erika and I. I am tired of this man coming after us. It is obvious that he cares nothing for Erika, as he does not call her except on her birthday. He lives in the same state, within an hour and ½ of her school. He has not contributed to her college education. He has not been supportive of her education or extracurricular activities.

    By the grace of God, she is graduating in May, 2019, Summa Cum Laude. Thank God!

    I am asking for your prayers for God’s guidance in how to handle this situation. I do not owe him $20,000, as I did make some payments but had to stop because I could not afford it. At most, the balance may be $17,000. However, because of all the monies I lost during the marriage, my first house foreclosed, as well as the house we built foreclosed, and I lost about $27,000 on a parcel of land that was purchased, which he paid nothing towards. He has stolen money from me, after we separated, and tried his best to steal my SEP-IRA and stock investments, none of which he contributed to. I am asking for God to show me what to do, to deal with his heart, because it is obvious that he is still angry, and driven by greed, evilness, and bitterness.

    I can no longer be passive about this situation. I also must mention that he failed to pay child support for a number of years, until I placed the issue with the Child Support division during Erika’s senior year of high school, which forced him to pay on a nearly $30,000 arrearages. He still owes $21,813.81. I have forgiven him, and moved on. I have prayed for him, and tried to forget how he treated me, being physically, emotionally, and verbally abusive towards me during the marriage, and distant and detached from Erika throughout her younger years, and continuing through her teenage and now young adulthood.

    I am asking that God deal with his heart. This issue needs to be squashed, and he needs to either change his heart towards Erika, realize that he is losing so much more than money, and to leave me alone. Please pray with us for a peaceful and victorious resolution of this matter.

    In sisterly love, I thank you, in advance. God bless.

  226. Hello JLM Team,

    Please pray for me I am under an attack. God has been preparing me to operate in deeper levels of deliverance and have been taking deliverance training through awakening house of prayer through JLM ministries. I started training 2 days ago and ever since I have been experiencing migraine headaches followed by nausea. I am taking excedrin but it still hasnt let up. I believe it is attacks from the spirit of witchcraft due to headaches and attcks on my mind but not sure. I dont want to pick trouble with a demon that is not attacking me so I asked God for discernment and wisdom on what demon to address. Please pray for these attacks on my mind and body to stop. Also God showed me that because he plans to use me heavily in deliverance I desperately need pray support at all times. I am considering joining the partner teM but not sure if that type of support is provided. Thanks for your support and prayers.


  227. Please pray for my family and I. We need God to lead us to a new safe church. I pray God sends someone in our direction to help lead us there

  228. Praise the lord. please touch and agree with me that in the mighty name of Jesus our savior heals Javon body complete and makes me whole. im in need of supernatural miracle. My wife is also dealing with infirmity in her body. i have made my request known to God and petitioned him to do it. where 2 or 3 touch & agree he will be in the midst. i know he is able. i take all limits off of God. I know all things work together for good. thank you. i love you. im praying for you that Our father will bless u and your family and your ministry. In Jesus name. Amen Im also believing God to release a financial blessing that i can be a blessing to the kingdom

  229. Dear Prayer team,

    Please pray for Brian and myself. He would like to start over with me, but take it slow. I think we should do a discipleship training program together. I am asking God to speak to Brian and show him what to do, thank you.

    Ps. I got the right info about a student resident permit. Thanks.

  230. I would like to thank God for all His goodness, and faithfulness! The sun is shining again, and His joy and peace are with me! The staff at the Christian base in Finland are going to try to get the right information for me about doing a DTS and whether I need a visa or not. Kindly pray for me so I can get the correct information as this will impact other decisions I have to make. I would also like God to lead me to the right person to rent from in Kitchener, Ontario. Thank you very much, and thank you, Jesus!

  231. Please pray for the Elliot family that I am staying with. The three family members are getting over the flu. The other daughter who is married was diagnosed with citisis and her husband is overcoming stress and needs the right training, education or work. He is young and does not have tertiary level education. Thank you.

  232. Dear prayer team,
    My step mother contacted my brother who told me that she wanted an address for me in Trinidad so the Danish authorities can charge me inheritance tax. I am no longer living in Trinidad even though money was transferred there. Because of government restrictions, it is difficult to send foreign currency abroad even by wire. Please pray that my step mother would be willing to pay and I can pay her back when things get sorted out. Thank you.

  233. Please pray for me. I am grieving my father, and I have to make all these life changing decisions. I have decided to apply for the student resident permit in Finland, and I am asking God for favour and to make the way smooth. Emotionally, I am in a state, and I need somewhere I go and just be at peace and get some help with any things I need to do. I have to leave the Schengen area and I was thinking of going to England or returning to Canada or the USA, but I need a place to stay for minimal room and board, as I do not have a lot of extra money to spend. Thank you for your prayers, through one of the difficult periods of my life.

    God bless you,

  234. 1. Please pray for my debt cancellation.
    2. Please pray that Daniel will be released from police custody. They took his $5000 and refused to let him go.

  235. Dear Prayer team,
    Brian decided to break it off with me, and he changed his mind about the discipleship training school. I have been continuing to pray for him, and God keeps telling me through sermons, that Brian needs to recommit his life to God. The Holy Spirit keeps saying it is not over until I say it is over.

    I am asking for clarity in my own life so I know how to move forward. Thank you.
    God bless you.

  236. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Brian has to meet with his employment union worker on February 19. Normally he has to be looking for work to continue to receive unemployment benefits. I am asking God if is possible that Brian would be able to do the shipping training before the discipleship training program starts, then do the program and then start a job after the program is finished.

  237. Please pray for my friend’s mother who has cancer. She’s an Indian and she knows Christ though she’s from a Hindu background.

    Please pray that she will get healed so that people around her will know that Jesus is the true and the living God.

  238. Dear Prayer team,

    My friend Brian decided to call it quits where I am concerned. It seems like he does not want to do a discipleship training program with YWAM. I am asking God to help him make the right decisions because he has deepseated issues from the past that if he does not deal with them, they are going to continue to affect his life negatively. He is under a lot of pressure and does not always make the right decisions.

  239. Dear prayer team,

    I need God’s wisdom about what to do. I have decided to apply to a discipleship training program starting in April in Finland. I need to leave Denmark by March 10, and need to decide where to go before the program in April. I am thinking of going to England, but I need a place to stay and something to do for about one and a half months. I am asking God to show me what to do and connect me with the right people. Thank you.

  240. Dear prayer team, Thank you for the love you have shown for interceding for me, my family and Brian.

    My Dad passed away peacefully with my Step Mom by his side, and I believe he made peace with God and is with him in heaven.

