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  1. Please pray for my son, who has schizophrenie and Paranoia through an early trauma and drugs and alkohol.
    He ist retard, but I know God sees him as an prayer Warrior for the Lord!
    Please pray with me for healing and release for this young man.
    Thank you and be blessed

  2. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewski Reply

    Please pray for healing for my grandfather Murray Goldsmith. He just got out of surgery. He had some extensive damage to his shoulder. Please pray for him. Please also pray for his salvation. Please finally pray that God would continue to ignite a bold and passionate flame in my heart for The Lord & that I’m best equipped and empowered to advance Gods Kingdom here on earth & spread the gospels throughout the world. Thank you

  3. I’ve been a Christian for 15 years and still unable to speak in tongues. I know I am spirit filled but don’t have the evidence of tongues. I’m a seer, I have visions, dreams, ect. but I hunger for this gift. I need breakthrough please.

  4. The enemy has been fighting strongly against God’s will in my life. God has started to open a huge door of opportunity but the devil has been fighting hard to delay, abort and defeat these promises of God in my life. He does not want me to go through this door. I have had so much opposition trying to delay and stop God’s assignment in my life. Please pray for God’s will to prevail. To God be the glory! Thank you!

  5. Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that each of these people, Shirley, Ben, Kai, receive a revelation from you, today, of a step in your plan for them. Let each one receive the joy and peace that you are fighting the battle for them, and they can receive their victory in the blood of Jesus. To give glory to you, Father, I ask in the name of Jesus, that they are able to share this revelation from you. No revelation from you is too small to share. One step changes a direction. Praise you, Father. Praise you, Jesus. Let me also, receive the revelation of what to do or where to go from this point in my life, today.

    Bless the people that have been obedient to you, in this ministry. Help me to receive if You are hiding me, or if you leading me to come out of hiding. You know that I do not trust the churches that I have known or see listed, and that I have experienced many of the things which this woman has experienced, and many other have experienced these things, unaware. You go before us.

    Thank you, Father. Thank you, Jesus.

  6. Sonya Gilliam Reply

    Chaz Gilliam to surrender to the Lord and experience the glorious power of the holy spirit. Angel of protection over Chaz’s life. Jesus to say, Great is your faith, Chaz is whole.

  7. Asking for prayer for full spiritual break-though in my finances and family. Prayer for my mother to be delivered from any spirits of horoscopes and astrology. Prayer for protection from the enemy and his plot against my life through generational curses and witchcraft. Prayer against sexual sins, lust, and Jezebel. Prayer for increased discernment to be on the offensive against the wiles of the enemy. Asking for prayer for Radical In Christ Ministries. Asking for prayer against slavery and other spirits that bound me.

  8. Hi

    I feel the spiritual warfare is going on again at a new level at all areas of my life. Especially at my work and my first born daughter who have not seen for 2 years. Please pray God will perform a miracle at my work to bless my job and break the demons’s stronghold so I can see my daughter again very soon! Thanks for your prayers!

  9. My son has a life long battle with medical issues and is tired of fighting it. He currenr[toy has an ongoing infection oin his mouth and he/we don’t have the thousands of dollars to have all the work done he needs. He says he’s tired, doesn’t have the wil to fight anymore and does not see an end to it. We have stood for 18 years believing for his healing. God has preserved his life but he still lives with the medical issues everyday. Please pray for a breakthrough. I’m afraid I’m going to lose him

  10. I’ve been suffering fm depression & anxiety for the past 11 yrs. To be specific I’m battling a condition called OCD mainly to do with cleaning. Please pray for my complete healing & deliverance. Ive been a believer for the past 23 yours.

  11. Please prophesie over my life as I am jobless for 8 months in dubai. So many financial difficulties because of no income. Please pray over me. I have got 2 interviews recently but i got rejected at the last minute and the job given to someone else. Another interview I gave there is no response from the company HR.

    Name: Xavier Dsouza
    Location: Dubai – UAE

  12. Pray for my liver to be healed, I have cirrosis and cancer on my liver, this places me on a transplant list.
    However A TOTAL HEALING FROM GOD is perfect

  13. Piease pray for purpose knowing my gift and being the pillar of my family ,things are rough in family right now need breakthrough so family will believe there faith is crumbling please pray for wisdom and understanding and send word of knowledge be blessed Michael

  14. Richard P Rawald Reply

    I appreciate all you do and have read a article by you and believe you are truly committed to the word and doing what is right.
    I am just hoping for prayer.
    I am going through a horrible divorce I do not want and I realized it hurt my faith a little.
    As soon as I realized this I prayed more.
    I need a miracle and the strength to continue.
    I hope God works in my wife’s heart and not only saves our marriage but most importantly he saves her soul

    Thank you,
    Richard Prescott Rawald
    Phone: 8133519197

  15. Anonymous (But In Love with Jesus) Reply

    Dear Family In Christ,
    Please pray that I have a hunger for God’s Word and that I trust & obey The Lord as He speaks to me. Thank you for praying…I desire to be closer to The Lord

  16. MAtthew Pogroszewski Reply

    Please also pray for my friendship with Kelly. I believe this woman to be my God ordained spouse. Thank you

  17. Matthew Thomas Pogroszewski Reply

    Good morning family & Friends of this Ministry. Please send out a powerful request for grace for financial freedom & liberation from poverty. God has a calling on my life and has put a Dream in my heart to serve Him eternally. But I need some financial help & provision in order for these dreams to come to pass. Please pray. Thank you & Godbless you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord & Messiah.

  18. Please pray for deliverance for my sister from the Jezebel spirit. She has divided our family and has tried to get to people in the church. She hasnt talked to or seen my parents in months and has even tried to have my children taken away ( with no prevail) with lies she has made up. I also believe it’s due to jealousy. I’m scared for the road she is traveling down, but very sad for my parents too.

  19. I need prayer to be delivered and set free from witchcraft, word curses, and all sickness and disease. I’ve constantly had headaches, as painful as migraines, over two months. There have been many speaking against me and trying to curse me. I’ve been i two accidents in the last two months. The doctors can’t figure out where the pain is coming from. The headaches are so severe and just seem not to go away. I can’t think ,focus, read the word of God or even pray like I need to. I need a serious breakthrough, healing, and deliverance and a fresh touch of God’s presence and his Holy Spirit. Thanks, God bless.

  20. Thank you for your time. My request is that I find the church that God wants me in.i need to get exactly where I belong

  21. Thank you for your time. My request is that I find the church that God wants me in.

  22. I got a couple of people, including myself who need prayer. First off, my aunt Estella just suffered a stroke and is recovering in an ICU zone at St. PAULS hospital in Iloilo, philippines. Next, I got another aunt Nilda who is recovering in ICU too at LGH in Vancouver. She underwent thyroid surgery to remove cancerous nodules. Please lift up these two ladies in prayer as Jesus loves on them and helps them walk out the healing process. I, myself, am fighting these odd abdominal rib pains and tenderness on my left side. While Im not really in an emergency situation, I do ask for God’s healing power to energize me and set me free from whatver ailments that Satan is trying to nail me with. In Jesus name, I proclaim victory for my bloodline now and praise God for His deliverance in this hour!

  23. Hi my name is Rachel, I am 25 years old. I am planning to go to Israel in September. I have been under intense spiritual warfare and I need prayer covering. I am struggling. Pls pray for me as the Holy Spirit leads. I need help.

  24. Thank you for praying for me.

    I have recently came back from Egypt where I was praying and fasting and asking God to reveal my calling and destiny.

    One day when I prayed specifically about what do you want me to do, Lord later on in the evening I heard a question in my heart: “What would you say if I give you this place? (town: Marsa Alam)” I was a bit surprised , then I paused, thought about it and said, ok, I would say “yes”, but I will need your divine download of Arabic language because this language is very difficult for me and with my own strength I can’t learn it, it does not stay in my brain.

    Then I returned home (to Poland) and the burden for Muslim people, Egypt and Marsa Alam stayed in me. I am now in the process of discerning whether it was God talking to me, whether He wants me to go to Marsa Alam and start serving there.

    Last Sunday I heard in the church that action speaks louder than words, that we need to do something, even something very small, but start doing something and God will direct us, will add to what we are already doing.

    On the contrary, some people say that we need to hear from God first clearly before we make any steps. Through the Bible God was sending people, people never sent themselves. God was giving clear instructions.

    I’m aware that Egypt is a Muslim country, I’m a single woman. Egyptian culture has specific dynamics when it comes to males and females and it’s mainly dominated by man. So logically speaking it is not wise for a single woman to go and serve there.

    However, the Bible says that “God’s ways are not our ways and our ways and not God’s ways”.

    Egypt is experiencing a spiritual revival right now as a result of fervent prayers of the nation for last several years.

    There are Christian churches in Cairo and Alexandria but it is only a Coptic church in Marsa Alam.

    I would like you to pray for wisdom and discernment in that matter.

    I feel strong pull to go there but I don’t want to make a mistake and waste time only finding out later that it was never God’s plan for my life.

    I want God to clearly close the door or open them wide so I can see what He is doing.

    I want God to remove my passion for Muslim people or ignite it even more so this will be an indication for His will.

    If God wants me to go there I think it is wise to go with someone, a friend or group of people who has the same desire so if this is God’s plan I want Him to connect me with such people.

    Thank you once again for your prayer.

  25. Debbie Langston Reply

    Hi. I am a teacher for kindergarten/First Grade. My husband and I just moved to a new house. We have been going through a lot of transition. This is our last transitional phase. It’s been a very fast year to say the least. I just finished the school year teaching kindergarten/first grade at a private facility. I was able to provide a years worth of curriculum for those late birthday precious little to succeed in their transition to big school. After planning and organizing all the necessary elements for every subject area for all four quarters I was told the day after the last day of school they were discontinuing the program. So, my contract ended and I have no other prospects at the moment. I am finding myself feeling lost as I am in a new area. It is important to me to be able to root somewhere and just teach, nurture, love, pray, and encourage my class. I don’t want to be in the wrong place where there is drama, deception, abuse, and a lack of support. I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt. It’s time for a proper place to be. I sense this needs a group effort in prayer. Thank you so much for joining with me in prayer over this matter as it is really important to me. I love teaching! especially little ones.

    Debbie Langston

  26. Please pray for Kaycee, who is in her late 20’s but suffering from yet undiagnosed and increasingly worse nerve-disfunction throughout her body. Treated earlier this year for Lyme disease, but now has confusion, lesions on her body, depression, atrophy in her left side and her right side feels like rock. She says she is a believer.

  27. I am asking for healing prayers that my lungs be healed. I have endured stage 4 cancer which I have now been clear of for almost 3 years, but now I have serious issues with my lungs.
    May God bless us all. Thank you.

  28. Family,
    My 45 year old nephew was taken yesterday to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton Ohio for two masses on his brain. He has been fighting cancer of the lymph nodes. My father died of lymphoma. His name is Eric Rolston and he is not a professing Christian.
    Thank you,
    Robin Sonstegard

  29. Praying for a financial breakthrough today! Praying for either a job or clients in new business venture. Praying for peace and to trust in God’s provision.

  30. Barbara Saiz Reply

    Please come into agreement with myself and husband that God continues to confirm our move to Lawrenceville Georgia My husband has a transfer ready to go and I will be applying for a job in January 2019 to go in faith in Jun9, 2019. As a intercessor I know how important more than one praying make a difference in the spiritual realm. Thank you and God Bless !

  31. Dear whoever sees this i am a bipolar depressive substance/prostitute while in addiction which God knows which i despise yet was easy for money .. smoker stuck in sin for years..with guilt of knowing Gods word but always seems stuck// i have prayed for clean heart wisdom and to be like Jesus believers …i am 52 and so disgusted how i have failed miserably all i can do is ask for help in prayer…i pray God can help me like he did sampson, hezikiah, and even unfaithful gomer…my sins of omission commission and besetting sins…sins in satans world sure has brought spirits i dont need in my life with the their influence…never fasted like book in Isaiah and too afraid with the sins; my past. regret i dont know where i stand or if God in Christ would take me…i ask for clean heart His ways …i am living with ex husband that is horrible but its my family with my son (he has his own) pets etc…i am so lost so i pray for healing of the mind for HIM!! and walk and produce fruit yes i wish i would be healed..but i hate not being married oh and i have ssi disablility and now dont tithe cuz i think that is wrong money to tithe with or its for my bills sigh….i need a new begiining and just love for God first …


  33. My name is Christopher Fontenot. I work at a place called Fresh Start in Winnsboro, LA. This is a seven month faith-based rehab. There are people from all walks of life here. The place is like Satan’s haven or either I am so deep in the spiritual realm my spiritual insight is extremely keen. I am experiencing some heightened heavy spiritual warfare. I am 47 years old and have never been closer to God as I am now. Closer and more dependent than ever and the enemy is coming after me like never before or I am more aware of his schemes. This is causing me a lot of anxiety and fear! Please pray for my continued endurance and faith in order to continue to stand my ground in this battle.

    Thank You

  34. I always have this spirit in me that i had a God given gift. i struggle with words to say when i pray openly with people. I speak in tongues most of the time, and i have most of the earmarks of a prophetic intercessor which i know found out when i happened to watch and heart the message of Jennifer Leclaire. Please pray for me for the release of this God given gift to me completely. I always acknowledge the Holy Spirit and i love being in the presence of the Lord. There are times i have sudden urge to pray when am doing something..
    I dreamed almost every night, and i see things that amazes me. Thank you for your prayers, i anticipate and received it in Jesus mighty name..
    More power to the ministry. God bless you all.


  35. In the name of Jesus in his blood and in his body pray for forgiveness and repentance and to be delivered of suicide which is pushing on me day and night tormenting me .pray that I may be released and receive a breakthrough and deliverance and that my get stronger and stronger day by day to reach the throne of God.That’s my heart grow in faith and has a strong desire to know the gospel day by day.In the name of Jesus .Amen

  36. Thanks , I have recently been searching for info about this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve found out till now. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure about the source?

  37. Patti Clark Reply

    Please pray for healing for my back/legs also the same for Rhonda, pray for healing for Amber and the babe in the womb to be healthy.Also pray for Rhonda’s disability claim to go through and for her property to sell at a good price so she can get out of debt and buy cheaper place. Pleas pray for all 3 of our memories to be restored. Pray for my 96 yr old Mother to be healed of bedsores.Pray for salvation for Josh and Amber.

  38. I had been dealing with a stalking/harassment situation for some time. This has included a demented man who believes that he is some type of rescuer for me and has persuaded people to follow, watch and film me with cell phones. He has gone to people from my past (church affiliates, school) and places that I frequent currently, persuading people to go along with this. More interestingly, is that when confronted people lie for him about knowledge of what is transpiring. PEOPLE THAT I USED TO GO TO CHURCH WITH OR AM NOW PART OF THE SAME UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY WITH! He is operating in control (obviously) but also divination, lust and psychopathic manipulation. This is very demonic and takes place daily.

    Because of this distraction and others I am needing to catch up on school work to complete my degree

    I also want prayer for me and my son for deliverance from all witchcraft and transference from relatives and associates. In addition to healing from all familial/ hurt, trauma, dysfunction and chaos.

    Lastly, for both my son and I to be delivered from strong holds, for him to get enrolled in school where and as GOD would have and for GOD’s will with my next step (be it more schooling or work).

    All According to GOD’s will in Christ.

  39. I need some real prayer.. we (me and a relative) have a very evil hateful neighbor.. its making it uncomfortable at times being in our own house… I have a mental disability, and im needing prayer that i would be able to hear the spirit of God..

  40. Nancy Bonney Reply

    Please pray for my son, Jeremiah. He has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and bipolar. Today, he is in a manic phase. Has not slept in over 24 hours. He has not been taking his medication for a while. After drinking a few beers this afternoon, he became confrontational with me. I have had to call the police twice due to him threatening me. I clearly see a Jezebel spirit trying to control and tonight Ahab showed up. I felt that I had to agree with him just to keep the peace. I am afraid. He has a prophetic call on his life. As a child, he prophesied before kids church what the pastor was going to preach. I am believing that God will set him free and he will prophesy again. Also, please pray that I have wisdom to know how to handle this. I left his father, because he (my ex-husband) had similar behavior/control issues.