    I need God to be with us and show us the pathway forward. Please continue to pray that God would be with us at this time.
    Thank you

  241. Dear Prayer team,

    Your prayers are really helping me a lot. God is answering each time I put a prayer request. My father is not in a good condition and has 24 hour nursing care. My step Mom is recovering from a stroke at home. I am planning to visit them next week, God willing. Brian is battling depression. I want to pay for him to start a discipleship training course as soon as possible, maybe April. I am asking God to help Brian accept my financial help. I am also asking God for favour that the social system will not force him to work as he is overwhelmed. He hurt his back and his father who is around 80 hurt his leg and he has to help him. He also needs help to keep away from marijuana because of his depression and he needs someone to help him free of charge to get free materials from a school so he can finish renovating his house. Thank you.

  242. Dear prayer team,

    My father made the decision to transfer money to me before he dies, but he did not discuss with me which account to send it to. I wanted him to transfer money to my Canadian account because in Trinidad we have an problem getting foreign exchange and I no longer live in Trinidad. My father sent it to my Trinidad account. I asked him if he would reverse the transfer and send it to my Canadian account instead as I am not in Trinidad. I need God to intervene in this situation and keep the peace.

  243. The Lord is promising me a new beginning with Brian. Please stand in agreement with me that this will manifest. Thank you.

  244. I just spoke to a seer and just wanted prayer for insight. I want prayer also for my spiritual and financial life. Also prayer for my family and boyfriend.

  245. I am a disabled Army Veteran who was sexually and physically abused through out my military career. I am going through church hurt. I truly desire a church where I can be safe and detox and grow and be healed in Jesus Name.

  246. Dear prayer team, I was praying and listening to a message by Jennifer talking about starting a new beginning. She explained about getting rid of demonic connections. I am asking God to sever the demonic connections between me and my father. Thank you.

  247. Dear Prayer team, I am asking God to help Brian and myself to hold on to His promises. I know that God wants me to go to California for 4 months to volunteer, but it is one of my most difficult decisions leaving Brian behind. Please pray for God’s supernatural peace.

    There is a jointly owned family property that is being sold, and I need God to help this process to go smoothly and quickly and that we would get our money without problems. I want to use the money to pay for a discipleship training program. Thanks

  248. Dear Lord,

    I need you. You told me that it is not over until it is over, yet Brian asked for his passport back and he withdrew his visa application. Why did you allow all these challenges over the last few months. Why did you allow us to go through all this, if he were not going to get his visa. I feel disappointed. Lord, give an answer. Thank you.

  249. Dear prayer team, thank you for all your prayers. Please pray about the following.
    My step Mom Alice is sick in hospital.
    My Dad Ewart is in pain at home with cancer getting nursing care.
    I need to contact the right sozo healing centre to get the right care by skype as it is not offered in Denmark.
    I am staying with friends in Denmark, but I need some time for myself.

    My friend Brian needs a positive response for his visa application, and we both need sozo inner healing.

    Thank you.

  250. Hi,
    I need prayer to be able to hear clearly the Lords instructions for me. I’m all blocked up. I’ve been praying daily about my situation for over two years. It always seems like a breakthrough is on the way and then it closes up like it never was. I used to think this was God turning away from me but I’m not so sure about that. I have asked for a few confirmations on a couple things. I have heard nothing. If it’s truly nothing then I am totally crazy and delusional and in need of serious help anyway. Right now there is just nothing. I am in a very destructive situation – or so I perceive. It’s my fault but I need the Lord to help me. I need direction and instruction and to know I’m hearing from God.

  251. Dear Prayer team,

    I need God to set me free from evil spirits which affect my thinking and decision making. Thank you.

  252. Last night I had a dream about a serpent at the top of a mountain, I was up a tree and dropped a rock to sever its head from its body, then the tail which was forked came up to reach me, but it did not as I was up the tree. Eventually the snake died, and it was coiled up, then some scorpions came around it. I had to cover then with a piece of cloth, to move them out of the way, and then I was able to walk around. I think this dream is related to my father who is highly demonized, narcisistic and has a Jezebel spirit. He has cancer, and even though my brother and I do not want contact with him because of the evil spirits, he keeps trying to contact us. I listened to weapons in the floodgates. Please pray for me to have peace and that God would sever contact with my Dad, thanks.

  253. I am being evicted and I don’t want to be. I messed up financially and I need to change. Please ask the Lord to cancel the eviction and give me a fresh start.

  254. Please pray that my finances will be sorted out soon. There are people who owe me money and I need them to pay me back.

  255. Dear Intercessors,

    Please pray for John who’s family calls him cursed person because he is sick and unemployed for the past 5 years. He used to own his business and he is the only Christian in his family and others are making fun of him because what he believes this includes his wife. John is really downhearted and he feels the Lord Jesus Christ has forgotten him.
    John finds it very difficult to pray even though his prayers for others are evidently answered. Could we all pray for John as the Lord leads us through his Holy Spirit?

    Thank you.

    • I have been where John is and I ask that the Holy Spirit rise up within him and the glory light of Jesus shine upon him. I h ave asked the Lord to be an very present help in John’s time of trouble and God is mindful of hiim, John belongs to Jesus ad the wicked one touches him not.

  256. Zimbabwe Africa is in serious trouble. I have very dear friends that have been communicating with me about their current situation. A lot is going on over there that no one knows about which is why I am posting this on here.

    I am asking all others to please to join with myself and a few others from my church to pray for others over in Africa and other countries. At the moment the focus is on Zimbabwe, Africa. The reason being is that a Korean regime that is connected with China has come over into Africa as of September/October of last year. Every since then everything has taken a turn for the worst. The price of food skyrocketed and continues to every day, in one day alone it jumped from $4.99 to $26.99 for a drink. My dear friend Pastor Sindie wages were reduced by $1400 a month, he was being made to live off of $100 a month with gas prices and food being so expensive, still running a church and providing for his family. As of just this week teachers wont return to work because the government cannot pay them, they are being told come to work or lose their job although they wont have any income to provide for their families. As of late this morning the internet for their communication has been shut down. I spoke with my friend Pastor Sindie, right before the internet was shut down this morning and he reported that officers were breaking into homes and taking the youth.

    This Korean regime has come over to their country and is controlling the food, gas, businesses, livelihood of families. All the stores have been forced shut down. No one is out in the streets because people are being shot or taken to be sacrificed.

    I also have a dear friend in Uganda, Africa that is responsible for taking care of himself, his mother and 28 children. The children sleep in an abandoned building and share two mattresses. They barely eat one meal a day, Recently they have went weeks without food, When they are able to eat their daily meal consists of flour. This young man his name is Shafic, he is carrying the full load of all these children: food, clothing, shelter. The young man is working but his wages have been held back for several weeks. Although, he has an income it isn’t enough to provide for all the needs of the 28 children. Please pray that financial provision is made for him and these children needs.

    I’m am pleading for others to please join with us and pray for our friends over in Africa. Now is the time that we must act. We need to understand that there are others out there in the world hurting, if it was our family or loved one we would want others to be praying for them. Let’s not overlook that they need our prayers too.