  41. Please pray for a needed healing miracle in my total whole body, several very serious healing needs, please pray for a miracle breakthrough in this situation, many body systems need healing miracles, prayer for supernatural Peace and Comfort and the lords glory and presence to come also prayer for needed help and financial miracle to happen

  42. Hello there! This article couldn’t be written any better!
    Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He continually kept preaching about this. I will send this post to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a great read. Thank you for sharing!

  43. Vilma Aponte Reply

    Hi, GBY

    We need prayer against the spirit of witchcraft. Also against the spirit of adultery. My neighbor keep trying everything to get my husband. Pray also for my husband’s salvation.

    Thank you, GBY

  44. Jemima sutherland Reply

    Please pray for the Lord to bless me with a job soon.i am currently without a job. Please pray for me as I need a breakthrough. Thank you.

  45. Dear Prophetic Intercessors:

    I really need ONGOING, INTENSIVE, prayer or intercession. I am a man who just lost both of my parents within the last 6 months. However, the matter for which I am asking for prayer is not with regards to the grief and issues of loss, although it would not hurt to pray for that too. What I am asking for prayer for is for deep spiritual, emotional, and relational abuse from my family for the last 40 years. I need God to really heal my heart, and even my mind and spirit.

    My family has been one of the deepest issues in my life, I have suffered intensive rejection, mockery, gaslighting, and character assassination from my family. The deep abuses created extremely difficult issues for me in my life as a whole. There have been deep challenges to my relationships over the years because of this stuff, and there have also been deeply rooted self-esteem issues as well. The abuses even cost me my marriage, as my mother manipulated matters after I had been laid off and was having financial problems, as she was helping us. my wife could not take the abuse any longer and she abandoned our marriage 3 years ago.

    It is a horrible thing to feel that your own family hates you because you decided to walk with Jesus and they did not agree. They were Catholic, I made the choice to become a Born Again Spirit Filled man of God, this is something that they could not live with, so they treated me with utter contempt and hatred. Not only did they abuse me and my wife when I got married, they also abused each other and tried many many times to drag me into the middle of their strife and hatred when they disagreed with one another.

    I also suffered from years of CHURCH abuse during this time as well and through it, all Jesus has been there for me. I feel that He has been the only one who truly understood me and my desires to know Him, to Love Him, to Serve Him, and Worship Him. Other than Jesus, I have a very hard time trusting, even trusting Him sometimes.

    I have felt really alone during the last 40 years, and during this time God has poured out a strong powerful Prophetic Anointing, as well as the Anointing of Barnabas the Apostle of Encouragement, Love, and Grace. He who served and worked with Paul the Apostle during the first half of his ministry.

    When I gave my life to the Lord 40 years ago things got very interesting after I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, things got beyond interesting and became very very difficult, to say the least. I never really was able to settle down in a Church for periods longer than 4 or 5 years. When I did either people would act out really bad and the abuse cycle would start with both my family and people in the Church.
    This, in turn, would cause a cycle of deep pain, and backsliding off and on. Which led to shame, more rejection, horrible self-esteem issues, and incredible sadness, sorrow, and grief, as well as self-loathing.
    I felt orphaned like I did not belong anywhere, like I could not relate to anyone, sometimes even God.

    Now after the passing of both my parents, I still feel alone, like I cannot relate to most people in the body of Christ or the world. Sometimes there are those relationships that God gives me that come along at certain times and seasons and through them, God does a work that brings me to the next level. But over the last 40 years, those relationships do not last very long. As they either move on or I do, things happen in life and separation comes. It seems the only constant in my life is God, The Father, The Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Everything else seems fleeting and only for a short time and season.

    At this time in my life, I am literally resetting my life. I am praying and hoping for the restoration of my marriage, I am working at relaunching the business idea God gave to me, and relocating back to Los Angeles to reclaim what the enemy stole from me. I am very tired, I do hurt deeply over the loss of my parents though I have a hard time really expressing it. I am also very lonely, and needful of God to move in my life in the following areas.

    * Relationally with God Himself.
    * Relationally in Business.
    * Relationally on a deep personal level with others.
    * Deep Inner healing, and restoration.
    * Relationally with God’s People The Church.
    * On a deep personal level with myself, my own person.
    * For God to pour out His anointing of Deliverance, Healing, Restoration, Love, Grace, And DEEP calls unto DEEP engagement with God

    Thank you all for your time and consideration and your Love in Christ Jesus.

    Please submit this to Jennifer LeClaire for her to also pray over and intercede over if she so feels that it is God prompting her to do so.

    Your Servant In Christ Jesus

  46. Please pray in agreement for total healing for my husband Raymond he was hurt on the job and requires hip surgery. We are asking that his workers compensation claim will be approved for the surgery, physical therapy and pay/back paychecks. Please pay that the Holy Spirit will overflow us and dwell in us n every area of our lives and every financial need is provided for as he goes through his recovery time. Please pray that our ears will be open to hear the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  47. Please pray for us for a financial breakthrough and the the Lords leading for this hobby farm. Need His wisdom , healing in my body from arthritis, heal Spurs back problem, neck . Some problems come from a car accident that my husband , my daughter and I were in involved in 7 years ago. We not been able to work since.
    My daughter ( Casandra) does not seem to have anything from this, but please pray for her she is back into the world living with a young man that is on drug and is by-polar . She has plan to get married next year, she cries that something is wrong, we give her a way out and she turns around and covers for him and continue to stay there.
    Also please pray that Roger who is living with us right will be out before July. He needs a major breakthrough form abuse from his mom and from churches. We had him for a while so he could find his own apartment, he has a major problem with repeating the same hurt from way back. We have tried to help him , but he just does not listen or change. Pastors have tried and got no where with him also. He is starting to cause a problem in my marriage. Thank you for your prayers and God bless

  48. Please pray for a young man named Ben.He suffers with depression and is unemployed but would like work.Has trouble finishing courses and is in debt and trouble managing money.Also has tried to take his life. He has ADHD.Also a families son called Reece went missing before Christmas was on ice and had a Avo out on him .Police found his wallet ,clothes and motorcycle but no body the family would love closure and feel responsible because of the AVO .Also I would love to have forgiveness and move in my anointing and have a marriage in name only because of an verbal abusive husband but stay because of our live in son doing his apprenticeship.Would love to have more of a relationship with the lord and start dreaming dreams as prophecies and revelation from the bible ,understanding,knowledge and wisdom when studying the bible. Also my brother Peter hasn’t had contact with his son Ricky in years. Thankyou

    • Need a financial breakthrough and change of employment for Steve low self esteem and low income .Glen apprentice carpenter of Bud needs more local work and if has to travel to Melbourne in July from nth Qld for work for 3weeks let our son Glen be prepared with warm clothes etc and let it go well .Help Nigel through his marriage breakup and two children.Help me have house decluttered and cleaned before relatives come end of June I need to forgive. I would like to speak fluently in tongues and teach me to study the bible .Debbie to come off drugs (ice)and come back to the lord .Help me overcome anxiety ,shyness and panic attacks.Need healing in my body Help me regularly spend time with our lord. Thankyou

  49. Pray for Kai, 21, on meth and heroin, to submit to a rehab offering her free help. Pray for her mom to be strong and not make a way for her to sustain her habit. Pray for Holy Spirit to draw Kai to Christ. Many demons in her life.

  50. Will you please come in agament with me for healing of my 4 year old grandson
    Samuel (T1)
    I was with him yesterday when he took a low, not nice to see, when I prayed with him & said your healed in Jesus name he said yes !
    I’ve been in tiers ever since
    Thank you
    God bless x

  51. Freedom from rebellion. Inner healing. Fear/obedience to God to fulfill my calling to help other women.

  52. -please pray for my Health/deliverance> full recovery from Chronic Fatigue, Depression, and Anxiety
    – finances- to become financially independent
    – bless my business (my Mom and I) business and/or another job
    – pray for the salvation of unsaved loved ones and family members, salvation for my Dad
    – God’s protection from harm, injury, deception from the enemy, car accidents, etc.
    – for God to lead me in my destiny and in my ministry
    – to find good, healthy friends
    – to bless my parents marriage
    – help to write my book
    – health and freedom (deliverance) for my immediate family and extended family members whatever they need
    – God and his angels help lead and guide my family and friends in the way they should go, purpose, destiny, knowledge, wisdom, etc.
    -pray for my ‘home’ church to be alive in the Holy ghost! extra protection and blessing and Gods help, wisdom, etc for the pastor and his family. The church has a measure of Gods spirit but but there is a resistance to move forward. Please pray for breakthrough! Deliverance, blessing,peace, spirit of truth, unity, etc. for the church so they can reach the next level God has for them.
    thank you for all your prayers! God bless you also!

  53. kenneth knight Reply

    Praise God….Request prayers for God’s deliverance of my family in the destiny the lord has for us in ministries, debts, house and spiritual grow.

  54. I know that I’m called to be a intercessor/ prayer warrior. I get prophetic words about being a mighty prayer warrior all the time, but when it comes time to pray at church or on the prayer line, my mind goes blank. Please, please pray for me that I will walk boldly in the will of God.
    Thank you!!

  55. Please pray for me for financial breakthrough and succes for my business. Thank you

  56. Dustin/Joshua Reply

    praying for deliverance for all forms of sexual and all other forms of as·cet·i·cism from all forms of childhood victimization in every area in Jesus Christ name for me Dustin/Joshua

  57. Steven Gurule Reply

    Me and my wife are enduring a life’s worth of devils attacks and I am holding on as she is not present spiritually and giving into temptation to keep me in the doghouse and see others. We are still married and our lives affect many many people. I need to be delivered from this immediately. Please Jesus

  58. Please pray for my son to be delivered and healed, and that God´s will be done with him and me.

  59. Please pray for me so that I don’t lose my job. I have a meeting with my managers coming up soon and i hope that all goes well and I get to keep my job intact and license intact. Pray for a finicial breakthrough and resolvement of pending legal issues. Also pray for my salvation and overall wellbeing. In Jesus name amen.

  60. Praying for a financial breakthrough to pay my daughter’s college tuition

  61. Please pray for me & my family. I have been in ministry with a woman who the Lord used to bring me out of a cultish church. I love this woman however I have seen many signs of control/Jezebel influence operating in her life. It’s very seductive & sneaky but the Lord has shown her true colours more recently. I have talked to her in love but it’s only brought more attack against me. Shunning, harsh, angry responses. I’ve been here before with many other leaders in ministry. The saddest part is that I’m leaving in 2 days on a mission trip with her as she has been doing missionary work in Cuba 🇨🇺. She said her pastor spoke that she is to be a Heidi Baker to the people of Cuba. My heart grieves as it’s only those who are closest to her that get abused. She’s never wrong & everything she says is said so sweetly. I sometimes feel like vomiting as I see the hypocrisy. I’ve experienced on many occasions the fruit of what happens when you don’t do what she wants but doesn’t communicate, as if people are to read her mind. I’m trying so hard to not judge or take offence. My heart feels like it’s going to explode, so much hurt & anger. I believe I am to go still on this mission but have put it on the alter as I want to stay in Fathers will. I’ve tried to get together with her for 3 weeks to talk & pray as I don’t want to go in enemy territory with such disunity but she ignores my request. Please HELP Daddy!!!!!🙏

  62. Please pray for my brother Orlando needing an encounter with God having drug addiction battles.
    My sister Evelyn also needing deliverance from alcohol.
    Please keep my husband and I in prayer to find a place of worship.

  63. Please pray for my son Matthew and family relocated to another state to start a new business . We pray for God’s favor over this business and a hedge of protection over it. We pray its success so Matt and family can do what they intended to do is missions and eventually open an orphanage. Matt is overwhelmed because he needs more staff. I pray for customers…Matthew needs to hire capable, honest, trustworthy, reliable, passionate, quick learners, fast at their job, good workers, get along with everyone, friendly employees.He needs them asap. I pray for everything to fall into place. I pray in Jesus name…

  64. I was widowed last October, after being nearly abandoned by my husband for several years. I am now close to a Pastor who has been divorced for about a year and a half. He has four lovely kids, while I have a son. We are looking for direction from God to guide us into the future. I’m Indian, he is an Australian, and both of us work in Africa in different fields. He plans to meet up with his kids (in Australia) this May and talk to them about us. The last 2 kids are 15 and 13, whose opinion he values a lot, because he does not want them to go away from God, thanks to this relationship. Both of us are believers, abandoned by our spouses. Hope and pray that the Holy Spirit guides us in the right direction….Yours in Christ..

  65. My husband recently resigned his teaching job because he felt led to. We are seeking the Lord as to where to go because we sense we will be moving. So, we need direction and wisdom where to move, to have a new job, and to sell our home all before our money runs out in August. 🙂 Also, it is our desire to find a church in the area that we are led to that is a safe church and strong in missions. We long to be loved instead of rejected or persecuted for the desire to stay true to the Word of God. No hyper-grace, no seeker friendly, etc., simply true to the Word of God and first love for Jesus. For a church whose leaders are stewards and not owners. So important to us. We need godly accountability and godly discipleship. We sense the NW area of Arkansas is where we are being led but are not yet 100% sure. Right now we are in the Des Moines, Iowa area. Also, would appreciate prayer for our children, their spouses and our grandchildren spiritually and also concerning this move. Thank you! So much appreciated. Am reading Jennifer’s book right now “The Making of a Prophet”. Wish I would have read it many years ago. It explains so much. Take care.

  66. Please pray for me to be able to hear God clearly and to humble myself and be obedient to all that He speaks. I desire to hear Him more and I’m seeking Him for more. Thank you and bless each and every one of you.

  67. This prayer is for a young woman in her forties. She suffered a viral brain injury when she was about 9. She is confined in a wheelchair, doesn’t comunicate and sufferes siesures. We are asking for those who can believe for supernatural healing to pray and fast on her behalf. We are interceding as a church around this precious child. Her parents bring her to church faithfully. Thank you for your prayers. Marty

  68. Randy Lively Reply

    I have a prayer request as I am being pursued by a man that God has said was going to kill me. A woman from my old church operating as a jezebel has deceived this man and is helping him in this. I had to leave home 4/23/18 and get on the road away from this man and it is 11000 miles later and he is still chasing me. Thank you for your prayers. Blessings

  69. Blessings prayer warriors! I need prayer for the restoration of my marriage. my husband knows the lord and walked away Bind and loose the spirits/strongman of Pride,adultery,fornication,lust, pornography, unforgiveness, religious spirit, anger. lying spirit. The lord told me to wait so i stand in the battle for my marriage . Please pray that any plans he has with any other women for this weekend be stopped in Jesus name. i declare and decree breakthrough in marriage restoration and that he gets revelation that he needs to come home in Jesus name. break all soul ties with these other women and break witchcraft/mind binding and seducing spirits off of him. i declare he loves Jesus and me like Christ loves the church and that he has courage to talk about marriage restoration. I plead the blood of Jesus around our marriage and a thorny hedge of protection around our marriage in Jesus name

  70. Dear AHOP,
    I have a friend that met someone online,dated online for 5 weeks and they felt the Lord had called to be married and they met,got married and my friend went back home to take care of some loose ends and moved to the South to be with his bride .
    The moment he lived in all heck broke loose and unbeknownst to my friend ,just wife was and is under a powerful Jezebel/Narcisstic spirit and showed traits of Borderline Personality /Bi Polar attributes . They went to counseling but the wife refused to go
    She left town for a few days and devised a plan to have him removed from their house and created bogus charges against he couldn’t contact her for one year and even lied under oath in court.
    The Lord instructed my friend to move 5 hours away for his safety and protection.
    It has been over 5 months now and to this day and he is planning on fling for a divorce next month .
    From what he was able to gather,she demouced her marriage to him publicly,used social media to slander him and still shifts the blame on him for everything and takes no personnel responsibility for her actions and continues to play the victim .
    The 2 verses the Lord gave him was Proverbs 28:13″He that covers his sins shall not prosper,but he that confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy”.
    And Luke 8:17 that those hidden in secret shall be brought to light .

    Here is my friend’s prayer requests.
    1#For The Lords Justice and Vindication to be done in this situation
    2#For the hand of the enemy to be exposed and the lies ,control ,slander,and manipulation all come to light and those around her can discern what is going on and see the Demonic working on her life and these issues would be addressed on a spiritual level.
    3# For any plans and purposes the enemy has put in her heart to retaliate against him will come to a stop,to a halter,to have the breaks put on
    4#For the Lord to deal.with her heart and to experience the fear of the Lord like never before ,for godly sorrow to overwhelm her and bring her to her knees before the Lord and for repentance ,healing and deliverance for herself to be pursued .
    5#For the Lord to continue to vindicate my friend and continue to bring blessings to his life
    6#For the divorce process to go smoothly and expediated quickly

    Thank You For You’re Praying and Agreeing on these things.

  71. Been through many loses/enemy stole so much. Ended up in horrible debt over a divorce that former husband caused (I am in my 50’s). Lived on credit cards, etc. Waiting for God’s promises to come to pass. Been serving for years. Thankful that God brought me out of abusive situation, on to greater church, etc. It seems that I start to get a breakthrough, then doors are closed (maybe that is because God has greater). In a difficult situation now. Thanking God I just got a job, but asking for freedom in schedule (not enough sleep, etc.) Also for ability to take care of my disabled mom in a ministry home and for her healing. Many difficulties before me, usually zero choices, trying to wait in faith on the Lord to move in mighty ways. Need: Financial miracles, freedom in dream career, healing for my mother and healing for myself. Thank you and many blessings! I love you!

  72. Please pray for my youngest son Matthew to be healed. Pray his blood test results be free of diseases and his kidneys to function as God made them too. He is going through at this time. Thank you and God bless.

  73. God gave me dream and I need breakthrough.
    He gave me a desire in my heart.
    Also for my son’s salvation and health.

  74. I ask rewuest prayer for the Lords Divine Protection. I pray that the Lord would shield, cover and protect myself and my family our home and automobiles and our lives. Please agree with me and bind the spirit of murder and death. Individuals followi me, I do not know who they are. I have fear, anxiety and restless nights for 3 weeks. I believe that Gods plan will prevail above the plans of the rnemy

  75. Hello, I ask God to make me sensitive to hear His Voice, to make me a seer and to give me a spiritual gift. Please pray for me, so that I can fulfill the will He has for me. Thank you!

  76. Please pray for me for a breakthrough in my finances, for a job, and so I won’t lose my house.

  77. Please pray for me and my wife some fights at home pray that we should come together, and all the devils plan should fail.
    Pray for financial break though.

  78. Need prayer over a court case. 1/2 has been dismissed- asking God for a total dismissal & restoration of lost time do to this attack. Thanks – also 125% restoration of Al my dad after many strokes. Unity Not division Lord.

  79. Cynthia Andrews Reply

    Please pray for submission to the Lord and total deliverance from witchcraft; total deliverance from MPD/DID issues, personal and family revival, hearing the Lord clearly, family reconciliation, greater humility and fufillment of 5 fold ministry call (requisite love, character, spiritual strength and the like.), and deliverance from all generatonal issues including finance hardships. Thank you.

  80. Prayer Warriors,

    I am in desperate need of a financial breakthrough and deliverance from my current living situation.

    I am standing in agreement with the Word of God that:

    “…the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous.” (Proverbs 13:22)

    “No weapon that is formed against thee will prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against in thee in judgement thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.” (Isaiah 54:17)

    “And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God; which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them:” (Deuteronomy 28:13)

    I have combined my faith with work, and I am believing that my work will reap a financial harvest and breakthrough.

    Thank you in advance for your prayers.

    I am praying for God’s anointing and favor upon your lives. Grace and Peace.

  81. I need prayer. God has led me into the wilderness and I am struggling here. He has asked me to give over my 2 year old daughter to her dad. I did what He asked. God has been good to me and I feel His grace on me and the situation. As a result of this, the relationship between my family and I is in turmoil. I am having a hard time moving forward without my daughter and without the support of my family. I don’t know what His promise is for me regarding this, though I know there is one attached. Please pray for my daughter as well during this time.

  82. Rose M Hunter Reply

    My first husband of 37 years, Ervin Christian jackson, has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and evidently, though he volunteered at every church we belonged to, he’s never made Jesus his Lord and Savior because he “didn’t feel anything” when he went forward at an altar call in 1972(he has no center for empathy in his brain, from his dysfunctional childhood) . He’s completely deceived by the Father of Lies and a Jezebel in his life now. Even though he cheated and was emotionally abusive, I still want to see him truly convicted, contrite, repentant with godly sorrow and God-fearing reverence in his spirit, mind, will, heart and choices and sold out to Jesus as God andLord on the throne of his life. Our older son is with Wycliffe bible Translators and our younger son loves Jesus, too. They are the blessings in my life out of all the deception and dysfunction I evidently lived in! To God be theGlory and Victory,His Will,His way, His time, His place, His purposes, His choice! In Jesus’ name,amen!

  83. I stumbled upon this site and am asking for a prayer to help me today :I am apprehensive about a meeting at work with the Manager and a co-worker.
    I have prayed and prayed and everything seems to be falling apart around me and I do my best to keep praying ; I need this job and I have tried so hard to keep the peace ; pls.pray for the Holy Spirit to speak for me as I am so nervous and may say the wrong thing and not say anything when I should.Pls. pray for the Holy Angels to protect me in Jesus Holy Name and cover me by His Holy Blood.

    Thank You

  84. My marriage is quickly coming to an end. My husband after having an affair 2yrs ago, is moving out when he finds a place. (Trust and respect is gone on both sides.) This causes my bills to increase, something only God could handle. I’m not in a church due to various churches and the hurt i received before and during my relationship with Gary (my husband).
    My walk with Papa God use to be growing, it’s now in ICU. Please stand with me that Papa will reach down into this abyss and help me out. That i will find a GOOD God loving, walking, demonstrating, center based church to begin growing again and find some semblance of peace. That weither my marriage is to end or not, He consumes me in EVERY AREA with Himself. I truly from my depths want Papa God to be my everything, my friend, my confidant, my lover, my husband. PLEASE PAPA GOD hear my soul’s cry and don’t push me on another. Or if i must be married to a man, awakening that part in me that a husband needs in a wife. The past 40 years have been a Syfi type of a nightmare. Thank you

  85. Robin Sonstegard Reply

    I feel led to apply for a better paying teaching position, an hour away from where I live now in Ohio. I’m asking, if this be the Lord’s will, to move this along. If it’s not His will, to please shut the door. No matter what, I need to hear His voice, know His direction in all matters. I want to focus on what I’m to be doing for His kingdom, not my problems. Thank you.

  86. Maryann bergeron Reply

    My son’s job is ending in June . He is a christian but has a lot of fear,and stress. PLEASE AGREE FOR THAT job to come forth for Adam in Jesus name. We live in Alaska. Thank you

  87. I am a Masters student currently working on my graduate thesis concerning the representation of Middle Eastern women in the media. I am currently living in the Middle East and plan to return to Europe to submit my thesis upon completion. However, this has been a difficult project for me, especially as I continually face a lack of emotional support and spiritual resources. Most of the people around me cannot understand what I do and are in no position whatsoever to support or encourage or guide. Therefore, intercessory prayers are most vital at this time. Please pray that God will see me through this journey.

  88. Winsome Loraine PETER Reply

    I need God’s direction and guidance. I have been here in Tbilisi, Georgia for a month and I am waiting on God through fasting and prayer for the next step – I desire to serve God full time and I need God to lead me or show me the next step. Please pray for God’s provision and protection during this transition period in my life. Thank you and God bless!

  89. greetings from India in the name of the lord. As I am typing this email I can still feel the pain in my heart that is hurt by abusive authority. That’s why I am writing for prayer support. I have God’s calling in my life and ever since I started following the calling everyone turned against me. Every time I come near the manifestation of promises,when I feel that I can touch that promise, python spirit is loosed and again I feel that I have to start all over again. This has been happening for last 10-15yrs.I feel stuck in this cycle. I have been praying and breaking this demonic cycle off me but seems like every time I try to breakthrough it comes back. I am really fed up with this.
    Please pray for me because I don’t have anyone to stand with me in faith.


  90. Church Hurt – There seems to be no healthy, safe church in my area – I feel I am called to begin something anew – something healthy and need to heal within before it begins – although I believe the Lord is already beginning something – – – I need direction, connections and revelation on next steps. It’s time to provide a safe place for hurting people in my area – – – it’s time to develop a culture of Love, Honor and Grace – — Blessing our region instead of causing more pain. Cleanse my heart and develop a healthy leader who Loves beyond borders, boundaries and circumstances. Who’s heart is totally and completely for Jesus and what He calls me into. Thank you

  91. Hi. I have an urgent prayer request. My friend’s cousin, Victor, had an accident last night. He suffered a deep cut on his wrist and until now he has not received any proper medical attention. The hospital wants the family to pay first before they even give him any pain medication! We are trying to raise the money and its a large amount. Please pray for him and his family to raise the funds and get the surgery he needs.

    Thanks and God bless you all.

  92. Seeking God for fresh start. Have served and had fellowship with the body of Christ for several years. After wife got help for anorexia 3 years ago (she almost died ), I found friends were very few – it was a very loney time.

    Happy to say wife got great help and is healthier now than ever, but we are seemingly stuck on where to go or what to do. We are praying for a place we can worship and minister as God continues to heal us. We really want relationship but are finding it hard to find in a lot of the places we have visited and gone to for a time. Need God’s help. I realize I can’t do this on my own. Blessings.

  93. Please pray for 16 year old named Darrell. He is in the hospital with liver and heart issues. He is healed in Jesus Name. Thank you.

  94. Thank You Lord for all the victories and blessings ask they continue and for Your Will plan purpose be performed tonight here in Jesus Christ name

  95. I need a financial breakthrough. I lost my job in February. The job I have now doesn’t cover my bills. I don’t want to file bankruptcy. I need a financial miracle. Thank you for your prayers.

  96. “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15
    “We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb.” Revelations 12:11
    “No Weapon formed against us shall prosper.” Isaiah 54:17
    “We shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord!”
    “Great is the peace of my children for they are taught of the Lord.” Isaiah 54:13

    1) Please pray for God to cover my household and family with the Blood of Jesus, especially my son Ryan who is currently serving Active Duty in the U.S. Military.
    Pray for my son William to be delivered from spirits of Witchcraft, Oppression, Depression and Discouragement.
    I also want prayer for my Sons (William & Ryan), all my Grandchildren, my Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, my Mother all have a closer walk with Jesus. And that my niece ANA (age 11) does well in School and for my niece Jessica receives divine guidance from the Lord for her life.

    2) Please pray for my Husband
    Perry Sr to be delivered from spirits of Adultery, Lust, Witchcraft, Rebellion & Disrespect,and that my husband Perry repent to receive Salvation.

    For all ungodly
    Soul Ties Between my Husband and a woman named Maria whom he had a workplace Affair with be completely severed in Jesus name, and that God close all doors for my Husband to be able to seek out other Single women for illicit Affairs because my Husband says that “Women are only on Earth for Men to use as they like.”
    In addition my husband’s Aunt Cora and his cousins Ann, Linda and Deborah told him to “get rid of me”.

    Please pray for God to bless my Finances and for Supernatural Debt-Freedom for me and my Children.

    4) Please pray for my small
    business to be Blessed and for me to be able to finish school (College) and be the Woman God wants me to be.

    5) Please pray for God to
    protect my property at 407 Presidents Court in Charlotte, North Carolina and my dog AJ.
    Our home in Charlotte, NC is being leased but the Tenant is trying to steal our home.

  97. “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15
    “We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb.” Revelations 12:11
    “No Weapon formed against us shall prosper.” Isaiah 54:17
    “We shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord!”
    “Great is the peace of my children for they are taught of the Lord.” Isaiah 54:13

    1) Please pray for God to cover my household and family with the Blood of Jesus, especially my son Ryan who is currently serving Active Duty in the U.S. Military.
    Pray for my son William to be delivered from spirits of Witchcraft, Oppression, Depression and Discouragement.
    I also want prayer for my Sons (William & Ryan), all my Grandchildren, my Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, my Mother all have a closer walk with Jesus. And that my niece ANA (age 11) does well in School and for my niece Jessica receives divine guidance from the Lord for her life.

    2) Please pray for my Husband
    Perry Sr to be delivered from spirits of Adultery, Lust, Witchcraft, Rebellion & Disrespect,and that my husband Perry repent to receive Salvation.

    For all ungodly
    Soul Ties Between my Husband and a woman named Maria whom he had a workplace Affair with be completely severed in Jesus name, and that God close all doors for my Husband to be able to seek out other Single women for illicit Affairs because my Husband says that “Women are only on Earth for Men to use as they like.”
    In addition my husband’s Aunt Cora and his cousins Ann, Linda and Deborah told him to “get rid of me”.

    Please pray for God to bless my Finances and for Supernatural Debt-Freedom for me and my Children.

    4) Please pray for my small
    business to be Blessed and for me to be able to finish school (College) and be the Woman God wants me to be.

    5) Please pray for God to
    protect my property at 407 Presidents Court in Charlotte, North Carolina and my dog AJ.
    Our home in Charlotte, NC is being leased but the Tenant is trying to steal our home.

  98. Theresa Miller Reply

    Please pray for me and my family. My husband’s name is Johnny Miller and my name is Theresa Miller. We have 6 children in a blended family. Their names are Deiontre Taylor, Annell Johnson, Tiaira Miller, Brandon Weston, Johnny Miller Jr., and Jeremiah Miller. We have so much going on and so much dysfunction. We also live in extreme poverty and lack.

  99. I pray for my husband who has been diagnosed with PTSD and bipolar disorder. He has been missing for over 12 hours and has been in and out of psychiatric units at the VA and local hospitals the past 3 weeks. Raul knows God and was being used powerfully by Him about 13 years ago. I pray for Raul’s complete deliverance from his bondage to mental illness and the many psychiatric drugs he takes. I pray that the Raul activates the measure of faith he has. Please pray for me as well. The devil wants me to grow weary in battle but my Father God made me relentless. ☺
    Thank you for your prayers.

  100. Elisabeth W. Reply

    I’ve been praying for help forgiving my parents and letting go of bitterness. I’m also trying to release the feelings of worthlessness and anger I have surrounding my entire family.

  101. Just broke up with what sounds like a toxic Pastor. Love him but am tormented when in relationship and not at peace. Pls pray for single minded focus to run after the Lord and wisdom. Thank you.

  102. God bless. I’ve been going through a lot in recent years. 8 yrs ago I went through a divorce, was made homeless twice with my 4 children and lost my job. Things haven’t changed much since then. Financially things are very bad right now even though I am tithing and giving offering. I’m unable to work as social worker as I’m my son’s carer so I’m on benefits. A few months ago I found out the left side of my son’s heart is enlarged die to the leaking valve and he might need surgery. Housing iv been threatened with eviction again but I know God averted it but I would like to move in order to work more in Kingdom business. I know God is with me but I need to see breakthroughs as it’s really difficult. Thank you

  103. God bless. I’ve been going through a lot in recent years. 8 yrs ago I went through a divorce, was made homeless twice with my 4 children and lost my job. Things haven’t changed much since then. Financially things are very bad right now even though I am tithing and giving offering. I’m unable to work as social worker as I’m my son’s carer so I’m on benefits. A few months ago I found out the left side of my son’s heart is enlarged die to the leaking valve and he might need surgery. Housing iv been threatened with eviction again but I know God averted it but I would like to move in order to work more in Kingdom business. I know God is with me but I need to see breakthroughs as it’s really difficult. Thank you



    • Heavenly Father ;I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ to make a petition before you on behalf of Shereese Clark. Father, my prayer and petition is that you would first of all, teach her how to manage her finances in such a way as not to be anxious in her purchases. That you by your Holy Spirit would arrest her heart if she is getting beyond her abilities to pay, and in the time measured out by whatever terms she has agreed to. Your word says we are servants to the lender when we borrow and in proverbs we are reminded that if we don’t pay our debts on time, we may subject ourselves to a loss of all things if we don’t meet those pledges according to our contracts. So I thank you for your love towards us in showing us how to better measure the finances we receive. Father, since I don’t know if Ms. Clark has any blood relatives who are in position to be used of you as a kinsman redeemer, I do ask that you would be her ever present help in time of need, and rescue her as so often you have rescued others. I pray that both grace and mercy would over shadow her with regards to those who hold her pledges in their hands and that a supernatural flow of financial prosperity would begin to flow towards her…in Jesus Name. Additionally Father…help her to go back and by your Holy Spirit, show her which investments and expenditures were wise as well as those which were not, so she may be enabled to not repeat those things again in her future. Thank you for hearing this prayer father, and for supplying every need that was requested according to the knowledge of truths given in Christ Jesus. And thank you Lord that if Ms. Clark needed any thoughts of anything she needs to give further thought towards even to confessing unwise spending before you…in order to relinquish those debts…you will afford her all she needs. In Jesus name amen.