    Thanks for your time. We need your support. Be blessed

  257. Dear Prayer team, I was going to write my prayer request, and the word came to me. Reconciliation. This is one of the most challenging decisions I have had to make, and I know the Lord wants me to make it based on biblical love. I want to go to England to volunteer at a base I was accepted to. Brian has been saying that he does not want to go there. I explained to him that he may miss an opportunity for divine connections. I am still enquiring from a base in California if he can get a volunteer letter to the US. Please pray for me that I will make the right decision even if it means that we do not travel together, and that God’s will be done in Brian’s life. Thank you.

  258. Praying for my only son Jack is prodigal. Something happening to him God knows because he refuses to text me. Pray brings him back to Lord and deliverances and breakthroughs. Pray that God opens his open eyes and spiritual eyes.
    Thank you.

  259. Wow, in the period of transition where all the waterspirits are being revealed on after another ! I have four adult children and the Lord has been growing me into this battlefield to slay the curses from my and my childrens familyline. I am reaching out and asking help to cover my daughter Ronnita in saving prayer. I had a dream of warning of a person who had come into her life and she knew right away who this person in the dream was. I did not. She did not resist and I am waking up every night now to pray for her. She is in danger and I am asking for prayer for her eyes to open wide and her mind to be delivered from the deception of the enemy that is trying to play her like a fiddle. This person is under the influence of the enemy . This relationship must be severed asap. Thank you!!

  260. Hello, Thank you for allowing me to be accountable, I need someone to be accountable to. I was listening to a video on Apostle Ryan Lestrange’s facebook page about exposing rebellion, and a spirit of rebellion started to manifest. I also apologized to my friend Brian for being in rebellion and not in submission. Thank you so much. This has been like a miracle, God allowing me to see things that I did not realize I had and to get free. God bless you all.

  261. Thank you prayer team, God is continuing to minister to me. I decided to take a step of faith and enquire about a Discipleship training program with YWAM Grimerud in Norway which starts in March. I am believing for the finances to pay for Brian and myself as I believe that God wants me to pay for him. I am believing God for the proceeds from the sale of a jointly owned family property in Trinidad which my Uncle is handling. I need a supernatural close to the sale and release of funds to my Canadian bank account as the government in Trinidad has put a restriction on foreign exchange. Thank you so much, and God bless you!

  262. I would appreciate prayers for my health. I’ve been battling anxiety for 4 years because of trauma and it’s affected my energy etc. I know God is my healer but would appreciate agreement that the wounds in my soul will be healed.

  263. I need prayer that these people will move outta my life thier in the spirit realme are watever spirit this is god will remove them all.

  264. I continued praying against a spirit of pride, and I think I need a place to go where I can get more in depth spiritual healing. I am asking God to open the right door for me and provide the finances where I can get help. Thank you.

  265. Dear Team,

    While praying and fasting today, I believe a spirit of pride started manifesting in me. Please agree with me that I would be completely delivered from this and related spirit, and instead receive a spirit of humility. Thank you.

  266. I am asking for prayer of agreement that God will direct me for guidance regarding my career. I have been with my employer for almost 2 years and things are not working out. I have been mistreated from my first day there and cannot quit because I am the sole provider as a single mother with a child in college. I have been interceding and believing God for some relief however, it’s not working out. Can you please touch and agree with me that a new door will open.

  267. I want to start using my gift of prophetic dance and flagging once more. I had attended a 3 month creative arts workshop at a church in California where I learned and developed basic skills in this areas, and then I returned to Trinidad. God has been delivering me from Jezebel and other demonic warfare I have experienced from almost the beginning of 2017 until now. I left Trinidad and I am currently in Denmark, Europe temporarily and believing God to volunteer with a YWAM in California and then God wiling do a Discipleship training program with YWAM possibly in Australia. Please pray for me that I would rise up from this deep pit and be set completely free. Thank you, Cindy

  268. I feel such peace, just logging in to this prayer site. I am asking God to set me completely free from demons. I want reconciliation between my friend Brian and myself. I want complete emotional healing for Brian and myself. I want a fresh start for both Brian and myself and that Brian would repent and turn back to the Lord wholeheartedly. Brian wants a fresh start in life and we were planning to go to California to volunteer with YWAM, but we had a big argument before Christmas and he has not apologized even though I apologized and tried to make peace. I need him to be filled with the Holy Spirit so he does not take out his anger and frustrations on me. I do not want to be afraid of being around him. Please pray that God would give us peace and that Brian will be successful with his US visa if God wants him to go to volunteer. Please pray for favour with the right YWAM base for us to volunteer with or for me to volunteer with if I have to go alone. Thank you very much, May God grant every request on this prayer site. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  269. I need deliverance from a python spirit that has plagued me my whole life but I have just now been made aware of. I realized it as I was watching a video of Jennifer LeClaire and Johnathan Stidham done sometime around Halloween. I am praying in the spirit and seeking the Lord diligently but I am smart enough to know that I need help to break free. Please pray for total complete deliverance and freedom as well as a wise and discerning heart to know how to live free after it is gone.

  270. Asking for agreement that everything will fall into place for my daughter as she returns to college. We are believing for a financial miracle and great favor. We are also believing for her to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  271. Hi, Im married with 2 children & my husband has been battling schizophrenia for the past 18 years, which is accompanied by wrongful thoughts, hearing voices, etc. He sees demons & angels also. He battled 3 suicide attempts in 2017. We moved to attend bible college & now he wants to quit & wants divorce. I know this is attack of the enemy. Please pray for divine connections/encounters on how to help my husband & wisdom for our marriage & family on proper steps to take. Thank you in advance.

  272. Praise the Lord, I am a born again christian , I have been living pure, but of late,after christmas ,i am struggling with pornography . I wonder whether i am constantly attacked by a jezebalic spirit , as i am always tempted to see porn of female domaination is quite a struggle , and I come clean 6 months then again slip get up and slip in after 3 or 4 months , like a pattern . Could you pray for me . please dont judge me . I might need deliverance , i will talk to a brother church elder the folowing week who has a gift of deliverance

  273. Denise Anitra Wilson

    Prayers for my baby sister for her to have a healthy heart. No sickness. No disease and for her to prosper in every area of her life and come to know Jesus in her everyday life

  274. My girlfriend and I recently broke up and there has been some peace within me but with that comes the feeling that she won’t let go easily even though we came to the decision to break up together. She doesn’t believe in God the way I do and only came to church occasionally to please me, we both want different things in the future and we decided it was not healthy for us to be together.

    I have also been suffering with this unnatural pain in my feet, calves and lower back. I’ve been to doctors and xrays show no problems. Two different doctors have given two different opinions about it. I have many sleepless nights due to the pain.
    Sometimes when I don’t have pain, I still can’t sleep, sleep seems so distant.