  105. Please pray for me for a financial breakthrough of a million dollars to get my business running and pay off debts and bills.

  106. Matthew Pogroszewski Reply

    Please pray for a mega holy spirit showdown. God is calling me to stop taking prescription psych meds these things are evil and keep me from seeing clearly and experiencing the holy spirit. Please pray for complete and total deliverance. I need to be set free. Thank you.

  107. Susie Evans Reply

    I am asking for prayers for protection and wisdom in dealing with my father who is using witchcraft to “take me out” and has hired a team of people to do witchcraft against me daily. Thank you.

  108. Protection from increased spiritual warfare at this time. I see the attacks in insomnia, fatigue, depression, much more easily distracted from quiet time. I had been relatively free from these things about 3-4 weeks ago, but the depression, insomnia, fatigue have been quite discouraging. I felt so close to a breakthrough before this. Thank you. Blessings in Christ,


    • Heavenly Father;
      In the name of Jesus Christ I plead the Blood of Jesus in and around the body of Katrina’s sister in law. Heavenly father…the Instruction that Jesus gave in the cursing of the fig tree is the same model I lay hold of tonight. As well as the promises given in Mark 11:23-24.
      Unto the cysyts that are attacking this woman in her mortal body I command you to stop your encroachment now, in the Mighty name of Jesus. This woman has been purchased by the blood of Jesus and I take authority over you in that mighty name. Satan….and all other principalities of darkness arraigned in power against her…I bind you now in Jesus name and declare the work and works of the blood of Jesus as the final authority. I command you cysts to dry up at your roots, and to disintegrate. I declare to you cysts that you will leave and take all evidence of ever having been there to go with you. In as much as this is now an established word and testimony I give you thanks Lord Jesus in watching over your word to perform it. I declare Father that by your stripes Lord she is healed and made whole. I thank you that as I have joined my prayer/voice and supplications in agreement with you and what your Word says….as one voice we have put the enemy to flight and that the doctors will be just that many more of those giving you Glory and honor and praises to your name. I thank you Lord that Katrinas mother in law received this blessing as hers at 8:57pm today 4/19/2018. Thank you for the authority to trample over Satan and His devices and I thank you for your help and the help of the Holy Spirit and your ministering Angels in bringing this to pass. In Jesus name amen.


    Please pray for me for spirtual direction .Iam from Puerto Rico and my father was working here in Spain like security service on Rota Base in Spain , Im get married here and I have more than 5 years unemployment and I dont know ,¿ What decision I have to do? My father are in Puerto Rico and told me to go to USA , because he are Marine Veterans and told me that he can hel me some with my other families ,I need confirmation from the Lord Jesus .God bless you.

  111. Matthew Thomas pogroszewski Reply

    My name is Matthew Thomas pogroszewski. Please pray over my life.I have been a christian for a long time. I Love the lord so much and recently recommitted my life to him and this time it is real and powerful. I have a desire to serve The lord at all costs with my whole body, heart, mind, strength and soul. There is this strong calling on my life. I beleive one day I will be a Pastor I am facing so many trials.though. I was recently in a bad accident, my ribs are broken and my liver is bruised, my car was totaled, my finances are in disarray. I am recently getting sober from drugs and alcohol. I am facing persecution even from my own christian family. please pray for me

  112. May I ask for prayers for our granddaughter? She starts school tomorrow. Her school books will be delivered 3 days late. She is stressed that she won’t get to start school with having her school books for classes. This is her 1st year of college. Thank you for your prayers.

  113. I’ve been battling my ex for custody of our 2 daughters for 7 years. He and his wife used evil devises to get joint custody. The attorney I retained 10 months ago said that she doesn’t want to do anything for me. My girls have said they want to come back home to me for good. I’ve done all that I know to do and yet I’m still standing in wait for the Lord…..What do I do now? Is God on this case? What’s going on? are among the questions I ask daily. Please pray in agreement with me to hear clearly from God as to what He needs me to do from here because I NEED help!!!!

  114. please prayer for me my finances i am not been feeling good i have fatigue all the time and for my two children Randy and Alexis thank you!

  115. May I ask for prayers for our granddaughter, Sierra? She is getting ready to take her driver’s test today. Thank you.

  116. I pray that I could get a long term commitment with a beautiful vision and a Team Work that value me. like Rut and Noemi. So far I have serve as a missionary in the Education Field. People don’t see the worth to invest in the next generations, for so long I don’t receive payment for what I do, and because I’m a latino woman, it’s not part of our culture and the Church doesn’t have the understanding to support missionaries.. It has caused my life to live without desiring (just for the basic needs)… I want to keep discipling the nations through the Education, but I want to plant my roots. Still I’m single 33 years old, and the places where I have served, are isolated places.

  117. Gwen Jordan Reply

    Please pray for my daughter, Natasha Rivas, to receive baptizum of Holy Spirit. Also for her husband, Juan Rivas, to have personal encounter with Jesus. Currently they live in Mexico & Juan was denied U.S. Visa. Juan has high calling on his life. Many have had dreams/visions about Juan & family being escorted across border by mighty angel. Acts 12: 1-11

  118. Please pray for healing and restoration of relationship between our two daughters..our only children. They are both Saved and baptized in the Spirit. Healing for their minds and soul wounds

  119. Denise Mary D'Souza Reply

    Please pray hard for my brother Timothy. He has lost his job and has to make mortgage payments and look after a daughter. Please pray that his new job comes really fast. That it pays really well and brings him back to the level he used to be – like a manager. i.e., at the same level he used to be before he started dropping.

  120. Daniel J.REDHEAD(Apostle:Rev:Dr:Pastor:) Reply

    Pray that the Lord provide me intercessory prayer ministers to pray for me 24/7 365 days prayer covering as I minister in the Word of God, preaching,teaching,singing,worship etc. Thank you God Bless!

  121. Pray for shannon my childs mom and shes my ex . she has the jezebel spirit and i left after i seen it and all her adultery with men online and lying and in front of our child.She has turned everyone against me and threw the bible at me and even licked the

  122. Pray for shannon my childs mom and my ex . she has the jezebel spirit and i left after i seen it and all her adultery with men online and infront of our child.She has turned everyone against me and threw the bible at me and even licked the glass door 3 ti

  123. “Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your prayers… Blessings to you! Andy

    Also… I need prayers so that I can go to bed early, so that I ca

  124. Herman McMichael III Reply

    I have put myself under mental stress unbiblically placing myself out of line with scripture. I didn’t even realize the harm I was doing to the degree I had. I thought I should try punishing myself into corrective measures and now I’m having a lot of diff

  125. Please Lord, forgive me for my sin of smoking. I break and bind the generational curse of addiction in Jesus name. Lord, heal my mothers lung disease and schizophrenia. grant her the strength to not smoke. Lord I ask you do the same for me in Jesus name.

  126. Please God I’m praying for spiritual breakthrough. My heart feels heavy and weary and I need extra help. I feel Lord as though I’m failing as a single mother. It’s just been so hard lately. Forgive me for my insecurities, giving heed to condemning thought

  127. Peterley (Jerry) Cauthiere Reply

    please pray for me, I’m in a spiritual warfare. Every time I come out of sexual sin, I always get tempted in dreams.. I dont have a Church that I attend. please pray for me that the Lord will put me under the right leader. thank you

  128. Please pray for the salvation of my children, 3 boys and 2 girls. and the rest of my family




    I WANTED TO SERVE HIM with family in any of these 2 nations or bo

  130. Could you kindly agree with me in prayer for favour with US attorney and successful approval of my visa application by US immigration officials (initially been refused by the US Immigration officials) (currently in the UK but made a filing via a Californi

  131. “please pray for my finances.I am believing God for a financial breakthrough,for debt cancellation,a debt free home,a Good Godly wife,new clothes,new car,and please pray for my brother delroy for his immigration papers his supposed to get the final decisi

  132. Anonymous E&L Reply

    Anonymous, my husband of 27 years ,left me for another woman. We are in the process of divorcing. I continue to pray to the lord for my marriage to be restored. I feel that there is no hope at this time. He doesn’t want anything to do with me. But deep

  133. Darlene Shriver Reply

    I am asking for continuous prayers for my niece Brittany who is 24 and her fiance Tony. They were in a head on collision today and are in ECMC . They are going through various tests to determine extent of injuries.Tony has injuries to his sternum and they

  134. shereese clark Reply

    I NEED YOU TO PRAY FOR ME THAT GOD WOULD BLESS ME WITH housing and finances for food

  135. Prayer in agreement for me to receive confirmation on new residence. A peaceful, God-filled, joyful home. In Jesus’ name & by His blood. Amen.

  136. My first husband, of 37 years, turned out not only tonot be a Believer, but to have narcissistic personality disorder. He didn’t reveal his true self until he had an affair and divorced me in 2009-2011, though I tried with everything in me to get c


  138. Please pray for my marriage. My wife of 28 years and I were happily married until she started having schizophrenia and delusional episodes. Her love for me left during a delusional episode and hasnt returned fully, although now I’m seeing what looks like

  139. Thank you Lord for the Recovery of all taken from me from the enemies’ camp

  140. Derek Burton Reply

    Please pray for a meeting in my house on Wednesday 10th May to discuss how our church can take part in Thy Kingdom Come in the middle of a church vacancy and therefore limited resources

  141. Derek Burton Reply

    Please pray for a meeting in my house on Wednesday 10th May to discuss how our church can take part in Thy Kingdom Come in the middle of a church vacancy and therefore limited resources

  142. Kassen Lanier Reply

    Hi Apostle LeClaire & staff,
    Please intercede for and agree with me according to I John 5:14-15 and Matthew 18:19 (AMPC) that God would stretch forth his mighty hand against the enemies of my life as I’ve had

  143. Melanie Billingsley Reply

    Please pray for my son Nathan Billingsley who is awaiting trial for shooting and killing my mom. He was on major drugs and it was horrific (is horrific). Please pray for him, myself and my family. I have 2 sisters and we are so distraught. My son was with



  145. Prayer to remove me from Anderson, Indianapolis, Indiana and the Midwest Permanently.

    Prayer to ensure that upon my death my remains do not stay in Indiana.UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES.


  146. Isa Nicolas Reply

    I need prayer for financial breakthrough, I want to believe the Lord will deliver me from not having enough to pay rent, bills, etc. I need the Lord to go ahead of me and deliver me from the present cirmstance where i am in bondage with an apt that i cann

  147. Suzanne Trest Reply

    Deliverance for my son, 23yr old. Hunter. In 2012 he began to manifest symptoms of schizophrenia. He believes he can go into a place called “the dimension” which is demonic I believe. It’s in his “imagination”. He stays occupied there in his mind all

  148. Good evening fellow saints in Christ.praise be to our Lord God. pray for me and Arlene, that we may marry and live in Jesus love. pray for healing upon my mum and a financial blessing from God,
    thank you in Jesus name.
    God bless.

  149. Marilyn Londono Reply

    a few days back, during morning with the holy spirit prayer, you felt the holy spirit prompted you to pray for someone that has been praying for a prodigal and that that person is growing weary and wants to give up I have been standing for my marriage for

  150. Kara Freebyrd Reply

    I need prayer, I have prayed, binded, cast out, repented, thanked, waited, declared, everything I can do and I need extra prayer to help me in this season please

  151. Good evening fellow saints in Christ,praise be to God .pray for my mum’s health, a financial blessing from the Lord and God’s love ,reconciliation and marriage between Arlene and myself in Jesus name.

    Bless the saints in the mission fields
    Thank you,G

  152. sharon martin Reply

    prayer for son sherman3 to be debt free with college at toledo university for football and baseball, ( genesis 12-2) son quintel and wife new home this year, living with parents, financial breakthrough.Deuteronomy 6-11, husband sherman promtion with job,

  153. Pray that I can hear the Holy Spirit clearly and with no doubt. I want knowledge, wisdom, revelation, direction whenever the Holy Spirit talks to me. I would like for the Holy spirit to show me how to battle my spiritual warfare. I don’t want to see all o

  154. Prayer of Freedom & Deliverance from Oprressions, witchcraft attacks, I listen to mass deliverance& great release. That night spiritual attack I woke up to my head assault I woke to feeling the effects in the something evil was stabbing the back of my hea

  155. Darlene Shriver Reply

    Please pray for me. I am a teacher of the Word and I am decreeing and receiving my healing daily according to healing scriptures. In December after cleaning my house I had an allergic reaction to cleaning chemicals and had infection on both arms and hands

  156. Beverly Brittmon Reply

    Pray that I am able to hear the Holy Spirit clearly. I need wisdom, revelation, and direction from the Holy Spirit. I need the Holy Spirit to help me to engage in spiritual warfare more effectively. I also need the complete manifestation of physical, ment


    Greetings in the Name of our LORD:

    On 18th the Retina Doctor informed me that I have a hole in my right eye and I have to undergo surgery in NYC Eye Hospital TO AVOID BLINDNESS. I have to see the surgeon next Wednesday in Fort Lee, NJ to fix dat


    Greetings in the Name of our LORD:

    On 18th the Retina Doctor informed me that I have a hole in my right eye and I have to undergo surgery in NYC Eye Hospital TO AVOID BLINDNESS. I have to see the surgeon next Wednesday in Fort Lee, NJ to fix dat

  159. I am asking for prayer to break addiction of smoking and to overcome it. I have struggled with this and I need prayer.

  160. I release my miracle money now and declare I will possess it in Jesus name. All my needs will be taken care of by God and my prayers will be favored by the lord. I declare, people will seek me out to bless me from the north, south, east, and west. The wea

  161. Michael LeClair Reply

    I am looking for prayer in the following areas… 1. Personal protection spiritually, mentally, relationally, and financially 2. Increased faith and hope that translates into God moving in the lives and hearts of people in the River Valley area 3. Increas

  162. a miracle brake through today all charges dropped in Jesus name. wiped clean with the blood of Jesus. 1-19-2017

  163. My wife is recovering from mental illness. She was under the influence of strong delusions for a long time and it almost tore our marriage apart, and now we are rebuilding what the enemy tried to steal from us. I ask that you would pray that we would see

  164. my son in law is an Army veteran who suffers from PTSD. He overdosed on heroine tonight. He survived and is home from the hospital, but he desperately needs to be in a rehab program. He said he will enroll in one, and that he would get counseling, but wha

  165. I have been married for 19 years & have really had enough. Please pray. Husband treats me w/disdain, hate. 4 Kids: 1st-recently approved for intensive outpatient psychosis/drug abuse prog, sexual activity, etc. 2nd-rebellious, drugs, sex 3-sick 4th-behavi

  166. Sheina Singh Reply

    Dear Prayer partner, My name is Sheina, and I am writing this mail in context to my father, Maj General MP Singh, I come from an Army background, my father was officer in the Indian Army my mother was a house wife. My father was Sikh by faith and my mothe

  167. Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God’s will be done

  168. Pray that my Husband come home to me and his family quickly and suddenly and that our marriage be restored through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  169. Pray that my Husband come home to me and his family quickly and suddenly and that our marriage be restored through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  170. Please lift me up in prayer. I have been afflicted for an entire month with this swelling and rash on my lips. I am believing God that no sickness and disease has a place in my life. I am going to see a dr. in the morning and believing for a good report.

  171. Please pray for my son Chris, he has stopped going to church and is smoking and drinking heavily. Please pray that he comes back to the Lord Jesus and be delivered. Pray that God surrounds him with friends who are believers.

  172. My name are Bene Alexandru Valeria,my life became devastated when my husband sent me packing, after 8 years that we have been together. I was lost and helpless after trying so many ways to make my husband take me back. One day at work, i was absent minded

  173. Please pray for a job. So I won’t anxious, nervous in the meantime, for it to be closer to my house, to be a healthy place, to have an opportunity that I can learn and grow with the company, and to know the purpose why God is sending me there. So I won’t

  174. Angela and Chad Reply

    Thank you for Praying in agreement for healing and restoring of the marriage between Angela and Chad.

  175. Mark Sayad Reply

    I have a serious issue in my mouth. It continues to progress and destroying the tissue in my gums and pallet. No medical people have given me any indication of exactly what it is. I need this stopped now! I need my tissue restored. It could be viral,

  176. please pray for my brother to get back his car he helped someone with it and they have not returned it yet.he had to involve the police to help him get it and has not gotten it yet.

  177. Please pray for healing from really bad lyme disease that has been battling me since 2013 . There are no doctors that know the cure. We tried all possible remedies and they did not work.

  178. Pray for my wife Rose who is in detox currently. She is having a rough day with withdraws. She has fibromyalgia & Lupus and has been taking med’s for a long time. Pray for complete healing physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you for coming in agr

  179. Hello everybody, My name is Selina. I’m from United State. I am happy given this testimony on this forum on how Dr Iyare helped me to restored my son on drug addiction and getting my husband back to me. every night he comes back drunk,it became a big pro

  180. Michael LeClair Reply

    Very discouraged and need clarity and breakthrough! Warfare in my mind, lack of direction and clarity, discouragement and feeling like I want to throw the towel in, confusion, misunderstanding, feeling entangled and caged and very bound up. Please pray fo

  181. A co-worker said today: Our son has a texture issue where he will not eat anything but pureed food and is under weight so we have been working hard at getting him to put on weight and get him in to CHOC Hospital’s 19 days feeding program. He will have his

  182. Believing in God for a financial overflow, so my kids and I can move into our own home. We’ve been living at an extended stay for months now and truly believe God is preparing a home for us.

  183. Sunil Chacko Jacob Reply


  184. Edmund Krzeminski Reply

    Please pray to overcome for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel – “..but as for me and

  185. I was told that my wife’s healing would come soon and that I needed to praise God and be positive. tonight my wife is threatening suicide and is very angry at God. she has told me she doesnt love me anymore. I need to stand strong and believe that a manif

  186. Please agree in PRAYER that our motion for Rule 35 be received by a compassionate HEART on the other end. This VICTORY will give GOD the GLORY! That Rocky has FAVOR with GOD! Rocky has FAVOR with man! ROCKY IS FREE INDEED!

  187. please pray for healing for myself, having pain in knees and back, please pray for the Lord’s healing touch. Thank you

  188. Pls pray for healing for Laurie, she has breast cancer, stage 3 kidney failure, bladder infection that spread to the blood, sever pain from arthritis. She loves the Lord and has been suffering for years. Please pray for healing and that she will have a li

  189. pray for Kathy she is having vision problems and has been diagnosed with a congenital problem that there is no treatment for. Please pray for healing and that she will keep her sight for her lifetime

  190. My wife Fawn has come down with a very bad bronchial throat cold. Please pray for healing and for her to sense from God that she should not go in to work till she’s better.

  191. Hello everybody, My name is Selina. I’m from United State. I am happy given this testimony on this forum on how Dr Iyare the greatest of all spell casters helped me to restored my son on drug addiction and getting my husband back to me. every night he c

  192. I need deliverance from demonic invasion of my mind, body, and home, from threatening voices, entrapment, black mail, coercion,sexual assaults, demonic possession.forced Satanic induction ceremonies, forced transexual perversions and they identify themsel

  193. Edmund Krzeminski Reply

    Hello, Please pray to overcome for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel – “..but as for

  194. unknown person not reveal. Reply

    please pray for my husband Alex for unspoken prayer request . god knows . he needs to be set free to come home to his family. vindcated from what he is going through.

  195. Please pray for me and ask Jesus Christ to help me to be a good man and transform to a better person. Help me and ask Jesus to reveal himself to me and take away every struggle from my life and bless me with his love and peace and also bring peace in all

  196. Please pray for Matthew for him to set free permanently from complex seizures.Break the pattern that happens on tues, thurs, sats, sundays. And break witchcraft control off him and spoken curses. God bless you all.Thankyou Jesus

  197. Please lift Matthew up to Jesus for healing him from complex seizres it effects him on tues, thurs, sats and suns. And I think some one might be casting spells on him and sending witchcraft curses , and spoken curses. And that he will live. God be glorifi

  198. please pray for my brother,he need to get some answers to fly to USA.

  199. Dear Brothers & Sisters , thank you for agreeing with me in prayer for my husband, Mike, to hear and receive God’s truth in his heart, so that he shall serve the Lord in spirit and truth. I’ve prayed for years & after 35 years of marriage I’m struggling t

  200. Alice Thomas Reply

    Pray for clarity direction and protection and in knowing the Holy Spirit and the salvation of my family

  201. Please pray for my wife. she is mentally ill and very angry at God and has been asking people to get her pills illegally. we think she may be ready to attempt suicide but have no proof. we need a miracle to manifest immediately. Things look desperate but

  202. Hello. May everybody please pray for god to peacefully remove all devils out of my body, from off me, and out of my home. I also would like people to pray to god to heal of all sicknesses and diseases devils have given me. I want God to heal me of all sic

  203. Please pray for my daughter. She has a rare disease which can be debilitating. She is now suffering from severe back an joint pain as a result of medication she’s taken for years.

  204. christoper Reply

    Dear Brothers & Sisters, My daughter-in-law conceived after 3 years of marriage and on 28th Oct she gave birth to a boy baby. But the baby has respiratory difficulties due to problems in the lungs and is in the ICU. Please pray earnestly that our Almighty

  205. Need prayer for healing – spiritual, emotional & physical. Have been very fatigued, sometimes very depressed. Need spiritual protection and a breakthrough as I believe I am stuck.Thank you in advance for your prayers. In Christ, Lynne

  206. Help my son start working (Dan) do well in his career, I don’t know what to do anymore, no matter how much I pray, nothing seems to be working. Help him find the right girl so they will have happy and successful life together. Please help me with my busin

  207. Hyacinth Astwood Reply

    need urgent financial breakthroughs, victory, blessings, breakthroughs, airline tickets, business, jobs, favour with God and men, victory and for all of our needs to be met today.Also for our mortgage and all our loans and bills to be cancelled and for hu

  208. Please join me in prayer for financial breakthrough I am trusting God for debt cancellation .

  209. Please will you pray for South Africa. There have been protests going on throughout the country and they have been becoming increasingly violent as time goes on. Please will you pray for a peaceful end to these protests, for healing in the nation (from th

  210. Heather Kinnowr Reply

    This sounds small compared to the other requests I’m reading here, but it’s a real concern for me and my health. I developed a large hernia because of some abdominal surgery I went thru. It is very uncomfortable and effects my daily life. I know God is ab

  211. I want God to bless me and my wife with children in this marriage. Am also need prayer for God to grant my residence permit in Bremen Germany so that I can leave happily with my wife . I also pray for God’s favor to get a choice job in Jesus.

  212. Please pray for my Mom Anne that tomorrow (Wednesday) morning her scan shows no signs of any cancer returning or any other complications and that she lives a long and healthy life. Thanks and bless you for your time and prayer <3

  213. dalton kiagiri Reply

    please pray for my finances.I am believing God for a financial breakthrough,for debt cancellation,a debt free home,a Good Godly wife,new clothes,new car,and please pray for my brother delroy for his immigration papers his supposed to get the final decisio

  214. Prayer for protection in all ways for grand nephew, Liam, who just turned 3, and due to his parents’ separation, has had to start going to daycare from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, Monday thru Friday. Up to this point, he has been cared for by a relative or par

  215. Please pray for my daugher’s father. He and I just broke up due to an off/on relationship that ended with his cheating. Please pray that God will show him the error in his ways and that he will not let it go until he admits what he has done wrong. Please

  216. please pray for protection over my sons and me. for my son nicolas to be free from all drugs, bad influences, and anger

  217. please pray for my mother ana and her marriage. She is been taken advantage emotionally and financially from her husband. her husband peter is purposely getting into debt using my mother on all the credit cards and opening more to destroy her. He is a the

  218. Stuart & Joni Reply

    We are approximately $60K in debt. More than half is taxes. We believe that we must get a breakthrough to get current. Thank you so much for standing with us as we seek the giver & supplier of all good things. We continue to trust in his faithfulness, as

  219. Dear Brethren, My name is Florence Wafula from Nairobi Kenya and although I love the Lord Jesus Christ as my Redeemer and Saviour, I have been under the yoke of debt for close to five (5) going to six (6) years! The debt amounts to almost KShs. 7,000,000.

  220. Please pray for complete healing for me 13-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy.

  221. Please pray for emotional healing for my 11 year old daughter who is suffering from ptsd and feelings of rejection and self worth. Also she needs protection from physical attacks by those the enemy uses to come against her. Please pray that any curses sai

  222. Spiritual protection and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit as I visit my family this week.None are saved, yet, and they know how to push my buttons even though I know I battle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers. That I

  223. Clear direction from the Lord about educational and career pursuits. That I know which programs I should take and when, and for clarity, discernment, wisdom and favor to know/recognize the Lord’s direction for me at this season of my life.Thank you.Also,

  224. jennifer springstead Reply

    I have been going through very bad attacks this past week and until i read recent article jennifer has on “slanderous spirit” operating against people i didnt really know entire problem and now i do.I have a nursing home ministry for last 5 months and the

  225. Praise God, I am going through a very trying time in my life. My husband served me with divorce papers and has moved on with another woman and preparations are under way for a remarriage.
    Kindly pray for God to keep me strong and for his will to be done

  226. I have prayed for the words to pray for a particular person and I keep getting the same or near the same words ( I think it’s the same but I can’t remember all the times) I could be wrong but I felt lead in praying these words. My heart is hurting because

  227. Chintala Lokesh Reply

    Hi, I am from India. Pray for me. For deliverance from witchcraft, evil sorcery and break of generational curses. Also, pray towards to strengthen my mind. Regards, Lokesh.C

  228. I need help. A family member is working witchcraft against me / this individual is jealous of me for envy reasons a individual being jealous of you because the light of God is shining in your life and they have it out for you. ‘ This is so sad when a pers

  229. Please pray for me. My wife is mentally ill and blames God for her delusional thinking. She has swings in her mood, and is very unstable. I am having problems at both of my jobs ( i work one FT and one PT job 70 hrs a week.) My son quit walking with the L

  230. I’ve written before asking for prayer for my wife. My wife feels like she’s having sex when there is no stimulus. she can be doing everyday things and the condition starts for no reason. The doctors we’ve talked to say the sexual dysfunction is caused by

  231. sony motwani Reply

    pls pls pray for financial blessings in abundance on me and my family for my daughters marraige. pls pray that my daughter hennas marraige takes place in a lavish way. pls pray that i dont have to give up my house due to financial problems. pls keep my fa

  232. Sylvanus Tetteh Agblazo Reply

    I request prayers for Prosperity, Wealth,and Financial Breakthrough. Thank You.

  233. Pls pray for my wife she has bipolar disorder and is delusional. The delusions are negatively affecting her beliefs about God and they are also causing a strain on our marriage. I cant stress how critical it is that we see her healing manifest soon, becau


  235. Please pray for healing for our son, Matthew. He is 13, non verbal and after years of Doctors no definitive diagnosis. He has autistic tendencies. He has recently began having seizures. God told me Matthew would be set apart from birth and that what has h

  236. Good evening! Please pray for me, my 3 children and my mother, we’re homeless. We don’t enough money to pay for our motel, we have only one more night. I just started a new job and am low on money. I’ve prayed and asked other family members for help and t

  237. Please pray for me. I am experiencing extreme discouragement. I suspect I’m biochemically imbalanced due to a heavier work load and less sleep for several weeks. But, there are also serious issues in my life that are weighing me down. My wife is strugglin

  238. Please pray for my wife who is suffering from mental illness. she believes horrible things about God. God seems evil to her and she cant see that He is not causing her life to be bad, I’ve told her it’s her mental illness not God causing problems but I ca

  239. "Anonymous" Reply

    Please pray for me & my little grandson who lives with me. My mom was helping financially & cut me off in hope of forcing me to returning him to his mom & dad…who now have a one year old. They are clean…Praise God…but still have two more years of pr

  240. "Anonymous" Reply

    Please pray for me & my little grandson who lives with me. My mom was helping financially & cut me off in hope of forcing me to returning him to his mom & dad…who now have a one year old. They are clean…Praise God…but still have two more years of pr

  241. George M. Polk Jr Reply

    My Godfather, Julius Joseph sr., has an ex wife that did witchcrafton him. He’s oppressed, sick, not prospering financially nor spiritually, and it’s affected his relationship with his family and friends. I break every demonic spirit off his mind, heal

  242. Please pray for my future job. I don’t know where it’s coming from but I believe it’s from a previous employer. I am facing opposition. I have repent and asked God for forgiveness and prayed blessings and forgiveness for my enemies to

  243. "Anonymous" Reply

    My Landlord is taking complete advantage of me (raised my rent 535.00 in 3 years) & not taking care of basic repairs in house as she should…indangering our health. She’s been down right abusive and inhumane in the way she’s treating me & my toddler…bu

  244. Please intercede on behalf of my marriage and pray for my God to soften my husband’s heart, accept my forgiveness, reconcile and restore our marriage. I have been standing in the gap believing Exodus 14:14.

  245. 1)For the manifestation of healing re my spine and Hypoglycemia (Food allergies) 2)For an adequate financial income and a dependable vehicle Thank you for your prayers

  246. Please pray for peace in me. I’m going through some trials with my two grown sons. Emotionally I am in a roller coaster. and my sons blame me for everything. I am so tired of dealing all of it alone. Alone I mean no family, friends, of the boys father or

  247. Please pray for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel – “..but as for me and my house, w

  248. I asking for favor with future interview and or job prospect.. one is in one area and one is in another. If I choose the one close to MIAMI , I have to accept the rent offer today as it just went through. Lastly, deliverance from much oppression. Thank yo

  249. please pray that all those who in dulge in taking my kid away and broke my home, all audry hycinth vanessa and karl will leave this land permanently to india never to return also lambert from iraq,to return to india and also Attar to leave uae permanentl

  250. please pray that all those who in dulge in taking my kid away and broke my home, all audry hycinth vanessa and karl will leave this land permanently to india never to return also lambert from iraq,to return to india and also Attar to leave uae permanentl

  251. Brandon Young Reply

    I have been going the wrong direction in life slowly putting my relationship with God on hold but I’m hurting inside and I know I won’t get very far without him. He’s all I had growing up and what’s kept me going. He is my father and all I desire is a mor

  252. John J Spence Reply

    I write to seek your payer with and for me in petitioning our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to cause a financial breakthrough in my very desperate and delicate situation. It is urgent and life-changing as I am deeply affected by the current hardship brough

  253. please pray for justice in my life. I’m going through a divorce and things are being said that are not true. Also money is being stolen from me and I gave my husband a loan that he is not wanting to pay back. I have the agreement and I’m just wanting just

  254. K BHARATH KUMAR Reply


  255. K BHARATH KUMAR Reply


  256. K BHARATH KUMAR Reply

    please pray for my mother spinal cord tumor operation and success of the operation and quick recovery of her health

  257. jennifer springstead Reply

    In need of family restoration and breakthrough for a friend of mine named Dave.God is trying to bring him into new things and better for his life and hes under really bad attack from the enemy with Fear over it because of unhealed past experiences and tur

  258. I would like to start on my new job on this coming August 1st. In my interview I was told that only 60 people will start on that day and then they will wait until business picks up to hire more employees. I would like to be one of the first to start soon.

  259. Brenda Diaz Reply

    Please pray for the Diaz family that they may be freed from the generational curses that have been passed down to them. I ask you Lord to use my husband to help guide the family to a peace and unity that comes from the freedom of bondage. I ask this in Je

  260. Greetings Prayer Warriors! Thank you for standing in the gap and in agreement for our prayer requests. We serve a mighty God and He delights in showing His love and power to His children who walk uprightly before Him. Even yet, He answer the cries for hel

  261. After years of spiritual warfare and enduring the enemy’s onslaughts, I long to see breakthroughs. It’s my health, family, marriage, children, work, talents, ministry etc.