    Could you please pray for me.

    Bless you in Jesus name.


  275. Please agree with me in the restoration of my marriage to Shelly Marie Powell and restoration of our family., That every ungodly soul tie be uprooted and removed, Every power and principality removed, Every spirit separating and dividing our family and marriage is bound and cast out in Jesus name. Our hearts and love healed for one another as husband and wife. Our passion and desire for one another to be restored and repaid back 7 fold from what the devil has stolen. , Bring Shelly, Lord back to you, heal our broken hearts. heal our marriage and family and finances. Father quicken us and help us into the secret place, as we repent and worship you Father. restore us and use our marriage and family testimony for your glory Lord. use me I desire your perfect will Lord in every area of our lives and marriage and family and finances Father we are your vessels move in us and let the flesh be removed and the enemies scattered.
    any words of wisdom and knowledge. prophecy of our marriage and family and finances and what God has in store for us
    And a prophecy over our son Adexx. I know God has his hand on him.

  276. I need urgent prayer and prophetic direction. My marriage and family is under attack. My adult stepdaughter is causing problems and my husband is threatening to leave me if I don’t take the full blame. The torment is extending further daily and I don’t believe it will stop until the marriage is destroyed. There’s much more detail to the story but this is the best summary I can give. I am seeking wise counsel, praying, studying, listening to God. I don’t know what else to do!

  277. Please pray for healing for my husband Don. He was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017. His brain tumor continues to grow. Please pray for a supernatural healing for him. That all his tumors will disappear! I ask for this miracle in the mighty name of Jesus, amen!

  278. Please pray, I have been tormented by an evil and manipulative assistant at work for six years. Please pray for her to come to repentance. Pray that she will be removed from this job. Pray that others will have their eyes open to see her evil attacks against me. Pray that God will send me relief and double for my trouble. In Jesus powerful name, Amen.

  279. Please continue to pray for my son David and his wife Teresa and the healing of his marriage, the healing of their emotional state and freedom from addiction. Protection also. Also most importantly to come back to the Lord.

  280. Dear Jennifer LeClaire , please pray for my grand daughter Ariel Tan Ern Rui who has Autism. Ariel Tan Ern Rui is seven years old , who doesn’t know how to interact and communicates with people in sentences. Also doesn’t how to express. Give her the story book she will be able to read and she also how to spell the words when we ask her.
    Jennifer LeClaire, please kindly pray that God will redeem and heal Ariel Tan Ern Rui from Autism , and pray that God will completely heal her speech so that Ariel will be able to speak and communicates in sentences and express herself.

    We have apply for a special school this year for Primary One class. The School name is Chaoyang School .
    Jennifer LeClaire , please pray that she will be eligible to be admitted to Chaoyang Special School .
    Please pray that the Principal and teachers of Chaoyang School will help and favor Ariel Tan Ern Rui to be admitted to Chaoyang School this year .
    Please pray that God will give Ariel Tan Ern Rui The confidence, wisdom, peace, joy, boldness, courage, good health and renew her mind.
    Please Pray for protection and safety from all harm and danger and from all evil ones .

    Thank You Dear Jennifer LeClaire for ALL your prayers. May God’s Richest Blessings Surround you and your family . Happy New Year 2019 ! Have A Blessed, Wonderful And Fantastic Year Ahead ! Cheers !!!

  281. Please pray for my business, it’s a critical moment for us to survive, and actually God called me to serve in the business, but things going worse and worse. Please declare for the victory for us, and pray for the set free of finical needs, heartfelt thanks!

  282. Please pray for my Sons Gavin, Justin and Micah. Pray for salvation and for God to overwelm them with truth. It’s been a constant battle and I don’t know what to do.

  283. Please agree with me for divine healing of neurapathy. I have been dealing with this burning tingling pain in my feet and nothing seems to help. I have prayed and I am waiting for my healing to manifest.
    Thank you

  284. On 11/9/2018 I had a double mastectomy. I am believing that it is a done deal and there will be NO MORE cancer! I would love to have your prayer team agree with me and stand in the gap against ALL FEAR. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR FAITHFULNESS! Bless you all!

  285. Praying the prayers of 5779 of giving birth to the will of God. Been in the serpent warfare for a full time job with benefits and salvation for Willie Walker and household since 2000. Also for my Church , under the leadership of Isaac Pitre. He just start teaching this truth of 5779. And I was praying for God to show me that this teaching is from Him.And as I was on YouTube the spirit brought me to yours. I am truly grateful for the HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN

  286. Please pray for my daughter. She is 22 and a 27 year old woman has started a homosexual relationship with her. That I will not reject her as Satan wants but I will love her. God will bring her back to him,back to church. and that the lies will be silenced. Gods truth will be spoken over her, a holy spirit faith based community . the wounds from seeing destructive male relationships will be saturated with Gods healing and love. The lies the enemy is speaking to her or the gratification will be cursed at the root forever and God will intervene. Please pray , I am weak and don’t know how to pray anymore. Thank you.

  287. Thank you. Please pray for my niece, Rosemary and my boss, Jim, both have cancer and niece, Samantha and 4 children. I’ve been praying daily but I need the power of continuous prayer. May God pour out all of his blessings upon each and everyone prayers. Thank you.

  288. Frank and Veronica

    Please lift us up in prayer that the Lord Almighty may have mercy upon us and bless us abundantly, also for healing, protection, and his unfailing guidance and love. God bless you, for your prayers.

  289. Prayer for prAyer fasting and healing have twisted my knee and has swollen up, am hoping my cruciate ligament isn’t broken as can not afford to take time off work really need healing

  290. Father, Their are so MANY of Your children that are in need of a Breakthrough, Resolutions, Renewing, Recharging, Restoring, Restructuring, Opening, Closing, Making, Healing and MORE! That can ONLY come from You! Supernatural, SPIRITUAL, and Heavenly Encounter! That will Alter, Change, and Exceed any thing that man can do, so that YOU and only YOU, Heavenly Father will receive ALL GLORY in these circumstances!
    Let the deception of satan become a Conception of New Birth within the people!
    Let the HOLY SPIRIT go into ALL NATIONS and be Received into the hearts that have been bruised and damaged by Your and our enemy!
    In all that we ask, we ask In The Mighty Name Jesus! Amen Amen Amen

  291. I was on Bell Ave and I was outside with family and friends. It appeared as if were just getting together and having a good time. I was in the backyard lying down. It was as if it was a nice summer day. As I was looking in the sky I seen what I initially thought was birds being shout at. I said wow look everyone. There shooting. Then I noticed there were several Bald Eagles in the sky being shot out of the sky! Tons of them! There was this one Bald Eagle. It had its wings sprawled out in the sky. It was massive. It was shot right out of the sky. It was as if the shots were long range: the targets were hitting right on. I began to get nervous because the shots took on a missile like appearance. I could hear planes in the sky. I said whoever is shooting. They should stop right now because these planes are going to get caught in the crossfire. I began to panic. Then all of a sudden this big plane is shot and split and half. I could see it being caught on fire but then i noticed it was falling from the sky in our backyard. I was telling everyone to please run. Get up ! The plane fell in out backyard inches from killing us. But we were badly damaged. I got burns on my Right back leg. I was limping. Some people lost limbs. There were massive casualties. There was so many casualties there was not enough Ems to take care of the patients. They had to triage them. I wasn’t badly damaged. I also notice Ems people were asking for money prior to taking them. I also noticed there were survivors in which were badly hurt. I couldn’t believe a plane had literally got shot down and fell in our backyard.

    I woke up in a shock! And immediately the Holy Spirit showed me the Eagles represented America’ Please pray for our country and our President! We must pray!

  292. Please pray for my family. My husband, who’s a pastor has encountered a jezebel spirit in the church. He has allowed her to lead the praise team; this woman has caused chaos in my marriage and family. My husband keep saying she’s my best friend and she will always be my friend whether we stay together or not. I feel like he’s had an affair with this woman. Please pray he be delivered from the spirit of Ahab and Leviathan. We have been in spiritual warfare for over 20 months. Please pray, we been married 28 years; Please pray, my husband doesn’t see the destruction this woman is causing in the church as well as our family. The only thing he says is he going to live his life. He’s in bondage in our marriage for 27 years. Please pray.

  293. Hi we are under severe attack, falsely accused, my babies taken by CPS, husband arrested, it’s been 16 months and huge court battles, finances depleted and credit card debt to pay the almost $100K in Lawyer fees so far! There is medical proof of one triplet having a birth injury. My husbands trial is coming up in February and my children are being raised by foster people that they call mama and dada. I went through 15 infertility treatments and 9 yrs of trying to conceive. Please give me some advice and prayers on what to do, I need insight from God and strong people behind us. Thank you Luisa and Justin

  294. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewski

    Please pray for my family & I got just Christmas blessings and for the Lords, peace & protection & the Lords hand over our lives. Thank you.

  295. Hi. I’m hoping you’ll pray for
    my family and I…especially my adult children. We have had tremendous destruction over the past few years, so there is def something coming against us. I’ve had information coming up on my social media account about Jezebel, and believe this spirit has a big part to play in the mess my family is in. Please pray for our protection and deliverance from the work of the enemy. Thank you and God Bless.

  296. Hello,

    I am writing for prayer. The LORD has promised me a Husband and the hour is quickly approaching in which He promised we would be wed. I am in need of a supernatural healing from the result of sexual sins in my youth. I contracted HPV in my teens as I was careless and uneducated. Now as a woman of God, called to prophesy at 33 years of age and about to be married, I long for a fresh start. I know God can heal me. I know it’s not impossible. I have seen the Power of The Holy Spirit heal other parts of me. I really want to be “new” for my husband and not have this situation on me anymore.

    Please pray in agreement for my healing and I will write in with my praise report to glorify our Father. Thank you so much!



  297. That the marriage would have better communication and teamwork between my spouse/wife/her and I. That the marriage could bond on every level and connect on every level. That the armor of these people would shield guard protected and watch over this area also this page. The wife/her/spouse and the kids would be back in my arms within 12hrs. And/or asap. Better days and good luck would come into this area. My wife/spouse/her would feel only relax and comfortable around me and me only. Be able to get and find a job also be able to keep a job at a stable company. Get a raise and a promotion at the job place. No weapon shape or shall not prosper slso enemies would become foostools and bow down. Stay out of trouble and jail. Be able to find a spouse or wife asap

  298. Please pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga,My mother is in pain everyday, her entire body is in pain,Everything starts with heaviness ontop of her head,than the bones in her body starts to pain and her legs become numb,docters don’t really know what’s wrong with my mother. They’ve diagnose her with all sorts of stuff.Please pray that gods blood cover my mother,father God please touch,strengthen & restore my mothers body,restore my mothers health in the name of Jesus,father God please cover and shield my mother with the Armour of God.please pray to break the curse of death and infinity curse in the name of Jesus

  299. I’m really in need of prayer for my self. I married a men about two yrs and we have been separated after 3months. He heavy into witchcraft i didn’t know it at the time. Not shorty after we married i began too be thing that happened was i had a small pimple over my left eye bow becomes very inflamed. Till my face was distorted and i was hospitalized. This men contacted me for a divorce reasonly and the pimple is appearing again in the same place. Asking the true men and women of God to pray. And ad you Pray the enery will scatter in the name of JESUS. Thank you…..

  300. I have a written exam tomorrow n I get headaches constantly which disturbs in my studies. please please pray for me to get selected in the written exam. God bless u!!

  301. Please pray for a dear friend of mine, his name is Robert. He’s Been in a coma a year now. He has a infected cancerous tumor on the side of his throat as big as a basketball. Thankyou!

  302. Hello I need a prayer for my fiancé and I against the demonic spirits delaying our marriage. I need God to get him a dignified and overwhelming job offer so we can get married. Again I have been having constant dreams of being in my childhood school days. I need prayers against demonic spirits of setbacks in my life. Again I need prayers for to vindicate me against something that happened and caused me public humiliation at my work place and in my church. Lastly I need God to give me promotion in my career: I need a new job.

  303. Prayer request for spiritual strength ,faith and the Godly confidence restored . Strength to let go hurts an forgive myself an move forward. Also divine financial increase.

  304. I need prayer against these spirits jazube, python,Leviathan, black magic, succubus, husband and wife, spirit of jealous, mind bottling spirits and the blood of Jesus in my life from deoms that my come in through this situation, that spirit that kill my son.