  262. Please, could you pray with us for his healing, restoration of his reputation, continuation of his career, and most of all… for him to seek God with all of his heart and come closer to him more than ever before! He desperately needs God to make a way fo

  263. Please pray for all protection over Matthew, a prodigal. Pray that he will clearly hear the voice of Jesus upon his heart, calling him to return to God the Father, and that he will have the courage to follow him. Pray that Jesus, the good shepherd, will

  264. jennifer springstead Reply

    Please pray for a friend of mine named dave who has a addiction to alcohol and its really doing damage on him even not being able to think straight.Causing alot of fear and other things but as soon as god started doing a new thing in his life so did the

  265. Daniel Schnelten Reply

    1)For the manifestation of healing re my spine and food allergies 2)For an adequate financial income and a dependable vehicle Thank you for your prayers

  266. Marissa Kent Reply

    Please pray for my daughter LMK who is currently in rehab for heroin addiction.  She is a drug addict who was diagnosed with brain tumor in August of last year.  She accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior last year as well but went back to using d

  267. I am asking for prayer for my son to not get prison time. He gets sentence on 6/17/2016. Please agree with me in prayer for my son Timothy, that he doesn’t get any prison time. We are asking God for mercy in this situation.

    Thank you.

  268. "Anonymous" Reply

    I’m on verge of asthma attack, and bad headache/dizzy/coughing. Need prayer for my family…problems/trial we are going through is trying to tear the family apart! Need godly wisdom and angels to deal with urgent matters at hand…and protection for the w

  269. Greetings prayer warriors please I need be prayer desperately my husband is a back slider we married for ten years now separated for two years please pray that God will arrest and convict him his family in Jamaica and a sister in the U.S. had a controllin

  270. Praying against the spirit of Jezebel working in my daughter G, and the soul ties affecting her. For everything hidden to come to light and that she would know the revelation/love of God and come back to the LORD with her whole heart!

  271. Requesting all, to lift up Aaryan, my 11 year old nephew in prayer to our Lord. He has been in the ICU fighting for his life for the past 2 weeks and has been diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma. We clearly see the hand of God in all that has happened, it i

  272. Please pray for my elderly dad, Jesus, he is dying he only drinks a few spoons of water and Ensure milk daily.

  273. break the works of spiritual witchcraft,andlosses in my life hav been praying against this 3 yrs. no one seems to know where or who is involved but am living in a shelter in Fl. now many losses and hav grown a little weary at times.need a home,and a car I

  274. My wife left me because i was always drinking and even when i did everything to bring her back, she refused and told me it was over between us. For months i was helpless and restless because i could not get my wife back so one days as i was sitting in my

  275. I would like prayer for total healing just a complete overhaul in health, as well as prayer for my nose, I fell when i was 2 and my nose has been crooked ever since. I’m believing that God wants to restore normalcy to that area as well. Also that God woul

  276. I’m here to give a great testimony about my family, Dr Ekaka just restored back my family i have been have misunderstanding with my husband and his family we both have been living separately for over 1 year now. Till last week that i find a testimony on t



  279. Reynelyn E. Ferreron Reply

    Please pray for me that may God restore and reconcile our relationship with Jude June and may we able to turn our heart to Jesus as the center of our life. Thank you.

  280. Please pray for a job. I need a job. I have repent and asked God or forgiveness of anything I have done in my past or present moment. I had difficulties with some employees from some of my previous employers. I tried to be nice and professional. However,

  281. please pray for my son nicolas. his girlfriend noelle is manipulating him to move out together so he can support her financially because she purposely got herself pregnant by my son because her mother does not want her at her house anymore. he is only 17

  282. I’d like to pray for my marriage, my wife Rosalie left 7 months ago. I’m still standing strong fighting on my knees so that the lord can do only what he can do regarless of the hopelessness of this situation. I repent for opening the gateway by mentioning

  283. I’d like you to pray for my friend Lazar marriage that him and his wife Angela find their true love againb and that the enemy stops blinding her, and that he may also open his eyes to Jesus Christ.

  284. Please join me in prayer for healing and restoration of my family. My husband and I have been married for almost 22 years, with 3 beautiful children ages 21,20 and 10. We would’ve been celebrating our 22nd year this Saturday May 21st , if it wasnâ

  285. 1234567890 Reply

    please pray that those who have seperated my kid from me and have taken her away from me. they should leave everything and all of them return to india permanently and urgently and my kid to leave to india too. those who took her away from us their connec

  286. 1234567890 Reply

    please pray that those who have seperated my kid from me and have taken her away from me. they should leave everything and all of them return to india permanently and urgently and my kid to leave to india too. those who took her away from us their connec

  287. Bradley Simmer Reply

    Please pray for direction for an opportunity that has arisen to pastor a church

  288. Brenda Dia Reply

    I would like to pray for my brother in law who knows of the Lord but is deeply in love with his wife who pulls him away from the Lord. He is so blinded by this woman that his children have been taken away from him and given to the care of child protective

  289. Please agree w me in prayer
    That God fills me w holyghost every day. Cleanse me from all idols. More boldness to tell folks about Jesus. The new business i started to prosper. God prepare me for what He has in store for my future. Strength to fight for m

  290. I’m transferring colleges from a private Christian college in the town I have been born and raised in to the largest public university in the state, over 2 hours away. I’m nervous about the whole situation but feel like it is God ordained. With this chang

  291. Christopher Reply

    Please pray for my family. Especially my wife Renee and daughter Rose who are always at odds with each other which brings division and frustration into the whole house hold. Also pray for our finances, I was told my pay would be reduced by 1/3 . Pray the

  292. Please pray for my daughter, LMK who became a Christian but has allowed the enemy to lure her back and she returned to her old habits and started using drugs again. She is now living in a uhaul Truck with her drug addict boyfriend and they continue to mak

  293. Marissa Kent Reply

    Please pray for my daughter, Tressa who became a Christian but has allowed the enemy to lure her back and she returned to her old habits and started using drugs again. She is now living in a uhaul Truck with her drug addict boyfriend and they continue to

  294. Gail Morgan Reply

    Healing miracle for my husband Patric, in stage 5 kidney failure and at a critical point in starting dialysis. Pray the fistula holds and the timing of the Lord and wisdom for doctors. Opening of blind eyes for my mother. who went blind after a brain blee

  295. Christopher Reply

    I pray for Great Lakes Caring Homecare/Hospice. For the continued growth and propserity of the wonderful company. For the blessing, protection and guidance of the Holy Spirit for the owners William and Sherri Lynn Deary as well all the excutives, manageme

  296. Patricia D. Reply

    Hello, last year I met a man I really like. He is cute and has everything a women could wish. The only problem is his faith. He has not much to do with God yet. So I’m asking you to pray for him, that he may find God and become a true believer. Please pra

  297. I’ve been trying to start my assisted living business since 2014, but I can’t because of my student loans debts and my lack of means with a low income like me. I don’t know what to do anymore. My heart is so heavy to the point that I can’t breath. I need

  298. Paulette House Reply

    Please pray for my son, that he makes the best selection for college and that he does not make the finances be a stumbling block and the provision for him will come in .

  299. Hi, prayer that smothering spirit leave me mentally and emotionally, spiritually. That this bible study I am facilitating at a denominational church be Successful. IT was a step of faith, much backlash and rejection. Though main pastors are open. The ones

  300. Marissa Kent Reply

    My 25 year old daughter was a drug addict but recently accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord & Savior a few days before Christmas 2015; she was an addict since she was 15 years old & surrendering her life to our Lord was a miracle, a great blessing & a pleasa

  301. Evangelist Linda Merritt Ellis Reply

    My health, finances, ministry, and family.

  302. Miss Davis Reply

    Tremendous sludge and emotional, mental heaviness lift off me!! Been so heavy as hard to breath, think straight. Chest pain/pressure. Especially, since living in a town in Florida.(not from this state) when I leave this town, like I can breathe, feel clea

  303. I am going through a big spiritual attack from the enemy right now I am been heavily monitored wherever I go.It’s not the first time I have been going through this for years.They are trying to take all my finance I’ve been hit in every area,before it was

  304. Scared Mama Reply

    I need prayer to go up for my 18 year old son Brian. He has been a good kid but fear that he is following the wrong path. He has started smoking. Ut is denying. I fear there is more going on and i need God to intervene on my behalf. I will be sitti

  305. my daughter has multiple spirit on her; but it has been confirmed that one is the python spirit. I noticed a change in her with severe anger, lying, beating her head pulling her hair out, saying awful things about herself but especially me. She says thing

  306. Holly Clark Reply

    S.O.S. prayer for my 38 yr old daughter Ivy who is living on the street of Redwood City, CA selling herself for drugs. She has mental issues and has gone down hill ever since she lost custody of her two children Cory and Serenity. Please pray for delivera

  307. Please touch and agree with me in prayer, my son T.J. was hanging with the wrong crowd and now I”m requesting prayer for protection for my son, to be covered in the blood, I don’t wont those guys coming after him because of him sharing information with th

  308. Please pray for my marriage, my husband is unforgiving and does not show any love or affection in our marriage. We argue a lot. I am praying that God turns this marriage around and draws my husband back to himself. He won’t attend church with me anymore.

  309. Over the past few years, I have lived with several Christian families, after living alone for almost 25 years. Each time, I felt the Holy Spirit led me to each home, and I understood my time with them would be temporary. The problem is, each family has tu

  310. Good morning, Although the world system is saying “no” we are believing God for a house for myself and family. Please pray for us as we continue to stand on God’s promises.

    Thank you and Many Blessings to you!

  311. My marriage is failing and has been for a while. We have said horrible things to each other and I feel there is no way to get back to normal because of all of the hurt. My husband says he doesn’t have any faith in the marriage anymore and he thinks that I



  313. Sascha Brigham Reply

    I was wondering if you could help me out….I believe I’m being called into ministry by God but I’m looking for confirmation. As I was reading one of your books (which I LOVE by the way!) I felt the need to reach out to you and ask you to pray for me to s

  314. I believe God is calling me to move back to Jacksonville, FL. I need much wisdom and direction from the Holy Spirit. Need to discern between real open doors and false ones. I sense that it is time to take another step into the call the Lord has on my life

  315. That the direction of the world evolves in good mentality. For evil to be overpowered by good morals and kind ethics on a worldwide level.

  316. That the direction of the world evolves in good mentality. For evil to be overpowered by good morals and kind ethics on a worldwide level. Through the good mentality of prayer hopefully the world will be a better place on a worldwide level.

  317. That the direction of the world evolves in good mentality. For evil to be overpowered by good morals and kind ethics on a worldwide level. Through the good mentality of prayer hopefully the world will be a better place on a worldwide level.

  318. Barbara Williams Reply

    I am pray for removal of witchcraft and sorcery known and unknown off of my life and my children’s lives, remove the spirit of delay, stumbling blocks, loneliness, off of my life, I pray for all of my delayed blessings be released now and I receive all of

  319. Pray for the restoration of my marriage. Pray deliverance for my husband and the OW from Satan’s trap of living in sin. Pray my husband and the OW accepts Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.Pray for healing of my husband from diabetes and neuropathy.

  320. Please lift up the Father’s house. We are a ministry in NC that is privileged to work with the homeless. We are renovating an old apartment building to be our permanent facility. We are not funded by the government or any organization. We run on prayer an

  321. My husband recently hired a woman. Red flags concern me. Please pray for truth, strength, peace, justice, and deliverance.

  322. I’m in the process of looking for a job. I had bad experiences on my previous jobs. So I don’t want for those previous employer to bad mouth me or say negative things about me to the future hiring employer. I believe that’s what happening to me and cannot

  323. John Martin Reply

    Hey Everyone. Please pray for my wife Melissa martin and my daughters Mandie Jo,22, Courtney Kay 19, and Lexxy 17. My wife 50, had a midlife crisis, affair with a coworker, and has lost two jobs because of drug related issues, she is an RN.
    I am so lost

  324. Isabelle Nicolas Reply

    Love, love, love Jennifer LeClaire ministry! It was a gift from above that i happen to find the Podcast that i now listen to everyday! My prayer request is for a life of stability…that i would not need to wander around anymore. I pray that the Lord woul

  325. Asking for prayer for my coworkers granddaughter Rebecca whose dealing with stubbornness and being too hyper. Also asking for my sisters marriage to her husband be restored and myself dealing with being single

  326. There is a young girl 7 years old, they thought at first that she had TB but now have ruled it out. They are hospitalizing her for 2 weeks and are talking of removing 1 of her lungs. I am claiming complete and total healing for her and that her parents wi

  327. Hello. Please pray that I will continue to grow with the Lord. Please pray that I will receive healing from severe asthma and eczema. And that I will be delivered from fear and anxiety.

  328. Richard Barwick Reply

    Dear Prayer Warriors

    I’m a Veteran in need of prayer breakthrough for benefits & back pay.

    Miami Veteran States VA Healthcare System Failed Him Posted by: Nicole Sanders (@nikisands3) on December 4, 2015 Read more at

  329. Healing from stroke, and boss will be honest in giving the earned vacation and sick time.

  330. We need healing from daily pain diabetes, and arthritis. Chaplains

  331. Hi I need prayer concerning my family. They have kicked me out of their home because I refuse to go back to their church because God told me I have to leave. I have until the end of the month to fully leave, please pray that this decision would be reverse

  332. Please pray for Gabriel. To be born gain. Against alcohol abuse. For permanent work. That God will heal his broken heart.

  333. Marcia Duncanson Reply

    Please pray for Andrew Holness and the party he leads THE JAMAICA LABOUR PARTY…Pray please that he and his party, will find favour with God, and the Jamaican people at the polls, in the upcoming election on February 25…..Pray please that no witchcraf

  334. Brianna Leam Reply

    Newly saved believer of 4 months, experienced demonic oppression around christmas time and would like prayers for discernment with hearing the Holy Spirit and other spirits. Encouragement and drive to dig into his word and the ability for it to be planted

  335. Hello please pray for my nephew Aaron. Pray for salvation, healing and deliverance he is in a diabetic coma and has got pneumonia currently in hospital.

  336. Edmund Krzeminski Reply

    Hello, Please pray for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel – “..but as for me and my h

  337. Salvation for the father of my children. Please pray that he will totally surrender his life to God and that the strongholds (sin, pride and witchcraft) in his life will be destroyed and that he will walk in the calling that God has set out for him. That

  338. Please pray for my beloved husband, Francisco, to be set free from all his addictions and sinful lifestyle, return to the Lord and his marriage, in Jesus’ Name!

  339. Anonymous-R Reply

    I’m angry that my husband of 18 yrs has been verbally abusive, unfaithful, and undermining of me as a parent. I have done everything I know to do to try & make it work. Upset that husband has been allowed to do these things.

  340. My good friend Stormy and I are standing together trusting our Father for her complete and total healing of the stage 4 brain tumor that was removed & some grew back but we believe the report of The Lord which states By Christs stripes she was healed beca

  341. Please pray for a couple Nick C. and his wife Susie B. pray for their salvation. They are far from God please pray because He can touch their hearts. I’m so worried about them. Their heart is just focused on mundane things. Please pray for them. Thank you

  342. Hi, please help me in prayer. I started praying since 2:00 AM till now I feel some deliverance but not completely. A few days ago, I(Ricardo) was praying for my dad(Jesus) very fervently for his deliverance and I was hit hard around my navel area it began

  343. Stephanie White Reply

    Please pray for me I have been experiencing depression Please pray that I walk in the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit Please pray for me to walk in the life more abundantly that God promises in his Word Please pray that God will satisfy me with long life

  344. Loretta Williams Reply

    Please pray for my daughter. She has been experiencing depression for several months. She has distanced herself from her family, and I feel like she is all alone. She has just finished her college work from a renowned Christian college, and I think she is

  345. Heading to Sri Lanka with Joyce Meyer’s ministry, Jan 21-31, 2016. My daughter, Janette a friend will be accompanied me. Please pray for protection, souls that will be won, healing deliverance for those we come across, and that the love of God will flow o

  346. Diana DeSarro Reply

    Thank you for your insightful and biblically-based podcasts! I especially found the one on generational-curses informative. Please pray for my daughter Olivia’s deliverance from epileptic seizures and accompanying symptoms. We’ve prayed over her, bound th

  347. Melissa Kohl Reply

    Please pray for my husband Allen Kohl. He has had many things come against him this year and on December 26th he had a stroke. He is only 38 years old. Thanks be to God, the tests aren’t showing any damage from it. But he is now more prone to having anoth

  348. Edmund Krzeminski Reply

    Hello, Please pray for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel – “..but as for me and my ho

  349. Please pray for direction, a wife and a business that will flourish. I am asking the Lord to lead me into a stable and sustainable environment.