  305. Please pray for patty and William Wedding to be paid in full. New house paid in full and to be blessed with Jesus kids

  306. I despretly need an angel to be sent into my life ASAP who shine me some light and be my miricle I’ve so longed for all my life. I’ve always even as child have struggled with a feeling of emptiness until then I met my husband and had my two kids. Yet I still felts this space that was empty that needs to be filled and I try to void the fact it isn’t filled with things I assume will fill it when that isn’t the case. I had such a loving grandma and grandfather that always opened their arms and heart to me. Sadly I have grown up discovering I have a greedy uncle and also mother who has only their best interest placed before me. I know my uncle being the ring leader of it all. My grandma home she opened to us to live in last three years will no longer be ours since my uncle despretly wants money so no longer wants to wait to sell us the house. Me and my husband being first time home buyers it’s a difficult process and we cleared all credit problems up and was working on saving the down payment which is pretty large. My uncle decided no longer to wait and since my grandmother passed away a month ago he has the advantage now to evict so he can hurry and sell. He hired a crooked cheap lawyer knowing we can’t afford one and we never was properly served any papers so didn’t know the court date and time so he was granted whatever he wanted by default. He requested eviction date 12/18 days before Christmas knowing he was putting me and my kids 9 and 4 on the street and had arranged for all our stuff be moved out and locked in a storage unit he will let us get into once we pay thousands of dollars for made up rent and bills he claimed we were to pay as “tenants at will” knowing we lived last three years as family and helping family is right we have utilities and all in our name and pay so lights etc not like we had my grandma or him have them in his name and never paid. My grandma owned the home and had feed so no mortgage payment was paid a month. The insurance homeowners was mainly one which I always offered to pay and grandma would either deny no it’s okay save money or if needed extra one month say ok it helps thanks! Papers was filed the day my grandma was buried. My uncle had went to court house to put in any paper work day after she passed to make sure the papers of eviction summons and complaint was served day we had been at funeral and all he had to do was mail a copy which he knew I never get mail like that here and wouldn’t see it so I wouldn’t show on court day. Worse is they my mom and uncle had been speaking to me and we seen each other multiple times and they never mentioned a word to me. They let me go on having no idea and yet it kills knowing they either well my mom assumed I cared less or whatever because I know my uncle was one who always contacted lawyer and brought any papers he wanted sign for eviction by my grandma before she passed or my mom he wouldn’t fully explain what they were signing for. I do pray grandma that it’s seen how he can be and has no love for family and his hunger for money is stronger than it is for family and love and care. I was able to get until two weeks to be evicted versus today since I just found out yesterday. Any papers that was “served fell out infront the sheriff that was weirdly put in the front door that is never used and had no clue was there. And never once did anyone attempt to ring bell or knock because I would’ve loved to accept and sign I recieved papers and to know of the date court was. I had all my angles and the lord beside me today for sure because my uncle told his lawyer to go in and do whatever needed to make sure me and my kids was put out today and leave us with nothing. I was in a car accident on December 2 so have had no car at all. My kids love this home we been in three years and I pray I will have a place lined up to go when it’s time. I pray more that a miricle will happen and it will be answer on being able to keep my kids in this home and not have to move three years of memories forced into storage and locked up and given away since we will have to pay almost $400 for storage we forced to put our whole life in and only will be able to access once until after we pay whatever amount my uncle decided he wants and what he claimed to court we owed. We never as family have had any type of written or even oral agreement and he went behind my back and used the tenant at will advatage and was able to claim whatever amount he wanted was owed and past due and then make possible to evict us along with making it a point we will never get someplace to also move into due to having the stamp of claims we was evicted by landlord when he was never a landlord he’s my uncle. We always paid out our pockets to fix or repair anything or make any upgrades, we upkept maintnce never assumed family was landlord and that all this time we should’ve called him to take care of things versus us doing so. I was told that I will have a person a man especially enter my life in the next few days who I will cross paths with for reasons due to he is supposed to be there for me and will be a great help for me and my family. Me and him have much in common and he’ll share much of his wisdom with me. I pray he is still on and I am still on right and same path so we will cross and meet in coming days. It’s a true heartbreaker when you knowingly have family especially a mom and uncle that will cold heartily kick you and your kids and husband to the street in winter when 10 degrees or colder at night and knowing all events I’ve dealt with latterly loosing grandma and car accident, and not have a second thought or feeling of what’s being done is wrong. I do admit and can agree I haven’t always been the perfect ideal person and done my fair share of sins, but one thing I would never do ever is let my
    Mom or sister or uncle and aunt and cousins be placed and forced to live in cold streets and sit back and watch not doing one thing to try and help them and do anything needed to not see them have to be forced into that. And I in my heart being so upset and hurt by them if they came to me tonight saying they will be in a position that isn’t one you want anyone you love be seen in I would still do anything in my power to assure I can help to try to prevent it or help it in any way I can. Even knowing they wouldn’t do same for me. I need guidance and courage to find a miricle for me my kids and husband fast so we won’t be in the cold and face loosing kids to the state and plus my husband so hardworking don’t deserve this. I agree a portion actually a lot is resulted due to me and terrible actions I took at times being selfish, but my kids and husband don’t deserve to suffer for my sins. I need a sign on what I must do to eliminate myself from them and so I won’t clntinue to ruin their lives and place them in these situations I choose to put myself in not thinking then I’m doing it to all them. Dear lord please forgive me for it all and guided me to fixing this in time so my kids and husband aren’t also placed in the hands of having to suffer when I am the only one that is deserved to be placed in a position of punishment. I just please beg my kids and husband will be put on path they might not enjoy at first being I am not with them there but they will grow to it and slowly move on and to begin to enjoy again and grow to be as happy as they are meant to be. The same is for my lovely and beautiful husband too. And last request is they will never, ever forget of me and who I am deeply. They I feel though will have a hard time remembering whenever there’s maybe moments in future when they see me but hopefully they’ll never let that feeling of once loving me unconditionally ever go away. I feel so lonely and afraid right now and more so knowing this is just the start of it and I will remain this feeling forever. I will continue to pray and I was and will be forgives for my sins and maybe hopefully that the small chance of a miricle or angle entering in with in next few days will turn all around for the best will happen and I will not feel I need to remove myself from my children and husband or the fact I will always feel that I am a burden to them and make their lives difficult. All I want is just to be loved fully by all the ones I love so deeply much. If it was there I wouldn’t have grown up always having this feeling of it being missing and at times still do and that I feel I tend to give out much more love sometimes than I actually get back but need to realize today that isn’t how it works. I should feel more love on the fact that I am able to give off so much love from myself to others and don’t let things get in the way of that. I make one promis though that I will be attending a church service for Christmas next week and I will not let it fall through or make excuses on why I am not able to go. Thank you god for all the help and answers you made sure to give me today and on such a short notice.

  307. I’m dealing gerd and diffculty swallowing and fear…… i’
    m really concerned about my future – since i really want to do great things for God’s glory. Please prayer that God would heal me completely

  308. Please pray for me, I am prophetic intercessor I ask permission to start a prayer line and it was approved and granted by the pastor. However, the pastor does NOT support the mission nor she call in to support, including the ministers. I am gift with many spiritual gifts and used to make the ministry look good. God gave me Ezekiel chapters one the four as my commission. Pray the bondage of jealousy and condemnation against me stops and the manifestation of God glory…prevails. Amen! And, I retired and on fixed income, I was in an several auto accidents and now having financial shortfall. Also, none of the accidents were my fault. Please pray my continued strength in the Lord…Amen


  309. Hello, long story short, I have PTSD, severe anxiety, OCD, depression, and I hate jesus and God but I’m terrified of hell, and I try to obey God so I can get my prayers answered so I won’t go to hell, but it is extremely difficult because I hate Jesus and God’s commands. and I don’t feel remorse for my sins so I can’t get saved. So do I have to obey God so he will answer my prayers for a new heart, remorse, godly sorrow, etc so I can get saved?