  350. I am overwhelmed with life long depression & severe chronic migraines. I don’t know what to do anymore. I pray for a miracle to release me in Jesus name. His will be done, AMEN.

  351. For a spiritual, financial and relationship BREAKTHROUGH within our family and church, so that all the lies and wicked onslaught of the enemy to destroy God’s people is completely STOPPED for the glory of God to be REVEALED & MANIFESTED in our midst NOW,

  352. Please pray my landlords dog zeek would stop barking. He barks nonstop when she’s out & she doesn’t come home until late. Me & my 3 yr old grandson live on her property in a guest house & he keeps us up & gives us anxiety. Please pray we will find the rt

  353. stephanie white Reply

    I am a single mother who has just got laid off from my job. I ask that you touch and agree that I find a good job with good benefits.

  354. I have been married for a year. When I married my wife, I believed her prophetic, energetic in the Holy Spirit, and so firm in her faith. About six months ago it became very apparent that she had mental issues that compounded into a very religious spirit,

  355. Please pray that I continue to have faith and not waver and wait upon the Lord’s blessings for restoration in every area of my life. Am in real estate business. I have been losing my deals for the past 5 months and facing financial burden as have not been

  356. Carolyn Collier Reply

    I want more of God, direction, hearing, I want more of God. My family Frances & Archie Watson, Pricilla, Michael collier III, Shirley Watson, John turner, Deleia turner, Victoria turner, Malik Clayton, salvations,

  357. Nashaa Weiss Reply

    I would like for everyone around the world to pray for my unborn baby.

  358. "Anonymous" Reply

    Please pray God will provide all needed for me & my grandson. I told my Landlord Laura that I had mold/mildew/leak in my closet over a week ago…and last night, it turned into huge leaking problem. My grandson & I have been very sick for months on end. S

  359. My wife quit work over 10 years ago and I’ve been the sole bread-winner ever since. I have no savings, no retirement and too many bills to pay and stay afloat at the same time. Just need a break through.

  360. "Anonymous" Reply

    Please pray my landlord Laura will stop leaving her dog in yard to bark all night when she’s not home & to fix the guest house that me and my 3 yr old grandson live in on her property. I found black mold in closet & my grandson & i have been suffering for

  361. Please pray that I will hear and heed the voice of the Lord as it relates to the relaunch of TurnAround Village. Pray that God will lead me to the right counsel and provision.

  362. I am a 60 years old man. I entered a new spiritual seasion in 2008, switched to a more Christ-centered church, and became involved in street evangelism and short term missions. I have been doing street evangelism weekly since 2008, and have led the minist

  363. need prayer for ears nose and throat infection been to doctor but I still need prayer.

  364. sis Robinson Reply

    Please pray that we are strenghened in Christ Jesus that we will be who he wants us to be in every way in Jesus Name Amen

  365. Pat Abraham Reply

    Please pray for us. Our precious 32-year-old daughter became ill and died within a week. She’s saved. I know I will see her again, but please pray for our strength and that every need will be supplied. Her insurance beneficiary is a minor and funds to bur

  366. charles moore Reply

    will you pray that god will send me love and a new roommeat and that god will give me a washer and that god will keep me safe when i am out and when i am away from home that god will keep my home safe when i am not hear and that god will send me love and

  367. charles moore Reply

    will you pray that god will send me love and a new roommeat and that god will give me a washer and that god will keep me safe when i am out and when i am away from home that god will keep my home safe when i am not hear and that god will send me love and

  368. Mary R. Davis Reply

    Please pray for my son, his wife and my grandson, to have God’s Truth revealed in their lives, and for protection from all evil Amen and for my spine to be healed completely, I believe and receive it in the name of Jesus, Amen

  369. Please Pray for me to get a job, favour to be shortlisted when I apply for jobs I am eligible for and that negative opinions will be shut down

  370. On 7/15/13 I was removed from my service title of Team Leader from my job with the State Judiciary. No rhyme, no reason, no forewarning. I had been working/serving for 23.5 years. God reminded me when I left that I had been praying for Him to close every

  371. Angelina Rivera Reply

    Prayer For Tim Wilson, he is my son Noah’s girlfriends father. He has cancer and is still alive. Tim is alive because God wants to use him for God’s glory but Tim doesn’t have faith in God and has always been a man who disliked people of color because his

  372. Lawrence o Ekeoma Reply

    Pray for a fresh fire of God upon my life and family,breakthroughs and blessings in all areas, financial abundance and direction.

  373. A job the education field working with Curricula to utilize my talents. My current role as an Instructional Designer has caused me not gain any skills related to my career. My boss is mean and unprofessional making the environment unbearable. I have grown

  374. My mother was diagnosed with Eczema in her scalp. Her hair is thinning. Pray for healing and speedy recovery. She also was diagnosed with a thyroid problem causing her eye to be pushed out and shivering hands. She is not able to write. She has been dealin

  375. Arlene Straight Reply

    It has been a year,when my unbelieving husband of 7 years of marriage, told me he was attracted to men. WHAT? I have stood in forgiveness ( most of the time) for the emotion affair he had at work with a young man.God has given me promises hat this marriag

  376. For the last 4 year I’ve lived as missionary, I never imagined to be called in this direction, but once I embraced God’s principles for life, I don’t want to turning back. Faith is what matters, usually I see others missionaries being supported by others

  377. I need to find Gods next place for me. Another position as the one Inhave is ending soon- according to my. Boss. Lots of attack coming against me in this position. I need a breakthrough, wisdom, and direction.not sure what the season is about.

  378. Dear pastor n intercession thank you in connecting to your website.i have urgent prayer request.please pray for God miracle healing.lately I have vertigo on n off n dangerousness especially I’m driving cab taxi.i need God miracle touch that’s the vertigo

  379. Please pray with me as I Iintercede in warfare for my mother -Roberta Ware – prayer that the demonic influences in my mother’s life will be destroyed and broken, so that she may live out the rest of her days in peace , so that the infirmity demon that has

  380. Lots of work pressure and problems at work place. Most important is my Boss. Pray that he will acknowledge GOD. He is a very difficult boss to work with. Pray that God gives him power to control his anger and to be more reasonable, humble and humane. Also

  381. My former Pastor has been diagnosed with malignant melanoma. She has also had recurring issues with her eyes. Prayer for complete healing.

  382. "Anonymous" Reply

    praying god will remodel the guest house i live in to accommadate two and not charge me anymore rent….as i have full custody of my grandson who’s 3 and needs his own room…and it’s very old and, may have mold, but i love where i live! praying god will

  383. Nancy Rochefort Reply

    Today I am facing the same thing I have been facing for about 6 yrs. Divorce. My husband has taken control of the monies, I just started a $9 an hr job that I do not know if it will work out let alone it not being able to help me live on my own. Before al

  384. Deborah Clements Reply

    My sol has problems in his marriage. He left church as a teenager soon after he left our home. Got into wordly things, married a wife. He has misused his body, and so has his wife through various things, she has RA, and back problems. He also has back pro

  385. deborah clements Reply

    My son’s marriage is on the rocks. They have not been attending church. They have no financial concerns, but money is always as issue, sports is number one and dominates their time. They are too good of people to be trapped by these attacks. Alcohol is a

  386. deborah clements Reply

    Our two son’s marriage are under attach. Both daughter in laws Tiffany and cristin are abusing alcohol. The sons left church as teen agers, now begging for prayer. I feel a witchcraft spirit, jezebel spirit, and a murderous spirit has come into Greg and T

  387. Vanessa chaboya Reply

    I am currently going through a custody battle of my oldest two daughter Iam asking that truth be revealed regarding their living situation.I am asking for favor and mercy and to not be judged by my past mistakes and that my new being in Christ is what sta

  388. Husband has been watching porn on youtube app on phone. Pls pray God would deal w/him & he would not be able to lie, blame, or excuse sin.

  389. Jennifer Baranske Reply

    Favor and mercy with a court date and no 45 days of jail! Forgiveness, and a Holy presence of God.. Not loose my license. Gods power and love through me. “who shall lay a charge against God’s elect”!

  390. My husband and I are going to marriage counseling in a couple days. Please pray for a breakthrough, and for emotional safety for us and our children.

  391. Dear God Grant us favor and financial harvest this day Your name be forever Honored for the answer to our prayer Amen

  392. pray that god will bless me with a christian husband that is on fire for god.

  393. i need deliverance from oppression. i am sometimes under attack from the devil trying to put fear in my heart. pray for my granddaughter her name is mashaye. she is having problems on her job.pray for my family to be covered under the blood of jesus.

  394. MaryEllen DiSalvo Reply

    I have been laid off twice and divorced in a 3yr period and now am living at my sisters house in a new state trying to get back on my feet and currently have been battling Multiple Sclerosis. I need favor and breakthrough for a job and restoration in all

  395. Please pray for a job. I know that on my previous jobs the enemy attacked me so much that I gave up and retaliate. I asked God to forgive me but I think too much of my behavior that it’s making believe that, it could be the reason I am not been hired. Ple

  396. jennifer springstead Reply

    I am a single parent with 1 child and living in a place last 10 yrs i know its time for a new place but have looked and gone where i felt led to and yet doors not open.For a couple of years now ive continually had problems with my landlord not abiding by

  397. Please pray for me,am a new stay at home mom,my husbands job doesn’t pay well and we live paycheck to paycheck no car,just husband hates his job,we don’t have friend or family in this is just so hard and I just wasn’t to give up..w

  398. My 18 yr old daughter is living w/my mom & her husband. All r talking neg about me & creating division in family. Pls pray for truth, repentance, salvation, deliverance, & protection. That God would use the darkness they r embracing 2 bring them n2 the li

  399. Am in real estate business. I have not been losing my deals for the past 4 months and facing financial burden as has not been closing deals. Please pray that am able to close all the deals and projects which is being delayed will start immediately without

  400. Please pray so I can get a job, favor, and for a breakthrough on any evil spirit that is on the way for me to get this job. For the person that I will be working with to be a mentor and teach me everything that I need to know in this job/career. Pray for

  401. Hi, my name is Emma.Im 37years, married n i have two children n a chrirtian. I am writing this to u because i desperately need ur help. Well, i want to share with you about my dream and am not really sure whether it is from God or not because iv been gett

  402. Chad Taylor Reply

    I feel guilty for even asking because I have my health, a job, a home to live in, food to eat but yet I have a major financial burden on my shoulders that has been a dark cloud over me for years and no relief in sight. I know there are so many other thing

  403. Laurence UWERA Reply

    Prayer for a stable and good job for me and for my husband.

  404. robert crooks Reply

    Thank you Lord for Jennifer LeClaire and her ministry. Surround the ministry in protection and love, in the name of Jesus.

  405. Meridith Cantelli Reply

    Hi I’ve been wondering in the wilderness now for over a year. I’m desperate to hear from God. I feel lost, I feel like God has taken his spirit from me. Just to give you a little background how i began on this path. I’m a disabled veteran and in the begin

  406. For the salvation and the deliverance from alcohol of my son Keane and that we all get baptized in the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

  407. Candace Morris Reply

    Please Please agree with me that the lord will bless me to have a proper ride to work, the situation is not good. And also would like to agree with me that god will give me favor for a new apartment. God bless you and thanks.

  408. My husband’s Salvation; We have been seperated and our home in foreclosure. Please pray that God will move on my behalf too RESTORE, what the enemy tried to destroy. Better job for myself and my son. Thank you, blessings

  409. Please pray for my daughter Annie to get a permanent job soon. Praying for God to help her and wipe her tears away with a job soon.

  410. Please pray for me that the project which I am presently doing be successfully completed so that I can start living fresh getting away from the negativity zone where I have to cling on to survive and fgor my daily bread. Please pray for me that the obstac

  411. Yinka oladapo Reply

    Pray that I may be deliver from evil dreams and nigth mares.2) holy ghost baptism upon me and wife. 3) healings from sickness for me and my wife

  412. coffee gal Reply

    Please pray my sister her husband and I reconcile quickly. Years are slipping away as there are many strongholds. We went through so much growing up. My brother in law had a double life. My hubby and I have our own troubles.. however, please pray that 24

  413. Melissa Kohl Reply

    Please pray for my son Nathan Kohl. He just started high school and something is going on that he refuses to go now only 3 weeks in to the year. I don\’t know what to do.

  414. Prayer for my friend Gregory\’s Salvation. His family is Jehovah\’s Witnesses and they are pressuring him to become a baptized witness. He has done bible study on and off for the last 25 years and he attend services at the Kingdom Hall. He is so lost and

  415. Please pray for the successful recovery of Mr. Gladwin who is on Life Support in UK. Also please pray for the successful completion of our financial job.

  416. chrishanthi Indira Reply

    pray that my burning thigh pain to be gone and be healed. and the root cause to be removed in Jesus name

  417. Maxwell Vuma Ngcobo Reply

    I\’ve been in employed for 3 years. Everything has been stagnant. Now I just got a teaching job, the bank wants to for-close my house. I need Jehovah\’s miraculous intervention in this matter. School fees for kids have not been paid, such that I had to ta

  418. Maxwell V Ngcobo Reply

    I\’m pastoring a small church in the outskirts of Umlazi Township South of Durban. This ministry is under severe demonic attacks. All the time we experience growth split follows up. Bretherens are under severe poverty demonic attack, redundancy & stagnati

  419. Willie Davis Reply

    Pray God grant me favor for Job in Alabama , God will open doors of employment and home for family

  420. Willie Davis Reply

    Pray that God would heal my great nephew -( greg )is very ill and needs healing

  421. Dr Rick Vosburgh Reply

    Prayer for friend to return to the Lord, and be healed of a brain tumor( has been given 6 mo)

  422. Dianne Morefield Reply

    My body has significantly recovered from the worse form of allergies, asthma, and eczema my doctor has ever seen. And, for the last part of 2014 into 2015 I have been getting a lot of prayer about this problem. And, I am now beginning to see great improve

  423. Christopher Reply

    Pray that l may be drawn closer to the Holy Spirit as my Closest friend and spiritual breakthrough in ministry

  424. complete debt cancellation of Wells Fargo Bank $1500, Contractor $4000, Cash 1 $315, Divorce settlement $2000, Chase Bank $1500, California Check Cashing $315, Check n Go $2500, IRS 2300, Springleaf $2500 in the name of Jesus

  425. please pray for my sister\’s granddaughter she is 6 years old now and since she was 3 years old she has been saying things that her dad was doing to her. sexually abusing her. the courts don\’t believe the child and she has to go with the dad every 7 days

  426. pam hernandez Reply

    We are launching a moms group at our church. We are asking for agreement that the Holy Spirit would touch the women who are coming. We ask that he would draw women who need a touch of the Lord and that he would use us to minister. We want a Holy Spirit le

  427. Dear Prayer Warriors, I have (we have) been bombarded with major setbacks for 12 years. Health issues and financial setbacks that won\’t stop:( Please pray for total physical healings for Cheryl (age 48) and Jonah (age 10) PLEASE also pray for Jonah as th

  428. Pamela Martin Reply

    I am believing God for a mate, and I am looking for a job I am in my last class for Human Services with my Bachelors Degree and plan on going on to obtain my Masters in Counseling and I haven\’t worked since last year in July because I fell at work and I

  429. Tim walker Reply

    I need prayer for my girlfriends grandaughter, she tried to commit suicde

  430. Edmund Krzeminski Reply

    Hello, Please pray for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel – \”..but as for me and my h

  431. I am in serious financial need. Even though I\’ve tithed and above the tithe. I need funds to keep my utilities on. Bill collectors are bugging me. I get rejected constantly for jobs. I am very very tired. I started a small job but they are only giving me

  432. Edmund Krzeminski Reply

    Hello, Please pray for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel – \”..but as for me and my h

  433. dena antoinette chisholm Reply

    a full x,fair paying,incremental,mdcl-dntl call,correspondence,direct contact employment;this very date,2015;and a financial BLESSING MIRACLE;esp. for my 2 CHASE BANK accts.;TO TITHE (1ST FRUITS?) HIS MISSIONS;acmplsh. my own mssn. of debt freedom!

  434. Please pray so I won\’t be depress or discouraged. I also rebuke the spirit of fear of rejection when applying for a job. I need to look for a job but those three spirits are around me and won\’t let me seek for a job. I want God to lead me to the job he

  435. I have the doubtaholism and i need prayer for that and.I have had a lot of bad things happen in my life where I have trust I need prayer to fully trust god and let go.I haven\’t been born again for that long and I have not had the intimacy yet B

  436. I have that doubtaholism and would like prayer for that.i have trust issues from having a lot of things going wrong in my life also so I need to fully trust I can have an intimate relationship with him. I have not been born again for that long and

  437. I am writing to request for prayers and that you stand together with me in prayers for a friend who is going through divorce, that the almighty will grant a breakthrough in the case, that favour will be upon him, and may all the plans for the enemies may

  438. Began interceding for my town and country in the downtown park and hour on Saturday mornings. since that time i have struggled in my marriage. i feel alienated from my wife. She gets offended easily by things that are not by things that are not even meant

  439. Stanley Johnson Reply

    I\’m needing prayer for employment, lost my job…please pray!

  440. eric hooper Reply

    I need to be hospitalized, too much drama in my life it\’s a real mess I go bipolar and am very ssuicidal Please bless all the people I have hurt or sinned against. I need direction really lost

  441. \"Anonymous\" Reply

    Please pray for my daughter & her baby, she\’s having a c-section on thursday. She\’s having the c-section at the hospital I work at, and I\’ve told no one but my boss because I felt like God told me to be I have temporary custody of her son…s

  442. Melissa Kohl Reply

    Please pray my husband Allen and I as we have applied for a position at our church as the youth pastors. We beieve that we did so by the leading of God. Please pray for direction and God\’s will to be done. Thank you , Melissa Kohl

  443. Charlette Hayes Reply

    My husband and I have been told we have second infertility. Our daughter is 9 years old and we have experienced 3 losses. We desire to conceive, have a healthy pregnancy and for a healthy baby to come forth. We stand on the promises of God\’s word and are

  444. Palmira Enriquez Reply

    I need to be delivered from adversity. Have been suffering from infirmity. I\’m a single mother of 1 son & 2 daughters,the 4 of us serve The Lord but we need to be delivered from the works and plans of evil, I ask God for our protection, help in every are

  445. Please pray for me for from deliverance from spirits of blasphemy, confusion and doubt.

  446. please pray that my relationship with B can be healed and restored. Please pray that he will be home tonight and show him we need to be a family. I believe God brought us together. Lord please just bring him back home tonight. soften his heart, lord let h

  447. Please pray for me as I seek the Lord for deliverance from addictive bondages, strongholds, and demonic oppression. Pray that His mighty anointing would destroy the yokes and remove the burdens. I desperately need His strength and courage to make decision

  448. My son needs a safe and affordable place to live. He is also seeking better wages with a company that will promote from within. Please pray for the right doors to open for him according to God\’s timing and will. Thank you and God Bless…

  449. Am asking for the awakening and manifestations of God\’s calling and gifts in my life for His service

  450. I have been struggling with a speech impediment and difficulty in chewing food suspected to be due to irregular muscular spasms and temporo muscular joint disorder(TMJ) for years and has become a major hindrance to my business and ministry progress. Am as

  451. For my friend, Stormy, diagnosed with a bleeding brain tumor yesterday. Agree with me that Father God will heal her completely and she returns to 100% full recovery from all symptoms she has been experiencin & her speech returns to normal. In Jesus Name,

  452. I\’m asking for prayer for the following situation- Three weeks ago I received a letter from the IRS with a proposed amount owed of $2,532. I have a week from today to respond, Aug. 12th. I ask that you pray for the tax preparer- Bolaji Ogunbunmi as well.

  453. Susan Maini Reply

    Daughter Gina is age 25 and after growing up in church and engaging in youth/ short-term mission, the seed of her faith was stolen in the course of her secular education. I have repented for my part but seek intercessory prayer agreement that the Lord wil

  454. Please pray so my christian Pentecostal manager be released of any demonic spirit that has a hold of him and is making my life awful at work. Since I started this part time job he\’s has this spirit of jealousy against me and follows me around to pick at

  455. Claire Holley Reply

    Hi! I with my husband lead a tiny church in Greymouth, South Island of New Zealand (Pacific). We are praying diligently for Revival. We are a prophetic ministry so are attacked on many different fronts, and are not accepted by other Christians/Churches in

  456. Please agree with me in prayer for the healing and restoration of my friendship. There was a misunderstanding and my friend won\’t accept my apology or speak to me. Please pray that God would move on and soften Matthew\’s heart to be understanding, forgiv

  457. Karen Turner Reply

    Since coming to the Womens Conference and purchasing the book on Jezebel, Witchcraft and Religion I\’ve been attacked with a heavy urge to sleep. I\’ve been participating in the morning prayer since the beginning and even now not able to stay awake during

  458. I have a huge debt of $ 3,000, i am to pay it in 3 days from now I am desperate I have no where to get please pray with me i need supernatural provision. Thank you.

  459. Pray for my husband to move in God\’s anointing and also for my children to concentrate on their studies and gain good marks

  460. \"Anonymous\" Reply

    Please pray for my daughter. She\’s 35 weeks pregnant, high blood pressure, Puffs disease, on bed rest with a possibility of premature labor…concern for Pre-eclampsia. Doctor wants to schedule an early c-section. but praying she can have a V-back. She\’

  461. Sandra Rich Reply

    I a regular listener and todays prayer was for me 7/24/2015 i feel like am up and down frustrated fearful of the unknown sometime ready to give up i have been it this walk along time and i do ask God did i do something wrong . I am just going by my emotio

  462. Please pray for Mike Rosa who just had a quadruple by pass & the bypass went well but he now has fluid in his lungs & is on a ventilator. Agree with me that Father is drying up his lungs, breathing life & strenght into body, supernaturally releasing him f

  463. scott duggan Reply

    pls pray for an immediate and total conversion to JESUS for Jennifer Ronda Joy Klippel and marriage restoration for us. we lost our 2yo daughter to a drowning incident and since then my wife has destroyed our marriage and family… pls pray for us… than

  464. Please pray for my husband, Leon, for his salvation and deliverance from his anger. I have received encouragement from the Holy Spirit to keep pressing, that breakthrough is coming…I have been very hurt by both his words and behavior. I am a woman of Go

  465. \"Anonymous\" Reply

    Please pray for my godly christian mate. i think he\’s being demonically blocked by my ex husband who\’s a warlock. I\’ve never been asked by anyone to marry them since i left my ex in 1995. i\’m obedient to God. Pray that God would provide the right job

  466. Please pray for Mariah. She has a strong gift of helps, and a prophetic gift, and an anointed voice, but has been away from the Lord for a few years. A few weeks ago she went to New York City and was sexually assaulted. She came home and about 2 weeks ago

  467. I had back surgery for herniated disc 2 weeks ago. Please agree with me for total healing and restoration, so I can run my race strong for the Lord (Acts 20:24!) I love and appreciate those of you who are interceding for me. I pray God exponentially multi

  468. financial breakthrough. i am 74 and husband is 75. we lost all our money in 2008 crash and still have not recovered. IRS says we owe them $34000.00 i do not understand why we have not recovered from all this. i have asked God what we are doing wrong and t

  469. could you please pray with me for this python spirit to be broken, release, or whatever it needs to be done to leave me in Jesus name. I read about it in Jennifer LeClaire article and this has been hanging too long in me. I want to be free. I miss spendin

  470. please pray so my managers at work won\’t believe the false accusations on me that I steal. their behavior to me is so painful. the jealousy I perceive from is due to them three do not have a college degree and I just graduate from college with a BA in bu

  471. Needing immediate answer to where/how to school our wonderful 11 year old daughter, provision to pay for it, and UNITY in the decision between me and hubby…for the Lord to change my heart if I\’m wrong, to change my hubby\’s if he\’s wrong and just scar

  472. Please pray for my fiance and I. He is 21 and I am 20 we have two children. Ages 2 and 2 months. My fiance had a random seizure back in may and it was followed by 2 more. We got him on anti seizure medication and a few days ago he was diagnosed with epile

  473. Barbara Manning Reply

    I am believing that this is my Turn around Year. I am believing God for my own place. I am living with friends and they are giving me until the end of November, the beginning of December to move out. God promised me a house. In the natural I don\’t see ho

  474. Pray for me as I complete my new book. Pray for each person who picks it up to be ministered to and encouraged and for their lives to be transformed. Pray for guidance re: pre-launch activity and for it to be a best seller, translated in various languages

  475. Praying for my husband and I as we prepare to launch our new church. Praying for the specific location, for the Lord to continue to send those who will be board members, leaders and members. Praying specifically for the Lord to send those who will lead an

  476. Jacques McNeil Reply

    Please pray for the success of the WITNESS Book Club\’s 20th Anniversary Living Victoriously Women\’s Conference. Praying for an outpouring of generous sponsors, for every need to be underwritten, pray for full participation from current and past memebers

  477. Facing the biggest giant of my life and its taking its toll on me. Please pray for God to stomp this giant and make it go away for good. Only God can do this and I do know he is bigger than this horrible problem. Please pray for God to intervene and take

  478. Alan John Foreman Reply

    I am asking for prayer. Let me explain i have taken a Job with nursing agency its casual.I need enough hours to pay my bills. My problem is i lack experience in nursing so i am worried about work hours. Please give me more hours working as nurse. One more

  479. Debra Foord Reply

    My son in laws mother, Linda, has lung disease & recurring fluid, infections…consistent hospitalizations because of it! Please join me in agreeing together for a new set of lungs for her-complete restoration of her health! Forgiveness to all who have hu

  480. Patrick Charles Reply

    pray for healing for my body, I suffer with chronic diabetics, high blood pressure, fractured disc, eye problem, I need financial healing, struggling financially, pray that God will provide me with a brand new transportation, I am battling with a court ca

  481. I would like prayer to be able to stay strong in the midst of false accusations and persecution. Lord, help me to continue to sing to you despite what is going on. Help me keep my eyes on You and watch You win the battle! The victory is Yours! Thank You f

  482. The Marshall family/Michigan Reply

    We received a notice from Compassion International that our sponsored son of 7 years, Vincent James Escaurdo (13 years old) suddenly stopped attending the Compassion project in the Phillipines. The last letter we received from Vincent mentioned that his m

  483. Bill Dorrenbacher Reply

    Healing for my wife and salvation for my son and his friends. Thank you.

  484. Phyllis J. Reply

    Greetings Sis Jennifer, I am a regular listener to your 6:00am prayer calls during the week. This morning\’s call especially spoke to me. At the end of the call, you asked for persons to send a prayer request if they were not experiencing God\’s joy or wa

  485. Good Morning Jennifer, I was on the call this morning (7-6-15) and you said if there was anyone who had a hard time receiving Joy. I do understand that my joy is in knowing the Lord. Right now my lack of joy is because of the long season that we have walk

  486. Pray with me that God will heal me from premature menopause and restore my fertility.

  487. My wife is a nurse and she got involved in holistic nusing and healing touch which is occult practices. For a week I could barely sleep and I knew it was the holistic nusing books and healing letting books brought a demonic oppression in our home. I stood

  488. Please pray for my elderly dad(Jesus) and me(Ricardo) we are under spiritual witchcraft attacks. The witchcraft attacks make Us sick and sometimes we go to the hospital. The witches that are attacking us are monitoring us to attack us when they deem it ap

  489. Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ I am struggling through a spiritual battle with un-wanted thoughts. It is not the content of the thoughts that that worry me i know they are not from me. What I struggle with is why I have not taken complete authority o

  490. Prayer for my Children. I want God to make them very intelligent and put the fear of God in them. Two of them have sickle cell and I am believing God for their total healing. I know and trust the Lord to deliver them because he has done it before.

  491. Itty George Reply

    Dear Brother in Christ I am born again and a child God. Kindly pray for me to be healed completely by His stripes on cross. He took my sickness on cross years back so I will be healed by His stripes In Him Itty George

  492. I have been going thru very hard trials: and need very much to be refreshed in The Spirit. Please pray for me to get Fresh Fire from The Holy Spirit, and draw closer to Jesus..Amen

  493. I have been through many trials, and need a Fresh Fire from The Holy Spirit in my life. Please pray for me to get closer to Jesus! Thank You Amen.

  494. Jacqueline Smith Reply

    Salvation, healing and deliverance for me and my family. We also are in need of a financial blessing. Plus I need special prayer for acute insomnia as well. Jennifer spoke about insomnia on the conference call this morning. Thursday, June 25, 2015.

  495. Salvation for my sons, grandchildren, and friends: Stephen, Brian, David, Reagan, Greg Sullivan, Della Smith, Steve Randolph, Manuela lacentra, Bobby Day

  496. Please pray for my deliverance. I am constantly- daily being stalked, followed by complete strangers the enemy uses and makes them believe that I am a danger to them. Work is not off limits, I am literally an outcast, despite my efforts to be respectful,

  497. I\’m very burdened for my church and my family. I happened to come across an article written about the spirit of Jezebel by Jennifer and I\’m beginning to make sense of what I see unfolding and what I feel in my spirit. One thing I do not want to do is as

  498. Audrey L. Montgomery Reply

    Having problems sleeping at night because of a spirit of fear. Please pray for my breakthrough in Jesus mighty name.

  499. Petra Rivera Reply

    God bless, please pray for me the following: restore my sleep, finances, promotion, provision for everything i lost,For my daughter Ruby. Thank you

  500. Dianne Butterfield Reply

    Hi Jennifer I have been having trouble sleeping for over a year. I wake up several times in the night and always feel tired. Thank you for your prayers. Dianne Butterfield

  501. Susan Rodgers Reply

    Please pray for my fiance. He is full of fear and doubt and has lost his way. He was once a man of great faith and after being hurt at work then needing open heart surgery his faith has waned. I ask that God sends the Holy Spirit to him to renew his faith

  502. A few requests, our sitter kim has a very abusive dad.. pray her whole family is turned around and set free.pray no harm come to their family. pls pray that all demonic forces are destroyed between my sister and brother in law.. and my family . pray they

  503. Kamaria Morgan Reply

    Please pray for my friend she is experiencing back problems and lack of money in her family.

  504. Kamaria Morgan Reply

    Please pray for me concerning my degree. I would like to obtain a grade point average of 3.0 or anything greater, for a masters program in Counselling or Educational Psychology. Anytime I try to get close to getting this grade point average it drops. Ther

  505. Kamaria Morgan Reply

    Please pray for me concerning my neighbors. They have made my mother and I suffer tremendously emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I have discovered from a pastor that they had tampered with our lives by blocking my mother\’s promotion so she ca

  506. Please agree with me concerning employment, I am in danger of losing my home and my transportation. Jehovah-jireh, Sovereign Lord, I pray that my hands find to do what I can do well and that I do it with all my might. I pray to do what I love to do and wh

  507. Praying for a supernatural favor, supernatural provision and an opened door. Recently my home was illegal foreclosed after a 2 year battle. I am a single mother who works full time but i\’ve exhausted all of my resources because being homeless is costly.

  508. The apple of his eye Reply

    Good day, i feel i am in the middle of the road in my life. I have 2 beautiful children that i am grateful for and i love God. My life seems to be one hump after the other. I work at a job where my talents are used, but im overlooked. I have applied over

  509. Pamela Hart Reply

    Please pray for my brother-in-law, Mark, who just found out he has terminal cancer. There is so much of it in his abdomen that they removed the orange sized tumor and closed him back up. If chemotherapy does not work, they have told him he has 6-months to

  510. Hi, please pray for my husband Alex who isn\’t a Christian that he will come to know Jesus. That my 2 young children will follow Jesus when of age. Please pray for our finances and his new business as it has been a struggle. Please pray for a problem I ha

  511. I find it hard to pray, feel weary even when I think of praying. Ive had several dissapointments lately that weighs me down. Please pray for the fire of God to burn in me and to stay filled with the Holy Spirit despite circumstances. Thank you!

  512. Mary Houghton Reply

    I\’m 40 years old and pregnant with my 4th child. I\’ve had lots of \”signs and visions\” of a child with disabilities. My husband, who is a very weak believer has told me he could not handle that & that he would probably commit suicide. I\’ve seen the en