  310. Hello Jennifer, I need your prayers over my family, my husband Anoop is very abusive and critical and he is always depressed. I seek your prayers to break this pattern of demonic oppression on his life. He blames God for anything that goes wrong in his life. Please help.


  312. FOR SON, MMDT-

  313. Pls pray for miraculous healing of my grandmas body post a stroke that occurred during a minor surgery she had. She’s been in ICU for a month. Her name is Olive and has blood clots and brain injury due to complications a doctor incurred by pushing past evident complications during surgery. Please. Thank you

  314. Please pray for my Husband, Jose. He has left our marriage and has filed for divorce. He is with another woman attempting to make a life with her. A Counterfeit. Also, this woman possesses a dominating Jezebel Spirit that GOD has showed me. So please pray for her too. I pray for my husband safety because he told me she can get violent. She is also a Domestic Violence Advocate. Also, please pray that my husband finds GOD and he has a Damascus Road experience to get him to surrender to the Father. Thank you so much.

  315. Praise the Lord Pastor I am Rahul my prayer Request is For My wife Deevena & My Son Matthew Jaden Come this week I am waiting for them past 2years Happened they didn’t came Please pray Christ Jesus will do Some Miracle this week let them come. Thank you God bless you Pastor .
    Thank you

  316. I would like prayer for my daughter Gabby for healing she has been diagnose with selective mutism and anxiety she has being angry, rebellious, confuse, and destructive spent a month in the hospital and we have been experiencing this since August since her starting the 6th grade before that she was a very smart girl who loves God and going to church and reading the bible please pray that the enemy will take his hands off her that she will be complete restore to who God called her to be.

  317. Please pray for me to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I want to see signs and miracles in my church, and community. Please pray my strength in the Lord. I am dealing with a very toxic pastor. Thank you. God bless.

  318. Please pray for supernatural healing over my hands and fingers. I injured them at work. Please also pray for a fresh anointing and in filling of the Hy Spirit. Thank you.

  319. Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor for our relationship to grow stronger and better. Help us draw closer together than ever before. Pray that we won’t break apart for our love to be better than ever and her behavior and choices also a miracle our relationship more intimate. Pray for how my neighbor treated me and how to love me more than before. Pray that nothing and no one will tear us apart. Stop all the wrongful and hurtful things that have been destroying our relationship. Set my neighbor free from the enemy and the world. Pray that my neighbor won’t leave me and to bring us together each day. Pray for restoration of what we had together. Pray for my neighbor’s and her whole family for deliverance from wickedness and rebellion, salvation also draws closer together to do things the right way. Pray for my neighbor’s brother, cousins, and others. Pray for the children and teenagers at the school and in community that come from a dysfunctional for deliverance from wickedness and rebellion. Pray for salvation family members for deliverance for addiction and to turn their life around

  320. I pray for Gods perfect will for my life and for me to know in clarity so I know that it is him for sure this way I wll know if I am fighting he is with me. Pray for my husband salvation and deliverance from bondage and insecurities and any bipolar or mental demons stealing from him. formost that he find you Lord but for my marriage and direction in Jesus name it is under great attack I aks for warring angels to come and fight for me.
    I believe that with all in agreement that this will be done I been married over 25 yrs and I have seen glimpses and went thru years of good in my marriage now it been worse that ever.
    I just say stop devil and demons in this fighting and chaos in him and for me to love unconditionally

  321. For my son’s longtime tutor, Rachel Hansson, to be saved and healed of all gall stones in kidneys. All stones and disease disappear and dissolve completely in Jesus Name!!!

  322. Short Prayer Request


    Please join me in prayer for the following…..









    Thankfully in Christ!


  324. The U.S. Army Green Berets – 10th group- SFOD-A 0224, asked to be prayed for as they are currently experiencing intense demonic attacks. Thank you

  325. GM! i am seeking prayers on behalf of a dear sister who has backslidden. I believe the description of what was seen around her head was the squid tentacle or a python. Your prayers are greatly appreciated since I’m only a little familar with it and I’m one of a few who are warring for her. She was used greatly in prophetic intercession and healing. Thank you again.









    SON MM



  327. I need prayer but mainly for my husband. I believe he has some demonic spirits attached to him namely levithan, jezebel and others i do not know the names. He is what therapits would call a covert narssisit. My two little girls and I are leaving our home this monday and I am absolutely heartbroken. I cannot stay here with finding out what he has been doing when he is not a round me. I am disappointed and quite frankly devastated. I love him dearly and I do forgive him. I have repented for myself having anything in common with these nasty demons I did what katie souza spoke about concerning these matters. So if you could would you pray for my husband that G-d will break these demons things off of him and give him a heart of flesh removing that stone he has in his heart. I want my marriage but we are not equally yolked, I believe i was lied to and presented one man but his mask came off and I cannot ignore these things and make excuses. I have been seeking G-d and pouring out my heart and trying so hard to hear the voice of G-d asking his will not my own…

    • Yuans,
      Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His night!
      You are guided by Holy Spirit and are in His hands of protection, provision and love!!! God is not a man that he should lie. Follow the lead of Gods wisdom and continue calling on Him, for He will Answer you Ana show you great and mighty things!!!
      With Jesus, we have victory. He is our intercesesor. And remember when God closed one door, He will open another for freedom, peace, love and Joy!!!
      Be hopeful, be strong in Him…our savior and redeemer Jesus…our true husband, our true father…our provider….our protector!!!
      Praying for you! You are not alone for God’s will never leave you nor forsake you!!!
      As a child of God you are free now, in jesus Name!!!!
      Lovingly in Christ!









    SON MM



  329. Please pray for my husband Roosevelt to return back to God. Please pray for reconcillation in our marriage before end of the year. we have been separated since June of this year. We lost everything and have to start over. Were living in different states. He is a truck driver and lives on his truck. I live with my sister in Christ. . We need a place to live this year. I need a job and transportation. Please pray that my husband will call me more often to check on me and also send me finances to support myself until were back together again. Please pray that my husband will stop living in the hurt and pain of our separation so that we can move on from here. Pray for Godly counsels to enter his life. Please pray that his mother will be healed in her body of dialysis.
    Thank you








    SON MM

  331. Please pray for my work week to go by smoothly. Please also pray for supernatural & divine blessings in all of my affairs. Specifically my friendships & relationships, job/career, education at bible college and my love life. Thank you so much.

  332. Please agree with me for favour and visa breakthrough to be able to continue ministry for children with severe disabilities in Middle East

  333. Hello family.
    Since joining Jennifer LeClaire prayer calls and TeamJennifer LeClaire Ignite’s Spiritual Warfare Battalion, my home has been under attack, as well as my marriage, my health and my husband’s health. This is all new to me, and I need a covering of prayer during this time. Please intercede on our behalf. I have been continuing to press in and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and direction, and there has been many breakthroughs, in Jesus name. I am barely learning how to fight, pressing in and spending hours of my day in the shadow of the Most High. He keeps showing me that He is fighting for me and is VICTORIOUS, I need only to abide in Him. Please pray for strength, for perseverance, and for all powers of darkness to be bound, in Jesus name. Thank you! ❤️

  334. Thank you for your service, I love your ministry. You are a fantastic educational and spiritual backbone in our our NATION and our WORLD today for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the equipping of the saints/prophetic/apostles. I want to be the same in the arts/entertainment/media. I am involved in the Atlanta AHOP and excited to see miracles to come in our city as we unite under Jesus.
    I need prayer for financial miracles. I have been under extreme attack for a long time. The enemy keeps stealing my breakthroughs just as they begin to happen when I give thanks. After a horrific divorce, losing my home, business, kids, etc. I ended up in debt and have a disabled mother to help support. Was out of work for a long time, living on credit cards, etc. and need debt cancellation and career to take off. I need to get my mother settled in a safe, caring, affordable environment/home and her healing in mobility issues (and more). I need a new place to live myself, but need for my salary to be doubled in order to pay bills (not including debt I quit paying for because of funds).
    I am needing prayer for and thanking Father for:
    Miracle in debt cancellation, double salary, home for mother, home for me, awesome vehicle.
    Thank you so much and may God bless your socks off! I love you all!

  335. Please pray for my best friend, Jerry, who is an extremely talented church music director, pipe organist, pianist, choir director, etc. who loves the Lord and has always offered his life first and foremost to the service of God and His church. Jerry is under the authority of a pastor who lacks the ability of being pastoral. The pastor gives good sermons and portrays herself as loving the Lord, but admits that she is uncomfortable around parishioners and “isn’t in the business of being a host to newcomers.” Jerry has ADD and the pastor has no sense of compassion or understanding. She belittles him for running 10 minutes overtime with choir rehearsal and not putting all of his music away in an orderly fashion, yet she reaps the grandeur of attention resulting from the magnificent choral numbers he directs and church concerts he produces. The pastor, who served many years in the Navy, views the church as a ship that in her words, ‘I must have total control over and responsible for every aspect of how it functions” and she is quick to anger if things do not go her way. Jerry feels as though he has no pastor and would like to leave the church, yet the parishioners love him and he loves them. Please pray that God either heals the pastor’s heart and that she shows true fruits of the Spirit, or that Jerry is provided a new congregation and pastor who is loving and pastoral and where he can grow.

  336. Thank you so much for this prayer opportunity. I am need of revelation about the spiritual war I have been in for 4 years. I quit smoking about 4 years ago, and since then, there has been a massive spiritual attack to the point, where its torment and I dont know peace. The thoughts are all over the place and often its conversations of things that hasnt happened. I have repented over and over and I dont know what else to do. I did have some revelation recently from Holy Spirit and that was when we repent, any healing or future revelations given my God to us, about a specific need, is not sin. For instance, I have forgiven my ex over and over but I am still hurt so I need healing but my healing isnt about sin, its about going from glory to glory, its learning. This brought some freedom but its still hard. I have a passion to help others who have been through torment and I have heard prophecy about me sharing my testimony. God has put on my heart to get buildings donated for people to get private and confidential prayer. I know what I have been through will help me in ministry but I am still in need of revelation and deliverance. Bless you and thank you, Raven

  337. I am asking for the intercessors to pray for my gifts to be stirred even more. I feel the call to go deeper. Prayer for clarity, next level and answers to the many questions that I have concerning things of the spirit realm. My seers anointing, the sound/songs of the spirit and the deliverance ministry within. I sense a pull spiritually and searching to not miss it.

    Thank You!

  338. Please don’t post anywhere, I just want prayer, a few people are praying for me already. thanks! Curses Wrap Around My Head Pressuring It, Right Side of Goopy Waist & Neck, (75% of “Strings” is on Back of Head) intertwine to My Wrists, Fingers, Hands, Triceps into Penis & Butt, in Corner of Eyes, Heavy Chest, Gripped Bottoms of Feet & Heels, Blindness.

    “Weighted” Face, Back, & Arms, Stiff Legs & Calves, Inflammed Ears, Pinched Cocula. Midnight Wakeup & Nightmares. Painful Lungs/Chest/Throat. Obsessive Thoughts. I’m Covered in Death, Darkness. Oppressive, Gripping, Stiffening.

    Hard Poop, Flu, Headaches, Forehead Disorientation. From the Right Side of my head-Shoulder, and Arm – Strings go into my Mouth & Eyes. Strings go into Muscles; Heavy “Death” Legs. My knee muscles twitch, and these strings are in all my muscles; they need to be pulled out, by the blood of Jesus. These witches send “Possessing” demons;
    I use holy water, oil, insence to defeat this. Since repenting over generational sins, it’s improved, please pray for more revelation.

  339. Please Pray for me as I accepted the calling of serving God in my life and I’m willing to go where he sends me. I have been running away from God’s Calling for a long time but the holy spirit asked me”will you accept the calling of the Lord?” and I said to the spirit, its an honor to serve you Lord. I will be starting to study Religion at Liberty University in January 2019 and I’m already been attacked by the enemy. Also please pray for my wife Dawn, she is harboring a Jezebel spirit and is doing everything in her power to destroy me but to God be the Glory, Thank you.

  340. Hello I need a prayer for my healing of eplipsey and brain issues after brain surgery . I need God and Jesus in my life.

  341. I am married to a very evil and abusive man. We have a little baby. I want a way out. I want a good husband and a good father for my little child. I have no finances and no family. I’m an orphan.

    • Praying for your deliverance of slavery and bondage. Ask Jesus to come into your heart and free you as he did the Israelites in Egypt. He hears your cry and will
      Answer. Yiua re not alone, for Yeh Holy Spirit is your consoler, counselor, friend and guide. Jesus is your older brother, as you are a conheir with Jesus, a childnof God, the apple of His eye. You have been adopted by your Heavenly Father therefore you are a child of the Most High and a
      Daughter, sister and bride of Jesus!
      There is hope, He is called the King of Glory and he is sending legions of Ángels to war I on yiur behalf and set you free from all captivity and into the Promised Land of milk and honey. For you and your baby, in jesus Mighty Name. Jesus is your way, your life, your truth and He has heard your cry. Give your life to Him, repent and call on Him…he will answer and set you free in jesus night Name! BELIEVE!!!

  342. Matthew Pogroszewski

    Thank you for all the prayers. Please continue to pray for healing over my heart, soul, spirit & mind. Please also pray for my relationship with God, spiritual growth and maturity. Thank you.